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Naughty mother and daughter

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Naughty mother and daughter
Jason Howard stood near the window of his upstairs study looking out onto the patio where his eighteen-year-old daughter and her best friend lay in lounge chairs getting a suntan. The back of the house faced east and the afternoon sun hid him as he stood looking at the young girls. The blinds were adjusted down to block the sun and still give him a good view.

It was a Saturday and his wife was out shopping with friends, something she did more and more these days. It was as though she valued the company of her friends more than she did being with her husband. The truth was that Tammy’s feelings toward Jason had changed long ago, a fact that he’d realized over the past five years. At some point in the past their marriage had simply become a marriage of convenience. Neither one talked much any more.

Sex between Jason and Tammy was nonexistent. In the beginning, when they were first married, it was as though the two couldn’t get enough of each other. They made love several times a week; Tammy would drop by her husband’s small insurance agency at least once a week and the two would invariably end up making love on his desk. Even during the pregnancy and after Casey was born, the young couple’s craving for sex seemed insatiable.

Then – and Jason wasn’t sure when it happened because it came so slowly – the fires began to dwindle to the point where they made love maybe once a week. Then a week became two, and before long it was a month. One night, a little more than a year ago, Jason noticed that Tammy was just lying beneath him while he fucked her pussy with long hard thrusts, something she used to enjoy. Her expression was bland, bored, and she stared at the ceiling as though she would rather be anywhere but where she was. The next time they made love, five weeks later, he noticed the same dull expression on his wife’s face. It was at that moment that Jason decided he no longer wanted to make love to his wife.

Not long after, perhaps a few weeks, Jason began cruising the Internet and looking at the various porn sites. While the actual contact of a woman was preferable to masturbation, the various sites opened a new door for him. And it wasn’t long before Jason became addicted to masturbating while looking at nude pictures of hot, sexy women, and women taking a big cock in their mouth or pussy or ass. After a few months Jason found that he preferred sitting in his study looking at porn and masturbating than spending time in the family room with a woman who obviously cared little for him. And Tammy soon became little more than peripheral noise in his life.

One of the categories he became obsessed with was teens. He loved looking at a young eighteen or nineteen-year-old, completely nude with her long, shapely legs spread wide to expose her shaved, wet pussy. He enjoyed picture galleries of teens taking on an older man; he would imagine that he was that ‘older man’ shoving his cock into her pussy and fucking her until he filled her pussy with his hot seed.

Jason wasn’t surprised when he finally began to notice Heather Wallace, Casey’s best friend. The fact that he’d become obsessed with nude photos of teens on the Internet made it only inevitable that he would eventually notice her in a sexual way. He tried not to make his interest in the young eighteen-year-old redhead conspicuous, which is why he was standing by the window and looking down on her from his study.

Heather was beautiful; there was no doubting that. Like his daughter she was tall and slender, with small tits and a small, well-rounded ass. Her legs seemed to go on forever, and Jason liked that look best. He thought a young girl, with the slender build of Heather, made her look somehow innocent. He knew it wasn’t possible but he’d give almost anything to make love to Heather Wallace.

The computer was on and the image of a young brunette, long legs spread wide, revealing a shaved, pink pussy, filled the screen of the monitor behind where he stood. Jason was naked, having disrobed close to an hour ago so he could indulge in what had become his favorite pastime: masturbating while looking at delicious young girls, naked and ready for a man’s hard, throbbing cock.

When he’d heard the voices of Casey and Heather on the patio ten minutes ago Jason stood and hurried to the window, hoping to get a glimpse of the young girl that never failed to arouse him. And he’d been surprised. Both girls were wearing bathing suits, and the tiny thong that Heather wore revealed a stunning expanse of her tanned ass cheeks. He stood staring at her with wide, lust-filled eyes as he slowly stroked his hard, seven-inch cock.

“She’s pretty, isn’t she?”

Jason let out a small cry of surprise and whirled around to his left. He thought he’d locked the door earlier and he’d been so engrossed with staring at Heather that he hadn’t noticed when Casey went into the house. Now he stood facing her, utterly naked, with his hard cock in one hand. He was so surprised that he didn’t even try to cover himself.

“You want to fuck her, don’t you, daddy?”

