13 Temmuz 2024

On The Beach

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I was staying on the Adriatic coast for a few days checking up on some of my property developments like I do a few times a year. I was in a quiet little town with a nondescript hotel, but it has one big attraction: its nude beach. A track leads off the main street to the beach. There’s a sign reading “Nude Beach” in several languages, and just in case anyone misses it someone’s painted a big picture of a guy’s sex kit on it with his hard up shaft pointing the way down the track. I go there looking for naked female flesh – “wank fodder” to dream about in my lonely hotel bed, and of course in the hope of something more satisfying pumping my cock than just my hand.

It’s a private beach, and at the entrance there’s a hut with a sign saying “No clothes beyond. Over 18 only.” The usual woman in a bikini was there collecting the entrance fee. As usual the way she watched me strip off my shirt and swim shorts, and how her eyes lingered on my naked sex kit meant I had a near vertical erection even before I stepped onto the beach.

I instantly disappointed. Last time I’d been there some kind of student group was there, the beach was awash with nude girls together with naked boys pushing up a forest of erections. This time the beach was almost empty. Around the entrance were just older saggy breasted older women with unkempt bushes accompanied by obese husbands with limp penises. Of course there were the usual slim, bronzed, muscular gays showing off their smooth shaven kit. I set off toward a more secluded part of the beach, very conscious of older women’s and gay boys’ eyes following my stiffly swinging erection and then my backside.

I found the little sheltered cove almost surrounded by rocks where I’d been many times before. It gives me all the privacy I needed for an outdoor wank under the warm sun if I was in the mood. I rolled out my towel, smeared myself with sun lotion and lay back to work on my tan. In the absence of any decent girls on the beach I’d decided my night time wank fodder would be the secretary of one of the property agents I’d met that morning. I was fingering my deliciously stiff erection as I thought about what I’d like to with her once I’d peeled off her well filled blouse and short tight skirt. Suddenly a woman’s voice disturbed my lustful dreams:

“Look mum! He’s got a huge one and its hard up! He’s jerking one off! Ooooooooh! I’d love to give that a good hard wank!”

That comment was immediately followed by another:

“Louise! You silly girl! Don’t you think about anything but sex? He’s heard you!”

I rolled over to see who was speaking. There with me in my little cove were two naked women, one younger, one older. The younger, obviously Louise, looked as if she was only just over the beach’s 18 age limit. She was a young beauty with her long blonde hair being caught by the breeze. She had the kind of sex bomb figure only a teen can have, with full firm breasts, boys’ dream lightly tanned legs and a light brown landing strip of pubes above her slit. The older woman, her mother, looking around my age, forty was a bigger version of her daughter. She was attractive with brown hair down to her shoulders and almost as good a figure as her daughter, with big well rounded heavy looking breasts and a neat brown cunt bush topping a meaty pair of thighs.

“I’m sorry about my daughter,” said the mother. “We didn’t mean to disturb you. I hope you don’t mind.”

I could see she was trying to stifle a grin. I certainly didn’t mind being disturbed and having my sex kit admired by an eighteen year old nude sex bomb, or her equally sexy mother!

“We’re on holiday here,” the younger one began. “Daddy’s away on a fishing trip all day, so mum and I thought we’d come to the nude beach to look for …”

“Louise!” Interrupted her mother.

I got the message. I’d come here to look for female eye candy wank fodder, and while daddy was on his fishing trip they’d come here on their own fishing trip looking for beefcake. It was a meeting of minds even before any meeting of bodies! I decided to play along. I got into a kneeling position with my legs wide, a position I knew displayed my erect penis to full effect tuzla eve gelen escort as it stuck out from my thick pubes bending up in front of me with my balls swinging down below. Incidentally its my favourite wanking position. I thrust my hips forward and fingered my shaft and balls.

“I’m game for that good hard wank if you want to give me one, Louise.”

“Oooooooohh! Mum, can I? I’ve heard you and daddy fucking every night. I haven’t had a boy for ages.”

“You dirty girl!” Said her mother, but stifling a grin. “Go on! I won’t tell on you if you don’t tell on me!”

In an instant Louise was kneeling next to me with her thighs astride mine, with her cunt hair brushing my thigh, and with her breasts brushing against my arm. I put my arm round her slim waist to pull her against me then slid my hand down her smooth young body to fondle her soft round bum cheeks and the valley between them. My erection cranked up a couple of notches even before her one hand was caressing my backside and the fingers of her other hand were ruffling my pubic hair and playing with my balls and shaft.

“He’s so erect and stiff! Does daddy’s cock stick up so high and get this stiff for you, mum?”

That was all the excuse mum needed, if she was looking for any reason at all, for her to squat down spread legged on the other side of me from her daughter and have a good long feel of my sex kit. She was so close the nipples of her big round jugs brushed my other arm. Louise’s mum squatting like that with her legs spread so wide had pulled her vagina wide open. I couldn’t resist a feel of her pussy. My hand started on her knee and slid up her thigh till I was fondling her hairy cunt. Her labia and pubic hair were already wet with juice. Louise’s mum gave little gasps of sex pleasure as I fingered her labia and ruffled her cunt hair.

