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Paradise Mom Ch. 01

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It was obvious that William was in a good mood when he picked me up from work. When I got into the car he had a big smile on his face. I took one look at him and said, “You look like you’ve had a good day.”

“I got my first paycheck today, Mom. Here it is!”

He handed me his paycheck, I looked at it and said, “Wow, that’s great!” His check for a week was almost what I earned in a month. I was really proud of him. When he had graduated from high school a few weeks ago he had started working in construction. The work was hard, but he was young and strong, and the job obviously paid well. “You deserve it,” I told him, “you’re a hard worker.”

We had never had much money. I had raised William as a single mom, having gotten pregnant when I was in high school. We had lived with my mother, until she had died in a car accident when I was only twenty-two. From that time on, my son, William, and I had lived together in a small apartment. Over the years I had often held two jobs, so that I could provide as best as I could for William. He had never complained, and had always been a good son.

As we headed home that night we drove past a fancy restaurant that we always joked about, saying that someday we’d eat there. We knew it was too expensive for us, but it always gave us a laugh. This time as we drove by it William said to me, “Mom, I’d like to celebrate my first paycheck by taking you to that restaurant tomorrow night.” I told him that he didn’t have to do that, but he kept insisting that he wanted to. I was hiding the real reason I didn’t want him to take me there, but he was persistent in saying he wanted us to go there. So I finally told him, “William, I’d love to go there with you, but honey I don’t have anything to wear.”

His response surprised me, “Well we can take care of that! I’m treating you to a new outfit.”

“Honey, you don’t have to do that.”

“I know Mom, but I want to.”

I could tell that there wasn’t going to be much use in arguing with him, so I agreed, “Well, okay.”

We continued on down the highway but when we got to the discount store where I usually shopped he went right on by. “William, you passed the store.”

“No Mom, I want to buy you something nice.” And with that he turned into one of the town’s larger malls. “We should be able to find something in here,” he said.

“Well you’ll have to help me then. If you see something you’d like me to wear you let me know, okay.”

“Sure Mom.”

We strolled through the mall passing the window displays of several stores. William finally stopped in front of one, turned to me, and said, “That looks nice Mom. What do you think?” I turned to see what he was looking at. It was a two-piece outfit in black that was displayed on a mannequin. The top was a ribbed stretch top with short sleeves and a moderately plunging scoop neckline. The bottom was a nice skirt that wasn’t too short, stopping a few inches above the knees.

“That’s fine with me, if it’s okay with you.”

We went into the store where I picked out the two pieces in my size and we made our purchase. As we left the store I told William, “There’s one minor problem. I don’t have a bra to wear with this top. All my bras are white, and they’ll probably show through this stretch top. Maybe we should take this back.”

“No Mom,” he replied, “we’ll simply buy you a new bra. There’s a department store just a few doors down.”

Before I could respond he took my hand and started leading me. We made our way to the lingerie department where there were several bras on display at the entrance. “What do you think Mom, shouldn’t one of those be okay?”

He was suggesting a lacy black demi bra. Besides figuring that a black bra was what I needed, he had correctly assumed that I’d need a bra with cups that wouldn’t be visible in the open neckline. I told him that one of those would be fine. A clerk approached us and asked if she could help us. Before I could respond William told her, “She wants a bra like that one over there.”

The clerk looked at William, then at me, and then back at William and asked, “What size?” William obviously didn’t know the answer so he simply turned and looked at me. “What size?” the lady repeated, now looking at me.

“38D” I replied. I noticed that William glanced at my chest, and then turned his head away. I thought that he must be embarrassed to be here, with his rather buxom mother, buying a bra. The clerk went to a drawer and found the bra we needed. She also pulled out a pair of matching panties and asked if we’d like to get them too, telling us that they were half-price with the purchase of the bra. Again William took charge and told the clerk we’d take the panties too. As she headed to the cash register I turned to William and jokingly said, “I haven’t had matching underwear since I was in high school. You’re going to spoil me!”

“You deserve nice things Mom. I want you to be happy.”

The salesclerk suggested we open a charge account and William agreed, particularly after he learned that one of the benefits of doing so was that I could get a free makeover. William thought that was a great idea, saying I deserved some extra pampering and attention. We even discovered that we would be able to schedule the makeover for kartal escort the next day. William suggested I go ahead, saying it would make tomorrow night extra special. I agreed, made the appointment for the early afternoon, and we left the store.

