13 Temmuz 2024

Paul’s Sexual Awakening

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My husband David and I together with my 19 year old son Paul from a previous marriage, live in one of the many closed and gated communities in the southern part of Houston off the I-35 southwest freeway. Its an exclusive neighborhood bounded by guarded security gates, an exclusive clubhouse for residents only which provides most of the amenities of gracious living. Houses are surrounded by well kept lawns and the entire community complex with its concrete pathways and rolling greens give you a feeling of being in the country, safe even at night, a haven; all these however are merely illusory because once you get off the well manicured lawns and asphalt driveways and enter the main thoroughfare that leads to the city, you immediately see the disparity between the community that we live in and the stark reality of a city that assaults your senses with its smog and heat with the raw sensual vibration common to all big cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York or New Jersey.

Which is why I completely empathized with the stress my husband was feeling now after having arrived from work quite late this evening, all strung up, creases getting more and more prominent on his balding forehead as I gave him one of my “Mom’s special massages” to allow him to air out not only his verbal complaints about his work and business but also to let him release his physical anxieties. We were just about ready to go to sleep and he was lying face down on our bed in his PJs when I gently straddled his back and started to caress both his shoulders while kneading the tight muscles gently. After a while, I asked him to turn over on his back so I could do the front part of his body.

Now my husband has dutifully maintained his sculptured physique as a result of our visits to the gym at our clubhouse and was slowly warming up to my massage while I knelt on our bed with his torso between my thighs. I felt a rising bulge push up on my crotch but as I looked at him he had his eyes closed so I thought he must be half asleep but nevertheless I still marveled at the fact that although resting, there was no mistaking his desire in the heat emanating from his growing shaft now slowly pushing into my pussy. I continued caressing his upper torso when he slowly lifted up both of his hands and placed them under my night dress slowly inching their way up to my soft breasts. I was totally naked under my night dress and all ready for him if he wanted something more.

I gasped as his hands found my nipples now growing hard at his touch, the bulge between my thighs now definitely pushing up against me and insistent in its desire.

” Honey, whats that bulge between my thighs?” I asked jokingly in a soft tone of voice,

” I dont know, but I think it wants to go inside you..” he replied half asleep.

” Inside where?” I laughed as I replied,

I gently got off him and placed my hand in the front opening of his jammies and took his hard and erect penis out…looking at it with a growing desire…staring at the veins as they pulsed and throbbed…and slowly drawing my mouth closer to it…I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to lick the head which now had a drop of precum on its tip. I heard him moan and felt both his hands on the back of my head as I slowly lowered my open mouth into the entire length of him. He gave out a long sigh of pleasure as he pushed himself up, my mouth now sucking him slowly, my tongue slowly lapping up the hard flesh. His hands held my head steady while he pumped himself in and out of my mouth, my lips tightly enclosing the hard flesh as it jerked up and down. After a little while, he pushed himself up hard pushing my head down at the same time and coming inside me, I opened my mouth wider though with my lips still closed on his shaft to receive the rush of semen shooting up my throat and taking all of it in.

I have always loved the taste of semen and my taste buds now relished the hot salty delicious creamy texture of it as I felt his penis jerk up one final time inside my mouth.

As he slowly slipped out of my mouth and as I swallowed his hot semen, I looked up towards the door, now partly open and saw Paul staring at me, his eyes in a glaze, and his right hand touching the front part of his pants which was obviously bulging. As soon as our eyes met, he blinked and lowered his sight slowly closing the door as he backed kartal escort away into the hallway.

I felt alarmed and wanted to get up and run after him but David still had his hands on my neck having fallen from the back of my head when I looked up towards the door and saw Paul. I slowly got up and saw David now fast asleep. He was always like that…after an ejaculation, he would roll on his side of our bed and fall asleep and this time was no exception…only this time, I had wanted so much to have sex with him…oh well….

I went to the bathroom and got a glass of cold water from the mini fridge to rinse and wash the after taste of semen from my mouth and throat and looked at myself in the mirror. I fixed myself cursorily then went back inside our room. Finding David out cold, I put off the nightstand lamp and slowly opened our door and slipped out the dark hallway closing the door silently behind me. I tiptoed to where Paul’s bedroom was and seeing the light under the door, I knocked gently hoping he was in a mood to talk, then opened the door and entered his room.

