1 Aralık 2022

Office Drinks

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Office Drinks
I’m walking over to the kitchen when I hear Lisa call “Selfish!” in that half mocking tone she loves so much. She looks at my mug and gestures to me with her own. “Ah, shit, sorry Lisa, tea or coffee?” I reply, with a melodramatic bow. It’s a running joke we have, me being her skivvy. I’ve been working for her on this project for over six months now. You couldn’t want much more from a boss, she knows her stuff but doesn’t lord it over us. Keeps the teams happy, backs us up when it counts but isn’t afraid to tell you when you’re talking shit. Combined with that she’s gorgeous, so as far as I’m concerned, she can take the piss as much as she likes. I bring her tea back and slap it down, spilling a little. She glares at me then blows a kiss. Truth be known I wish I were her skivvy. She tells me she’ll sort me out once and for all tonight, I tell her I look forward to it.

People tend to hang around where I work, so office piss ups are generally good. While the beers are flowing I can’t keep my eyes off Lisa. She’s always been the belle of the ball, surrounded by drooling admirers falling over themselves to impress her. She looks stunning in her white office suit & heels. I find myself staring at her feet again. She’s wearing expensive looking strappy sandals, white leather with wooden four inch heels. I can make out what looks like black nail varnish through her tan coloured stockings (I assume). I look up to find her staring directly at me. I feel a sudden lurch of panic, we’re only standing a couple of feet apart and I wonder just how long I’ve been staring. Lisa reaches over and pulls me toward her by my tie. She smiles & laughs loudly, the knot in my stomach gives way to grateful relief. She invites her social entourage to pass comment on my crap taste in ties, the others laugh and I relax. She whispers in my ear “I know your type, be careful skivvy, I know the rules”. I wonder what exactly she means, and my mind begins to conjure up uncomfortable delights.

We end up in this seedy night club in Soho. It’s 2am and there are only a few of us left now. Lisa with her regular mates Janice and Chloe, and Dave and I. We’re back onto the old hobby horse of ours, gender differences. We’re banging on about management styles, Dave playing devil’s advocate with the women. Lisa claims loudly that women simply have the edge when it comes to people skills, that they just make better bosses. The alcohol’s making me feel dangerously carefree; all I want to do get down on my knees and kiss this woman’s feet. I think to myself, she’s right, I don’t know why but I like doing what women say, and at the moment I’d do anything Lisa told me. For the second time Lisa brings me abruptly out of my daydreams. “Come on Andy, answer the fucking question will you. Are men and women different, or are you going to hide behind that nurture stuff again?” she yells. “No, I don’t think we’re the bahis siteleri same”, I reply, “Two halves of the same whole perhaps, but most definitely not the same”. “So then indulge me Andy” Lisa asks, “Tell me honestly then, which sex is the superior”. This discussion always amuses her, and I can see she expects me to play safe and claim neither. I decide to use instinct, and answer “Women, of course.”

At this point Dave, seeing his only hope for moral support vanish, decides to drink up and leave us to it. Lisa eyes me thoughtfully and runs her hand through her black hair. She has those sharp features that could make a woman look eerily sadistic. “Glad to hear a man admit it, eh girls”, laughs Lisa finally. “Yeah right”, adds Janice, “Don’t believe him, I want proof”. Sure I’d had a few, but I did mean it, I’d always felt that way. I just couldn’t be arsed pretending any more. “No, I really mean it.” They exchange a knowing smile. At that Janice drops her cigarette at her feet, I look down and watch her slowly crush it out with her red suede pump. As she twists the cigarette into the ground she says, “I don’t like fag butts on the floor. If you really mean it, do me the kindness of clearing that away”. I hesitate. Ok there are very few people in the bar, but this would be embarrassing, and yet I know I want to kneel down before them and pick that fag butt up. Lisa senses my reluctance, egging me on she adds, “Get on with it, or we’ll think you’re all mouth”.

As I bend down I feel an odd mixture of shame and elation. Time seems to freeze as I kneel and sense eyes peaked with satisfaction looking down at the back of my head. As I stretch out to pick up the butt Lisa steps down hard on my hand. “Don’t get up, that’s where we want you”, she says. I begin to shake, I think, this is where I want to be, but Christ this feels humiliating. I look up at Lisa, it is clear from her expression she wants me at her feet. I feel Chloe’s boot come down on the back off my calf, pinning me there, and then Janice’s hand gripping me round the back of the neck. “Go on Janice”, Lisa instructs, “push his head back down where it belongs”. With that Janice drives my face down into the floor at Lisa’s feet. Lisa steps off my hand and pushes the toes of her foot against my mouth. I can just make out the smell of her foot over the odours of the beer spattered floor boards. “Come on, you’ve spent enough time gazing at our feet, now get on with it and show some respect.” Janice spurs me on again by treading hard down onto my back with her stiletto. I begin to do what I’d been dreaming of doing. I begin to grovel on my stomach to Lisa. Desperately smothering her sandaled feet with my kisses. As I press my lips over and over against her toes, instep, ankles, foot and shoes I hear laughter and satisfied commentary. Janice continues to tread down on my back while she talks. As I pour my soul bahis şirketleri out before Lisa, it becomes obvious to all by my involuntary thrusts that I am becoming aroused. Chloe puts an end to this slamming her boot down firmly on my arse.