As we walked past a shoe store I said, “Oh drat, I don’t have any shoes to wear with these things. William I’m afraid this is turning into more trouble than it’s worth. It’s been so long since I’ve dressed up I think I’ve forgotten how.”

“No problem Mom…outfit…underwear…makeup…shoes…Anything else?” he joked.

We laughed and headed into the shoe store. “I want to pick these out,” he told me. As the clerk came over he said, “I need something here for ‘shorty’.” He often teased me, calling me ‘shorty’, even though at 5′ 5″ I wasn’t really that short. It’s just that standing next to him, at 6′ 2″ I was definitely shorter. He picked up a pair of shiny black shoes with four inch heels and joked, “These ought to get you up here to the higher altitudes!”

“If you insist!” was my mockingly self-righteous comeback. We were starting to get giddy from all of our shopping. I wasn’t used to getting so many nice things at once. Anyway, I tried on the shoes, joked that I was going to get a nosebleed, and we made the purchase. The salesclerk must have thought we were crazy the way we carrying on. Having finished our shopping we left the mall and headed for home.

When we arrived at our apartment William asked, “Do you want to try everything on?”

I was a bit tired so I told him, “No, I’ve had a long day. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow. I’m going on to bed.” I walked over to William and kissed him on the cheek, telling him, “William, thank you so much for all the nice treats tonight. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night”. Then I went to bed.

I awoke early on Saturday, wanting to get all my weekend chores out of the way quickly. I was really looking forward to my makeover, trying on my new clothes, and going out for dinner. William had gotten up early because he’d promised a friend he’d help him move. I knew he wasn’t going to be home until about 5:00 in the afternoon. By noon I had finished my housecleaning and took a quick shower. Then I headed to the mall for my makeover. The lady was very nice, took her time, and I was pleased with the results. William had left some money on the kitchen table in the morning, with a note telling me to use it to buy some cosmetics if I wanted to. I didn’t really want to buy any cosmetics, but as it happened the clerk suggested that I have my hair done. She knew there was an available appointment because the lady after me had canceled her makeover and hair appointment. I didn’t think William would mind, and it had been so long since I’d had my hair professionally cut, that I took the appointment. Also, before I left the department store I remembered that there was one more thing I needed–some stockings. While paying for them I giggled to myself as I recalled our teasing in the shoe store about whether I had gotten everything I needed.

When I returned home I thought I’d better start getting ready for going out to dinner. To relax I took a long bath, and shaved my legs. Since I’d just gotten it done, I took care not to get my hair wet. After drying off I opened the bags from last night’s shopping spree and emptied their contents onto the bed. I picked up the black lace panties and put them on. I had remembered that they were bikini-style so I had trimmed the hair from around my pussy when I had bathed. I looked at myself in the mirror, saw the thin strips of fabric rise up over my curvy hips, and thought, “hmm not bad”. I felt proud that my waist was as slim at age 33, as it had been when I was eighteen. The bikini panties also made my legs look longer, and I half-heartedly muttered to myself, “Don’t call me shorty.” I next put on the black lace demi bra. My smooth creamy white breasts contrasted with the dark lace of the black bra. The bra squeezed my breasts together, creating a deep cleavage. This further emphasized the fullness of my large breasts, making them look like they wanted to spill out of the cups of the bra. My breasts filled the cups so fully I wondered if maybe the saleslady had given me the wrong size. I took the bra off and looked at it. I read the label, 38D, and thought, hmm, I must have grown some! I put it back on and then sat on the edge of the bed. Picking up the stockings I had purchased I put them on. They were black thigh-highs with a lace edge around the top. Finally, I put on the black high heels we had purchased. Dressed in only the black bra, panties, stockings and shoes I strolled to the mirror and gazed at my reflection. It had been a long time since I had been able to fix myself up nicely and I thought I looked pretty good. I still weighed the same 120 pounds that I had weighed since high school. My figure was a true hourglass shape, with my large breasts tapering down to my slim waist, and my hips flaring out as they ran down to my shapely legs. I was also pleased with my new haircut. My long dark brown hair had always hung simply straight down my back. The beautician had cut it and layered it so that it reached just a few inches below my shoulders. The strands in the front cascaded down, resting just slightly kartal otele gelen escort above the top of my full breasts.

