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One Sexy Mystery

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Jeremy yawned and hugged his pillow to his chest. He sighed and moved to roll over with his pillow. When it didn’t budge from his side, Jeremy groaned and twisted harder. He tossed over and realized that his pillow was much bigger than it used to be. It squealed loudly and fell off the side of the bed with a loud crash. He jerked up suddenly on his elbows, looking off the side of the bed. Down on the carpet, a naked girl was lying head first into the carpet with her legs draped over Jeremy and her bare butt high in the air.

“Master~!” The girl whined loudly, “Why did you throw me out of the bed!”

“What? Who are you?” Jeremy asked in amazement.

“I am your servant, master!” The girl said, scrabbling to get on her knees next to the bed, “I live to serve!”

She had the body of a small adult woman with B cups and a thin waist. Her chocolate brown hair fell about her ears and upper neck. Jeremy realized just how cute she really was, kneeling in front of her with that innocent look with just a little bit of pleading.

“What? My servant? Who are you?” Jeremy asked, sitting up, “Why are you naked?”

“I am your servant.” The girl said, bowing her head to him.

“What is your name?!” Jeremy groaned in annoyance.

“I have no name master. I am only yours.” The girl said, “You haven’t named me yet.”

“Named you?! You’re a human! You’re not a nameless slave!” Jeremy said, “How the hell did you get in my house?”

“I don’t know. I just woke up in bed with you. All I know is that I am yours alone master.” The girl smiled.

“Oh good grief…” Jeremy sighed, putting a hand on his forehead.

He hung his legs off the edge of the bed and the girl giggled.

“Is that for me master?” The girl asked.

“What?” Jeremy yawned.

“That.” The girl pointed at his crotch.

He looked down and saw quite an erection there.

“I can make you happy master. It is all I desire…” The girl said, running her hands up his legs.

“R…really?” Jeremy stuttered, feeling a bit of nervousness tempered with excitement.

“Oh yes master.” The girl smiled, pulling his underwear down.

“Okay.” Jeremy nodded, letting her start to lick his cock.

He felt her hot and wet tongue start to run over his uncircumcised cock. She licked sensually around his head, beneath his foreskin. The sensation of her tongue’s motion was exquisite and Jeremy let himself fall back onto the bed.

“Is it good master?” The girl asked in hurried surprise at his collapse.

“Oh it’s wonderful. You’re very good at this.” Jeremy said, looking down at her.

“Oh yippie!” The girl giggled happily as she moved to lick him, “You know you taste really strong…it’s delicious.”

Her gentle hand cupped his testicles and pleasuringly rolled them around. She peeled back his foreskin and wrapped her lips around his pink head. It tingled with ecstasy as her hot mouth squished down around him. He felt her tongue move back and forth against his cock and his head slipped to the back of her mouth.

“Ohhh! That’s good!” Jeremy groaned happily.

She seemed to hum with joy as she sucked him off, he could feel the vibrations moving through her mouth and his penis. He wasn’t exactly experienced in sex and was only twenty two. He’d had a girlfriend before, whom he had slept with, but they only did it once or twice. This girl on the other hand, she was much better at giving a blow job and she seemed every eager to do so.

“Ahhh! I’m cumming!” Jeremy grunted, grabbing the sheets as his pelvis shuddered slightly.

The girl eagerly sucked down his cum and drank it all. She licked him clean and stood up.

“Ah master, you’re so delicious!” The girl cooed happily.

“That was awesome!” Jeremy sighed, sitting up.

“I’m so happy you enjoyed it! I love you master!” The girl cried, jumping on him with her arms around his neck.

Jeremy laughed and put his arms around her.

“Alright, well I need to get up. I have school today.” Jeremy said, standing up.

“School master?” The girl asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, I’m in college for cooking! I’m gonna be a chef!” Jeremy said, looking down at the girl, “Are you gonna hang on me all day?”

“Sorry master!” The girl squeaked, jumping back in surprise.

“It’s okay. I just have to get dressed.” Jeremy chuckled, pulling up his underwear.

He dug through his dresser and put on pants and a blank T-shirt. He looked in the reflection of his television and brushed about his short brown hair. He adjusted the shirt over his skinny, but muscleless chest.

“Do you have clothes?” Jeremy asked.

“No master, should I have some?” She asked.

“Well I don’t mind, but I don’t think you wanna be naked all the time. Here’s a shirt…and you should be able to tie up these sweatpants to make them fit.” Jeremy said, handing the clothes to her.

