30 Kasım 2022

Paying Up

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Paying Up
Paying Up


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I found out by accident what she had been up to with the company accounts and had quietly approached her about it. Give her her due she admitted over £10,000 worth of fraud and even offered to share it with me I didn’t shop her. I left her crying, Wednesday at 08:30 I would visit her house, after hubby had gone to work and daughter to school to show her how she would pay up. On the Tuesday at work I slipped her a note, meet me at your door in morning, black heels, tan sheer tights, short pleated skirt, white blouse, make up and hair to be just right, deep red lipstick. The note finished, this is all your to wear, if its not on the list you don’t wear it. Mid afternoon she approached me at the coffee machine, there is no mention of panties or bra? I walked off and wrote her another note, for questioning the first note you are rid yourself of all body hair, head hair and eyebrows excepted. I slipped her the note, told her it was quite understandable and that I’d see here at 08:30.

I arrived at 08:30 with a small hold all and knocked on the door, which she opened and was a quite lovely sight, she may have been crying but at least not after she had applied her makeup. Closing the door behind me I walked through to the kitchen and sat at the table. Tea would be a good start I said, whilst she was preparing the tea I walked around the ground floor pulling curtains and turning on soft lighting. Arriving back in the kitchen I took my seat again, she looked at me wondering what I might do next. Come and stand in front of me I commanded, she did standing just out of arms reach. Raised your skirt so that I can see your pussy I told her and slowly she raised her skirt and showed me a most pleasing view, her tights encased a pussy completely nude, her cunt lips could easily be seen through the nylon mesh. Turn around I told her and she did and without being told kept her skirt raised. Her backside wasn’t too bad for a 40-year-old, well at least it looked firm underneath her tights. Now come closer to me I said and she took a step closer, starting at her knees I ran my hands up her legs and then groped, and felt her backside and pussy. I pushed her away and she poured the tea into a mug, which she passed to me.

Finishing my tea I made sure both front and back doors were locked and went to sitting room and loaded a video from my hold all. She followed me seeming unsure what to do next or what I may want next. I sat on the settee and motioned her to stand beside me watching the video as it started. On the screen a weak story unfolded of a middle aged woman who had an insatiable sex drive, blowjobs, cum eating, snapper licking, arse fucking you name she was into it and all shown in graphic detail. I had by this time a raging hardon and ran my hand from her knee up her skirt and felt her backside and pussy through her tights, we had been watching the video for 40 or so minutes and her pussy was unmistakably wet, I pushed a finger into the nylon and without much force my nylon encased finger slipped into her cunt hole. Who’s getting excited then I asked, she looked at me and her face reddened? I think a spanking would be in order go and get my hold all for me. She passed me the hold all, which I placed on the settee to my right. Over my lap then, she laid across me with her backside in the middle of my lap and her legs to my right. Again I ran my hands up her legs and squeezed and fondled her backside through her tights. Flicking her skirt above her waist so that it laid on her back a very pleasing view was presented to me, and then hooking her tights in my fingers I pulled them down to her knees, it wasn’t particularly easy as her wet pussy held onto the nylon and she had to almost knee up to allow then to be pulled down. Fondling her backside some more I told her to reach round and hold her bum cheeks apart, she did, very humiliating this! Fingering her pussy some more my fingers became very wet and I used the moisture to wet her anal rose bud, you would have thought she may have workout what was next but she grunted quite loudly as I pushed a finger up her arse and she squirmed and moved so much so that I had to administer a very hard smack to her backside. Now keep still and let me finished I told her and resumed where I had been, first one the n two fingers up her arse, I moved them about and could sense her discomfort and being fingered up the arse. Enough was enough and I reached for the hold all and retrieved a small bat and started smacking her backside and leaving pink marks. All over her backside I smacked until her whole backside had a reddish glow. Then I got out some massage oil and poured a liberal illegal bahis amount on her and smoothed this in to her, inevitably some ran down the crack of her arse and I used my fingers to run the oil into her anal ring and pussy. Finally, for the session at least, I pulled a 10” large girth dildo from my hold all and worked this into her pussy until only 4” were showing, she grunted and moved about but it wasn’t too difficult, then a 4” butt plug was worked into her arse hole, this caused even more grunting and moving but once it was past its widest point it slipped into her and held firm. Up you get you tart I said and don’t let either dildo or butt plug fall out, carefully she rose and stood before me, she was sweating and tear stains could be seen on her cheeks. Pull your tights up to help keep everything in place I told her. She bent carefully and after a while had her tights pulled up good and tight, I made her hold her skirt up and turn around so that I could see the shaft of the dildo and the base of the butt plug. I stood behind her and quickly stripped myself then placing a hand on her should I pushed her down so she was kneeling and then I stood in front of her with a raging 8” hardon. Don’t do anything do move or lick just keep still I said. I moved forward and pushed my prick into her mouth and then wanked, I held her head still with one hand and beat my prick with the other and it wasn’t long before I spunked violently into her mouth, when I had finished I told her not to swallow and then had her open her mouth so that I could see my cum inside her, then I kissed her deeply, tasting my own salty cum and licking the inside of her mouth. That’s a good first session I told her, now in the hold all you’ll find some other videos, watch at least two while I’m gone, keep the dildo and butt plug in place and sort your makeup and hair out, I’m going to take a shower.

