10 Ağustos 2022

Pleasure Awaits

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You come home after a long hard day, exhausted, feeling every muscle ache from the strain of your day. You are so spent that you are unsure whether you have enough in you to even get something to eat before you crash on the bed. You arrive at the front door of the house with the porch light on and what appears to be something flickering inside the house. As it’s not your birthday you turn to leave, worried about what is inside, when you see an envelope taped to the front door. You know you should get help, but curiosity gets the better of you as you reach and grab for the envelope.

“Pleasure awaits,” you read out loud, forgetting that someone maybe inside the door waiting for you. The rest of the envelope is fairly plain, with a heady aroma coming from it. It is an odd mix of sweet and savory that begins to make you a little weak at the knees. As you open up the envelope, a piece of chocolate falls into your hands. It is oddly wrapped with a wrapper that says “eat me,” on it. Now you know you should never take the chocolate, but some part of you cannot resist as the piece begins to melt on the tip of your tongue.

You come to the realization that you are far past the point of no return when the chocolate run candy is fully enveloped in your mouth. The taste explosion causes your body to begin to hum. Warmth also rushes over you as you proceed to take the paper out of the envelope. “Come inside. You know you want to,” are the first words written on the paper. These words should make you head for the hills, but you are way past that now. Because deep down, you know you really want to see what comes next. You take the key and open the door to your house, slowly pushing it across the threshold to find a dimly lit entry hall. There are candles lit to your left all in a row, hinting to you that you should follow them.

As you approach the candles, another smell permeates your being. It is very similar to the smell on the envelope. “It’s definitely a vanilla scented candle,” you think to yourself as you get weak in the knees again. The smell of the vanilla mixed with the chocolate rum candy that went down your mouth, and all of a sudden you have a tingly sensation that is overwhelming as you begin to become excited and begin to wonder just who this person is.

As you enter the kitchen, you think to yourself, “From the improbable to the impossible.” Before you on the table are a cream cheese blintz with raspberry sauce, and next to it is a bowl of chocolate ice cream. The smell is heavenly as you immediately look down again at the forgotten message that is in the envelope. The assault on your senses, up to this point, had overwhelmed everything else. And while you may have felt a little weak in the knees, the pain and hurt of the day had completely vanished.

“Forbid yourself no pleasure,” the note began, “I want you tot taste, see, touch, feel and hear, and I want all of the senses to scream out in ecstasy.” The warmth that you felt before seemed to explode inside you when you read that word . . . ecstasy. Only this time, the warmth seemed to be emanating from the general vicinity of your center. “Enjoy your creamy blintz, and remember the three B’s.” You wondered at what those B’s could mean as you lifted up your fork to take your first bite of blintz. Impossibly warm and incredibly creamy were the first two things that came to mind as the taste exploded in your mouth. The raspberry sauce was a perfect accent to the light blintz dough. And the resistance that the chocolate ice cream gave made you realize how recently it had been taken from the freezer. The combinations of the three tastes were overwhelming until a light flickered in your brain that someone must be nearby.

You attempted to eat and savor every bite of blintz and ice cream, but it seemed to finish way too quickly given the incredible taste of it all. You finished the food and found yourself getting up from the table, eager to experience the next thing on the menu. An excitement overtook eryamanda yeni escortlar you, not sure whether the thought of the next pleasure of the thought of meeting the creator of these events turned you on more. You followed the other set of flickering candle lights out of the kitchen and down another hallway towards one of the entrances to the master bathroom. The door has a sign that says to take off your shoes, and you do, leaving them right next to the bathroom door. Lit vanilla scented candles fill the room as you enter, and rose petals are strewn across the floor. There is a wicker basket on the floor with a sign on it that says, “For your clothes,” and a boom box with a CD player saying,” play me when you enter the tub,” at the base of your sunk-in tub with jets.

You walk over to the tub, and place your wrist in the water. The temperature is perfect, warm and inviting. Bubbles cover the top of the water. A big smile flashes across your face as you begin to undress. First your blouse, and then your skirt. You slowly slide your nylons off of each leg, letting them fall to the floor. You unhook your bra strap up front, pulling the shoulder straps off and let it fall to the floor. To your surprise, all the sensual nature of the past half hour has raised your body to such a state of arousal that your nipples are sticking straight up in the air. Your tongue flashed across your lips as you finally slide out of your panties. They slowly drop from around your curves and on to the floor.