He looked around the room as she put the clothes on. His room was simple. Only a dresser and a bed with a television on the dresser. Jeremy lived in a small apartment by himself. Outside the bedroom was the fixbet living room with a desk, computer, couch, television, kitchen table, chairs and the whole kitchen. The bathroom was also off the bedroom, just a crapper, sink and bathtub. The apartment was across the street from his college and it only cost about four hundred a month for rent. He was jobless and the government paid for his food and rent. But in turn, he also worked in the school library a certain number of hours a week.

“Thank you master!” The girl giggled, rubbing her arms to feel the shirt against her skin.

“So you really don’t have a name?” Jeremy asked, “How can you not have a name?”

“I just don’t.” The girl shrugged.

“So what do you remember?” Jeremy asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Nothing. I just remember showing up in your bed last night. All I know as that you are my master.” The girl said.

“Well can I just get you a name then?” Jeremy asked.

“Oh please master, please!” The girl said happily, bouncing on her heels.

“Alright…umm…well…how about Amelia? Huh? How’s Amy sound?” Jeremy asked.

“Wonderful. It’s so wonderful master! I’m Amelia!” She squealed with joy.

“Alright then! Let’s go get some breakfast.” Jeremy said, slipping on some socks and shoes.

“Oh! Would you look at that! I’m actually really hungry!” Amelia said in surprise as her stomach started to growl.

“Aren’t you just the cutest.” Jeremy chuckled, smacking her bottom.

“Eeep! Master!” Amelia squeaked at the spanking.

“So would you mind if we had sex tonight? Or do you just want to sleep together?” Jeremy asked hopefully.

“Do I!? Master, nothing would make me happier than to let you do your every wish to my body!” Amelia cried eagerly, following him into the living room.

“Wow. I mean…I do wish I knew where you came from.” Jeremy said, scratching his head.

“I didn’t come from anywhere! I’m just here for you!” Amelia said happily, “So shall I cook you breakfast master? You must surely want a shower master! Go take one! I shall cook you something!”

“Are you sure?” Jeremy asked, “I was just gonna have some cereal.”

“Of course master! I would simply love to make you food!” Amelia said happily, bouncing towards the kitchen.

“Alright then. I suppose I could take a shower if you want to cook.” Jeremy shrugged, walking off towards the bedroom.

Amelia bounced happily around the kitchen before she realized that she really didn’t know how to cook. However, she soon found a large cook book and found a recipe in it for a type of omelette. In the bathroom, Jeremy was stripping off for a shower. Usually he never bothered with a morning shower, but because he had a woman in the house he thought he ought to stay clean. Especially since she seemed to be quite enamored with him.

As he stepped into the hot shower, he leaned back against the wall and started to think. This girl Amelia had no idea where she had come from. She was completely lost for him and for some reason, he didn’t seem to mind. She was sweet and innocent, willing to serve him in anyway possible. Being a bit of a perv, Jeremy was only too happy to oblige her obedience. But in a way it did make him feel guilting for thinking about taking advantage of her.

He scratched his head and started to wash his body. It took him a few more minutes than he expected, but he dried himself and put his clothes back on. Walking out into the bedroom, he sniffed the air. Whatever she was cooking, it smelled a little burnt. Walking out into the living room, he stopped and stared in shock at the kitchen. The floor was covered in an unnamed amount of mess, the fridge was sitting open and something was smoking on the stove. The kitchen table was covered with a dozen open cook books and the counters were covered in different ingredients and food. A pot of water was almost boiling over on the stove and Amelia was running around in a frantic panic.

He walked into the kitchen and Amelia turned to him. Tears were in her eyes when she saw him. She immediately fell against his chest, balling her eyes out.

“I’m so…sorry master!” Amelia sobbed, “I messed everything up! I…I made…such a mess! Terrible…I’m so terrible!”

She sobbed incoherently on his chest as he put an arm around her. Reaching up, he turned off the stove, put the burning pan of blackened whatever in the sink. He then dumped the pot of boiling water on top of it and dropped it in the sink with it. Walking slowly, he led the hysterical Amelia into the living room and he sat her down on the couch. Sitting down next to her, he laid her head over in his lap. His heart throbbed painfully as he listened to her hysterically sob in his lap.

“Shh now…shh…” Jeremy whispered, running his fingers through her short brown hair.

She put her arms around his midsection and cried louder, snot running down her nose as much as the tears that ran from her eyes. Jeremy took a breath and started to sing a soft lullaby. It was a quiet song that used a lot of humming and soothing sounds. His mother had originally sung him this lullaby fixbet giriş when he was growing up and he had long since memorized it.

Her crying slowed a bit as he sang softly to her and his fingers played through her hair. Her face rubbed against his lap and he put a hand on her side. He softly rubbed her side as his fingers ran through her hair. The lullaby soothed her slowly, but it eventually quelled her tears. She laid quietly with her head in his lap for another ten minutes. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything to her for fear of making her cry again. She was just so innocent and sweet that it pained him to see her crying. He never wanted to see it again as long as he lived.