“Mmmmmmm!” mum purred as I fingered her cunt and she fingered my shaft. “He’s even bigger and stiffer than daddy gets over me. But he’s got two girls to play with. Daddy only gets me! I love that big round knob! It’s bigger than daddy’s!”

She ran her fingertips slowly around the base ridge of my penis head where it met my shaft, and tickled that so sensitive spot just under my knob. A drop of pre-cum appeared on my nozzle. Mum reached behind me, stroked my buttocks, then slid her hand smoothly down my bum crack and under me from behind to tickle my arse and my inner thighs. Then she reached further under me from behind to stroke my balls and shaft from underneath, something not even my wife back home had learned to do.

“Nice?” Mum said with a big grin, as her fingers under me tickled my lust swollen penis head.

I could only manage a grunt, but my erect penis twitched stiffly at the loving care and attention it was getting!

“I’m going to wank him now mum! I know how to do it. I’ve done it for lots of boys!” Louise cried excitedly.

She wrapped her hand round my shaft just below my knob. She could hardly get her petite hand all round my shaft. She’d lubed her hand with sun lotion, and she began to smoothly and rhythmically stroke my cock up and down with exquisite friction. I watched her hand meet my thick mat of pubic hair at one end of her stroke and slide right over my penis head at the other. As Louise wanked me I reached down and fondled her smooth round bottom and her mum’s spread thighs and her cunt as she stayed squatting next to me. The rhythm of Louise’s stroking hand got her nipples rubbing rhythmically against my arm. Her mum’s hand was still down between my legs from behind tickling my backside, arse and balls. Between the two of them they were driving me crazy!

“Is this how you do it for daddy?” Louise asked as she stroked my cock up and down.

“Daddy likes me to use my thumb and forefinger to pull his foreskin up over his knob … ooooooh! Let me give him a quick wank!”

“Go on Mum, but I want to jack him to his cum!”

Louise let go of my penis, and instantly her mum closed her thumb and forefinger round my shaft. She sure knew how to wank a guy! Squeezing more tightly than her daughter she rhythmically pulled my foreskin up and down tuzla otele gelen escort over my knob, just the way I do when I masturbate.

“That’s the way daddy likes it,” Said Louise’s mum, “long and smooth and slow, and he likes to come all over my tits.”

“Ooooh mum!” laughed her daughter.

After a few exquisite tugs which left my cock rock hard erect with the veins standing up along my shaft and my knob glistening with pre cum Louise’s mum handed the job back to her daughter. Louise squeezed and stroked my shaft and tugged my foreskin, pulling it up my penis head the way her mum had done, and catching the base ridge of my knob just right. I guess my grunts, the way I grabbed Louise’s bottom and involuntarily shoved my hips forward, and my penis suddenly stiffening in Louise’s hand told Louise and her mum my cum was rising.

“He’s coming!” Louise’s mum cried excitedly. “Take him through real slow!”

I grabbed both women’s bottoms in that involuntary man’s orgasm reflex to pull a woman he’s fucking as close as possible. I yelled as my penis jerked in Louise’s hand and my spurts of semen arched from my penis onto the sand. After my last spurt Louise snuggled up against me and gently cuddled my balls and my still half erect shaft in her soft warm hand. The very last spurt of my semen trickled over her hand.

“Was that nice?” Louise asked me and she kissed me on my cheek. I gave her bottom an affectionate squeeze to tell her she’d been just right!

It was a hot day, and Louise’s mum suggested we went for a dip. We played and splashed together in the surf, setting Louise’s firm young breasts bouncing and her mum’s big well rounded melons swinging beautifully. There’s always something erotic about the sight of a glistening wet naked woman! My hands playfully explored them, and female breasts, bottoms and hands brushed all over my naked body from my hairy chest to my balls. Soon my tool was bending up stiffly again toward the sun.

“You’ve had your good hard wank. Now it’s my turn! Do you want to come and help me get him hot?” Louise’s mum asked, but it was more of an order than a question.

Louise’s mother took my hand and led me, with my erection swinging heavily with lustful anticipation, up the beach back toward our secluded cove. Mum pushed me down onto my back on my big towel with my erection arching stiffly up over my belly. She got on top of me kneeling astride my legs with my cock sticking up in front of her and her hairy cunt tickling my balls. She didn’t mount my cock straight away, instead her hand slid down her belly and between her legs into her thick brown bush.

“Daddy loves to watch wifey play with her pussy,” Louise’s mum said, smiling down at me. “Stroking her furry cunt and clitty so she’s nice and hot for daddy’s big hard cock!”