“Appropriate sucking up yes, but I don’t think we want to see you fucking the floor Andy”, Chloe announces as she grinds her heel into my arsehole. “Come on ladies, lets see what he’s got”, Janice says as she begins to drag my trousers off. I try to protest but as I twist round Lisa presses her heel down into my neck, “This is our game skivvy – should have thought of that before you got down on the floor”. She puts all her weight down on me, and as she does her heel gouges down my neck, locking my throat between her heel and shoe. I yelp at the pain to no effect, “Quiet”, Lisa says, “You’ve done well so far, don’t spoil it by making a fuss”. I feel hands dragging off my clothes and binding my ankles, I keep still for fear of provoking more damage from Lisa’s heel, and continue kissing her other foot.

When they’ve finished, Lisa drags me up by my hair. I look up, dazed, and glance around the club. I must have been grovelling on the floor for some time, the place has emptied out. The only other person, bar ourselves, is the barmaid. Obviously she isn’t bothered, as it becomes clear she’d provided the chain that now attaches my ankles to the bar foot rail. I grow red with a mixture of anger and embarrassment as the women look me up and down with practiced disdain. My erect penis in contrast to my flushed and shamed face. Lisa steps forward again, “Don’t take it too hard Andy, as I said, you’ve done well. What you just did takes a certain kind of courage. We understand that, and believe me when I say we enjoyed it. Still, submission comes with a price. You get to worship us, and in return, we get power over you.” They exchange looks again. What the fuck is coming now, I think to myself. Janice speaks up, “We can see what you’re like” she says as she gestures to my cock. “You want to adore us, which it how it should be. Now it’s our turn to have fun.” Chloe moves forward and steps on my foot, “Sorry love, we want to hurt you a little. You know, see how much you can take. Not going to chicken out on us now are you?” They seem to be offering me a way out? I think about what Lisa said, submission coming at a price. “No” I reply, “I don’t want out, I want to belong to you”.

“Settled then”, Lisa purrs, “Now let’s have some fun”. She drags a chair over and sits a couple of yards in front of me. “Chloe & Janice are going to slap you about a bit. When you’ve had enough, just fall at my feet again. But beware, fall too quickly and you’ll never see this side of us again. And we can all see this is the side you prefer”. Lisa then sits back in her chair watching me as Chloe begins to slap me about the face. She starts firmly, hard enough illegal bahis to sting, but bearable. She begins striking across alternate cheeks, slowly increasing the power of each successive blow. My face begins to redden and burn as the skin glows under the violent motion of her hands. Chloe smiles broadly as she deals out the punishment. Lisa sits impassively, arching her feet in her shoes as she waits for me to plead. As Chloe poundes my face harder and harder she begins to laugh at me. Her open palm becomes more like fist and she begins to thump and punch rather than slap. She catches me several times around the nose and I begin to cry out as blood drips down my mouth.

“That’s enough around the face, we don’t want our pretty boy spoiled now do we? Give Janice a go with her cane.” Janice steps up on Lisa’s suggestion, grabbing me by the balls. She turns me round to face the bar, keeping my balls clasped tight as she does so. Her Cheshire cat smile is so broad it almost makes a ring with her bob styled hair. She pulls my feet back and pushes me down onto the bar. As I hold myself steady she steps back and begins the thrash my arse with her cane. Dealing with pain is not one of my strengths, and I’m ashamed to say I wince with each stoke. She isn’t pulling any punches and the strokes become increasingly heavy. I remain standing, but the convulsing twists of my body make that difficult. I am rapidly approaching breaking point. The only comments from my tormentors are the odd compliment for stokes that bore home well, and rebukes for me. I look up and find the bar maid now staring into my face across the bar. I’m not crying yet, but tears are beginning to well in my eyes. She takes delight in my suffering, and offence at my gaze. She sneers at me and shouts, “What the fuck are you looking at?” Another stroke cuts into my backside and I grunt out a “NOTHING, SORRY”. Wrong answer, the barmaid begins punctuating Janice’s cruel caning with more slaps to the face.

Finally I cry out “PLEASE, PLEASE, STOP”. There is an expectant silence. I slide down the bar and sink to my knees. I cant take any more, I want forgiveness. I want to be back in the fold. I stumble round on my knees and crawl a little closer. Lisa, seated and now flanked by Janice and Chloe, looks down with a quizzical smile. I bow my head and lay my palms out on the floor before them. “Please, I beg you, please stop the beating” . After a pause, “Very well”, I hear Lisa whisper, “that’ll do, for now”. Janice grabs my face in her hand and wipes the blood off with a rag. “Now go to your mistress”, she says, gesturing towards Lisa. Kneeling, ankles still held by the loose chain to the foot rail, I drop down prostrate before Lisa, slide on my stomach toward her and begin licking the dirt from her shoes. She turns her ankle on its side so I can lick the sole clean, the other foot she rests on my back. “From now on I’m your boss outside as well as inside the office, understand?”, “Yes ma’am”, I reply.

So now when I make tea for Lisa, its not just our running joke. I do it because she’s better than me, I do it because I adore her, I do it because she owns me.

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