Being satisfied with my appearance so far I was now ready to try on the outfit William had bought me. I put on the ribbed top. Because it had a large scoop neckline I could stretch and hold the top open as I slipped it on so it wouldn’t mess up my hair. Once I had the top on I thought, “Oh-oh, we have a problem. Why didn’t I try this on at the store?” The scooped neckline was much more revealing than what we’d seen on the store’s display. I thought to myself, “The mannequin was built like all those skinny models.” I’d forgotten how slimly built they were. “This top’s probably designed for someone with a 32A measurement, not someone as buxom as me!” When I looked in the mirror I realized that not only did the scoop top plunge so deeply that a lot of my bare smooth breasts and cleavage was visible, but that the stretchy material also tightly hugged the curves of my breasts, outlining them, leaving little to the imagination. I sighed and went ahead and tried on the skirt. It fit fine, being just tight enough around my waist, and just firm enough around my bottom. I kept wondering what I should do about the revealing top. I finally rationalized that it didn’t really show any more cleavage than what you could see when you turned on half the shows on TV. I figured I’d ask William about it, and if he wasn’t uncomfortable being out with his mother dressed this way I’d be okay. Not long after that I heard the front door open and I knew William was home.

“Mom, I’m home” he yelled.

“I’m back here” I answered. I heard him coming down the hallway towards my bedroom.

“Did you get your makeover” he called out as he was just outside my door.

“Yes honey. I did. You can come in. I’m dressed” He opened the door and entered the room. As he did so I turned to face him. He stopped dead in his tracks.

“Wow” he gasped “you look marvelous. Your hair… your makeup….your outfit.” He stood there, looking me up and down until I felt self-conscious and started to blush. The only thing I could think to say was, “I hope you don’t mind that I spent some of the money you left me to get my hair done”

“Are you kidding” he replied, “it looks fabulous.”

Then, remembering the plunging neckline, I asked him, “William, do you think this top is too revealing? I think these tops are designed for skinny models. I can find something else to wear. I don’t want to embarrass you at the restaurant.”

“Embarrass me!” he exclaimed, “why I’m going to be with the best looking gal in the restaurant…why would I be embarrassed. You look fabulous Mom!”

Feeling good from the compliment I said, “Why thank you William…you really know how to make a lady feel good!” I even did a little twirl to show off my new outfit, hairdo, and makeup. Looking up at William I realized he was still staring at me. I playfully clapped my hands together and said, “You’d better get cleaned up honey, our reservations are at 7:30”.

“Sure Mom, he replied, I’ll take a shower and get dressed.”

As he headed to his room I went to the living room, sat down and started watching TV. The local news was just coming on when I heard William start his shower. When the news was almost over I realized that William was still in the shower. He’s been in there a long time I thought, that’s not like him. I got up, walked to just outside the door of the bathroom, and called to him “William, are you coming?” He didn’t respond, so I called out again, “William, we’re going to be late. You need to hurry up.”

This time his response came back, “Uh, okay Mom, I’ll be out in just a minute.” I went back to the TV and waited. Shortly thereafter I heard him come out of the bathroom and go to his room. In about fifteen minutes he came out all dressed up in a sport coat and tie.

“You look nice son, but we have to go, we don’t want to be late….That was sure one long shower you took.”

“Uh, oh, I was just really sweaty and grimy from helping Bob move today. I’ve got the car keys. You ready to go?”

“Sure” I said. We got to the car and William opened the door for me. “Why thank you honey” I said.

“A lady deserves to be treated like a lady” he replied.

We got to the restaurant and were seated. The waitress asked if we wanted drinks. William only had a soft drink, but I ordered a margarita. To my amazement the waitress asked to see my ID! When I briefly hesitated she somewhat apologetically said, “By law we have to card anyone we think might be twenty-five or under. So I’ll need to see your ID.” I gladly complied as I could see William stifling a laugh. When she saw my id she was embarrassed and said she was sorry she’d asked, but that I sure looked a lot younger than 33 years old! I told her that she’d made my day! William said it was the makeover and hairdo. We had a good time at the restaurant, and even did a little dancing. A party of four attractive girls I guessed to be in their early twenties sat at a nearby table. I told William, “I’ll bet you’d rather be out with those girls instead of your Mom.”

“Mom, I told you, I’m with the best looking gal in the restaurant”

“Well, I’m kartal eve gelen escort with the best looking guy!” We looked at each other and laughed.