“Casey – ”

“It’s ok, daddy.” Casey stepped further into the room and pushed a strand of blond, curly hair back from her face while she let her blue eyes travel slowly up and down his naked body. For a long moment, Casey rested her eyes on his hard cock before raising them to his face. “I bet you want to put that big, hard cock in her pussy and fuck her until you cum in her.”

Jason finally found his voice. “I’m so sorry you had to see this, baby.”

“I’m not, daddy.” There was a wicked gleam in her eyes as she smiled at him. “Heather is very beautiful and it’s only natural that you would be attracted to her.” Nodding at the computer monitor, she added, “And you apparently like young girls.”

“But I’m old enough…” Jason’s voice petered out and he stared shame-faced at the floor. His cock began to soften.

“Old enough to be her daddy?” Casey finished. “Lots of girls our age fuck guys who are your age, daddy.”

Casey grinned and closed the gap between them until she was standing no more than three feet away from her father. Jason wanted to back up and put distance between him and his young daughter. Especially since he was completely nude. Standing naked in front of his beautiful daughter was awkward enough and Jason was very embarrassed.

“Go ahead and jack off, daddy,” Casey said suddenly taking Jason by surprise. “Let me watch you stroke your cock.”


“C’mon, daddy. I’ve already seen you doing it. Finish it and let me see you cum.”

Jason just stood and stared at his daughter. He couldn’t believe that she had actually asked him to jack off for her. The entire episode was humiliating beyond words and Jason wanted more than ever to be anywhere else but naked in front of his daughter.

“Jack it, daddy,” she said softly.

“This is wrong, Casey.”

“No it isn’t, daddy.” Casey looked into his eyes for a long, quiet moment. “I want to watch you jack off. I want to see your big cock cum.”

In spite of himself, Jason felt his cock begin to harden. Casey saw it becoming erect also and grinned broadly. His breathing was once again harsh in his throat as it had been before his daughter walked into the room. His pulse raced and in no time he was fully hard again. He took the fat shaft between forefinger and thumb at the base and began pulling on it slowly. A drop of pre cum oozed from the purple head.

“Very nice,” Casey murmured.

Jason watched his daughter as she stared at his cock with wide, eager eyes. He pulled it slowly and stared at her pretty face while a million new thoughts bombarded his head. Chief among those thoughts was how sexy she looked, something he’d never thought about before. Standing in front of him, dressed in a skimpy bathing suit and looking even hotter than her friend, he couldn’t help but want her.

But wanting Casey like that was wrong. It was bad enough that he was letting her watch him stroke his cock, but fucking his own daughter was something he just couldn’t wrap his brain around. Still, what he was doing was curiously arousing. He found that he liked putting on a show for his sexy daughter. And, after all, who were they hurting? It wasn’t like he was fucking her, and she was old enough to watch him jack off, even if it was a little bizarre.

“You have a nice cock,” she said.

“You like watching me jack off?”

“Oh, yes!” she said looking up at him before quickly dropping her gaze back to his manhood. “Do you like stroking your cock while I watch? Does it make you hot, daddy?”

He chuckled, the tremulous sound of his voice odd in his ears. “In a strange way I do.”

Casey’s wet, pink tongue slipped from her mouth and slowly licked full lips that had become dry. The look of her tongue and her sexy lips sent a shiver of excitement deep into his stomach. Without warning an image of her delightful lips wrapped around his cock while she sucked him came to mind. He tried to push the uninvited thought away but it came back. Before long, even though he knew better, it was all he could think about.

Never had Jason thought something like this would happen to him. He couldn’t have imagined an experience like this in his wildest dreams. But that was mostly because he had never viewed Casey as a sexual object. She was his daughter and it simply hadn’t occurred to him before. Fathers and daughters don’t generally get involved with each other like this.

The closer he came to an orgasm the more he wanted to see her naked body. He wanted to see her with legs spread wide just as he’d seen other young teens her age on the Internet. Most of all, the overriding desire in his mind as he continued to stroke his cock for his daughter was being between her gorgeous legs and pushing his cock deep inside of her young, wet pussy. Jason was canlı bahis siteleri aware that his new fantasies were wrong but he couldn’t help it. He had gone beyond all reasoning.

“Get on your knees, Casey,” he said softly. The words had slipped out of his mouth without even thinking about uttering them.