She had a long feel of my penis, stroking it lightly with her fingertips and squeezing it as if she was testing it for stiffness. Pre cum oozed from my nozzle and I somehow managed not to jerk in her hand. Her fingers slipped into her gaping vagina and while she tickled my balls she began to methodically stroke up and down her cunt, masturbating. Her vagina was pulled wide by her spread legs and her pink inner labia were glistening with juice and protruding through her bush. Her breasts bobbed with the rhythm of her hand. In spite of her being fucked by daddy every night Louise’s mum obviously enjoyed a good meaty wank every bit as much as I did!

While her mother knelt astride my legs pleasuring herself, Louise knelt beside me and bent over me. She started kissing my hairy chest, licking and sucking my nipples.

“Ooooooh! Go on Louise! Get him nice and hard for me!” Louise’s mum gasped excitedly.

Leaning over me like that, Louise’s legs and bottom were perfectly placed for me to run my hands over, and to reach between her legs to finger her cunt. Louise’s kisses moved down my front, across my belly button until her lips reached my penis. She licked it luxuriously up and down the length of my shaft, then took my knob into her mouth, sucked it and rolled her tongue over it, with her mother still fingering my balls tuzla sınırsız escort and shaft too! I bucked involuntarily, thrusting my hips up against her mum’s spread thighs at the sudden explosion of sex pleasure.

Louise’s mum let out an excited cry.

“Coming! Louise! Want! Want!”

She reached out to push her daughter out of her way. A moment later her mum had moved up my body still kneeling astride me with her vagina lips kissing my penis head. The way she was leaning forward her big pendulous breasts were swinging right above me for my hands to play with. She gasped with excitement as my thumbs caught her peaking aroused nipples.

“Louise! Guide him in!” she gasped.

Louise’s lips and tongue and her mum’s fingers had edged me to the limit! My cock felt taut enough to snap, with its head and shaft oiled with pre cum and the veins standing out on my shaft. I was at the exquisitely taut brink of jerking my load. Louise took my cock in her hand and held it so my knob was poking against her mum’s vagina lips. Her mum gave a long deep sigh of pleasure as she lowered herself. I felt the warm, wet, smooth tightness of her vagina slide down the full length of my shaft. Then she began smoothly bobbing up and down, clenching her vagina muscles to squeeze my shaft.

“Mum! I’ve just got to!” I heard Louise gasp.

I glanced at Louise. Now she was squatting wide legged beside us, with her own vagina pulled just as wide as her mum’s to show fresh young labia. Her hand was between her legs and she was now masturbating franticly, with her firm young breasts bouncing like her mum’s had done.

I held mum’s soft smooth thighs, reaching round to her bottom and I watched her breasts swing above me with the rhythm of her vagina sliding up and down my shaft. She rode me full length, from her pubic hair being entangled with mine to her labia just kissing my knob. And there was an added erotic delight! All the time her mum and I fucked, Louise masturbated franticly and noisily as she squatted beside us. Louise was close enough for me to reach out to tickle her right underneath her between her spread legs, between her cunt and her arse, and up her bum crack while she finger pleasured herself. Louise’s excited gasps and squeals told me I was pressing all the right buttons!

Louise’s mum astride me had finger pleasured herself so close to her orgasm that she climaxed first. Her cries crescendoed, she suddenly stopped bobbing up and down my shaft, she let out one last undulating shriek and her breasts bounced as her whole body shook with the pulses of her orgasm. She flopped forward over me so her breast were brushing my face, panting, with her eyes closed. Her vagina throbbing round my taut straining penis had taken me to the brink of jerking my load. I grabbed her thighs to pull her against me and treated her tight vagina to a few last upward thrusts, holding back my orgasm as long as I could. When my penis finally fountained its semen into her I thrust up so hard in my orgasm thrust that I lifted her.

I fell back, with Louise’s mum’s soft body on top of me with her breasts squashed against my chest. I heard a shrill cry to my side, and looking past her mum’s shoulder I saw Louise was still masturbating but obviously almost at her climax. Moments later she shrieked, her blonde head fell back, her breasts swung up then bounced as she thrust her hips forward in her orgasm. The pulses of her climax and her orgasm cries went on for ages. After what was obviously an explosive orgasm she squatted there with her hand clutched over her sex mound panting as she enjoyed her afterglow. Finally Louise’s mum climbed off me. I saw there were droplets of my semen in her bush of pubic hair, and some of my semen was trickling down her thigh.

“Was that a good one, mum? As good as daddy gives you?”

“Mind your own business, girl!” Louise’s mum replied, but the satisfied look on her face said it all!

We had another brief dip in the warm surf, which cooled us down and washed all traces of my semen off mum’s cunt hair and thighs. Daddy would never know how his wife and daughter had spent their day. Shortly after that they left me to make sure they got back to their hotel before daddy returned. The last I saw of Louise and her mum was their swinging bottoms and thighs as they strolled hand in hand toward the entrance to the beach.

I certainly had enough “wank fodder” for my masturbation fantasies in my lonely hotel room bed that night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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