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Naughty Pleasure Market Ch. 13

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{Trigger warnings for this chapter: pushing the limits, fear of safe words being ignored, light scat.}

Matthew bit on a rubber ball, moaning and screaming in protest. His muscles tensed against the restraints as he noticed a girthy metal rod being brought closer to his hard cock. The boy couldn’t believe that he was released out of his chastity device, which he craved more than anything, only to be placed through the most agonizing sensation he could imagine, that made him beg to get caged again.

“Mhm-! Mmhph,” another desperate, inaudible cry left Matt’s mouth. But it was too late.

Cold stream of lube touched his penis, sliding down his pee hole. Dumb, naïve dick… it thought it’s about to be edged, so it got excited. And now it was too late to go back.

Shiny, black, gloved hand grabbed Matthew’s dick, and despite boy’s protests started pushing a metal rod down his pee hole. The boy tensed up even harder, his toes curled and tears finally left his eyes, sliding down his cheeks. The sensation was awful and scary, he could only feel cold stings of pain inside of his fragile cock head. And the rod was slowly being pushed deeper and deeper…

His masked torturer was clearly enjoying the view. He looked straight at Matthew, but his scary, latex costume wouldn’t reveal anything. Or so Matt thought. Suddenly, from the mouth hole of the mask, a purple tongue slid out to lick boy’s nostrils, filling his brain with the stinky scent of saliva.

“…hlease staah…! Id huuurs…!” Matthew cried, fighting against the restraints again. His master stopped pushing the rod and removed the ball from the boy’s mouth with one move of his hand. “Please…! Master…! It hurts so bad! Please… show mercy, I beg you…”

The face hidden behind a rubber mask moved closer to Matt’s face. Boy winced, afraid of another creepy lick. And he was right. A man spit straight into his eye, without saying anything. Then he went back to torturing the boy’s cock.

Matthew screamed, helplessly shaking his head. This was the worst experience he ever had in this sex dungeon. The first one that made him remember that slave boys are allowed to use safe words. However, Matt wasn’t exactly sure if it would be recognized and respected. After all, he wasn’t in this house as a slave willingly…

“Cherubim!” Matthew hissed out the ‘yellow’ warning safe word, hoping it would help that man realize he wasn’t joking.

And the unknown master stopped pushing the rod in. Matt looked at his poor cock in despair. Stiff, red, veiny… with a piece of metal stuck in it. He felt tears escaping his eyes. Even if it was the end of this nightmare, the rod would still have to be pulled out…

He couldn’t expect this through his closed eyes, but the man in latex costume pulled out his tongue and licked off Matthew’s tear allowing a disgusting laugh to tickle boy’s ear.

“Please… I’m scared and it hurts…” boy cried out.

But then, a man reached for boy’s cock and slapped it, with the metal rod filling it… Matthew screamed in pain, almost sure that his cock was torn apart. But that wasn’t the case.

“Seraphim! Seraphim!” Matthew screamed the ‘red’ safe word that should end this encounter immediately. “I’ve said it! You have to let me go!” Matt cried.

The man moved even closer. Matt could feel his warm breaths on his cheek and neck. He was terrified. That man was clearly about to ignore his limits and go on… He could feel a panic attack being right behind corner…

And then… his torturer started pulling the metal rod out, slowly, sometimes stopping for no reason. All that time, Matt could feel his scary, warm breath touching his ear. Fast, excited breath.

When the rod finally left boy’s cock, it didn’t give him any sense of relief. It was immediately sore, felt violated inside. Man brought the rod to his mouth and placed it in his mouth, sucking the lube off with a creepy little giggle…

And then he left. With Matthew hanging from the hook, chained and miserable. The boy was so terrified, he had trouble inhaling. Later, he couldn’t even recall with details what happened after. He only remembered that someone came into the room, released him and calmed him down in a strong, affectionate hug.


When Ankara escort Matthew opened his eyes, it was morning already. To his shock, he wasn’t in the slave bedroom. He was lying in a huge, comfy bed, with strong, muscular arms wrapped around him. Was he killed by that psychopath and now went to heaven?

The boy tried slowly turning on his back, hoping to discover who was cuddling him, but without waking that person up for no reason. His first thought was: Ethan. But with all his advantages, Ethan wasn’t as muscular. When boy finally managed to get on his back, with beating heart he realized that he spent this night in Master Goldman’s arms.

That knowledge made him feel so good and safe that he wanted to kiss this man. But he realized that wouldn’t be a good idea. Matthew chose to patiently wait for his master to wake up, which was not a problem. He found some pleasure in watching this big wolf sleeping, so close to him. His hairy, muscular pecs were growing and shrinking in slow breaths. Matthew moved a little bit closer to listen to man’s heartbeat. It was the most beautiful, hypnotic sound ever. Matt realized that no matter how fun sex slavery was, hot boyfriend like that would be a great thing to have.

It turned out, he was quite a sleeper. Matthew was able to enjoy him for good 45 minutes. Then, Master Goldman moved and opened his eyes.

