10 Aralık 2023

No Backing Out Blacken

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No Backing Out Blacken
Most husbands will just resent you for being a nag when you catch them watching porn and complain. That used to be my situation.

I used to ask myself- “Why do you let yourself get all worked up and jealous when he has fantasies that he needs fulfilled?”

My husband Brad loved anal sex. Period.

I used to get all worked up because my husband loved to watch porn where a woman takes a big cock up her ass. We would fight for days after I searched his web browsing history and see all the depravity and smut that he was looking at. He would get mad, and tell me to stop looking if it upset me.

He was actually a kind of depraved sicko- but don’t get me wrong- I didn’t mind, I just wanted him to be that way with me!! I didn’t want him watching porn- I wanted him to fuck me!! (And actually, I loved it how he played with my ass to try getting me in the mood for anal. He would rub his fingers around my saturated pussy while he ate me out, gathering my juices and then do circles around my anus until finally sliding one slippery finger into my ass, like I might not notice!! He loved to rim my ass with his tongue when we did 69, and I swear he spent more time licking my anus than my pussy. It actually felt amazing!! He was 6’2″, and I’m almost 5’2″, so I kind of liked to feel him dominate me. I wasn’t into **** or anything sick, but I liked to feel his brute strength over me. Like I knew he could just do anything to me, but he held back because I had power over him, too. Plus, I loved to make him cum!! He could have been a porn star with the amount that he would pump out when he came!!

When he was horny, this is the way it would typically go down if I’d be in the mood, and I allowed him fuck me anally…

It would start off normal, but if I thought he was losing interest, of if he’d already cum once, I’ll push my ass out towards him and rub my rosebud against his cock. Thus usually got him hard again, because we didn’t do anal all the time. He knew my cues, so he’d place the head of his cock against my hole- testing me. I learned to love it when he smacks my ass, spreading my cheeks apart and pushes the head of his cock- slowly at first… and stopping to let my sphincter get used to it. When I was ready, I’d push against him, forcing him deep inside me. He pumped slowly at first, until he was all the way in and then he proceeded with slow easy strokes. I was in ecstasy.

“How does this feel”, he’d say.

“Oh so good!” I’d tell him.

After a while, it would drive me crazy, and I’d feel dirty, realizing he had his cock in my ass. But I’d want him to be a dirty fucker too, so I’d tell him I wanted him to suck my ass, and knowing that I’m dirty down there when I ordered him to do it made me naughty, and hornier!!

He’d pull out, pushing me face down on the bed. He’d spread apart my ass cheeks and start licking my tight little asshole. I could feel his tongue probing deep, and while his big strong hands forcefully pulled my ass cheeks wide, he stretched my bunghole open, as he dug his tongue deep inside me. It seemed he was trying to get the tip of his tongue in as deep as his cock just went!!

Hearing him moan as he tasted the combination of my asshole and our juices- licking me clean, slobbering between my ass cheeks like a starving man invited to a feast. Knowing that he was moaning like that all the while his tongue was deep in my shithole made me hot and my moaning drove him wild!!

Then in what seemed to be one fluid movement he’d pull his tongue out of my ass and jump up on top of me on all fours. In an instant, I’d feel his cock back inside me, balls deep in my gaping, saliva lubed hole. One thrust is all it usually took, and I could feel his hips pushed up against me with his cock, balls deep up my ass, pulsating repeatedly- filling my ass so full of his hot seed that I could feel it leaking out and down my pussy.

But when he pulled out and flopped over on the bed, if we didn’t move, before long I would hear him snoring. I was left lying there on my stomach and feeling the huge load of cum he deposited leaking out of my still throbbing ass, hot and slimy and wet, dripping between my legs over my pussy and forming a spreading warm puddle under me on the bed sheets.

“Why couldn’t he stay awake, and why can’t it always be this hot”, I would always wonder as I drifted off towards sleep. And one night it hit me! I was wide awake!

“I’m smarter than him! I would trick him into admitting that he has a sex addiction and force him to go to counseling. Then I could make him stop with the porn once and for all, and then it will just be him fucking me- like when we were younger!

I formulated a plan in my head. I knew what would drive him to admit he had a problem, and agree to go to sex addiction counseling!

About a week later, we had a few pre-weekend drinks (I was mixing him doubles).

I casually told him I had a sex fantasy, and I wanted him to listen, and not judge me. His eyes were unfocused but I could hear the gears in his head turning.