As soon as the last word left his mouth he stood looking at her. She raised her eyes to his and looked at him without speaking. He had gone too far. He’d let his fantasies, his wicked lust take control without giving it a thought. Yet there was a strange look on his daughter’s face, and before he could take back the words, she suddenly dropped to her knees in front of him. Without waiting he took a step forward and let go of his member.

“Take my cock in your mouth, baby,” he heard himself say. The words were shaky, revealing the level of his arousal.

Casey smiled as she wrapped long, soft fingers around the fat shaft. “Are you sure, daddy?”

Jason nodded.

With her eyes on him, Casey pulled his cock down until the curved shaft was as level as it could be, and began licking. Jason groaned loudly. She cupped his balls with her free hand and continued to tease him with her tongue, licking and kissing the fat shaft, circling the bulbous head with her hot, wet tongue. The feel of his daughter’s tongue was driving him mad with desire and it was all he could do to keep from spraying her beautiful face with his seed.

Suddenly, Casey impaled her mouth with her daddy’s cock and began to bob her head madly up and down as she reached around with her hands and gripped his ass cheeks. Her long red nails bit sharply into the soft skin and Jason groaned. Up and down she bobbed her head, taking him deep inside of her mouth before releasing all but the massive head.

“Suck my cock, baby!” he hissed through clenched teeth. “Oh, fuck! My little girl is sucking my cock!”


Jason took his daughter’s head in his hands and began fucking her sucking, greedy mouth. He combed fingers through her curly blond hair while he stared at her sexy lips, wrapped around his shaft as he fucked her sweet mouth. He babbled nonsensical words as he fucked Casey’s mouth. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he exploded deep inside of his daughter.

“I’m gonna cum soon, Casey!” he gasped. “I can’t hold off much longer.”

Casey raised her eyes to his in a silent plea and gripped his ass cheeks tighter. Jason pushed his cock into her mouth one last time and pulled back until only the head remained inside. He cried out with passion as his cock exploded and filled his little girl with his seed. Rope after rope of cum shot from his cock as he stood holding her head in his hands and staring down into her eyes.

When she had taken the last drop of Jason’s seed, she pulled it from her mouth and looked up at him. She parted her lips long enough for Jason to see the puddle of thick, white cum on her tongue, and then she closed her mouth and swallowed while he watched. Jason groaned loudly and nearly dropped to his knees on trembling legs. It was the most erotic sight he’d ever seen.

Casey stood and wrapped her arms around his neck. Father and daughter stared at each other without speaking for a long moment. Then she rose up on tiptoe and pressed her lips to his. He tasted his cum when she parted her lips and took his tongue inside, and Jason groaned softly into her mouth.

“I don’t know what to say,” he said when he finally found his voice.

“Don’t say anything, daddy,” she said softly.

“I feel bad about, well, doing that to you.”

“Don’t,” she smiled. “I think you needed it as badly as I wanted it.”

Then she stepped back and turned to leave. At the door, she turned and looked back at her father. With a bold grin on her face, Casey said, “We can continue this later, if you like.”

Then she was gone and Jason remained standing near the window for several minutes before he finally walked back to the desk and slowly dropped into his chair. His eye caught the young teen on the monitor and he looked at her for a moment before he shut down the computer.

Chapter Two

Jason finally dressed and sat down at his desk long after Casey and Heather went back into the house. He couldn’t believe what had happened. Never had he entertained fantasies for his daughter. Although he was aware that Casey was gorgeous Jason simply hadn’t been attracted to her, mostly because she was his daughter.

He replayed the incident with his daughter, starting when she first spoke and startling him beyond belief. The almost casual way she had stood near the door, running her eyes up and down his naked body, then settling her gaze on his hard cock. The impish way she grinned and the shameless glint in her eyes as she looked at him made Jason breathless as he remembered.

Then Casey’s request that he jack off for her. His daughter had wanted to watch him masturbate and cum! And he could still see her staring at him, her beautiful eyes alive and excited as she watched his right hand pull on his hard cock. Even now, as he remembered, he felt his cock begin to harden again. Without consciously thinking about it, the forty-two-year old father began to rub the growing bulge in his trousers.

He could still hear his own words as he told his little girl to get on her knees. The long seconds that passed as she stood staring at him before she finally complied had been frightening. It would have been humiliating had Casey told him no. But she hadn’t. The way she smiled when she dropped to her knees and took his cock in one small hand and began to lick and suck it had been so thrilling that he could still feel the overwhelming, unbridled thrill.

