30 Kasım 2022

Picked Up In A Parking Lot

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Picked Up In A Parking Lot
Like all my stories, this is 100% true as far as I can recollect.

This was back in the 90s and I had gotten back into dressing after so many collect and purge cycles. A couple of months prior to this night, I had met a married couple at a get together at the home of a swinger couple.
The husband was a crossdresser and his wife was a very cute little thing. At the time my son was still living with me so dressing was always a challenge. They told me that if I ever needed a place to dress, I could always come over to their home which was only 10 minutes from where I lived.
So, I made arrangements to come over to their place on this night to get ready and head out to a club in Long Beach that catered to our community. After getting all pretty I put on a nice blue dress that fell a few inches above the knees. I made the long drive and hung out for a few hours, flirting and dancing, and then headed home. About 30 minutes from their house, I pulled into a Denny’s to use the restroom. I always liked to do that to validate that I was passable. As I was returning to my car a man standing in front of a white pick up truck called out to me. Scared bahis siteleri to death, I hurriedly tried to get in my car. He came over and said don’t worry, I like what I see. You’re a crossdresser right, he asked. I nodded my head yes. He said he liked to dress as well.
Standing by my car he said I was really hot and asked if I would like to take a little drive so we could talk. I said let’s just go over to another part of the parking lot. It was after midnight and all the stores in the center were closed. I got in my car and he in his truck and drove to where we could have a little privacy. I got out of my car and climbed into his truck which caused my dress to ride way up on my thighs. He noticed and said you have great legs. After getting in we engaged in a little small talk and then I just asked “would like me to suck your cock?”
He said, “You bet.”

I scooted over closer to him and started rubbing his dick thru his jeans.
I said, “Take it out.”

He leaned back against the truck door and unzipped his pants, taking out a nice 6 inch cock. I leaned forward with my cock sucking mouth wide open and engulfed the head swirling my tongue around it. He let out bedava bahis a heavy moan as I began bobbing my head up and down his shaft. It tasted so fucking good. I don’t know who was moaning louder. I pushed all the way down and took his cock into my throat. His cock was throbbing and I swear it grew another two inches. He put his hand on my head and started guiding me up and down. Then he started to fuck up into my mouth really hard and fast, gagging me a few times.
After sucking his beautiful cock for about 10 minutes I said “let’s go some place a little more private.” He said ok and started to zip up his pants. I said “oh no baby, I want you to drive and I’ll suck.” He started the truck and I dropped my head back down to suck his delicious cock. He drove us to a small industrial park and parked in the back. We both got out and climbed into the truck bed that had a small camper shell. He laid down on his back and I unzipped his pants to let out his swollen cock. I wasted no time in opening my cock sucking mouth and engulfed his cock. I was so hungry for his cum. He kept telling me what a great cock sucker I was and he wanted to cum all bedava bonus over my face and down my throat.

He said he was getting close, so I rolled over onto my back and told him to fuck my mouth and then cum all over my pretty face. He said, ”God, you are one sexy bitch.” I said then feed me your cum. He shoved his cock back into my mouth fucking my face really fast, then pulled out and told me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. He pulled his cock from hungry lips and started stroking himself with his cock pointed right at my open mouth. Finally, he moaned “I’m cumming.” I told him to shoot his hot cum. Then it happened. A huge shot of cum hit my faggot tongue and then another hit my nose. He must’ve shot at least 8 or 9 times. His cum was everywhere. In my mouth, up my nose, in my hair, on my forehead and on my chin. When he stopped shooting I opened my mouth and engulfed his throbbing cock. He shuttered and gave me one last taste of his sweet cum. He pulled his cock from my cock and rubbed it all over my face smearing his cum all over.
We straightened ourselves up and he drove me back to my car and I asked for his phone number so we could get together again. We hooked up a couple more times. You can see me sucking him, swallowing his cum and him fucking me in the ass in my videos, Birthday Suck and Fuck and Begging for Cum on My Birthday. Watch for my next story, Picked Up in a Straight Bar.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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