“Tell me,” he said softly. “I won’t judge you”.

I told him “the computer has been a problem because I’m not güvenilir bahis getting enough sex from you. I know how much you enjoy watching women take huge cocks up their asses…

He rolled his eyes unfocused eyes, as if to say, “Here we go again”.

“No, no,” I interrupted before this could turn into an argument… “I’m tired of nagging you about it. I figure maybe I can be a part of it instead of trying to stop you. He looked at me, trying to understand what I was saying. “Soooo,” I went on… (Trying to look as sexy as I could, I arched my back with my arms tight at my sides, making my breasts bulge out under my tank top, which I had pulled down earlier and was riding a little low in front. It worked; as I could see his eyes dart down to look at my cleavage, and my now-erect nipples pointing at him- I have nice tits, and really pointy nipples when it gets cold, or I’m aroused!!). “I want to watch you masturbate to orgasm while you watch anal sex. But, I have needs too. So if I allow you to do that- to watch anal sex without complaining to you about it- I think I should be able to watch you. To see the look on your face- that would be really hot, and I want to do that. So, instead of you sneaking down to the computer late at night to get your rocks off, wouldn’t you rather watch a huge cock stretching the fuck out of a tight ass with my permission, while I’m in the room with you and we can experience this together?”

There was a long pause and I saw him raise his eyes from my tits to my eyes, and he looked stunned (because he was pretty drunk). For a minute, I thought he was going to say no, that that was too personal and he didn’t want to do this. But then his face lit up and he said:

“Oh my fucking god- I would be so into that!” he said. He leaned over and gave my nipple a twist, and it hurt so good! He gave me a wet kiss full on the lips and said “When can we do this? I want to do that! I think Friday! I think Friday is going to be fun!”

Little did he know how fun it was going to be for me if I could go through with what I had in mind!!

“I think you’re right – but I’m still afraid you’re going to judge me and freak out and not go through with it- and then I’ll feel shame. Once we start you have to promise that we both get to finish- no backing out.”

He agreed- “the minute you get home from work tomorrow, the depravity will start” he said jokingly.

We shook on it- and in our house a promise made is a promise kept!

“Oh yes it will,” I replied, and I smiled (even more inwardly because he had no idea what I was planning.)

On Friday after work, I convinced myself not to back out of what I had planned. I called my husband from work and told him that I hadn’t worn panties or a bra today because I was feeling naughty and slutty, and that I had shaved my bush for him. I told him my boss had been staring at my tits all day, which made it worse, because it made my nipples hard knowing I was being gawked at, and since I was wearing my tight red form-fitting dress, they really poked through the fabric. (Brad loved it when other men looked at me, although he would never admit it. But when I dressed up to go out, and other guys hit on me at the bar, he would fuck me all night, like angry sex- it was great!). I was super horny, but I told him I’d be a little late because I had to pick up something from the gym on the way home- and that he should start drinking without me because I didn’t want him to have any inhibitions by the time I got there.

“Get drunk and get horny!” I said.

He replied- “I’m already horny thinking about tonight so I’ll just get drunk! I can’t wait!! I’ve been thinking about this all day at work. The thought of you letting me watch anal sex is so liberating… and so hot! And for you to want to be in the room because you think it’s hot turns me on so much!” I laughed! (Again, more to myself than to him.) He continued… “I just want you to be happy and since you decided to be more liberal, we can both try new things that get us off. Just remember- after you walk through the door, the deal is on- I get to watch a woman having anal sex and you get to watch me, right? No backing out once you here!”

He took the words out of my mouth, and without realizing it- he just sealed his fate. “I promise, I said- tonight will be so memorable!”

I got home at 6pm and parked. I chugged back about four gulps from a mickey of rum. I waited about 15 minutes before I got out of the car. I was excited. I was horny. I had a shaved pussy, that was already wet, and I wasn’t wearing panties under my short tight red dress. I wanted to steel up my resolve and go through with what I had planned. I came through the door about 90 minutes after I had phoned Brad. I came through the door and he was on the couch, clearly he was drunk, like I asked him to be. I stepped to the side of the door, opened the front of my coat, and eased my skirt up, so he could catch a glimpse of me mostly clothed, but exposing the proof that I was not wearing underwear, and giving him a brief flash of my bald pussy, and my flat stomach. I have a six pack! As he looked me over with güvenilir bahis siteleri drunken eyes, he looked horny and excited. He moved to get up, but I motioned for him to stay put.