Then, as she was leaving the room, his daughter had told him that they could continue if he wanted. Jason sucked in a deep breath as he remembered. Casey had always been somewhat forward, seldom taking an inhibited attitude with anyone. The intense expression of passion on her face as she stood for a moment at the door looking back over her shoulder at him had been an invitation. And Jason was going to accept.

Chapter Three

Tammy came home around five and prepared a quick dinner of sandwiches and salad, telling Jason and Casey that she wished she had time to make something more appetizing but she and some of her close friends had decided to play bingo that night. Although Jason was disappointed as usual with his wife’s lack of concern for her family, he let it go. The news that she would be out with her friends that evening was welcome, since he would have that time alone with Casey.

As Tammy made that announcement, he glanced at Casey and was pleasantly surprised to see a small, knowing smile on her beautiful face as she stared directly at him. The meaning had been clear to him: she was also thinking of the opportunity they had to be alone together to continue what had started earlier in his study. He nearly groaned with anticipation.

“Well, I’m headed off for a quick shower,” Jason said when dinner was over.

“Me, too,” Casey chimed in quickly, shooting another quick glance at him.

“And I have thirty minutes to meet the girls,” Tammy said as she pushed back from the table. “You two will be all right without me?”

“Sure, mom.” Casey stood and began clearing the table. “Dad and I will be fine.”

Thirty minutes later, after a long hot shower, Jason pulled on a robe and left the master bedroom. He could hear Casey’s blow dryer when he passed the hall bathroom, and smiled. An electric-like charge of eager expectation passed through him, knowing that his sexy young daughter was getting ready for him. He could almost visualize her sweet, sexy young body; naked and willing as he spread her long legs and pushed his cock deep inside of her wet, hot pussy.

He stopped suddenly as he entered the den. The overhead light and lamps were off but several candles were lit and cast the room in a dim, romantic light. He sucked in a deep breath. There was a subtle, sweet aroma coming from the scented candles that he didn’t recognize. Jason walked slowly into the room and stared at the romantic effects.

“Do you like it, daddy?”

Jason turned and looked at his daughter. She was standing just inside the doorway, dressed in a short cotton bathrobe. Her eyes were on him, her full lips spread in a sensuous smile.

“I do like it,” he nodded.

“I was hoping we could resume what we started earlier.” Casey crossed the floor until she was standing in front of her father. “I didn’t know if you would want me or Heather.”

“After what happened today?” He chuckled softly. “Heather is the furthest thing from my mind.”

Casey shrugged and grinned. “It wouldn’t matter. She isn’t into guys.”

“You mean…” Jason’s brow arched as he stared incredulously at his daughter.

“Yeah. She likes girls.” Casey laughed and touched his face with one, soft hand. “And be fore you ask I like girls, too. I just prefer guys.”

“I didn’t know.”

Casey smiled and shrugged her slender shoulders again. “It doesn’t matter. At the moment, all I want is my handsome daddy.”

Jason canted his head to one side in thought. “Listen. Just for the record, why did you decide that you wanted me?”

“It’s hard to explain,” she said. “I saw the way you looked at Heather and I knew that you would fuck her if you got the chance. But, again, she doesn’t do men. And, I know that you and mom don’t have much of a sex life, so I began to wonder what it would be like to have sex with you. One thing led to another and suddenly I wanted you, had to have you.”

They stood looking at each other for a long moment, neither one speaking. It was becoming such a bizarre day that he almost felt like he was asleep and dreaming the entire day. Without a word, Casey stepped back a couple of feet from Jason and slipped out of the bathrobe. She looked at him tipobet giriş with a smile on her pretty face as she struck a sexy, provocative pose.

“Do you want me, daddy?”

“Oh, yes!” he exclaimed breathlessly.

Casey stepped forward and pushed the robe from her father’s shoulders and let it fall to his feet. Then they were kissing, their tongues caressing, hands touching and exploring. Jason groaned softly into his little girl’s mouth as his hands ran slowly down her soft back and gripped her ass cheeks. He squeezed them hard and reveled at the small whimper that came from her mouth.

