15 Ağustos 2022

Plain Jane Ch. 02

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He drag’s her up to the couch, and falls back on it taking her with him. Pulls her up onto his lap, kisses her hard, holding her tightly. Close’s his eyes. When he started breathing a little more normally, she move to stand in front of him, and slowly undress for him. Her clothes drop to the floor as he watches. He stands up bends down sweeps her up in his arms, and carries her to the bed, gentle lays her in the middle. Licking his lips he slowly crawls between her legs.

“Now I am going to give you back the pleasure you gave my with your mouth.” he said.

“Oh ya baby!” he told her when he saw the surprise look on her face.

One hand lift’s her leg, and kisses all the way down to her inner thigh. Slowly his hands, and mouth work together making her skin tingle with a heated fire. With her legs bent at the knees, he spread’s them wide apart. First his finger tips caress along her pussy lips then his mouth follows.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” she moans.

Using the tips of his fingers he open’s her pussy eryamandaki escortlar lips, holding them open as he drags his tongue down her clit, His thumb rubbing the opening of her pussy, around, and around he rubs, slowly pushing his thumb inside.

” Oh god! yes! eat me. Eat my fucking pussy!!” she said.

His arms slip under her ass pulling her tighter against him, as his mouth closes on her pussy, sucking it hard. He was having trouble keeping her in place, but he held on her, and slip a finger in. Followed by a second finger, then a third and fourth. Slowly he fuck her with his mouth and four fingers. Soon he started moving them faster and faster. She reach down trying to grab his already hard cock. He stop what he was doing when he heard her whimpering.

“Oh baby did I hurt you? I’m so sorry.” he ask her.

She shook her head no, she wanted more. He move around, the tip of his cock rubbing against her mouth. Opening her mouth she took him in quickly,

“OH FUCK BABY!! SLOW DOWN. etimesgut bayan escort WE HAVE ALL FUCKING NIGHT.” he told her laughing.

He felt three of her little orgasm’s while he suck her pussy, and now with four fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, his cock was rock hard and throbbing from her hot mouth. He pull’s his cock away.

“No more honey the next time I cum I want to be inside this pussy, but right now I’m not done with your pussy yet.” he said smiling.

He reaches up grab’s the pillows and shove’s them under her ass, lifting her high. Looking down at her he slowly pushes, twists two of his fingers back in her pussy. He smiles at her, and lowers his mouth. Excepting to feel his mouth on her pussy. But when she feels his mouth on her ass, she groans loudly when his tongue lick along her ass crack. Licking deeper, and deeper till he finds her asshole, his tongue slowly slips inside as he tongue fucks her ass. He pulls his fingers from ankara escort her pussy and pushes one slowly up her ass. Then another ,and another till he had four fingers inside her asshole fucking her.


Pulling out his fingers, he leans up, wrapping his hand around his throbbing cock he rubs his cock head against her asshole.

“You want it baby? How badly do you want my cock in your asshole baby?” he said demanding.

She looks into his eyes. “FUCK MY ASSHOLE, FUCK ME NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!” she screams at him.

He smiles, and thrusts. Two inches went in, he smiles at her again, and thrust a few more inches inside her. He keeps doing it till he is fully buried deep up her asshole and she’s screaming for him to fuck her harder. Soon his cock is pounding her ass hard, and he has to hold her hips in a tight grip or lose his hold on her. He could feel his cum boiling up the length of his cock, he’d be cumming soon.

“Fuck!! Get ready baby Her it cums.” he screams.

“AAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!” he grunts, sending hot, thick wads of cum deep in her asshole.

She’s never had such an intense orgasm before she could feel herself blacking out.

When he looks down at her he find her past out from her last orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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