30 Kasım 2022


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The title of this story is entitled “Genesis”. Why would I say so to you, because I have to say why I have totally changed after many years. She changed her way of thinking, changed the way she spoke, her approach, and most importantly changed her way of enjoying a man. I know it may be difficult to understand at this point, but soon you will know why I’m all talking about it.

For a long time since I was 16, I slept with a boyfriend. I’ve never been to any partner who changes each night and sleeps with anyone I’ve always been hooking up with one person and nurturing it. Sometimes I did good, sometimes I did not think about myself and my own satisfaction, and not about the feelings of other people. My mistake is that simple. And with that I have to live, but I’ve learned something through all this, and today I am what I am, loved it or not.

After a series of partners and I must say they were older than me, because I think I like the older, I love more experienced, I love how they can run and I just love the real fucking old when I take it in my hands. At age 16 I slept with a man who was over 30 years old. Later she was in love with the boy over 3 years old and he has the same over the age of 35 that’s just so, but it was so beautiful. It did not last long enough that it was not good. I was immature, I did not know some things, I was selfish, inexperienced, simply silly because I was just thinking of things, not the partner, which is the basic and the biggest mistake in relation.

Years passed and I even had a period when I moved away from everything, she moved away from the pieces of meat that filled me and brought madness away from that male tool I crave and long for today, before which I feel weak and awake my femininity. In front of him I’m totally naked in front of him I am actually. And that was it, and a few of them could get acquainted with it, apparently none to NJEGA.

Our first encounter after months of communicating without physical contact after a couple of months of my avoidance and due to the multitude of drowsiness we got to go to coffee. In the nearby place closer to me we went to this famous coffee where we talked about everything. Talk about life, goals and aspirations about the future, and design a way for both of us to walk and hold it as a drunken plot kaçak bahis and with this openness and of course directness we get one d ** go tremendously. Physically we did not know how much a guy liked, but there was something in the air that I usually say.

We found and decided by car to take him to the nearby we would say the fukodroma, of course, the day that some unseen snow fell, of course it was a show program on the road was hardly a drive, but still we planned to try and physically whack it to bust. That evening I had an unforgettable experience after many years, I enjoyed completely with the man, filled every part of me, physically and mentally, and took me out of me to Don, that you had heard Donah person who was keen to go out and be with a man who she understands you. Who nurses you like a princess and fucks like a whore, that’s Dona!

After more than 10 months of sighting, every meeting we had at least once a week resulted in a four-eye conversation, life-support support, and most of all whenever we found ourselves enjoying sex, the sex she hoped for was eager to wait and I could hardly wait to feel all the magic of it. Talking to him by saying that he had never met a person like myself and did not feel that someone was going to end it without touching his body simply an unknown term. We all have our past black, but the present and the future are important. He was the one who showed me the future, and with me I just enjoyed the moment and made the most of it. With him I actually experienced what it was to enjoy it totally. What is it like to have my body so relaxed and let go of its throttling bursts in my then ass, asshole as you want to say, I simply became his.

His bitch, his dick, his princess, everything he wanted and he felt and knew and did it to me what I wanted. With him I got everything I need, everything I want and made me a real female Don. Don does not go public, Don does not know, Don is just his. After I said 10 months ago, after my body knows every millimeter, she knows every movement that suits me, knows every part of my body that has passed through her touches and tongue, now I’m completely her and my body simply responds to it .

After so many months and no sex I can say, and sometimes our love of love was not the same. I do not think pose because güvenilir bahis we change them non stop, even places where they even caught us were hehe but there is no connection we continued. So, despite all this, there is always something new, my body always crazy for him, and I have to admit it to me as well. I always knew fine to take the cucumber in her hands to fine her and cover her lush lips and kiss, lick, lick and crawl in my mouth and suck for a long time so I struggle with time to catch it all. His kita is not small, his kita is about 20cm and whoever says it a bit or a lot, I do not even care about it, and it is more than a dreary even a huge one. I love her, it’s a part of him and I just love her in every way.

When he takes off and pulls out his swollen kite, when I’m sitting in the pose while he is sitting or lying and licking it fine with my lips and damp tongue, it’s my duty and the privilege to take a swollen kitty and take her in her throat. I take it and moisten it with tongue on all sides to prepare it for my throat and then I smoke, so long as it is in the bushes to swallow it deeper and deeper sometimes with its help holding my head and pushing the kite into the throat but feel tense , the thick, interwoven kite yarns just in my desire grow so much that I’m wondering to the end that I can not describe it with words. When I get to suck and swallow to the end and I can get my lips tied up with his hair to my egg fills me and I feel happy with what I can do. Listening to his sighs and slamming my ass while I’m k**ding him, I know I’m doing it well. Sometimes I do better that I can long to swing to the end sometimes I can not even all the slut starts to curit out of my mouth and through the nose and tears in my eyes, but as a real bitch I never give up and that’s me!

After swallowing this perfect kite always can not endure just tell you I want to get in, I want to fill you up, I want to get it and my answer will always be yours, do whatever you want and how much you want! With these words I always exclude him and attack my ass in every position. Now talking about everything I can say my butt, my ass, my ass all the way back 10 months is guts, it’s a ass, but today I have to say that it is not anymore, my ass has become his pussy and he knows it. It’s türkçe bahis the pussy he’s shaped like he wanted. This is the spit he has made with his tiny months of blundering out to nausea, tears, tears, and moisture all over the place, now that’s the pigeon to its full extent.

I can continue this way, but I want to keep up on the primary goal and tell the real thing. He made me a Don, an insatiable bunny in bed, a princess in four eyes, a public friend, and a slut when needed when he wants to. I’ll always agree to fuck where she wants, as it has been doing so far. I’m sick of it or I will not always agree because it works best. Because of this, my pussy is naturally moisturizing, in the last 6 months we do not use petroleum jelly or gel because because of its tongue as near to my pussy and its damp kites that my throat prepares for a pussy simply works perfectly. After two hours and even three hours of sex, my spouse is starting to produce her juices, I do not know how to describe it, and we have talked about it once, but it’s just the same way. Maybe passives can understand it better, but after a long, uninterrupted sex and total relaxation, my spouse secretes white juices that are moist so that it can even more easily suck my kite in me, lick my eggs out of my ass, and every time I go to my pussy every time impatiently waiting for his juices in me. I love him while I ride to finish in me because I’m not pushing him with his throat, not with his hand or with his ass while I ride to me. There is no greater pleasure in achieving this and putting it on it. That’s the Done thing, the real thing.

I talked about his passing, and I have to say especially about going through anal sex. An anal orgasm some disbelieve, who think it’s a myth. Well, I have to tell you that it’s not a myth, a legend, a lie, and such a stupid thing that is the indispensable truth that after so many years I succeed with it every time we come to this. Relaxation of me and my spit, while the most common in riding a kite in a cowboy pose encourages me to touch my inner G – point and after a long penetration I go without diraming my little kite starting to flow white dense liquid like cum just a little d * * panties and abnormal quantities and when I continue riding it I often lose consciousness that it is darkened so he takes me for the hips and goes on and so on. The feeling for me, for Don is the perfect thing I do not want to lose, which I always want to have and nurture, and I’m just his head to the heels of that. Dona Satisfied Bitch!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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