Their quiet passion turned suddenly into an a****l-like intensity and the two began to writhe and twist against each other. Casey slipped a hand between their bodies and grasped her father’s hard cock, and began to slowly pump it. Jason’s own passion was becoming so hot, so fierce that he began humping her hand.

“I want to eat your cunt, baby!” he gasped into one ear.

“Yes! Eat me, daddy I want to feel your tongue on my pussy!”

When Casey stepped back and lowered her sexy ass into Jason’s recliner, she spread her legs wide and looked directly into his eyes. He saw the look of need and desire cleanly etched into her pretty face. With a low eager groan, he dropped to his knees and began to lick and kiss the soft skin of his daughter’s soft calves and thighs.

He stared at her pussy, his eyes devouring the thin strip of blond hair above the wet, pink gash that she had recently shaved leaving the puffy mound smooth and hairless. He moaned softly as his head moved forward, brushing her soft mound with his lips. He kissed his little girl’s pussy and traced the slick, wet lips with his willing tongue, savoring the taste of Casey’s womanhood. Slowly, without any need to rush, Jason made love to his daughter’s hot little cunt.

“MMMMM!” she hissed as she took his head in her hands. “I like the way you eat me, daddy!”

Jason looked over her mound and locked eyes with his daughter. He murmured. “I could eat you forever, baby.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, daddy,” she giggled.

Casey gasped loudly when her daddy suddenly drew her sex-swollen clit between his lips and sucked it gently. She began to rock her hips slowly, brushing Jason’s mouth with her scorching hot pussy as she held his head firmly in her hands. Her eyes burned with passion as she stared at him.

“Eat me, daddyyyyy!” she cried out.

Casey became a wild a****l as the fires of her lust built into a raging inferno. Her hips moved madly while she furiously rubbed her dripping cunt against Jason’s eager mouth. She bucked and writhed wildly as her orgasm began to build into an overwhelming explosion of passion. The young girl’s face twisted into a mask of uncontrolled lust and she pulled her father’s face tighter against her pussy.

“I’m cumming!” she screamed. Oh, fuck, daddyyyyy!”

Casey pushed the heels of her pretty petite feet into the carpet and lifted her ass from the seat of the recliner. Her hips rocked uncontrollably, thrashing and bucking madly as she fell into the abyss of the most breathtaking orgasm of her young life. Then, just as suddenly as it had come, her orgasm began to abate and she slowly lowered her sexy ass back into the recliner.

Jason, on his knees between his daughter’s spread legs, gently pulled Casey’s trembling body from the recliner and into his arms. He held her close, tightly, as her arms went around his neck. She gasped for breath and hugged him tightly, her heart beating intensely from the most powerful sex of her life. She finally leaned back and stared into her father’s eyes for a long moment before leaning forward and pressing her soft lips to his.

Father and daughter kissed with a slow, easy passion. Jason ran his hands down Casey’s back and over her small, soft ass. His hands caressed and grasped her cheeks as tiny moans of contentment came from Casey’s mouth. Her hands slipped from around his neck and slid slowly, tantalizingly down his chest and stomach. A long, deep groan of pleasure came from Jason when he felt Casey’s small hands on his cock and balls.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this with my daddy but I want you so bad!” she exclaimed in a low, soft voice.

“I know,” he agreed. Then after a brief pause, he said, “I know it’s wrong, that I shouldn’t be with you like this, but I can’t help it. You are so beautiful and sexy and I need to fuck you baby. I need to fuck my little girl’s pussy!”

Casey smiled and squeezed his hard cock. “It isn’t wrong, daddy. And I want you in me so much! I need your big cock in me!”

“Oh, baby…”

Jason and Casey rolled onto their sides on the floor, facing each other. Their hands explored one another excitedly as they kissed with a growing, unbridled passion. After several minutes he gently pushed Casey onto her beck and she immediately spread her long, slender legs in anticipation. Her lovely blue eyes were on her daddy’s face as he crawled between her legs and lowered the tip of his cock until it brushed against her swollen lips.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked softly.

Casey nodded.

“Would you rather be in bed?”

“No, daddy! I need you now! I can’t wait!”

Casey took his cock in one hand and began to rub it slowly up and down between her wet, slippery lips to lubricate it. She gasped softly when the bulbous head touched her sex-swollen clit. Then she positioned it at her tight little fuck hole and smiled.

“Now, daddy! Fuck me!”