I took off my coat and put my purse on the stool beside the door- but not before I took the mickey out of my purse and took 2 more big gulps from the bottle. I was nervous, and I wanted to lose all of my own inhibitions, because I had never done anything so risky before (He was pretty drunk by then). I wasn’t as drunk as Brad, but with what I chugged back 15 minutes earlier, and with the rum I just drank, I probably would be soon!

Brad’s excited look turned to puzzlement right about then. It took about 30 seconds after I first opened the door for his face to change.

Oh yeah- The reason Brad was so puzzled shortly after I came through the door and took those last gulps from the mickey, was that I wasn’t alone. The thing I picked up at my gym walked in behind me, 30 seconds after I did. Jerome. Right on cue. Jerome is a (very large) black personal trainer from my gym.

“What’s going on,” he asked me in a whisper after he said hello to Jerome- who stands easily 4 inches taller than Brad and was almost twice as wide at the shoulders with narrow waist, washboard abs and a sexy, muscly butt. “What’…?” he said. “I thought we had plans?”

I didn’t reply- I was starting to feel the effects of the rum, and I was feeling bold. Sassy. Horny. In control… but realizing that I was starting to feel a bit drunk. Maybe I shouldn’t have had that last few gulps of rum after all. Oh well. It was too late to second guess thing. It was past the point of no return!

I simply walked over to Jerome and pulled down his zipper, pulling out what was easily the biggest black cock I have ever seen in person and allowing it to stand at attention and point directly at my husband. (Actually, it curved a little to the left, not that I think back!)

OMG- I’m tiny at 5’2″, and just over 100lbs, but I swear his cock was as big as my forearm and his balls were huge!!

Judging by the look on Brad’s face when I walked around Jerome and stood behind him, grabbing his thick cock by the base with both my hands, it was probably the biggest cock my husband had ever seen as well. On screen, or otherwise. (I was nowhere near getting my fingers around his girth and both my hands end together did not even come close to covering half his entire length).

“I already explained to Jerome about what you like to watch- and what needs to happen here tonight. He agreed to help us out. I told him that we agreed we couldn’t back out once we started.”

I told my husband that Jerome was going to do some things to my tight white ass with this huge, hard cock of his.

“Jerome is here so you can watch anal and masturbate… And I get to watch your face while you watch a girl getting her ass pounded by a big black cock!”

(While I was telling my husband all of this, I was standing behind Jerome, my arms around him holding and stroking his magnificent curved cock with my hands. I couldn’t help but think how small his huge member made my hands look, and that I was starting to feel very drunk all of a sudden. And for a second, I thought that maybe I made a mistake- or two? And maybe this was too much, and maybe I wouldn’t be able to take such a huge cock up my ass, Jerome was so muck thicker and longer than my husband… but like I said- and maybe this was the alcohol talking…it was too late to back out now.)

My husband was a bit horrified. “But I thought you said I could going to watch porn on the computer and you’d watch me masturbate”, he almost pleaded, as it finally dawned on his drunken brain what I was saying.

I looked at him squarely, and said “No. I told you that the computer was a problem because I wasn’t getting enough sex from you. I said I had needs too, and that watching your face while you watched a girl taking a cock up her ass would make me hot”… I just didn’t tell you that the ass getting fucked would be mine!” (As I heard myself say these words, I realized that the person saying them was slurring her words a bit).

But the second they were said, I reached down to hike my skirt up to my waist, leaned over at the waist with my knees straight and my legs spread apart, I grabbed my ankles. I was more tipsy than I thought, and I Jerome hadn’t grabbed my hips, I might have done a face plant right to the floor.

With my ass up in the air, and Jerome standing behind me- I told him I was ready. But Jerome took the hint immediately, and without missing a beat, he knelt down behind me and put his face between my cheeks and started licking me between my legs. I was so glad I had not worn panties, it made the transition from talking to sex seamless!