I left her to her own devices, in the hold all she would find some quite frightening nipple clamps, a crop etc that should be enough to make her comply. Upstairs in the shower I applied hair remover, moisturiser and ran that water hot so that when I emerged some 45 minutes later not a hair on my body remained, head and eyebrows being the exception. I dried and talced myself and made my way to the master bedroom. Searching several draws and cupboards I gathered together a pair of her tights, a bra, blouse and skirt. Using her makeup I applied eyeliner etc, lipstick and blusher. Pulling her tights up my legs my cock was hard as iron. Her bra was a tight fit but filled out well stuffed with assorted panties and nylons from her draws. The blouse pulled tight across my chest and the bra underneath could easily be seen her skirt fitted and my hard cock tented the front. From her shoe cupboard I found a pair of black 3” strapped shoes that were tight but fitted. I looked in the mirror, hitched my skirt up so that I could see my cock then dropping the skirt back down made my way down stairs to find her.

She was in the kitchen looking out the window and didn’t see or hear me enter the room, What do you think I said and she turned startled by my voice and then even more started by my appearance. The look of shock and horror on her face was incredible. I walked towards her and stood right in front of her, do everything I do I said. I put my hand down and ran it up her leg up her skirt and gripped the dildo still being held in place in her pussy by her tights. I looked at her, go on then; she slowly ran her hand up my leg, up my skirt and grasped my cock. I gave the dildo a hard wanking and look at her; she was a quick learner and performed the same action on the prick. Feels nice through nylon I asked, and got no reply. Moving away I went back into the sitting room to see she had indeed swapped the video. Stand before remove and me the dildo and butt plug, she did. Now in the hold all you’ll find a strapon cock, wear it. After much fumbling and difficulty she stood before me with her skirt tented just like mine. I knelt before her and while she held her skirt up I sucked and slurped on the fake cock she was wearing. Guess what’s next I asked, she didn’t answer. I set-up a camera in the corner of the room and then knelt on the floor. Now lift my skirt and fuck my arse you bitch. With reservation she knelt behind me, lifted my skirt, lowered my tights and began fucking my arse. She wasn’t gentle and was thrusting quite violently, now reach in front and wank me off she did, quite expertly half a dozen strokes of her hand and I came again coating her fingers with another load of sticky cum.