The young girl cried out when Jason pushed and the head of his cock began to spread her lips wide to accommodate the thick girth of his cock. Her arms went around his neck as she pushed her hot cunt up to take as much of him into her as she could get. When Jason was inside of his daughter, she pulled his face to hers and parted her lips to accept his tongue into her mouth.

Father and daughter began to fuck slowly, their hips rocking easily as the awesome sensation of Jason’s cock sliding in and out of Casey’s pussy stoked the fires of their lust. Casey wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and eagerly met each of his slow, deep thrusts. For Casey, it was almost surreal that she was lying naked on her back, her legs wrapped around her daddy while she excitedly accepted each lunge of his cock deep into her womanhood.

“Fuck me, daddy!” she hissed into his mouth. “You feel so good in me!”

“Oh, baby!” he said in a deep, husky voice. “I can’t believe how hot it is to fuck my little girl’s cunt!”

“I want you to fuck me hard, daddy! Make my pussy feel your big daddy-dick!”

Jason saw the look of uncontrolled passion in his little girl’s eyes and he began to fuck her with harder, faster strokes of his hard cock. She whimpered with passion and hot uninhibited lust as she met his thrusts. Their bodies began to move wildly, rocking and writhing together in an irregular pattern as their excitement continued to build. Casey could feel her daddy’s big, cum-filled balls slapping her ass and she loved it.

“Did you like the way I sucked your cock today?” she asked in a gasping voice.

“I loved it!” Jason’s voice trembled with the intensity of blistering passion. “And I loved cumming in my little girl’s mouth and watching her swallow every drop!”

“MMMMM! I love the taste of your cum, daddy! I wanted so bad to taste the seed that my daddy shot into mommy’s pussy that made her pregnant with me!”

“And soon you’re gonna get it in your hot cunt!”

“Yesssss! Fill my cunt with your daddy seed!”

Suddenly, the room that had been softly lit with candles, flooded with light. Jason and Casey quickly twisted their heads toward the door that led into the hall and looked into the startled face of Tammy Howard. Their surprise had been so complete that neither one stopped fucking. They just looked at Tammy for a long, startled moment unable to stop. It was Casey who spoke first.

“Daddy is fucking my pussy, mommy!” she whimpered in a voice filled with passion. “It feels so good!”

The whole episode was so bizarre that Jason couldn’t believe it was happening. Hearing his daughter confess with an eager, sexually charged voice that her daddy was fucking her nearly sent him over the edge. And looking into his wife’s eyes as she watched him, naked and between their daughter’s spread legs and fucking her with hard, fast and deep thrusts of his cock, was somehow more erotic than anything he’d ever experienced. For some reason he would never be able to understand, being caught by his wife while he fucked their daughter was thrilling.

“Oh, Tammy! Watch me fuck Casey’s hot little cunt! Watch me cum in her!”

“Yesssss! Cum in me, daddy!” Casey hissed.

Tammy locked eyes with her husband at the moment he came, and Jason cried out, “I’m cumming! Oh, fuck, I’m cumming in our little girl!” Photos http://cu2.io/Vd1UYV

Jason tensed and felt his cock explode, filling Casey’s pussy with thick wads of cum. She screamed and came, her slender body convulsing with a powerful, overwhelming orgasm. Locked together and lips suddenly mashed together, tongues caressing and searching excitedly, father and daughter came hard. When Jason had spilled his seed into his daughter’s pussy he finally looked back to the door to find Tammy gone.

Chapter Four

Jason and Casey finally separated and sat up. He leaned back against the sofa and looked toward the door where Tammy had stood watching them. Suddenly, he was worried. Casey was eighteen and old enough to fuck but he was also her father. That made it i****t and that was still against the law, regardless of age. He wondered – actually expected trouble from Tammy. He was certain that she would cause trouble for him. And it would ruin him and his business. Most of all, it would ruin his daughter.

“You’re worried, daddy,” Casey said looking at him.

“A little,” tipobet güvenilir mi he confessed.

“Do you think…well, that mom will call the police?”

Jason sighed. “I don’t know.”

“I shouldn’t have said what I did,” she said. Then Casey sucked in a deep, tremulous breath. “But I was so turned on and it excited me so much that mom was watching us.”

“Yeah, I know.” He grinned a feeble grin. “I felt the same way.”

