8 Ağustos 2022


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Girl On

I saw a new member appear in my local town on a hookup site I frequent so I sent her a message and invited her to peruse my profile.

She did and we started a conversation of messages through the site.

I asked her “So how about you describe yourself and what you’re wearing and I’ll try and write a reply based on it :)”

She replied “I’m very cold today, so I’m all wrapped up, but I do have my riding jodhpurs on… most men like them! Skin tight, cobalt blue… I’m 5’4 ish, large, long dark hair hazel eyes, big chested.”

I asked “So Jumper? Shirt? Vest? Bra? I like jodhpurs too, never had the chance to encounter them in real life. Do like being in the house or in the stables, just trying to set a scene.”

To which she replied “I have my bra on, blue with black lace detail, t- shirt, jumper, hoodie and fleece, snug as a bug. Days like today I want to be home n cosy… especially after freezing out sorting the horses…”

I asked her about hair length and other things and started to write. I posted to her in four parts over most of the afternoon as I wrote it.

Here’s the story in full with an additional part at the end.

So this assumes that we have met before to just say hello and see if there’s any attraction.

You invite me back to yours under the cover of me running a computer repair (something I used to do).

I approach your doorstep and knock, and within seconds the door is open and your standing their resplendent in blue jodpurs, a hoodie covering your ample frame and what looks to be a thick fleecy jumper underneath. You invite me in and you turn to lead me into your work room. I glance down and up admiring the tightness of the jodhpurs and eryamanda yeni escortlar the curves that show. I take two steps to catch up with you and place my hands on your shoulders. With utmost care I slide my fingers through your hair at the nape of your neck and move your waist length dark curls to one side. I lean down and gently kiss the side of your neck, just behind your ear and run my hands down over your arms and then hug you from behind. You walk forward and I follow still holding you from behind.

Once we enter your work room, I see that the curtains are mostly closed and that no-one can see in. I slowly move my hands from your arms to your front gently stroking up and down. I find the zip to your hoodie and slowly unzip it removing it from your arms still standing behind you. So far I haven’t said a word…

You try and turn towards me and I just say, wait…

My fingers find the bottom of your jumper and within seconds your arms are above your head as I remove it. Swiftly I move on before you can count to 10, your t-shirt is lying on the floor. I step up to your back and run my hands over every part of exposed skin, gently running fingers down your back, smoothing your hair this way and that as I gently kiss up and down your neck and back. I move my hands around to your front and skim my fingers over your nipples that although covered are standing to attention.

I can see hints of lace around your blue bra and I carefully unhook it. Moving my hands back to your front I run my hands up over your stomach and under your bra. I cup and kneed your breasts, weighing them in my hands whilst gently tickling the nipples. I lightly push on your shoulder and you finally sincan escort bayan turn to face me, I look long into your eyes seeking permission and then kiss down from your cheek, under your ear, down your neck and finally envelope your breast with my mouth, I lick and suck and kiss.

I lift my head and kiss your lips, your arms wrap around me and I continue to touch everything within reach. I slowly kneel and once again look up into your eyes seeking your consent. You say, go ahead. My hand reaches for your waistband and I undo the fastening. Whilst kneeling I ease the jodhpurs down your limbs and kiss each part of skin that is revealed.

You place your hand on my head and look into my eyes. You hold out your hand and I take it. You lead me out of the work room and into your bed room. I slowly lower you to the bed and kiss you, your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks, your nose, your neck, your breasts, your lips.

I stand back and remove my clothing. I am standing to attention as a tribute to your beauty spread before me. I reach and slowly pull down your blue and black lacies and admire the view. I kiss up your leg from calf to thigh to your stomach, just missing your core, I kiss down the other leg and then eventually blow gently over your mound. I can see it glisten slightly and dip a finger in to taste. I spread your thighs further and very gently lick from the bottom of your lips up to the little bump that’s shyly showing itself at the apex. I add a finger, then two or three…

I smile as you make small noises and then react to your grasping at me and I slowly move back up the bed peppering kisses to everything I can reach.

I lavish kisses ankara escort and licks to your breasts, teasing the nipples to hard points, rolling them between my fingertips and then leaving one hand there I move the other down and slowly tease your core, running my finger tips over in synchronicity with your nipples. Your breath catches as you breath faster and faster.

I roll to one side, and standing quickly, cover myself. I come back towards you, lift your legs into the air, and gently wipe my hard covered cock against your nether lips and you push yourself towards me. Carefully I enter just the tip whilst touching and kissing you. I lean in and slowly you envelop me in your warmth. It feels like heaven, tight and warm. We kiss and I end up lying on my back with you astride me. You lower yourself onto my cock as I reach and play with your nipples. You start to ride me and I meet you every thrust, as we trot together I reach and touch where we join, a very light touch but as our joining continues you get faster. I manage to bring you to release before reaching my own. As we both come down we lightly kiss and touch and I grow harder again…

You turn and moving down, take my cock, first in your hand and then you lick and suck the end. I move to your thighs and carefully open them. Your lips are running with juices and i tentatively taste and lick. I enter you with two fingers and then swiftly add more. By this time you have enveloped my cock in your mouth and are treating it like a sugar lolly. I add a third and fourth finger and slowly start to pump my hand into you, curling my fingers so that they skim across your inner wall. A touch here and there and suddenly theirs moisture everywhere as you squirt. I use the extra lubrication and slowly work my hand width in and out whilst you lay there a bit dazed. I lick your button, over and over whilst pumping my hand in and out of you and shake again. After the third time you push my hand away and say enough.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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