When we left the restaurant William once again opened the car door for me. But when he tried to start the car it wouldn’t start. He raised the hood and worked for awhile and finally got it to start. However, in the process he got grease on his shirt, hands and forehead. Our old car was always breaking down, and I was frustrated that it had broken down tonight when the evening had been so special, and that William had gotten dirty fixing it. I felt my Cinderella evening was being spoiled. I was upset and grumbled, “This damn car….if I had a million dollars……..”

William tried to calm me down, and in a few moments asked me, “Mom, if you had a million dollars what would you do?”

“I’d buy a new car, that’s for sure!”

“Well that’d still leave a lot left over! What would you do with the rest…what if you could make your wildest dreams come true?”

I thought a moment, and then answered, “I’d move to an island and sit on the beach all day soaking up the sun!”


Several weeks went by and William and I continued our daily routine. One day when I got home I found William packed, and he told me he had to go away for a few days. He said it was for a construction job so I didn’t think anything about it. He called every night to check on me. After five days he returned and was waiting for me when I got home from work. “Anything exciting happen while I was gone?” he asked.

“Same as usual” I told him.

“Mom, do you remember somebody winning that big lottery last week?”

“Yeah, that’s all people around here have been talking about. The winner was from right here in town. Everyone’s trying to guess who it is, but the news said the winner wanted to remain anonymous.”

William came over and sat down beside me, took both of my hands into his and calmly said, “Mom, I won that lottery”. I thought he was joking at first, but as I looked at the expression on his face I realized he was serious. “We have fifty million dollars in the bank!” I was speechless. William proceeded to tell me that he had spent the past several days claiming the money, making arrangements for different things, and that he had indeed taken a trip. He then pulled out two airline tickets and said, “Mom I want to take you on a trip…to a special place.”

I was so excited as we flew over the ocean to the Caribbean. When we landed William had a cab take us out into the countryside. It dropped us off at a villa that looked out over the ocean. The view was beautiful! The house was up on a hill, with about thirty stairs that led down to the beach. As we got closer to the house I saw a red convertible car parked outside and told William that someone must be here. He laughed, pulled some keys out of his pocket, and told me the car was mine! He must have been able to tell that I was puzzled so he proceeded to tell me, “Mom, this is your dream come true. This is your house on the beach. This is your car!” I felt like I was in a fairy tale, or was having a dream, but I realized that he was telling the truth! We went inside and he showed me around. “I hope you like it.”

Dazed, I could only respond, “It’s unbelievable!”

After touring the house William told me I had to see the beach and take a dip in the ocean. When I told him I didn’t bring a swimsuit he said “no problem” and told me to check the top dresser drawer in my bedroom. He said the realtor had said she would leave an assortment of suits there. I found a red one-piece suit and put it on. It had a plunging neckline with a halter top that lifted my breasts, showing a fair amount of cleavage. The sides of the suit were cut high, exposing quite a bit of my hips. I thought surely there must be a less revealing suit in the drawer, but found none.

Coming out of my room I found William on the porch waiting for me. As we headed down to the beach William showed me a little gazebo that was part of our property. It was covered to provide protection from the sun while allowing you to look out over the beach and ocean. Taking up most of its space was a very large lounge chair. We made it to the beach and laid out our towels, sat down, and began enjoying the sun, sand and ocean. Both the sky and water were so blue it was hard to tell where they met. After a while I looked up the beach and saw a couple approaching. As they got nearer I noticed that the woman was topless. Her medium-sized breasts gently swayed as they passed by. I guessed the couple to be in their mid-forties. I turned to William and said I guess he got an eyeful. But he nonchalantly told me that the realtor had told him that nudity was fairly common on the island. We continued relaxing and tanning until I heard some noises. Another couple was approaching, but this time it was two girls. They appeared to be in their early twenties, and they were both completely nude. One was tall and slim, with short blond hair and small perky breasts. From the full patch of hair over her pussy it was evident that she was a true blond. The other girl was shorter, with long dark brown hair, and larger breasts. She had shaved her pussy, except for a narrow strip above her pussy. The two girls stopped no more than ten feet in front of us, were oblivious to their nudity, and asked if we knew the time. After William told them they continued on down the beach. When they were out of earshot I told William, “Now I know why you wanted to move here”.

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