“What are we going to do, daddy?”

He shook his head and stood up on legs that were still a little shaky. “I’m gonna confront her, talk to her and hopefully keep us out of trouble.”

“You want me to help?”

“No, baby. Thanks but this is something I have to do.”

Jason pulled on his robe and walked into the hall. The master bedroom door was closed and he knew that his wife was in there. He stared at the door for a long moment before walking slowly down the hall. His heart seemed to race a mile a minute as he stood with one hand on the doorknob. Finally he turned it and pushed the door open.

Tammy was sitting on the king-sized bed staring at the floor. Slowly, she raised her eyes to his and stared at him for several minutes as he searched for the right words. There didn’t seem to be anything he could say that would take the sting out of what she had witnessed. She might have been a bad wife with regard to her apparent lack of feelings for him but Jason knew she hadn’t deserved the humiliation of catching her husband fucking their young, eighteen-year-old daughter.

“Tammy…” he said finally. “We have to talk.”

“About what, Jason?” She didn’t seem to be angry but he did detect hurt in her voice. “Did you come in here to brag about fucking your little girl?”


She nodded. “Of course. You’re worried that I’ll call the police. Don’t worry, Jason, I won’t.”

“I’m sorry, Tammy.”

Jason walked to the bed and sat down beside his wife. He tried to explain what had happened, starting with what he had assumed was her lack of desire for him, and then how he had started looking at pics on the Internet. In its way, his explanation was painful, embarrassing, but nothing as bad as what Tammy had endured when she interrupted her husband and daughter fucking on the floor of the family room. He at least owed his wife the whole, unvarnished truth. He told her what had happened in his study earlier that day, which ended in what she had witnessed only minutes ago.

When he finished, Jason and Tammy sat in deep, awkward silence for a long while. Neither moved nor spoke a word. The silence was so pervasive that he could hear the ticking of the grandfather clock in the living room. Then, just as he was about to stand up and leave the room, Tammy sucked in a deep, tremulous breath.

“I know things got out of hand and what happened isn’t entirely your fault.” Tammy pushed fingers slowly through her short blond hair. She looked at him for a moment before going on. “It took a lot of courage for you to come in here, Jason. I at least owe you an explanation.

“The reason I became indifferent to making love to you was never your fault. Years ago when I was in college my roommate seduced me. I can’t explain it but I really enjoyed making love to a woman.” She looked at him quickly. “Don’t get me wrong…I enjoyed making love to you, Jason, but I needed a woman, too. I was afraid to say anything to you, afraid that you would hate me.”

The room retreated back to heavy silence for a few long minutes. Jason kept silent, knowing that she wasn’t finished. Still, his wife’s revelation that she was either a lesbian or bisexual – he wasn’t sure about that – had c*** as surprise.

“Cindy Wilson and I have been lovers for the past five years,” Tammy went on. She looked at Jason with moist eyes. “I do love you, darling, but I also love Cindy. And, I must confess that I have missed having you inside of me. I guess when I saw you and Casey tonight I was a little jealous. I saw how beautiful and sexy our daughter has become and I was jealous that you and her…”

“I didn’t know,” he said after a long pause.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and Casey walked in. She stood not far from the bed biting her bottom lip as she looked at her mother. Mother and daughter stared at each other for a long moment before Casey suddenly shrugged from her robe and let it fall to the floor at her feet.

“I’m bisexual, too, mom,” Casey said softly as she stepped forward between Tammy’s legs.

“Darling…” Tammy whispered.

“I heard what you told daddy.” Casey gently took Tammy’s face in her soft hands. Slowly, she brought her mother’s mouth close to her right breast. “Suck my nipple, Mommy!”

Tammy groaned when she felt her daughter’s hard, fat nipple brushing her lips. Jason watched with a surprised expression on his face as Tammy parted her lips and gently sucked their daughter’s nipple into her mouth. For several delightful minutes he watched his wife alternately suck and lick their daughter’s nipples while he slowly stroked his cock.

Tammy scooted back on the large bed and pulled Casey along beside her. The two women lay side by side facing each other as they kissed with unconcealed desire. Their hands began to caress and explore and Tammy gasped softly when she felt her daughter’s hand between her legs.

“You’re wet, mom,” Casey observed with a grin.

