30 Kasım 2022

Prostitute Stories: Mother and Daughter

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Prostitute Stories: Mother and Daughter
I’ve bounced around from city to city, state to state, across the country (though I know I’ve been vague on specifics). Each time I start at a new location it’s exciting, it’s an opportunity to meet a whole group of new women. I know when my stories jump around from woman to woman it makes it seem like I’m with a new girl every night. In actuality most of the time I see the same women working. It’s their job and they work as many hours as you work at your job, maybe more. The excitement (and most of my stories) come from the thrill of meeting the new girl on the block maybe someone who rarely does this. It’s why I go out so often so I maximize the chances of being at just the right place at just the right moment.
One of the downsides to staying in a city so long is eventually I run through all the regular working girls and they know me as soon as they spot me on the track. This leads to sometimes embarrassing situations where multiple girls spot my car at the same time they yell and wave me down. I’ve seen this start fights between girls. This isn’t me bragging, they don’t want me, I’m not a ladies man, they want my money that’s it. I guess what I’m saying is when you’re as dedicated to this hobby as I am it can get pretty i****tuous. This is a story where I accidentally got involved with a mother and daughter.

Years ago I was lucky enough to run into an older woman. It was winter time she was standing on the side of the road with no jacket just a long sleeve shirt on. She looked like she was freezing. I offered her a ride and she hopped in and started warming her hands. Her name is Coline. She was a tiny little thing, WSW, with dirty blonde hair, curly and cut short down to her neck. She was much older than me at the time. She looked like someone’s grandmother. You should know I love older women they drive me crazy. She said her family kicked her out of the house earlier that night but didn’t want to go into any details why. I asked her if she wanted to come back to my place and she excitedly said yes.
It’s a half hour later, around midnight, and we arrive at my place. She walks in and seems thrilled.
“Oh my god your place is so nice! Do you live here by yourself?”
“Yea don’t worry it’s just us. No roommates. Make yourself at home.”
She starts to giggle and has a seat on the couch. I throw on the TV and go to the bathroom to clean up a bit.
“Do you want a drink?”
“Um . . . I don’t know”.
“OK no problem we don’t have to”.
“I just don’t know if it’s such a good idea . . . What the hell. Why not?”
“Great! I’ve only got rum though hope that’s OK.” She laughs.
“Oh boy. OK just a little bit to start out then.”
I pour 2 rum and cokes. We sit on the couch drinking and talking ignoring the TV on in the background.
She seems to be in a good mood we go into the usual conversation.
“So why are you in this place all by yourself? Are you married? Do you have any k**s?
“No and no”.
“That’s too bad someone your age you should start a family.”
“What about you? Married you have any k**s?”
“I’ve been married for almost 40 years now and I’ve got a daughter. She’s works the streets too but she didn’t always do that though. She was such a sweet girl and in the last year or so she’s turned into a little monster. It’s the dope.”
Only a few minutes pass before she asks for another drink, and then a third. She’s only halfway through her third when she gives me “the look”.
“I like you. You’re so calm and laid back. You’re so easy to talk to.”
In the blink of an eye she’s straddling me, kissing me while trying to pull her shirt off.
Her sweater sails across the room landing at the foot of my door, followed by her bra, her pants would’ve been next but she’s struggling with the buttons and the zipper. Her skin is wrinkled, soft and saggy, but her nipples are hard. I stuff all of her hanging flesh into my mouth sucking on her tits until they were flush red and swollen. Her pussy is grinding into me leaving a glistening streak along my thigh as she straddles it with only one leg free of it’s denim prison.
“I’m horny”.
“Yea me too”.
And with those final words of romance the lady and I retired to my bedchamber. I lay her down gently fondling her heaving bosom. With my Lord Henry now fully erect I carefully placed my shaft betwixt her delicate tulips and out came such a shutter.
“Holy shit! You’re way bigger than my husband”.
I was slamming my dick in and out of her hole with so much force fluid was splashing out of her puddle filled hole. Sloshing around her insides, spraying, and splattering against our old and young, pink and brown, naked bodies. Her nails dug into my skin her canlı kaçak bahis claw like grip hooked around my arms clamping onto my shoulders. She’s bracing herself.
“Fuck me harder! All the way in! Don’t stop!”
Coline opens her legs spreading them as far as she could. The rum has me buzzed and horny giving me a rock hard but numb and clumsy cock. I’m confident I can go all night. I slam into her pelvis hard and fast, repeatedly banging my head against her cervix. I slip in then out accidentally jamming my dick into her thigh, sliding my head across her clit. She quivers and grabs me placing my dick back inside of her.
She’s screaming, cumming, and laughing gleefully only pausing occasionally to take another mouthful of rum. Her hands are running through my hair, her tongue is swirling around in my mouth. Her legs flop aimlessly around as I jump up and down on her elderly body. My bed is squeaking and cracking the headboard slamming against the wall. It’s after midnight and I know my neighbors are fucking hating me right now.
“Hold on stop I’ve got to pee”

