23 Mayıs 2024

Our New Plaything, Her Name is Amanda

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After a few weeks of treating AJ like a slave we got bored with that and just fucked him whenever we needed to, and he fucked us whenever he needed to. AJ tried my ass the other day and I was a bit surprised how much I liked it. Anyway we ran into a snag the other day. AJ has another year of high school and when he had to fill out paperwork they asked about his parents… he told them the truth. Not the whole truth otherwise this story would be about how I’m in prison, but just that he wasn’t living with his parents. He’s still 17 and needs to be with a legal guardian so we did the right and even more illegal thing, we adopted him. He’s now our “son” but that hasn’t changed the way we treat him. Anyway AJ wanted someone he could fuck while we were out doing stuff, so we started looking for a girl. We tried the babysitting thing but after fifteen girls getting grossed out by Cindy’s pussy, we had to change tactics.
We asked AJ if he knew any girls in the same situation as him, because it’s just a lot easier, “Well there is this goth chick I know in Lantonville who hates her parents. She’s a bit of… a… freak…” He didn’t have to finish his sentence because he knew she would be perfect. We wanted to set up the perfect situation to coax her into the best time of her life. AJ came up with the idea to get her over here to have sex with her, and then we walk in while they’re at it and ask to join in. We set it up and got ready.
AJ was going to take her to a concert and bring her back here, we were going to wait patiently for them to arrive, and by patiently I mean go to a local restaurant and have sex in their bathroom. AJ sent us a picture of her over the phone, her name was Melanie. She was hot, short jet black hair, pale skin, short plaid skirt, fishnet stockings and a plaid bra for a shirt. Cindy and I were getting hot and bothered and couldn’t wait to get back. We were to get a text whenever he made it back to the house so we could “walk in” whenever they were going at it. So we waited patiently for the signal to have fun…

AJ’s side of the story:
We got back from the concert around midnight and I invited Melanie in.
She said, “It could only be for a little while because my friends are picking me up to go to some lame party.”
“That’s cool. We don’t need that long,” I casually said. I slipped my hand around her and guided her into the house. I shot Reggie and Cindy a text saying we were at the house. They sent one back, “Be there in ten minutes.” Perfect. We sat down on the living room couch and while Melanie was on her phone I quickly pulled my dick out of my pants. It was already hard just thinking about all the fun we were about to have. Melanie put her phone away and looked over right at my dick.
I said, “Look who just showed up, guess you better blow him away.”
Melanie just shrugged and said, “Okay.” Her mouth went to work licking and sucking. Her head was bobbing up and down and her short hair was moving right in motion. I went to take my hand up her thigh when all of a sudden she stopped and took my hand away. “Listen I’ll suck your cock but I am not going to have sex with you.”
That sentence was enough make me go limp, “What? Why?” Was the only thing I could get out.
She looked me square in the eye and said, “I like to get guys off but I’m saving myself for Yenimahalle Escort the right guy. I’ve seen way too many pregnant teenagers to know what happens if you have too much sex, protected or not. I’ve got a future. I’m not throwing that away for a cheap thrill.”
That was when I heard the door open. Cindy and Reggie walked in, I could already see he was rock hard… that was going to change. Melanie took her hand off my dick and tried to cover herself up. Cindy tried to stop her, “Oh don’t let us stop you, you kids just go on about your business…” This was when she put on her acting voice, “Say do you kids mind if we join in on your fun?” Cindy ended that with a dopy smile on her face. Melanie just looked at her with disgust. The dopy smile vanished.
Melanie got up and headed for the door, “Ugh, you guys are… you’re just a bunch of… sick freaks!” She stormed out the door and started walking down the street. Cindy and Reggie watched her walk away and then turned around to face me. They looked pissed.
Reggie started, “I thought you said she was a freak! Do you not know how to spot a slut?! I mean come on! How do you expect us to have wild and crazy orgies with prudish girls like that!?
Cindy was a little calmer, “Do you realize I looked like such a dumbass. ‘Say do you mind if I… hyuck gorsh!’ Not to mention she might tell the authorities about us, then we’re screwed.”
I stopped her, “She doesn’t like the police. We’re safe there. How was I supposed to know she was like that? You saw her; she was wearing a bra as a shirt! I thought that was slutty enough besides she even said to me mid-blowjob she wasn’t going to have sex with me?”
Reggie and Cindy both smirked and Cindy said, “Well serves you right, and as a punishment we’re going to fuck in front of you and you can’t join or jack off.”
I couldn’t believe this, “No, come on! I’ve had it bad enough as is! Please don’t.”
It was too late Cindy was already naked and on her hands and knees. Reggie closed the blinds in the living room and took off his pants. His dick was still hard, and he was wearing only a shirt and tie. He got right behind Cindy and started plowing her. My dick was solid once more but this time it really hurt and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. They must have been really mad because they were yelling and cussing and biting and pulling hair. I saw him pull almost all the way out of her and slam in as hard as he could, she was yelling and screaming in pain and pleasure. Every time my hands would migrate to my dick one of them would yell, “Don’t you dare! Don’t fucking touch yourself!” I was in agony. Reggie was pounding faster and faster and Cindy was screaming as loud as she could as she had her first or second orgasm. It was hard to tell because she was just screaming the whole time. Reggie came and collapsed on the floor. I tried to get away but they told me to sit down until they went to bed. Thirty minutes later they went to bed and I jacked myself harder than I ever had before. It wasn’t the same though.
A few days later I was at home alone after school, thinking about all the girls I knew who could be perfect for us when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw this pretty girl a little younger than me standing there. She Ulus Escort was a little shorter than me, shoulder length brown hair, modestly hot face, brown eyes, yellow hoop earrings, a yellow blouse, yellow and white plaid knee length skirt, thigh high white stalkings, and white and yellow polka dot shoes. She had a curvy figure but not plump. Her breasts looked big though, I couldn’t tell because her blouse was a little loose up top. I asked, “What do you want?”
With a perky smile she asked, “Are you Abraham John Cooper.”
That pissed me off, “It’s AJ. Nobody uses my full name okay?”
Still perky she continued, “Good, and are your adoptive parents Reginald and Cynthia Cooper?”
Now I was worried, “Yes…”
The perky bitch just walked in and took a quick look of the place, “Very good and a couple of nights ago did you and your guardians try to seduce a young punk girl into an orgy?”
I just froze. Was she a cop? Was she working with the cops? Was I going to have to go into foster care for another year? She saw the worry on my face and decided to just tell me the truth.
“My name is Amanda Franks. I would like to join your sexy family.” I just kept being scared. She continued, “My parents died when I was five in a horrible mayonnaise factory explosion. For the past ten years I have lived at Our Lady of Eternal Chastity, the orphanage in Lantonville. I started going to public high school this year and a couple of days ago I overheard a conversation between Melanie and her friends about this weird family in Brustburg who tried to have sex with her. Her friends were grossed out but I was intrigued. You see for the past two years I have experimented with sex. Why just last year I made 15,000 dollars from prostituting. I will on occasion do something bad at the orphanage to get one of the nuns to spank me. I have even been in the middle of a gangbang. Not a pleasant experience but I guess it’s better when you are conscious for it.” Amanda was a freak, the best kind of freak. I knew she’d be perfect but I had to ask her some important questions.
“When you had sex did you use protection?”
She just smiled, “Yes on both sides, I am also on the pill and I get an STD test every month. I get them for free because I let the doctor fuck me afterwards.”
She was an angel, a dirty, horny angel. Then something she said earlier hit me, “Wait you’re fifteen?”
She hung her head down, “Yes I thought that might be a problem. I am fifteen but don’t worry about me being messed up. I have explored as much as I wanted to, I haven’t been raped and I when I was a whore I always had extra protection. I figure with you guys I’ll be a lot better off.” She was right about that, a few more years of what she was doing and she might not be as perky and yellow.
I said, “Sure, but I have to clear this with Cindy and Reggie first.”
Amanda squealed and ran outside to get something when she came back in she handed me a red and yellow polka dotted box big enough to put a person in. Inside were soft ropes and a blindfold and ball gag. Amanda stripped off all her clothes, no panties or bra, and took out the ropes. “Would you please do me the honor of tying me up and placing me in the box? Oh and after you tie me up you can fuck me if you want just make sure I get in the box before they get home.” I took off my clothes and tied her up. I made sure she was comfortable, and placed the gag and blindfold on her. She looked absolutely fuckable down there on the floor, her beautiful full breasts tied to where they were more circular than normal, here hands firm at her sides and her pussy already wet with anticipation. I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I flipped her over and pulled her ass up in the air, her head flat against the ground. I stuck my rock hard dick in and felt that surprisingly tight pussy just milk my dick. The little slut was enjoying it as much as I was. I started moving back and forth and I could hear her moan and cry through the gag, it was heaven. It didn’t take me long to cum. I pulled out before I climaxed, flipped her back over and came all over her tits. She was light enough I could lift her and place her in the box. I put the lid on and pushed the box to the front door, when they opened it they would hit her and have to open it. I took Amanda’s clothes to our room and waited for Reggie and Cindy to get home.