“Oh, darling,” Tammy smiled. “The idea of making love to my sexy little girl has made me so hot and wet for you.”

“So you don’t mind that daddy fucked me?” Casey asked.

“Not as long as I can have you, too,” the forty-two-year old mother said with a broad grin. “Of course, he’ll have to fuck me, as well, because I’ve missed having his cock deep in my cunt.”


Jason gasped softly as he listened to his wife and daughter talk. He shrugged out of the robe and grasped his hard seven-inch cock in one hand and began to stroke it while he watched the two women make love.

“I’m not on the pill, mom,” Casey said searching her mother’s face. “Daddy shot his baby seed in me and I might be pregnant now.”

“Do you want to have your daddy’s baby, Casey?” Tammy said after a brief pause.

“Yes,” the young girl answered simply.

Looking across at her husband, Tammy said, “I think you would look so beautiful with your daddy’s baby in your tummy. And I want to have another baby with him, too.”

Jason nearly came as he looked into his wife’s eyes and listened to her speak about him making both of them pregnant. Impregnating his wife and young daughter was such a wicked, erotic notion that he groaned softly. His pulse began to race as he lay watching his two favorite women.

Tammy chuckled and eyes her husband’s hard cock. “I think you’re going to be very busy for the next few days if you’re going to make us pregnant.”

Without another word, Tammy rolled her daughter over and slipped between Casey’s widespread legs. She positioned her ass in the air and looked over her shoulder at Jason with a provocative smile.

“Fuck me, Jason,” she pleaded softly. “Fuck my cunt hard and give me your baby seed! Fill me with your lovely cock while I eat my beautiful daughter’s pussy!”

Jason needed no further urging. He got on his knees behind Tammy’s well-rounded ass and guided his cock to the slick, wet opening of her pussy. She groaned when he pushed and sank his meat deep inside of his wife. Casey gasped with pleasure as her mother’s tongue and lips began to devour her pussy.

Tammy moaned and began to consume her daughter’s shaved pussy, tasting her husband’s cum on the pink wet folds. She ate voraciously, enjoying every second of it. The feel of her husband’s cock in her and knowing that she had begged him for his baby was so arousing that she became forceful, instantly bringing her daughter to a mind-blowing orgasm. She stayed with her daughter’s frantic writhing, continuing to feast on Casey’s young pussy with eager delight. She couldn’t get enough.

Jason, on his knees behind his wife and plowing her pussy for the first time in more than a year, reached for his daughter’s feet and pulled them close to his face. They were beautiful, and so well formed! The nails of her slender, delicious toes were painted the same bright red as her finger nails. With pounding heart, he sucked the big toe of Casey’s left foot deep into his mouth and began to suck it eagerly.

‘Mommy!” Casey gasped. “Daddy’s sucking my toes! Oh, fuck, that’s so hot!”

“That is hot!” Tammy exclaimed, looking back over her shoulder at Jason. “Suck your daughter’s toes, darling! Lick her sexy feet!”

Father, mother and daughter became almost a****listic as their passion continued to build. Jason reached under his wife, grasped her tits and began to knead them, roll her heavy globes together as she kept her face buried in their daughter’s steamy hot cunt. Tammy cried out with pleasure when Jason began to pinch and pull her hard nipples.

“Yesssss!” she gasped into Casey’s pussy. “Hurt my nipples, Jason!”

He slapped her ass, hard.

“Yes!” she screamed.

Jason looked at his daughter’s face and saw that she was on the verge of cumming a second time on her mother’s face. The whole episode was like something from a different plane, a different, alien world. As Casey began to slip into another orgasm he noticed that Tammy wasn’t far behind, and realized that he couldn’t hold off much longer, either.

“I’m gonna cum!” he gasped.

“Cum in me!” Tammy begged. “Please make me pregnant, Jason!”

“Mommyyyyy!” Casey screamed as she began to cum.

Almost at the same time, the three began to orgasm. Their bodies rocked and writhed together in the middle of the big bed as all three succumbed to the most intense climaxes of their lives. It seemed to go on forever before Jason and Tammy finally collapsed on the bed on each side of their daughter. They lay gasping and kissing and touching for a long while.

All three understood that this night was a turning point in their lives and relationship. And, as they lay together, Jason also understood that this was really Family Love, for the three had shared an experience, an act of love that none of them would ever forget.

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