She gets up and stumbles into my bedroom door, she’s on her knees laughing, drunk as hell. I pick her up and walk her into the bathroom. She’s already pissing on my bathroom floor, and then the toilet seat before she sits down on the bowl. She looks up into my eyes, holding my hand to steady herself.
“Oh thank you. You’re so nice I can tell your mom raised you right.” Then she took my hand into her mouth and started sucking my fingers.
“Come here give me that thing.”
She pulls my cock into her mouth and gives me a blowjob as she sat on the toilet. Looking down at her pursed wrinkled lips wrapped around my head and her tiny fist clenching my shaft I could see the glints of light reflecting off her wedding ring. This made me stiff as a board. I picked her up and bent her over the toilet and shoved myself inside of her dripping, wet, hole, stinking of piss. She’s screaming and stumbling all over the place I need to get her back in the bedroom.
“Baby can you get some more rum first? Then let’s get back in the bed.”
I go to the kitchen and freshen up our drinks and place them in the bedroom. When I return to the bathroom she’s spread out on the cold tile of the bathroom floor. I pick her up.
“Alright I think it’s time to call it a night. You look exhausted”.
“No I just need another drink. I want you to keep fucking me.”
I got her back into the bed we drank some more and made out, she would blow me, and drink and blow me, and drink. At this point we were both drunk and I just remember climbing on top of her and we started out fucking normally but without thinking about it, without asking, or anything I just pulled my dick out and pushed it in her asshole. She looked up at me in disbelief. She didn’t scream, she didn’t say stop she just looked at me in shock. So I continued pushing against her tight opening waiting for her muscles to relax and her asshole slowly opened. Her eyes widened she looked up at me gripping my arms tight, biting her lower lip but again she never said a word. Before you know it I was all the way in, balls deep. I moved in and out of her slowly at first making sure to maintain eye contact, she looked scared, but once she relaxed I was able to fuck her easily. I don’t know if she truly enjoyed the sensation or not but either way she seemed turned on. She was encouraging me, pulling me into her, grabbing my hips, kissing me excitedly and moaning loudly. When she had enough she placed me back inside her pussy and wrapped her legs around me. She didn’t let go until I completely unloaded inside of her. She moaned in delight, squirming and pushing into me, kissing me all over my face she was like a k**.