“Good morning, Master,” Matt whispered, trying to hide his happiness and show only respect.

“‘Morning, boy,” Master Goldman responded, bringing Matthew closer to him with one move of his strong arm. Matt nose was touched by additional amount of Master’s amazing, manly scent, but also by the incredible warmth of his body, that felt like a bath in milk. “Are you okay, sweetheart?” he asked, in a sleepy voice.

“I’m not sure… I don’t remember what happened that well…”

“A Dom pushed you to your limits and you’ve had a panic attack because of that.”

The scenes from last night quickly returned to Matthew’s head, ruining his sense of safety. He also felt a single, weak sting, somewhere inside of his dick.

“Ah… yes. It was… scary,” the boy admitted, a bit ashamed. Until now, he had a reputation of one of the best slave boys. That probably changed after that freak out. “I’m sorry, Master. It just overwhelmed me. It hurt really bad and I got scared…”

“It’s okay, bitch,” it might have sounded rude, demeaning and cruel, but Matthew felt weird jolt of pleasure, being called a bitch in a moment of affection like that. Besides, Master Goldman didn’t sound like he had ill intentions at all. “You did your best.”

“Who was that, Master?”

“His identity is none of your concern, boy.” Master Goldman smiled, devilishly. “Stroke my cock, boy.”

Matt didn’t have to search long for his dick. He grabbed it and discovered that it was fully erect. It didn’t surprise him, Master Goldman fucked him once already and he was an incredibly horny bull. Boy stroked him few times and then stopped for a second to bring his fingers to mouth and suck on them, making them wet. Goldman smiled, clearly pleased with how erotic it was.

“I would like to thank you for taking care of me, Master,” said Matthew, lovingly, with shining eyes. “I feel so good knowing I can count on your protection.”

A cold smile showed up on Master Goldman’s face.

“I think you’re misinterpreting this situation, bitch,” he said calmly. “You do realize you will be punished for using safe words during scenes, right? Keep stroking,” Master barked at him. Matthew was in such deep shock, that he automatically stopped moving his hand. “You think you can ruin a scene and go away with it without getting in trouble?”

“But… Master, I thought…” But Matthew stopped talking, remembering that he’s not in position to discuss with Master wanting to punish him. “May I ask what the punishment is?”

“It’s actually the punishments. As in plural. First of all, you’ve been officially stripped off all privileges. You won’t see your friends from the slave bedrooms for some time, you will be sleeping on the floor and everyone will be free to use you at all times. Secondly, your value as a slave has been lowered in the Naughty Pleasure Market app, Ankara escort bayan meaning you will have to work almost twice as much to bring us the same profits. Thirdly, do you remember Benny? That delusional black guy who thought he could be an alpha slave? You will be joining him in the light scat duty.” Master Goldman hesitated, almost like he was aware that there was something important that he should mention, but the details have escaped. “Ah, of course. And most importantly, tomorrow you will be scheduled with the master from tonight again.”

“But… Master! I used the safe word!”

“Bitch, I believe you misunderstood your situation. You’re not in some BDSM spa. We’re not here to provide you with a sexy Dominant fantasy. You’re a fucking sex slave. You can use safe words, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to do it the next day. We will be punishing you as long as you do it without using a safe word…” Master Goldman buried his strong hand in boy’s messy hair and grabbed it with power, making Matthew wince. “Now get down on me and think about your behavior, bitch.”

Pushed under the covers, the boy had very little air to breathe and it was so hot down there, that Matthew could expect nothing but a headache in the next few hours. But thanks to the closeness of Master’s body and limited air supply, the scent was amazing. If Matthew wasn’t currently scared and depressed about his fate, he would be begging Master Goldman to be allowed to live here, constantly worshipping his manhood.

Even now, the boy couldn’t resist to the overwhelming smells, as his nose was buried in Master Goldman’s pubes every time boy choked on his cock that was long enough to slide down into his throat, bringing tears to the boy’s eyes.

Once he was released from under the covers, he felt used and violated.

“Master, please, forgive me. I was so scared and in a great pain. I didn’t want to cause trouble. Please, don’t punish me this greatly,” Matthew pleaded, almost right after he swallowed Master Goldman’s load.

But Goldman’s face showed annoyance.

“This is exactly what I mean, when I tell other Masters that slaves should be kept on short leashes and punished without any clear reason,” Master Goldman shook his head, in a disapproving way. “You really fucking believe you’ve got some privileges just because you did well few times… Come on here, boy.”

Master Goldman pulled the boy closer to himself and raised his muscled body. With wide eyes, Matthew saw man’s muscular butt lowering to finally press itself to the boy’s face. For a moment, Matt thought his skull will be crushed with that weight, but the moment Master Goldman sat comfortably, the boy was still alive. Matthew opened his mouth, suspecting that Master Goldman was expecting a rimjob…

But instead, he just ripped a long fart straight into boy’s nose.

“That’s what I think about your request, bitch,” Master Goldman said, laughing loudly.


