30 Kasım 2022

My wife and the gardeners at home

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My wife and the gardeners at home
I was suspecting my sweet Ana was cheating on me, because she looked very relaxed sometimes when I came home after work.
Something strange was happening and I wanted to know what…

I surf the web and finally came across a surveillance camera built into a teddy bear. That was a good idea. My loving Ana loved those nice teddy bears. Then I bought one for her, including the camera inside…

She was delighted and told me the toy would rest in a confortable shelf inside our bedroom. Just what I wanted…

After a few days of watching Anita running around doing just the ordinary housekeeping, I noticed something interesting every time the lawn mower guys showed up in the morning.
Ana always took some cold beer cans out to those guys. They were a giant black man and two Mexican guys.

One day, after finished mowing, the giant black guy came into the house. I could hear him telling Ana that there was a sprinkler that was cracked and should be repaired. She asked how much and he said the price. He added that he would come back later that day after they finished their rounds in the neighborhood, to fix it.

Ana called me to inform the situation and I told her to go ahead.

Early afternoon the black guy came into the house with no shirt on and dripping sweat. He told Ana that the sprinkler was fixed and he asked my wife for a drink.
I could see that Ana now had some fresh make up on, had her hair in a ponytail and was wearing a low cut white sundress that showed her tan and her nice cleavage. I started to worry.

The black guy, who I later discovered was named Tyler, asked her for a cold beer. Ana gave him a can of my favorite brand.
He told her she should have one as well and my wife, who had never liked beer, just agreed…
After three more cans both were getting along way too well.

My wife said that she would go to our bedroom and left the kitchen for a few moments. Then all of a sudden, Tyler walked over to her and grabbed her waist with his heavy black hands. Then he kissed her on the lips.
I could see the look of shock on her face and he quickly took her soft small hand and placed it on his bulging shorts. Tyler suggested they could do a trade out instead of that price for that sprinkler…

My sweet wife had a look of lust on her face and she stammered that her husband would not approve it, but she continued to stroke the front of his shorts as she told him her objections.

Tyler canlı kaçak bahis kissed her again and then pulled his shorts down to his knees. His cock was hanging down like a long black snake.

He was now completely nude except for his shoes. My sweet wife was stroking his huge black cock like it was her favorite toy.
The black guy pulled her dress up over her head and her big tits were now exposed to his view. She was essentially naked, except for a tiny cotton thong. He pinched her nipples and mauled her big tits while telling her she was going to be his new sex toy.

Anita was moaning like I had never heard before. She reached down with her other hand and cupped his balls as she slowly sank to her knees. She wrapped her lips around that giant swollen purple cockhead and Tyler told her a good girl should worship his cock…
He asked if she wanted to experience his magic pole in her pussy. Then I saw Anita’s cotton thong was soaking wet.

My sweet wife licked up and down that hard black shaft like a woman possessed. She ran her tongue over his massive mushroom cockhead as she moaned softly.

Tyler started telling her how she would worship his cock from now on and she would do whatever he wanted, once he fucked her…

Ana moaned and told him she wanted him to fuck her now, because her pussy was on fire. Then that black bastard ordered her to lay down on our marital bed and he would make her his personal married white whore. He slapped Ana´s ass cheeks and with a quick motion, he dragged her thong out of her soft body.

My wife obeyed him and got on the bed, spreading her legs for him. She rubbed her clit as she begged him to put it in her wet cunt.
Tyler smiled and told her:

“You know you still have to drink my cum like a good white slave”

“I’ll do whatever you want if you just fuck me” She sobbed crying.

The black bastard got on top of her and started to inch his massive black rod into her wet hole. Anita leaned up and licked the sweat off his chest as he pushed his pole further in. She was responding like a whore in heat…

Tyler pushed his cock all the way in and Anita let out a scream, a scream of pleasure I had never heard. As he pulled it out she started telling him how he could fuck her anytime he wanted.

He told her that depended on how well she followed his orders. As he pounded her pussy harder, she promised she would do anything he wanted. Tyler laughed. Then he fucked her for about güvenilir casino twenty minutes and then suddenly pulled his cock out and straddled her chest as he put the head of his cock up against her lips.

