10 Ağustos 2022

Proud Cocksucker

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I absolutely love to suck cock, and I’m never happier than when I have my lips wrapped around one. My mouth waters just thinking about giving head! Naturally, this causes me to have a lot of visitors.

My favorite position to suck cock is on my knees. I love sucking no matter what, but I feel like such a naughty little slut that way, plus I can grab onto the guys ass and really take it in. It gets me so hot to be a submissive bad girl.

After unzipping a guys pants, I take a second to admire his dick. I love the way they look pointing at me, wanting me to kiss and lick them. They feel so good to hold and play with.

I start by licking the tip gently, making little circles all the way around with my tongue. The guys breathing gets a little heavier and I know he wants more. I continue making circles, but move my tongue down so I’m licking the tip to the middle now. He’s getting more excited, wanting me to close my lips on it and really suck, but not kızılay escort quite yet. I like to build intensity when I perform.

I begin to move my head even lower so my tongue is spiraling down the whole thing. My hand finds his balls and I lightly grope them. He’s moaning now, his hand reaching for the back of my head. I stop for a moment and grip it with my other hand. I rub it against my cheek, kiss, lick, and massage it with my tongue. At this point I’m so turned on worshiping his cock, that my pussy feels like its on fire!

I decide to stop torturing him and really get down to business. Looking up at him with big innocent eyes, I run my tongue from his balls up to the tip before clamping my lips around the head. He gasps with pleasure as he looks down at me.

I slowly slide my wet lips down his shaft creating a gentle suction. I reach the middle, then slide my lips back up. I give the tip a quick flick with my tongue before moving down again, ankara etlik escort this time taking in a bit more. Back up I go, this time swirling my tongue around the head twice.

Now I’m just really hungry for cock. Abandoning the pretense that I’m going to be slow, I slip my lips all the way down until he’s in my mouth all the way up to his balls! Oooh yeah, that’s how I love to be, on my knees with a cock buried in my throat!

I’m sliding my lips up and down his cock, sucking harder. He’s totally loving it, I can feel his hand on my head encouraging me to go faster. My head bobs back and forth, back and forth, and I enjoy pleasuring him, feeling his cock jerk with excitement.

I grab his ass and start pulling him in deeper. He thinks this is the best part, but I surprise him by swishing my tongue back and forth as I suck him. He’s moaning nonstop now, but I want to suck his balls before I let him cum.

Gripping his demetevler escortlar cock in my hand, I move my head lower until I reach his balls. I eagerly lick them all over. I gently take them both in my mouth and suck them gently. He gasps as I start licking them and sucking them at the same time.

I can tell he really wants to cum, so I take his cock and slide it all the way back in my mouth. I bob my head furiously back and forth, sucking and licking his hard hot shaft. My hand finds his balls and starts to fondle them.

That’s it. He can’t take it any more. Grabbing my head, he pumps it back and forth so fast I can barely breathe, but god I love it. I keep sucking, licking, and playing with his balls and then I feel his body twitch. With a load moan he begins shooting his load into my mouth. I love the way it feels, like hot jets of creamy cum. I can’t believe how much he’s cumming! I can’t hold it all so some of it drips down my chin and onto my chest. As his breathing returns to normal, I swallow the cum that’s in my mouth and massage what spilled out into my tits. Oh yeah. This is the life.

Now that I’m done recounting today’s blow job, my pussy is soaking wet and I really need another cock in my mouth!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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