Paul was sitting on his bed facing the door as I entered his room but he didnt look up at me as I approached him,

” Paul…Baby……”, my voice calling out his name gently,

” Mom…..”, he replied, raising his eyes and meeting mine as I sat on the carpeted floor in front of him, my hands on his knees,

” I didnt want you to see that…”, I said,

” I know Mom…but seeing you do it and looking at you swallow made me feel strange…”,

” How long were you watching me Honey..?”, I gently asked,

” A long time….”, he replied hesitantly,

” Was this the only time you watched me Paul?”, I gently asked, and after a long silence he replied,

” No….”,

I didnt feel like pursuing the matter further but something inside me just had to know…so,

” No?…so then, since when have you been watching me Paul…”, my voice now sounding a little on the edge,

” Since that time when the first floor of the house got flooded and I had to move from the room downstairs to this room beside yours. Often I could hear you moaning late at night. I would go to you just to check up on you and tried the door to see if it was locked and oftentimes it was not, and I would open it slightly and peep at what you were doing”, he replied hesitantly,

” And what have you seen me doing…”, the tone of my voice now raised as I stood up in front of him with my hands on my waist,

” Sometimes uh…you touching yourself but quite often with David on top of you fucking you and…I just find the look on your face when he does it to you incredibly exciting Mom”, he replied quietly,

” Have you seen me naked then…”, I nervously asked, concerned but strangely excited that he might have,

” Yes….”, his voice low his eyes looking down,

” And…and…did you like what you saw…”, I asked, my heart now pounding against my chest and getting excited since I was standing in front of him with only a flimsy nightdress that hardly concealed my nakedness, a garment meant for David’s eyes alone. Paul looked straight at me with obvious desire in his eyes and exhaled saying,

” Yes……..”,

A knot seemed to have formed in my belly as I sat beside my son on his bed placing my right arm around his shoulders and drawing him closer to me, trying to comfort him, my left hand gently touching his face and feeling the warmth of his body underneath the cotton shirt he was wearing.

” Paul…this time your Dad….”

” He’s not my Dad” Paul interrupted,

” Well…he needed it badly Honey and I wanted to do it for him so he could have a release and be able to sleep well…but from now on I dont want you peeping into my room to see what I am doing okay…please…”, I explained, looking directly at him and hugging him tighter to me.

I was startled when I slowly felt Paul’s hand reach out gently and touch my right breast over the fabric of my night dress causing a shiver to run through my body. I felt a chill on me since I realized too late that I was not wearing anything else under my flimsy nightdress having forgotten to put on my robe before going out of my room in my rush to talk to him about what he saw me doing. I didnt move but neither did I shake cumhuriyet mahallesi escort his hand away from me. We just sat there, looking directly into each other’s eyes breathing hard and not talking. I started feeling ambivalent about my physical reaction to his touch, because this was my son…Paul, touching me in a way a son is not supposed to touch his Mom. I shivered with a pleasure I could not understand as his hand continued to feel the soft flesh of my breast. Soon I began to feel a delicious dampness slowly creep between my thighs, something I was also not supposed to feel for my son.

” Paul…Honey….oohhhhh”, my voice trailing off as he suddenly threw his arms tightly around me drawing and crushing my upper body against him, his lips finding the soft flesh of my neck and kissing me with an urgency I have learned to recognize from my experience with other men, as a need…a physical need for something sexual…but this was my son Paul I thought…how could he…how could WE? I asked myself silently as I felt his kiss in my throat, my head now thrown back, his hand slipping inside the fabric of my night dress and feeling the warm soft flesh of my bare breast.

I began to tremble with illicit desire as Paul suddenly kissed me on my lips…his hand still touching me, both of us sitting on his bed…in his room…with my husband sleeping in the other room just a couple of feet away, and Paul’s tongue pressing hard against my lips…my body suddenly feeling a warmth starting intensely between my thighs and creeping slowly into my whole body, making the hair of my skin stand on end as I realized this was Paul..my son Paul..who was kissing me and touching me…

Without being totally aware, with a moan, I felt my lips open to allow his tongue to enter my mouth…all of this was now making me feel intoxicated as I felt my head spinning around to the pleasure I was not supposed to feel and the intensity of desire in his hand which was now all over my upper thighs, my soft belly, my full breasts, his tongue seeking my own…that I fell weakly on his bed gasping for breath…our lips still joined as I began to kiss him back, sucking his tongue in, my growing pleasure undeniable in the heat between my open thighs, the fluids of desire within my body now profusely flowing out of my pussy…, I laid back weakly, breathing irregularly as Paul broke our kiss. I felt him rise from the bed and with his hands…and searching eyes…uncovering me, he slowly raised the short hem of my night dress to bare the full rounded flesh of my upper thighs…then the curve and flare of my wide hips…his eyes now staring at my shaved womanhood…my lower body now laid bare before his eyes…I closed my eyes and shivered as I saw him lower his head between my thighs, now quickly opening wider to receive him, each of his arms encircling one of my bare thighs. I felt his lips on me…his lips and tongue now desperately seeking the pearl of my shaved pussy, my clit, now throbbing and unsheathed in its urgent need…and slowly dripping its fluids of desire into the pits of my thighs and into his open mouth.