I sent her a note a month after our first meeting I assumed she had recovered from the experience and perhaps illegal bahis siteleri thought that was the end of it. The note told her to expect me to arrive the next Friday, I knew hubby would be away and the daughter at school. She was to be bathed, dressed and made up, heels, tights, bra and the outer clothes the closest she had to her ‘going way’ outfit on her wedding day.

I parked away from the house and saw hubby leave, I knew he had a meeting the other side of Birmingham and would be late back or perhaps not back until the next day. A friend picked up the daughter and then I gave her an hour to prepare herself. Calling from my mobile she answered normally enough but then became very nervous when she realised it was me. Are you ready and dressed as I said, yes she was. I’ll be around then. Arriving not 2 minutes later a pulled up outside the front door and with the same hold all as last time rang the door bell. The door was answered quickly and I stepped inside. Surprisingly she had already pulled the curtains and arranged the lights, how thoughtful of her! I made my way to the sitting room and put the hold all down and then back to the kitchen, checked the rest of downstairs then upstairs and finally arrived back in the sitting room. She trailed behind me and neither of us spoke.

Well done I said. You seem to have prepared the house just the way I like it. Now lets see if you’re prepared as well. I took off my jacket, shirt, shoes, socks and trousers and stood before her in my silk boxers. My prick was semi hard and bulged the front of the boxers, I pulled the front of them down and gave of cock a few tugs and looked at her whilst doing so. Perhaps she hadn’t expected to see cock so soon, at least that was the reaction I got, she didn’t however look away. I pulled my boxers back up and asked her to get us both a whisky. Whilst she was preparing the drinks I got four Viagra tablets from my hold all. She approached me with the whisky and standing directly in front of me I showed her the tablets took two myself, washing them down with the whole tumbler full of alcohol and then I pushed the two remaining tablets into her mouth and instructed her to do the same. Now I said whilst we wait for the inevitable effect lets have a look at you. I took her hand and led her to the middle of the room and then walked around her two or three times. I kissed the back of her neck and she flinched not expecting that. So this is pretty much what you wore as your going away outfit on you wedding day I asked, she replied that it was. I stood in front of her and touched her hair, her earrings, and her lips. My hands travelled down to her jacket her blouse and then reached around and felt her backside through her skirt. Knelling in front of her I placed my hands on her shoes, 4” heels, and then slid my hands upwards, up her skirt and felt and kneaded her pussy and backside through her tights. So you didn’t wear any panties that day either I asked, she sobbed, or said of course she had. What I want you to do I said is to stand away from me and raise your skirt to your hips. I took a seat on the sofa and slid out of my boxers. She seemed at this point in some mental struggle, but whether it was me, the whisky or the tablets she gave up stood in the middle of the room and raised her skirt.

She looked like fun just standing there, nice shoes, good dress sense and well made up, and most of all holding her skirt up so that I could see her nylon encased pussy and backside. Turn around I said and she did slowly, when she was facing em again, I told her to lower her tights to her knees and to stand with her feet apart. With some difficulty she lower the tights and then stood and raising her skirt without being told to. I wanked slowly for more than 20 minutes just looking at her and then I rose and stood behind her.

I edged forward and placed my cock between the tops of hers legs so that it was brushing her cunt, then I reached around and rubbed my cock into her. Today, I whispered into her ear you will be the bride of my dreams. When we have had our first session you’ll dress in you wedding dress, all virginal white, and I’ll fuck your arse and cum over your face and a few other things I dare say and take photos of you to publish on the Internet. We will go for a ride and you’ll publicly expose yourself when I say and to who I say. I continued to wank myself. Now I said, pull your tights up as far as you can, and she bent slightly and pulled them up until I could feel the nylon gusset of her hose against my balls. I wanked hard and pushed my cock up her pussy once or twice felling her wetness when it slipped out of her. I moved in front of her and standing as close canlı bahis siteleri as I could masturbated myself until my cum spurted and gushed over her pussy and dripped into the gusset of her tights. I sensed that she shuddered herself, not much but noticeable. I also I could sense that she was sobbing quietly. Stay like that I said and after wiping my cock on her tights I retrieved the digital camera from my hold all and took several photos of her. A good start I said now let’s prepare the bride and groom!