“Open up and drink my black cum like the good whore you are…”

Anita obediently opened her mouth and he pushed his thick mushroom head in as he started to cum in my sweet wife’s mouth.

He then made her lick and suck his cock clean. There was no doubt that my wife was now his new sex toy. I could only watch in awe…

Tyler told her he had to go back to work but would come by again next Thursday. She begged for him to come back sooner. He told her he would make her wait worth wild.

The next few days were basically a repeat of the first day. Tyler showed up every afternoon to fuck my sweet wife’s hot cunt; just her cunt; he never tried to take her in the asshole…
But then one day, Tyler showed up bringing a friend with him.

The new guy was in his late forties. He was a black bald man and was really another giant. Ana looked perplexed as Tyler introduced his friend as his uncle Frankie.

Tyler told my wife that he brought his uncle to show him his beautiful married white sex slave. He added that he had told him that she had a thing for big black cocks…
His uncle laughed and they both went and sat on our marital bed.

Ana looked nervous about that new black man being there. Tyler suggested she could use a new satin outfit he had bought for her.

My wife went into the bathroom and a while later she came out.
She was wearing black garters and heels, a tiny thong panty and a little black bustier. Her boobs were pushed up and almost falling out of the top.
Uncle Frankie let out a low whistle as Tyler told her to do a little dance for them. Ana hesitated for a second and then quickly started to dance slowly and seductively in front of those two leering men.

Tyler moved his hand and removed the bustier, making Ana´s magnificent boobs to be on full display for those two bastards…

I could see Anita’s reluctance as Tyler told her to stick her hand in her thong and finger herself. But she rubbed her own pussy soon…

Uncle Frankie seemed pleased that his nephew was sharing my wife with him. All of a sudden he grabbed my wife and pulled her down onto his lap. Then he started to maul her soft boobs…

Ana protested; as Frankie started fingering her wet cunt with one hand. She began to moan and whimper casino firmalari as the black man continued to finger her. He stood up and took off his shirt and then dropped his pants. He stroked his black cock and I could see that it was not quite as long as Tyler’s, but it was very thick…

When he felt his black serpent was fully hard, he ordered Ana to lay down on the bed and spread her pussy lips for him. Amanda looked at Tyler who just nodded at her.
Then she obeyed and pulled her labia open as Uncle Frankie knelt down above her and lined up his thick pole with my wife’s dripping hole.

He pushed his pole in with one quick thrust and Ana grunted like she did when she was giving birth. Frankie brutally fucked his stiff rod in and out of my wife’s wet hole. He pushed her long legs up above her head as his fat belly slapped her legs.

Frank started pumping her in a wild way, as my sweet wife again started behaving like a whore in heat, telling that black bastard how much she loved his thick black cock smashing her wet pussy.

The black man said he was going to cum and my wife told him she wanted to drink his semen. Then Frankie pulled his cock out of her wet hole and told her to open up and suck the juice out of his cock.
My sweet wife wrapped her lips around his slime coated cock and he grabbed the back of her head and shoved his cock deeper down her throat. Suddenly his cock started spewing cum on Ana’s face.

I could see my sexy wife trying desperately to swallow his load. After he finished coming in her mouth, he pulled his wet cock out and slapped her face with it. He ordered her to lick it clean.

“Later I want to fuck her tight white married ass”. Frankie said.

Tyler walked over to Ana with his half hard cock in his hand and made her start sucking him off. After several minutes of worshipping, he bent Ana over the edge of the bed and slapped her ass. He pushed his black fuck stick into her sopping wet hole and then proceeded to fuck her in a very wild way. He brutally slammed his cock into Ana, as she cried and shouted begging for mercy.

She groaned as Tyler reached around and squeezed her tits hard to make her suffer a little bit more…
I saw Tyler’s ass cheeks clenched up as he was depositing a load of burning semen into my wife´s cunt.
After a few more hard plunges, he pulled his wet cock out of her cunt and Ana turned around and cleaned him off.
Then both black bastards left her alone and went out.

Ana stayed there, lying flat on the bed face down on the sheets. I could see a large amount of sticky semen flooding out from her used and abused cunt. She was wasted…

I thought that double visit would be the last one… but I was wrong…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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