“Are you doing okay sweetheart?” Jeremy asked quietly.

“I’m so sorry…” Amelia mumbled, looking up at him through red eyes.

“No, no, no. You’ve nothing to be sorry for.” Jeremy said, putting his arms around Amelia tightly.

She mumbled something quietly and put her hands on his chest, cuddling closer to him.

“I do want you to promise me something.” Jeremy said quietly.

“Anything master, anything.” Amelia said quietly.

“Don’t ever cry.” Jeremy said, rocking her gently, “I don’t ever want to hear you cry again. I love you Amelia, I don’t ever want to see you in tears again…”

Amelia couldn’t find words. She just looked down at his chest and laid against him. Wrapping her arms around him, she nuzzled his chest gently and felt a lump in her throat painfully.

“Amelia?” Jeremy asked gently.

“Y…yes…master…” Amelia choked out.

“Are you okay?” Jeremy asked.

“Do…do you…love me…master?” Amelia said, tears welling in her eyes again.

“Oh Amelia, I love you more than anyone I’ve ever met!” Jeremy said, “It’s like something out of a movie, but the moment I laid eyes on you I knew I would love you until the day I die.”

“Oh master!” Amelia cried, falling on his chest again, “I love you so much too!”

He heard her crying again, but this time they were tears of complete joy. She was so happy to hear that her master loved her so much.

“Amelia…would you mind just calling me by my name?” Jeremy asked.

“Okay…um…master…what is your name?” Amelia asked.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe I never told you my name! I’m Jeremy Hart.” Jeremy said with a laugh, “I can’t believe I didn’t tell you my name! I’m sorry!”

“Master! You don’t need to apologize to me, never!” Amelia said with a look of shock on her face.

“Oh come now. If I do something wrong, then obviously I have to apologize to you!” Jeremy said, “Please, it’s easier if you just act like my girlfriend. Not my slave or anything like that.”

“But master, I am your slave!” Amelia argued.

“Man…I feel so guilty about that…I mean…my slave?” Jeremy sighed, putting his arm around her shoulders.

“But it makes me happy to be your slave! Please master, let me serve you forever!” Amelia said eagerly, “I love being all yours master!”

“Okay, okay! Fine! But I’m not going to treat you like a slave. Come on, let’s try and clean up the kitchen.” Jeremy chuckled, helping Amelia get up.

“I’m so sorry about this master, let me clean it all!” Amelia said, a shaky tone in her voice.

“Amelia!” Jeremy said sharply.

“Yes master?” Amelia squeaked in fear, looking up at him.

“You didn’t do anything wrong and I’m going to help you clean it up.” Jeremy said, “I love you, you don’t have to do this alone.”

“Okay master.” Amelia sighed, looking down at the floor.

Jeremy groaned and put a hand on her chin. He lifted her face to look into his eyes and he gave her a gentle kiss, running his hand up her cheek as he did so. He let her go and Amelia sighed, staring at him in awe. Her whole chest was blossoming with happiness and love, making her feel ecstatic.

“I love you…I can’t ever be angry at you for anything.” Jeremy said softly.

“Okay master.” Amelia nodded, her eyes glinting happily.

“Alright! Well my class starts in five minutes. So I might as well just skip today. We’ve been cooking soups this week anyway and those are easy.” Jeremy said as they started to clean up the kitchen.

“Oh no master! I’m making you miss class!” Amelia squealed, “I’m so sorry!”

“It’s alright. I don’t mind. As long as I get to spend the day with you.” Jeremy sighed, leaning over.

He gave her a kiss before she could say anything.

“Okay.” Amelia said blissfully.

Everytime he kissed her, her heart leapt in her chest and it was bursting to get out. She ached to have him kiss her again. The feeling of his lips on hers was such an incredibly sweet feeling that made her whole mind just go fuzzy with joy. She just stood there, trying to keep the feeling of his lips on hers.

“Hey? You okay?” Jeremy asked.

“What?!” Amelia squeaked, jerking her head up, “Y…Yes! Yes, I’m fine!”

“Sorry, you just seemed kinda dazed there for a minute.” Jeremy said as he washed the stove off.

“Sorry…” Amelia mumbled, putting her fingers to her lips.

Jeremy smiled as she seemed to stare at the wall again. He grinned an evil grin and put his hands on either side of her face. She started at the touch and he kissed her again. This time, he was much more physical and passionate. He let his hands trail down her sides and around her waist. His hands grasped her bottom and she squeaked into his mouth. He responded by sticking his tongue into hers. She felt a heat growing inside her as his tongue played around with her tongue. Amelia was totally overwhelmed by this feeling growing inside her. His tongue was causing such a powerful emotion to well up through her body. Her head was getting light and her heart was beating like a drum.