I led her by the hand upstairs and into the master bedroom, nicely decorated, tidy and the bed made. I led her so that she stood in front a full-length mirror and stood behind her. You I said, are nothing more than a slut and cum bucket. I pulled her skirt up to her waist. Look at the state of you I said. I have only been in your house an hour and already your tights and cunt are covered in cum. She had neglected to pull her tights up completely and they were rolled level with her pussy, quite clearly there were cum stains on the tights and cum on her pussy hairs. I ran my hand down and felt her pussy and was rewarded by being able to slip a finger into her cunt hole without any resistance and also of being able scoop up some of the cum from her tights. I lifted my hand and tasted my own fingers, she watched in the mirror. I fingered her again and this time offered my fingers to her, she accepted and sucked them clean.

Go and shower I told her and shave your pussy and backside whilst your at it. She didn’t argue and went to the bathroom stripped and entered the shower. I returned to the bedroom to prepare our clothes. I had seen her wedding dress from previous visits and laid this out on the bed. It had been hung up very carefully at the back of the wardrobe and comprised a white full-length dress, lowish front that would expose her cleavage and a small veil. I chose her tan tights from her underwear draw and 4” high red heels from the show cupboard. I purposely omitted bra and panties. For myself I chose a selection of her clothes that would I hope surprise her, I packed them into my hold all so that she didn’t see them.

I stripped and sat in one of the bedroom chairs slowly wanking and playing with one of her stockings waiting for her return. I heard the shower go off and so tied the stocking tightly around my cock, the effect was to make my cock very hard and very red. As she entered the bedroom she gasped at the sight of me, sitting wide legged on the chair, cock visibly swollen and hard and stroking the end of it. She had a towel wrapped around her and I rose to meet her as she stepped forward. Kneel I said, I think she knew what was coming. She knelt and caught the towel under her knees so that it gave way and exposed her to me. Taking hold of her head I pushed my cock into her mouth and continued to push. She obviously wasn’t expecting to deep throat me quite so soon and gagged and shook her head. I didn’t want to cum just yet and once I had frightened her enough let her go so that she fell backwards gasping for breath. When you have recovered I told her, get yourself dressed into what is on the bed, apply a damn good makeup job with lots of deep red lipstick and do your hair. I’ll be showering.

Leaving her on the floor I took my hold all to the bathroom took out the hair remover and proceed to wet myself and then apply the hair remover liberally all over my body. Whilst I was waiting for the hair remover to work I administered an enema to myself and expelled this in the toilet then after 30 minutes or so I rinsed myself off and prepared to dress. Firstly a pair of her tan coloured control top tights that held my hard cock straight up against me, I slipped into a pair of 3” heels I had brought with me. A knee length black pleated skirt, one of her pretty bras that I had filled with my own inserts and a white blouse. I applied rings, a necklace, earrings and makeup and completed my appearance with a blonde shoulder length wig. Although I said so myself I thought the effect was pretty good and just before leaving the bathroom lifted the front of my skirt and gave my cock a few strokes through my tights.

Carrying my holdall I entered the bedroom, she was standing looking out of the window and dint hear me enter. I placed the holdall behind the door and annouced my arrival, she turned and was visbily shocked at my appearance. What do you think I asked and moved forward to stand in front of her. Do you think your clothes suit me, no answer, I lifted the front of my skirt and showed her my hard cock enclosed in my tights. I left her to contemplate her fate and setup the video camera in eth corner so that the bed and chairs and most of the nedroo was on camera. I made a mental note to bring a camera operator and participant next visit. I took her hand and sat myself in one of the chairs. Now I said lets have a look at my bride for the day, I felt her shiver! I postioned her so that she stood facing me and very close.

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