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Perfectly Normal and Healthy Ch. 03

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Janice, her daughter Chantelle and Chentelles best friend Christine fell onto Janice and her husband Danial’s bed in a naked tangle of arms and legs. Fingers caressed and explored, lips kissed and suckled and voices moaned and sighed.

Suddenly though Chantelle sat up and said, “Mum is this okay, I mean we are Mother and Daughter?!”

Janice who had two fingers of each hand up to the third knuckle in the girls pussies stopped her hands and gently rubbed her thumbs over each girls moistened clit while saying “Sweetheart there is nothing that two women cannot do together sexually that is not completely natural, normal and healthy.”

Janice explained further, “The female body is gifted with benefits for pleasure both receiving and giving. In ancient Greece, same sex coupling was actively practiced and encouraged. It was thought that the lesbian act would allow women to explore the potential of her body and become a better lover for men.”

Both girls were quickly accepting the truth of Janice’s words and melted as she put her mouth to each girls sex in turn then said “Mmhh beautiful, I haven’t eaten fresh teenage pussy since I was in high school!” she resumed her oral activity.

Christine, focusing somewhat while Janice ate her daughter said, “Mrs Shaftbury, you said ‘same sex coupling’, does that mean two men too?”

Janice lifted her face to look at Christine and said “Does the thought of two men together excite you?”

Christine crinkled her nose and said “It’s a bit gross don’t you think?”

Janice sat up and said “when men fuck my arse they love it and I suck their cocks clean after they fill my bowels with cum; I can do that because I make sure my colon is thoroughly clean before we start. So two men together kartal escort bayan will make the same preparations. Very few men want shit smeared all over their cocks and fewer women are willing to suck a shitty cock clean!”

Chantelle sat up and in disbelief said “I’m sure there wouldn’t be any.”

Janice smiled at her daughter and said “You girls will learn that there is every kind of perversion in society and many varied tastes. it never crossed your mind this morning that your mother would be licking your pussy before lunch or that you would return the favour; and with your best friend.”

Janice asked “Have you girls played with each other before?”

Chantelle blushed and said “We’ve only experimented with kissing and we’ve felt each others breasts.”

Janice lay back on her elbows and opened her legs toward the girls saying, “Come and get it!”

The girls threw themselves on their stomachs between Janice’s legs and started licking. Chantelle asked, “Mum, why don’t you have pubic hair?”

Janice replied Well, your Father likes…oooh thats very good Christine, you can dine at my ‘Y’ anytime…your father likes a hairless youthful looking pussy, he likes to fuck young girls!”

In surprise Chantelle said “Daddy cheats on you? and what did you mean when you said ‘when men fuck your arse?’ are you and Daddy getting divorced?” her voice trembled with the last words.

Janice was gasping at Christine’s tongue working her clit, but managed “We will never divorce honey, we love each other far too much. Now enough talk lets make each other cum! Come and sit on my face baby I’ll make you feel good. Christine you are a natural pussy pleaser!”

Thanks Mrs Shaftbury, I’m just doing what I think I would like yakacık escort done to me.”

Janice said “THAT is the very secret to oral sex and the reason why the best oral sex is by someone of the same sex. No woman will ever suck cock as well as a man, and Christine please stop calling me ‘Mrs Shaftbury’, you have your tongue in my cunt, we can dispense with the formalities, so call me Janice, hell call me slut, cunt or whatever you want I’ll answer to anything to get your mouth between my legs or to eat your sweet pussy too.”

Christine, accepting her words said “Thank you Janice, now shut up and make your daughter cum you slut, the only thing I want to hear out of your mouth is moaning when I make you squirt!”

Janice groaned and resumed licking Chantelle’s creaming folds, but Chantelle said “You better make my Mum cum bitch and by the way, make sure you eat the last of my Dad’s cum out of that cock hole!”

Janice smiled at the girls change in character and continued delving her tongue all over her daughters heavily creaming snatch revelling as Chantelle’s body shuddered in another orgasm.

Chantelle eventually collapsed having passed out from a very intense cum when her mother pushed a finger into her arse. Janice sat up and said “Christine, lay on top of me honey, lets sixty-nine until Chanty wakes up, you’ve no idea for how long I’ve wanted to eat your pussy. Years of watching you in skimpy bikinis by the pool or lingerie at slumber parties.”

Christine said “Anytime you want Janice, you know where my pussy is now and I love eating yours too, you cream so easily!”

Janice gasped saying “Thanks babe but a lot of that cream was my husbands morning load, how was it?”

Christine said hürriyet mahallesi escort “Oh, I thought Chantelle was joking, did I really eat Mr Shaftbury’s cum?”

Janice grinned and said “I think Chantelle may have got most of it but yes you would have had some.”

Christine said “Well I didn’t mind at all everything is so sweet and creamy! Do you think I could get it from the source one day?”

Janice pushed Christine off and sat up next to the young slim brunette and said “Baby, if you can be discrete about what happens here, then yes that could happen. If you want to take this journey with us I can guarantee Danial will be only too happy to feed you.” with that she held and kissed the girl feeling her shudder in orgasm at the thought.

Janice asked “Christine are you okay with what you’ve seen here between a Mother and Daughter?”

Christine enthusiastically replied “Oh fuck yes, I wish all families were like this!”

Janice said “Well that’s wonderful dear. Now I’m going to shower and plug so why don’t you put that talented tongue to work on my Daughter and see if you can’t bring her around.”

Christine looking puzzled said, “What do you mean a shower and ‘plug’?”

Janice smiling said, My Danial likes to fuck my arsehole on Saturday nights, so I wear a butt plug all do so his big cock doesn’t rip me apart when he takes me!”

Christine’s jaw had dropped open. She said “Really; up the butt, doesn’t it hurt?”

Janice responded “Sometimes there is a moment of pain but then its all pleasure. I absolutely love getting my arse reamed. I mentioned before that men like to arse fuck me!”

Christine said “I didn’t know if you were serious.”

Janice smiled and caressed Christines breasts, lightly pinching her nipples saying “There are no lies here sweet cake, just love and truth and the truth is that I LOVE getting shafted up the back door! Now get busy on Chantelle you lezzo slut!”

Christine beamed and lowered her face between her friends legs and started tonguing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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