Jeremy backed off a little and Amelia took a small breath. He looked into her eyes as she opened them. Amelia felt so high right now that she couldn’t do anything but stare at Jeremy.

“Jeremy…” Ameliea breathed, staring at him.

“Sorry, was that too much?” Jeremy asked.

“Oh god no…that was so wonderful…” Amelia sighed, “I wish you’d do it again.”

“Maybe after we’ve cleaned up the kitchen.” Jeremy smiled widely.

“Okay!” Amelia said, positively beaming at this point.

“You really like kissing don’t you?” Jeremy asked her.

“It seemed so lovely. It made my head feel like it was floating among the clouds!” Amelia giggled, bouncing and skipping away from the kitchen.

It made Jeremy happy to see her so joyful as he cleaned up.

“Oh! I’m sorry master! Let me help you!” Amelia said, skipping back into the kitchen.

Almost an hour later they had cleaned up the kitchen and scrubbed the counters. Jeremy quickly whipped up a large pan of eggs, bacon and cheese scramble. Scooping it into two bowls, he carried them over to the table with Amelia following close behind him.

“Is it ready master?” Amelia asked.

“Yes, here.” Jeremy said, pulling out the chair for her.

“Oh thank you master!” Amelia giggled, taking her seat.

Jeremy sat down next to her and they started to eat.

“This is delicious master!” Amelia said happily, looking down, “What is it?!”

“It’s just scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese.” Jeremy said, taking a bite.

“Well I love scrambled eggs with bacon and cheese master!” Amelia giggled.

“I’m glad.” Jeremy smiled.

They finished their meal and washed the dishes together. Amelia giggled happily as Jeremy flicked some bubbles on her nose. She played back, flicking bubbles on his face. He flinched and rubbed her face off. She rubbed his face off and they cleaned up the rest of the kitchen.

“So what should we do now master?” Amelia smiled and she gave him a hug.

“Would you like to have sex?” Jeremy asked.

“Oh my god yes!” Amelia squealed, pulling him into the bedroom.

She stopped suddenly, squeaking as she turned around.

“I’m so sorry master! Where do you want to go?” Amelia asked, “I apologize, I was just so excited!”

“Would you stop being so nervous and crazy? Amelia, we’re lovers. You’re not my slave. Please call me Jeremy.” Jeremy sighed, putting his hands on her hips.

“We’re lovers?” Amelia squeaked in surprise.

“We are about to have sex and we love each other. We’re lovers.” Jeremy smiled.

“Yay!” Amelia giggled, bouncing up and down.

“Oh just take your clothes off and get on the bed.” Jeremy chuckled at her blatent happiness.

“Yes master!” Amelia said happily, stripping off her pants and shirt.

She crawled up on the bed, showing much of her privates to Jeremy. He pulled his own clothes off and got on the bed with her.

“Oooh master…you’re so hard…I can’t wait.” Amelia giggled at the sight of his growing dick.

“Sorry, but you are gonna wait. I wanna please you first.” Jeremy said sensually.

“Really master? Are you sure you don’t want me to do you?” Amelia asked.

“You’re so cute. Look at this little pussy…I’m going to have to help you shave down here. You’re getting fuzzy.” Jeremy smiled, looking closely at her genitals.

“M…Master~” Amelia whined, “I’m so embarassed…”

“Here we go.” Jeremy whispered, putting his tongue to her pussy.

Amelia squeaked and jerked back in surprise as Jeremy’s tongue licked her soft, pink lips. He dug deeper and made Amelia moan loudly. This, what she was feeling now, was so much more intense than their kissing. This was true sexual pleasure, making her tingle up and down her pelvis. Her legs tickled and she felt her heart beat faster. Jeremy, to play with her more, moved down her leg and started to lick the sensitive skin right at the inside of her thighs. It made Amelia giggle and laugh uncontrollably as he tickled the insides of her thighs with his tongue.

“M…Master! Please! Please, that tickles!” Amelia squealed and thrashed.

“How about this?” Jeremy asked, pulling one of her legs over his shoulder.

He pushed two fingers into her tight pussy and rubbed them up into her. He had watched enough porn and studied sex enough to know how to pleasure a woman rather thoroughly. Amelia cried and moaned as his fingers rubbed her insides. He curled his fingers back and rubbed strongly against the upper wall of her pussy. Amelia screamed out in ecstasy, feeling a bursting sensation through her lower half. She almost felt like she was going to pee as he rubbed her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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