Matt’s dick was still hurting after that metal rod visited its insides. It didn’t help that Master Goldman closed him in chastity device again. Matthew found the cold touch of metal in that area traumatic.

Once Matt was allowed to leave to take a shower and get ready for the day of service, he ignored the order and ran straight to Ethan’s room. He knocked on the doors but no one responded. Matthew prayed that his friend was inside after all, as he couldn’t really walk around the house freely. He pressed on the handle and discovered that the doors were not locked.

Ethan was inside and he wasn’t alone. But it didn’t mean he was having sex, or anything like it. What Matthew witnessed was much more surprising and confusing than this.

His best friend was sitting on a couch with Logan, one of the two alpha slaves. Both had headphones on. They were playing FIFA on PlayStation, clearly in the middle of friendly banter…

Matthew looked at Ethan’s phone screen that was lying on the table. It said he was during an official hook up with Logan right now…

“Oh, shit. Matthew! Why would you sneak up on us like this?” Ethan asked, annoyed. He clearly had a little heart attack.

“Am I interrupting something? Should I leave?” Matt asked without confidence.

Ethan Escort Ankara looked at Logan and laughed.

“Oh, yeah… No, I mean: no worries… My buddy Logan here… it’s difficult to say, what he’s doing here. There’s nothing between us, though. Lol.” Ethan seemed like he found that idea alone amusing.

Seeing that Matt was shaking, Ethan stood up.

“What happened, homie? Are you okay?”

Matthew told Ethan everything, in great detail. His friend had his arm wrapped around the boy all the time, keeping him close and in feeling of safety.

“Ethan… please…” Matt had tears in his eyes. “Do something… I can take these punishments, but I don’t want to be tortured by that man again…”

Ethan hugged the boy, really strongly. Matt couldn’t breathe with his face buried in Ethan’s shirt, on level of his chest, yet somehow it didn’t bother him. This closeness was soothing.

“Don’t worry about anything, buddy. I will fix this,” Ethan said confidently. Determined, stood up and moved towards the door with intention of storming out. “Logan, buddy. In the meantime show Matthew my replica.”

The moment Ethan closed the doors, Matthew started watching Logan with a weird expression on his face. Matt was always attracted to the alpha slave Logan, but now he was jealous of him. He liked to think of himself as a special case for Ethan, but it looked like his best friend wasn’t helping just him in this house.

“Come,” Logan ordered. He sounded like he was bored. He lead the slave boy into the bathroom. Matt knew why they came here immediately after the lights were on. “That’s what Ethan spoke about. It’s a 1:1, realistic replica of his erect dick. Costed him two grands.”

Matthew frowned, watching the dildo sticked to the bathroom wall. It was long and pretty thick. It was made from synthetic skin and the colors were really well-matched to imitate a real penis. The balls were low-hanging and the nut sack was also made out of synthetic skin. But what made Matthew breathe really fast, was the pubes, consisting of curly, dark hair.

“Are these hair natural…?” Matthew asked, for some reason suddenly remembering that his mouth was full of saliva.

“They are. They made it smell like his actual crotch,” Logan responded and his tone implied that he found that particular fact very creepy. “I’m going to go back playing a game now,” he said, but he returned few seconds later. “You would be smart not to tell anyone that you’ve seen me here,” he said in a threatening tone.

Ironically, hearing that made Matthew feel a little bit better. Logan always had an incredible, dominant vibe to himself, but right now it was radiating. There was no way him and Ethan had anything else going on besides friendship.

Matt dropped to his knees and respectfully lowered his stare.

“No one will hear about this, Sir.”

Logan closed the doors. Matt was grateful for it, as he wanted to take a very close look at that replica, since the moment he entered here.

But first thing he did was running his nose through the curly pubes sticked to Ethan’s dick replica. He felt some very realistic scent, which was quite enough to make his heart beat faster. “Is that how his crotch smells like?” he thought, placing a gentle kiss on the cock head, playing with the dangling balls. “I need to see how it feels inside of me…”

He reached for a bottle standing on the shelf and recognized the same, water based lube Ethan was always using. Even when they were living together, it was always standing in the open. Matthew liked that for some reason. It helped him remember how sexual Ethan is, even though they were just friends.

He lubed his ass and started pushing the cock head in. Oh, how deliciously difficult it was. Ethan was larger than Matthew anticipated and the dildo was hanging so low on the wall, that he had to fully bend. He moaned with sinful pleasure as the barrier of his ass was finally broken and the dildo slid in easily, spreading and filling him.

“Matthew, what the fuck?!” Boy jumped, hearing his best friend’s voice. He entered the bathroom and the expression on his face was pure fear. “That dildo was meant for the slaves! I intended using it on them after blindfolding them, so they would think it was me actually fucking them. Why would you want to try it out?!” Then, he made a grim realization that made his face go pale. “Are you… ACTUALLY into me…?!”

Scared and embarrassed, Matthew realized that having a metal rod in his cock wasn’t the worst thing that could happen today.

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