I stifled a deep moan, my hard breathing caught in my throat, his lips and tongue finding the core of my pussy flesh, his hands now urgently spreading my thighs much wider to get at me more deeply…my mind in shambles shouting NO…NO…NO…but my body, now trembling and sweating in depraved forbidden lust, cried out YES…YES….YES. I felt my hips and my thighs rising of their own accord as Paul’s tongue continued to lick me…and taste me…and suck me…and swallowing the fluids rushing out of me…making me insane with desire…my mind no longer in denial as I raised my hips to his face, my orgasm now almost imminent. I felt a sudden overpowering rush inside my pussy moving outward with so much force I came so hard, my orgasm so intense causing my whole body to stiffen as my thighs clamped tightly on my son’s face as he continued to lick my pussy even as I was now wildly thrashing on his bed in mindless orgasmic passion, my hand quickly grabbing a pillow and covering my mouth to stifle the intense scream coming out from my throat.

After a while I opened my eyes to look into the eyes of my son looking at me from below, his face between my thighs breathing deeply of my erotic scent as my pussy leaked my passion yunus escort out into his face. He slowly got up and closed the light leaving only a nightlight to illuminate the room. In the dim light I heard rather than saw him take off his shirt and shorts and felt him slowly get back into bed. I felt his hands spread my thighs much wider and I thought he was going to kiss me down there again. I gasped as I felt him moving the head of his penis up and down the lips of my wet pussy…

” Paul…dont…please dont do this…your father…no…Paul no…no…ooohhhhh”, I started to struggle and plead but my voice got lost as I felt his hardness enter me slowly and gently, the heat of his penis making the inner flesh of my pussy grip his rigidity more tightly, my body’s lust no longer willing to be denied as he roughly pulled my night dress off, completely exposing my nakedness, my white soft flesh shimmering in the low light, my son’s hard penis now slowly and completely filling me down below between my thighs as I sighed and finally surrendered willingly to the drowning sensation of the illicit lust my son had for my body and now my own forbidden incestuous desire for him.

I raised my arms up to him as he fell into my breasts, immediately taking one of my nipples in his mouth, his hips slowly moving up and down, his penis rubbing hard against my clit, my body sweating profusely, the hair of my skin standing up on end again while he began to push himself in and out of me at a regular pace…as I willingly offered myself to his lust raising my hips up to meet his every thrust down inside my body. His lips were on my own now, kissing me with a passion we both could not measure nor imagine possible as I hungrily kissed him back and held him tightly against my naked body. We began to move faster and harder, our bodies now roughly pushing and grinding against each other…my moans stifled by his lips as I began to feel him pushing relentlessly into me harder and faster, my hips now rising in rhythm to his, both of us lost in the madness and insanity of our own illicit sexual need for each other, the world around us now becoming totally nonexistent as we both gave ourselves completely to each other until…I felt him tense up and suddenly push himself hard into me in one stroke crying out silently in my ear….

” Mom…oh Mom…I’m coming……”, and upon hearing this, I raised and crossed my feet behind him drawing him tighter as I felt the scalding heat of his semen shoot inside me blinding me with uncontrollable passion as another one of my intensely powerful orgasms joined his in our lustful and incestuous union.

” Yes Baby…yes…come inside me….yes…” I was now moaning deliriously, the inner flesh of my pussy contracting convulsively to suck his semen as it spurted inside me, my mind silently screaming out my passion, my lust, my need and my anguished yet thrilling fear at what I have just done with Paul…my son…whose body was now shaking in spasms on top of me…his penis inside me…my body shaking uncontrollably like his own…..

After a long while I began to gently and lovingly stroke his face, his head having fallen between the swell of my sweating breasts as I tearfully looked at him saying…breathlessly,

” Darling…I have to go back to my room now and you must promise me this will remain between us alone otherwise your father will kill us both.”

” Oh Mom yes…I love you so much…so much. Can we do this again….please?”, he whispered,

” Yes…if you want to…but I must go back to my room now. Your father might wake up and find me not at his side and look for me and find us here doing this”…I whispered back urgently,

And as I regretfully left, I felt my son’s semen leaking out of my pussy and down into my thighs dripping slowly as I walked quietly back into my room. David, snoring loudly, was facing the edge of his side of the bed away from the door as I slowly moved into my place slipping under the covers…my body still shivering, my knees weak as I closed my eyes and tried to sleep….wondering what the next day would bring when David goes to work leaving Paul and me alone in the house…my mind filled with dread and…even also pleasure???..at the possible consequences…

But after thinking about it a long while, my heart…my body…no longer asked myself what I have just done with my son,…what we both have done and why…but rather…I was now beginning to wonder expectantly what would Paul do with me…when his stepfather leaves for work and be gone the whole day….,and with that thought, I finally drifted to the bliss of sleep…looking forward to tomorrow…

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