24 Mart 2023

New Years Resolution Ch. 02

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I want to say thank you to everyone who submitted that great feedback for the first chapter. I’d never written erotica before for anyone other than myself so it was great to read that you all loved my story. I’m planning on doing a few more chapters for you all so please be patient but in the meantime, here you are…

Chapter 2

I help the boy stand, remove his handcuffs and hold him close to me as he steadies himself. I look down into his eyes and watch as he swallows what’s left of my cum still coating the inside of his mouth. I can smell my cum on his breath and its making me so horny I can’t stand it.

I continue to look deeply into his eyes and again place the jar under his nose.

“You need to be really gooned out for this.” I tell him as he inhales again and again.

I hold his hand and escort him down the hallway to the sunroom, which is fully illuminated despite being twilight outside, evident through the wide open floor-to-ceiling windows. The ceiling and three walls are glass and open to the fenced in backyard.

I look back over my shoulder at him, hes so cute! Short brown hair framing a freckled face and blue eyes. A cute little up-turned nose and those beautiful lips. I think I’m in love.

I lay the boy down on his back on the padded bench, adorned with various leather straps, restraints and stirrups and there’s even a portion between where the legs are secured that drops down so you can really get in close and pound away. Where the head rests also drops down for easy access to a subs throat.

I begin,

“We are going to begin your deepthroat training now. Quite honestly it’s my favorite position. I absolutely love the feel of my cock deep inside a throat as the body thrashes around, pleading for oxygen. Don’t worry though, I won’t harm you in any way.”

“yes, Daddy, I trust you,” the boy replies in a haze.

I tighten various straps across his upper and lower arms, which are secured on padded boards straight down toward the ground behind him. I then place additional straps across his chest and abdomen, effectively holding him down to the bench.

‘Goddamn, that’s a sexy sight.’ I think to myself as I gaze at the contrasting black leather straps and his pale istanbul travesti white skin. This boy let himself be tied down willingly to my bench and I’m hardly able to contain my enthusiasm. My cock was back to full hardness, where it needed to be for this next part.

I then go to a corner cabinet by one of the multiple leather Lay-Z-Boy viewing loungers and retrieve his next attachment. I move back to this adorable boy and wrap a mask over his nose which has two tubes that go around each side of his head. I then take his jar of poppers, insert a cotton ball then screw the bottle into the fitting on the back where the two tubes meet.

Checking the jar fittings and placement of the tubes in his nose and satisfied he’s breathing in a nice strong dose, I move to secure both of his legs into the stirrups at the ankle, calf and above the knee. I position the stirrups as wide as the boy can take, fully exposing his young hard cock and balls nestled inside a trimmed bush.

‘I’ll have to shave him later, I want my boy hairless’ I thought as I again take in the sight of this little straight cocksucker, truly amazed that he has been hard this long with little stimulation.

I walk back to the living room to retrieve his phone and head back to the sunroom. Setting the phone up on the corner cabinet, I open the camera app and begin recording again.

‘A little something that he and Brooke can watch later’ I think with a little chuckle.

Approaching the boy, I continue,

“I’m going to drop your head down now into a position that allows me the easiest angle to get into your throat. We will go slow at first then build up to a faster pace.”

Continuing to breathe through his nose, the boy opens his mouth as my cock approaches which pleases me greatly. He sucks me in and begins to tongue my cockhead and the top of my shaft. I slide in a little deeper to the entrance to his throat and the boy gags a little, thrashing his head to the side in an effort to get away from my intruder.

“It’s okay, just relax,” I tell the boy with my cock still in his mouth. “Relax your jaw and drop it down a little. Think of it like a python trying to swallow a groundhog. Stay calm as it approaches your throat istanbul travestileri and swallow when it gets there, here we go again…”

I begin again sliding my cock along his tongue, letting him worship it again. I lean forward and place my hands on his ribs to brace myself and thrust a little deeper into his throat. He immediately gags and thrashes again but I stroke and lightly tickle his chest and he relaxes.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, you’re fine.” I continue tracing his chest and stomach, getting closer to his pulsing erection with each pass of my fingers.

“Remember to relax. Keep thinking that this cock is not going to choke you. It’s firmly affixed to my body, it’s not going to come off and lodge itself in your throat. I’m not going to intentionally hurt you, you won’t be without oxygen for long. Okay?”

“yes, Daddy. I’m sorry, this is hard for me. It’s scary for me to have something in my throat. Please let me try again, Daddy.”

Beaming inside that we’re developing a bond here, I reply “Here we go, let’s go again.”

I skip the “foreplay” and go right for the throat. Gently, I slide in and he slightly gags as I pass the entrance of his throat and as I stop he controls it. I back off so he can get his breath and immediately go back in. Again he gags but immediately swallows and all of a sudden my cock is balls deep down his throat with my stubble on his chin.

A low guttural moan escapes my lips at the sudden sensation of this tight, wet velvet and my knees nearly buckle. I remember to pull out so he can breathe and as my cock passes his lips I lean down and shove my tongue down his throat and kiss him for a good minute, hard.

As I break the kiss with him, I squeal out excitedly, “You did it!!! I’m so proud of you!

Let’s do it again, here we go.”

My cock is again at his open mouth and sliding in slowly but there’s no stopping it this time. I pass his throat, he again swallows and I slide right down. I hold it for a few seconds and withdraw.

“Excellent! Now, I want you to take a deep breath, I’m going deep for 10 seconds.”

I hear the boy inhale deeply through his nose, taking in a large dose of poppers as I thrust in and down his throat in travesti istanbul one go.

“Oh fuck that feels incredible.

Okay, 10…9…8…”

I count down to zero as I ever so slightly fuck in and out of this boys throat. On zero, I withdraw and he exhales and takes in a breath.

“That was incredible, youre doing great. I’m going to fuck your throat this time, deep breath in, here we go.”

I bottom out again in one go and as he fights back a minor gag, I begin to fuck his throat. I’m in heaven on cloud-9, surrounded by kittens and rainbows, getting a throat-job from this adorable little twink. I can’t help but moan and want this to continue but he needs air and I’m pulling my cock out and he exhales again and inhales for a few breaths.

“We’re going to keep this up until I cum again. Next time I’m not going to pull out of your mouth. When I’m not in your throat, remember to breathe.”

He inhales deeply through his nose, nods his head with my cock in his mouth and I thrust back in and again place my hands on the boys chest. I brace myself and begin to fuck this boys face in earnest. I can hear him suck in lungfuls of popper-laced oxygen every time I pull out and we get into a rhythm. The feeling of his throat gripping my iron is unbelievable. I can literally feel the cum in my balls, boiling and churning away at the thought of giving this boy his very first throatpie.

As a reward for being such a good sub, I reach down and begin to toy with the boys cock, alternating between lightly slapping it from side to side and tracing my fingers around the head and down the underside of his shaft. He moans and whimpers as I play with him, which only fuels my lust.

I continue thrusting in at the same pace, not wanting him to panic. I look down at him, admiring his body all tied down, horny and glistening with sweat…

Several hours later in the early hours of the morning, a young woman was out running her dog on the sidewalk beside the house when she suddenly stopped and looked around trying to locate what caught her attention. She paused and listened to the sounds of a young man’s lustful muffled moaning. Feeling particularly curious, she located a break in the fence and looked into the fully lit sunroom where a small, young man was bound and naked face-up on a bench as a hung older man stood ahead of him, playing with the boys cock while straddling the younger mans face and fucking in and out of it at an impressive pace…

Ch. 3 on its way…

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