As you first slide one foot in, and then the other to the hot bath, you are grateful for the water surrounding your body as you know that your juices would be running down your legs at this very moment if you were still out of the bath. You are luxuriating in the water, feeling up your breasts and pinching at your nipples, a hand slides down to your warm wet pussy as you touch yourself imagining who this stranger is. All this revelry almost made you forget about the CD player, but you remember and press the play button.

The first thing you hear from the machine is my voice. It is warm, deep and inviting. “I want you to close your eyes and just let your other senses run away with you. And promise me that you will not open your eyes until you are told. No matter what happens, do not open your eyes. You nod to yourself silently and then begin to hear beach sounds, with the sounds of the ocean crashing against the shore. You relax some more, closing your eyes and touching yourself. The feeling is wonderful when all of a sudden you feel your foot rising into the air out of the tub. The hands are strong and soft all at the same time. My hands are rubbing up and down the length of your foot, before putting pressure on it, massaging it in my hands. The feeling is heavenly, as a moan escapes your lips. My hands rub from your heel to your toes and back again, and the other hand is massaging your ankle and on up your calf. The feeling is wonderful. . I go on at one foot and then the other for twenty minutes, but it feels like forever. The sensations are so wonderful that you don’t even think about the fact that you are touching your pussy and massaging your nipples the whole time I am watching. Your moans get a little louder with every passing minute.

I slowly lower both of your feet back into the water. And you moan a little at the loss of pleasure until you feel the warmth of my breath near your ears. “Get out of the water in two minutes and dry off. You are needed in the bedroom.” The words excite you so much you feel like you are going to explode inside from the warmth inside you. You hear the door to the restroom close. All of a sudden the three B’s come to mind, blintz, bathroom, and bedroom. A smile comes to your lips again.

A couple minutes pass by, which seems like an eternity. But you open your eyes and get yourself out of the tub. You see a big towel there waiting for you, fluffy and warm. You wrap yourself in the towel, luxuriating in its warmth but sincan escort bayan not staying long because you know that bigger pleasures wait.

You slowly open up the bedroom door, naked and open for whatever is going to happen. The room is fairly dark and you walk to where you know your bed should be, somewhere near the center of the room. There appears to be nothing there as you get there. The lights to the room come on, but they o not light the room as intended. Instead, all the lights in the room have been turned to fixate on one point and they all are shining on your body. And while this may have been a bit alarming, it made your spine tingle.

You hear footsteps in the darkness echoing off the walls. The steps would get closer and father away, closer, and farther away. Not a sound in the room could be heard but my steps and your slow breathing. You can sense a disembodied hand behind you enter the light circle surrounding you. You quickly turn around to look at it, but the hand vanishes into the shadows.

“Do I need to blindfold you,” I ask forcefully, as you think about what you could have done wrong. A though occurs to you and you close your eyes, and a big smile drifts across your face. You know you must have done the right thing because you can sense my hands coming close to you again. May hands appear to be fondling the air as it seeks to spread the warmth of my hands to your body? WHACK! Goes the sound of my hands spanking your ass. WHACK! WHACK! My hand comes across you a second and a third time. Your blood inside your body is flowing to your posterior as my hand cups and needs your glowing ass.

A soft moan escapes your lips when you feel my hand massaging the very red and war area. The soft moan turns to a yelp and then a sigh of pleasure as my hands slips below your ass onto your glistening vulva. You continue to moan and sigh as you sense me come up behind you, biting along your neck. The moan gets louder as my finger maneuvers its way inside you, sliding in and out several times before it leaves you. You hear it being sucked on and savored in my mouth. You hear me moan in pleasure from your sweet taste. The moan sends shivers down your spine. You are so wet you can feel trickles of your wetness run down your upper thighs and farther on down your leg.

You hear me walking around you several more times. The anticipation is maddening and yet gratifying as these steps of the most sensual erotic man you have ever met are pacing around you. A wry smile escapes your lips that turns into a full grin when you hear the unmistakable sound of a zipper being lowered from a pair of men’s trousers. Your insides are on fire now in anticipation of what is to come. The anticipation turns to curiosity in you as you hear me ask you to spread your legs.