And all the while, I never took my eyes off my husband as I could feel the wetness of my cunt and Jerome’s slurping my asshole. It was so hot looking at Brad staring in disbelief at what he was seeing. He must have thought he was in a bad dream, or that the alcohol was causing a hallucination. But then I realized that I had started to feel weird, like güvenilir bahis time was moving slower too. I think I chugged back a little too much rum, because I was starting to feel a bit out of it. Jerome was digging into my ass with his tongue like he was just rescued from an island after 5 years with no sex, and drooling all over my little rosebud!! I was loving it, and my now blurry husband was just staring at me in disbelief. Surely this was rock bottom for him. Surely tomorrow when he sobered up, I’d be able to convince him that this had been necessary to prove a point at how his porn addiction made me desperate? With Jerome licking my ass, which felt SOOO well, and the look on Brad’s face, I was enjoying what I was doing, for us. After all- wasn’t I doing this to help our marriage?

But Brad and I were the only ones who were drunk, and in slow motion. In an instant, the s mug smile was wiped off my face, and my half closed eyes shot wide open.

Jerome never even took off my dress, but before I knew what was happening- he had stood up and shoved his cock deep inside my dripping ass from behind me! He wasn’t gentle like Brad, and he didn’t pause while I got used to the stretch, like my husband would have… He shoved that monster into my ass in one violent, deep thrust!!

My eyes flew open in surprise at how thick he really was as he stretched my sphincter wider than it had even been open.

“Oh my god, it’s too big! Stop” I said, looking over my shoulder and realizing that his huge cock was fully up my ass!! He was stretching me open more than I ever felt before in my life- and I looked to make eye contact with him as if that would make him undo what he had just done.

But in an instant of clarity, I realized that I did indeed make a big mistake! Jerome had a grin on his face as he shook his head at me …

“You told me you agreed there was no backing out once you said goes,” he said… and his strength was undeniable- I would not be able to pull away from him without help.

I started to cry in pain. He didn’t listen to my squealing, and started thrusting his pelvis, and with his powerful arms he held my hips, yanking me towards his huge erection, and that huge thick cock was now gaping my ass and punching like a jackhammer all the way past my rectum and into my large bowel, as he started to pound my ass like a r****t!

Deeper, and faster! I had no choice but to reach back and spread my ass cheeks apart as wide as I could to try opening my ass enough to make it hurt less.

I looked over to Brad and was going to ask him to help me; I realized what I had gotten myself into.

He really was a man of his word- He had unzipped his pants and had started to masturbate!

Jerome’s size and strength allowed him to treat me like a rag doll, throwing me around the living room with no effort- on various pieces of furniture, the dining room table, and at one point- even pushing my face into in Brad’s lap while he kept thrusting that huge hard cock into me from behind while I was on my knees smelling Brad’s cum soaked jeans.

Jerome fucked my ass like he owned me. He kept it lubed with anything he wanted to use to help shove his cock up my ass. First with his spit, then with some personal lube alternating between my ass and my mouth- I felt like a whore.

He took me standing, sitting, lying. On my side, on my back, face down, on the bar stool sitting, d****d over the bar stool with my ass in the air, on my back with my legs over my head, even in what now seems like a full nelson wrestling move, with my neck pushed forward and Jerome lifting and dropping me, pile driving my ass up and down onto his cock. When he held me like this and stood up, I thought he was going to ram my head into a wall, but no- he just kept fucking my asshole while I was helpless. Each position seemingly allowed him to get deeper into my rectum.

He had me on my hands and knees, face down and ass up with my knees up in my chest, and he had hooked one leg over my back, and his other leg was kneeling between my spread legs. He was pumping me so hard, so deep, when he finally grunted and I felt him tense up and push as far into me as he had all night as he finally came in my ass, (I’m not quite 5’2″) I’m pretty sure in retrospect that he had temporarily deformed my rectum and was as deep inside me as my sigmoid colon. That final thrust hurt the most, like the tip of his cock was hitting my sternum. It had stopped hurting a while before that, but only because my asshole went numb.

Brad had been grinning his stupid drunk grin with his eyes half closed with alcohol… so I just watched him as he watched me get ass ****d. He blew his load all over himself, and then I zoned out. I endured Jerome’s anal attack. The worst part in my mind was that when Jerome slid his cock out of my stretched and dripping hole and slapped my ass when he was done, I came back to reality and looked over at Brad… and he was passed out.

I was so mad- I climbed on top of him in the couch, crouched over his face and spread my cheeks so Jerome’s load could drip onto Brad’s face, and into his half open mouth. He never even budged.

Brad blew his load in less than 60 seconds after Jerome first stuck his cock into my ass…

It was a little over 80 minutes later that Jerome pumped his come deep into in my ass.

I left Brad the next day, and I’ve been dating Jerome almost a year now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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