I went into the bathroom to get a wash cloth, carefully running it under some warm water. This time when I returned she was passed out in my bed. I cleaned the creampie spilling out of her into the sheets but stopped when I could see she was getting aroused out of her sleep, lightly moaning. I just can’t take another round with her I’m completely exhausted. When I looked over at the clock to see what time it was I shook my head in disbelief. I don’t remember exactly what time it was now but I do remember doing the quick math in my head then. We had been fucking for 3 hours straight! When I was still in my early 20’s I had some marathon all night sessions especially around the time Ms. H turned from hooker to fuck buddy. We would rent a room wreck our bodies all night fall asleep at 6 in the morning then she would wake me up before check out to do a few more rounds. We were both insatiable but that was my early 20’s canlı poker oyna where I could fuck take a break and I was guaranteed to have another hardon in 15 minutes. However even at that age I never fucked a girl for multiple hours straight.
I was no longer in my 20’s and this is the first time I’ve fucked somebody longer than say half an hour. Hell I’ve always taken pride that i could even go that long but fucking hell 3 hours!? How was this possible? As it turns out it was the alcohol. Believe it or not with as many women as I’d been with before this was the first time I’ve had sex where I was drunk, not buzzed, but drunk. I found out being drunk gave my dick the superhuman ability of invincibility against tight wet pussy.

In the morning Coline was a totally different person. She was quiet, distant. I got the feeling she was ashamed of last night. I tried to put myself in her place waking up with a hangover in a strange bed next to someone you don’t know trying to remember how you got there. Your dizzy, nauseous, your head’s pounding. As you start recalling the night you begin to feel your asshole ache, you sit up and you can feel cream leaking out of your vagina, running down your leg.
Yet still I was surprised by her reaction she’s a hooker she must have done this plenty of times. So I asked her about it.
“Does this happen often? Your dates take you back to their place?”
“No this never happens.”
“I’m an old lady. Guys pick me up if there’s nobody else out. They only want blowjobs. It’s quick in the car.”
“Oh. . . so all the stuff we did last night are you OK? You seem upset or unhappy or something.”
“Yea I’m ok it’s just when I drink sometimes I lose control. My husband, I can’t stand him, but I don’t cheat on him. I mean yea I do this but it’s just to get by I don’t enjoy it. Last night was different . . . I’m just embarrassed.”
“Why? Because you enjoyed yourself?”
“I don’t act like that, the way I jumped all over you. Some of the things we did. I mean . . . my husband’s never even done the things you did to me”.
“Oh . . . you mean the Anal stuff?” She nodded her head yes. “So you’ve never done that before?”
“Did you like it?”
“I don’t know it was different”. Her face turns bright red, she starts smiling, then hides her face in her hands. “Oh my god he would kill me if he found out what I did”. She chuckles to herself.
“So what? Fuck him! He’s the one that kicked you out right? That’s what he gets.”

I dropped her back off to her husband who was none the wiser but she saved my number and started sneaking out to see me when she could. They fought constantly and when they would get into big fights she would come over and stay the night. Our routine was the same as that first night. She’d come over, we’d have a few drinks, she would get insanely horny, and we’d fuck for hours on end. I soon found out that she was an alcoholic even worse the drink I gave her that first night was during a period when she was trying to get sober I had no idea. Every once in a while (usually while drinking) Coline would bring up her daughter.
She would talk about how her dope problem was getting worse, she started using right in front of them. I knew her daughter was working the streets but this time she warned me that if I ever picked her up not to go through a date with her because as she says . . .
“She agrees to do the date but after she gets the money and the when the guys have their pants down she opens the car door and takes off. She’s such a little bitch. I’m afraid she’s going to get hurt doing that some day. On top of that she just got fired from her job at the pizza place because they caught her doing dates with the customers.”
A light bulb went off in my head.
“Hey what’s your Daughters name?”
“Sarah. Why? Have you already met her?”
“No just checking.”
I was lying I absolutely knew Sarah. The second she mentioned pizza place it brought me back to this girl I saw a few times months ago. I met her walking the streets but when she would call me to do dates it was always at the end of her shift at a pizza place. I would pick her up we would go to the parking lot right next door, park behind a dumpster and do our thing. I always say I normally don’t like to do it in the car but this spot she showed me was so perfect so secluded I had no problem with it. The thing I remember about her was she liked to get completely naked in the car. She didn’t just pull her skirt up or just undo the buttons on her blouse like everyone else would. She would take all her clothes off and get butt ass naked then hop in the back seat and shoot up. Then she would suck my dick and ride me until I internet casino came.