WHACK!!!! Both cheeks of your ass are spanked causing a warm glow and tingling to spread across them. That would have been your focal point for feeling until you felt my tongue and face thrust up into your sopping wetness. A dam bursts inside you as nothing can hold back the flood that your orgasm caused when your pussy came into contact with my tongue.

But even that does not quench the flame raging inside you that seems to spin out of control as my tongue thrusts up into you again and again. Your legs begin to buckle from the pleasure as you feel my hands cup your ass and allow you to lower down slowly until finally you are sitting on my face. My tongue finds your Clit and flicks over it at lightning speed, pressing against it again and again, faster and faster. You can feel the buildup again of another orgasm.

Alternately my tongue is thrusting and flicking harder and faster until you feel your inner walls spasm so hard that you feel like fainting. Wetness rushes out of you wave after wave in such a manner that you expect my face to be drenched by your juices. You feel me pick you up in my arms and carry you out of this room into another bedroom. Your arms ankara escort are wrapped around my neck as you search in the dark for my face to kiss it.

As you find my face in the dark, tingles come over your body again as you realize that my face isn’t wet at all, that I have taken all your wetness into my mouth. Our tongues tangle again and again as we reach the softly lit bedroom covered with candles inside. I lay you down on the bed. Soft silk sheets are all that adorn your body. The luxuriousness of the moment does not escape you as you hear the word ecstasy echoing in your head over and over again; only this time my voice is replacing your own.

Your body hums loudly as you once again feel my tongue on your body. I trace every curve, from your calves to your thighs to your stomach making sure I enjoy tasting the curve of your breasts, working my way up to your nipples and enjoying the feeling as I cause them to stick out even harder with my tongue playing on them. You feel like my tongue is a maestro and your body is the opus. My tongue weaves its way up your neck and slowly making its way to your lips, kissing you passionately again and again.

You can feel my rock hard cock sticking up and almost straight into your other lips. It’s pressing against there so hard and so forcefully that the head slides in one of the times that I am kissing you hard.

You moan in utter joy into my mouth as you feel the head and then the length of my cock sliding into you deeper and deeper. I am thrusting up into you and while you are enjoying every inch, every thrust you can feel your insides tense up again, knowing full well that an orgasm is on the way. I thrust hard and deep, faster and faster into your body. My body is humming along with yours. You can feel the sweat of your body rub up against me and mine against you. I thrust so hard and fast inside you and the wetness of our bodies slapping up against each other causes an echoing sound throughout the bedroom. Slap slap! The sound goes again and again as you moan louder and louder, begging for me to go harder.

You can feel my orgasm welling up within me as the head of my cock is beginning to expand with every thrust, and the length of me is running up against your clit every time I thrust in and out, in and out, in and out. Faster and faster I thrust as you begin to feel the walls spin around you, reaching heights of pleasure that you were hardly able to imagine before. You want to feel my cum inside you. You want to feel me explode inside you. Thrusting harder and harder My cock pounds wildly inside you as you realize I am about to cum. The sheer joy of that and the thrusting cause your walls to clench wildly and uncontrollably as your orgasm peaks.

The clenching walls of your soaked vagina press hard against the shaft of my cock as I go wild inside you. You can feel every inch of me building to a climax. I moan out in pleasure, calling out to you…. saying you are so amazing. Pumping so hard you begin to hear a scream well up inside me. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I AM COMMMINNNGGGGG!!!!!” You hear me scream wildly as you can feel me thrusting and my cum shooting up into you. I keep thrusting again and again as every last drop of me; every last ounce is poured out into you. And with the last drop I collapse into your arms.

The two of us lay there for a moment, spent and in the afterglow of everything that has happened. I reach your head and pull it up to mine to kiss you deeply. “Have you enjoyed your evening, my lover,” I whisper to you as we kiss again and again, softly and sensually.

“Mmmmmmm . . ………..” is all you can say as you think about all of the enjoyment of the day. Your work day is so long gone now that it is but a memory that is here and gone in an instant. And you try to remember all of the sensations from every last part of the day the rememberance of the envelope comes back to you and the first words on it. “Pleasure awaits.” It certainly does, you think to yourself. A wry smile escapes your lips as you remember that you took a day off this week to do house chores. Instead of house chores you think that better use would be served turning the tables on me, as you stare at me in your arms. You wrap your arms around me as we drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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