Now back to Reggie:

Cindy and I got back from work around 6, we were both ready to fuck the living shit out of AJ from the long day we had. I opened the door and hit something solid. I looked down and saw a large red and yellow polka dot box lying in front of the door. I pushed it out of the way and stepped inside. Cindy just looked at me perplexed by the box in our front hall.
“AJ,” I called out, “What’s with the box?” I heard no response. I thought nothing more of that and opened the box. I was aroused/terrified by what I saw. A little girl bound, gagged, and blindfolded inside a gift box. I undid the gag and said, “Are you okay?”
The little girl just smiled and said, “You must be Reggie Cooper, I am delighted to meet you. I’d shake your hand but… well you know. Yes I am fine. AJ set this up so I could meet you. I wish to join your sexy family. AJ should be able to fill you in on all the details.” That was when AJ showed his face. He smiled and told us all about her. We were a bit wary about her but from the way she just enjoyed being bound fucked and left to be found we couldn’t help but get excited. After all was said and done I removed Amanda from the box and undid the ropes around her legs. “Welcome to the Coopers, Amanda. We’re going to fuck you raw.” Her face brightened up in a big old smile and even though she was blindfolded I could see she was crying tears of joy.
We all got naked and positioned ourselves. I was going to take her pussy, Cindy was going to sit on her face, and AJ was going to fuck me in the ass. I started by pushing my thick dick into her pussy, it’s a shame she wasn’t a virgin. I just started going to town and looked up to see Amanda working her tongue up and down Cindy’s pussy. Then I felt a familiar dick poking at my rear. AJ slid in and went straight to work. After a few minutes we all got on a familiar pace. AJ would fuck me into Amanda and in turn she would move her tongue deeper into Cindy. After ten minutes of this we were all close, I started to feel AJ, Amanda felt me and Cindy was just screaming, “I’M GONNA CUM!” We all went off at the same time, I shot rope after rope into Amanda, and AJ filled my bowels. Cindy sprayed Amanda all over and Amanda just let out a final cat like moan. We all laid there together in a big pile of hot, sticky bodies. We fell asleep with each other and knew our family was finally perfect. Did I ever explain what fuck tag was… oh well maybe next time.

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