My favorite date with her was a few months prior it must have been summer because it was still hot out. I picked her up at the pizza place like before, we went next door behind the dumpster like before. This time she shot up before getting undressed and it must have been some good dope because she was acting wild squirming and moaning in her seat. She unbuttoned her pizza uniform, pulled her tits out and started squeezing them. Her other hand shot straight into her pants and she began fingering herself. I sucked on her tits while she played with her pussy and moaned loudly. I love when d**gs get girls horny. Eventually she pushed me off of her and was like . . .
“It’s nice out tonight lets do it outside”.
She hopped out the car finished undressing and you could see her pale skin glowing in the moonlight. I followed her around to the rear of my car unzipping my pants.
She pulled my shirt over my head and I pulled my pants off. She turned leaning her body against me while I played with her tits.
“Hey look right there. The fat blonde walking out. That’s my boss I was telling you about.” I look through the fence and over the bushes covering us. It was hard to make her out but then I see her walking to her car.
“She’s such a fucking bitch. I hope she gets hit by a truck or something.” She starts laughing, then I start laughing.
“Stop it that’s awful. You don’t mean that.”
“Yea I do. I’m telling you she’s such a fucking bitch. She hates me.”
I suck on her neck and start rubbing her pussy. She moans and bends over grabbing on to the fence.
“Come on stick it in”.
I push myself inside of her and watch as her boss leaves the parking lot. The sound of her engine fades into the distance replaced by the sound of Sarah’s moaning and the rattling of her naked body against the fence. When we were done we got back in the car she rested against me while she did one more shot and drifted into wonderland.

I liked the girl she was nothing like her mother described. She never tried to rob me she didn’t try to skip out on dates early. Sarah was young, fun, and vibrant. Then again I know for a fact some girls behave differently with some dates than they do with others. For example “Thanksgiving Girl” who was this cute, sweet, petite, amazing girl with me but got locked up for being a violent, car stealing, dope addict with her other dates.
As they say in the hobby YMMV. Your Mileage May Vary. I only saw Sarah a few times before she disappeared like all the girls do. I never told Coline about it though. How do you tell the woman you’ve been sleeping with that you’ve also fucked her daughter? As it turns out Coline would later find out about it anyway.

Coline and I developed into more than just hooker and trick though I wouldn’t say she became a girlfriend or even a fuck buddy. We were somewhere between business and pleasure. She eventually found out because Sarah told her. Several months later after Coline and I had been seeing each other pretty regularly I ran into Sarah on the street. We did a quick date and set up another for later that week. When I went to go pick her up the second time it was outside of her house. She comes storming out of her house across the street and before she even reaches the car she’s yelling at me.
“All this time you’ve been fucking my mother!? Dude what the hell?”
I look up and see Coline standing by the door she turns her back and walks away.
“You’re fucking sick! What did you think we wouldn’t find out? I never want to see you again.”
She brought me over there to embarrass me and it worked I drove off ashamed and thinking all good things must come to an end.

It was only a few weeks later when I began fucking the mother again and pretty soon after that I was fucking the daughter again. Really I was just continuing the relationship with Coline. Her daughter was more like something that would happen every once in a while. She would call me when she was low on cash and when her other dates couldn’t come through. It was an open secret we didn’t bring it up and what’s even more messed up eventually the husband/father found out. He’s long known Coline was cheating on him and he didn’t seem to even care about that. He’s seen me pick Coline up in front of the house he knew my car and what I looked like but one day he saw me drop off Sarah. She gave me a hug and stepped out of the car and there he was. Sarah didn’t last very long she ended up running away from home. Coline and I eventually broke up when I felt I couldn’t trust her anymore. The alcoholism got worse but the deal breaker was one day I woke up and saw her going through my wallet. As fun as she was and as great as she was in bed I couldn’t ignore that and unfortunately I had to stop seeing Coline.


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