4 Aralık 2022

My Son in Law (Part 02)

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My Son in Law (Part 02)
By Dina Petro

A continuation of the same story from part (1)
Writer’s Note:
Dearest Fans & readers, this is a true story that happened to one of my very close friends, not me personally, but she had given me the full consent and approval, to go ahead and write it.
Of course I have done my best to alter all of the personal facts and informations, to protect the privacy and personal life of her and her family, it will be written as the first person, in my own words, for making it more fun to read and enjoy, the story was broken into a few parts to avoid making it boring for the readers.

My Son in Law (Part 2)

A continuation of the same story from part (1)

I said “I asked if you were sleeping in my room last night and you did not answer me, did you or did you not sleep in my bed last night?”
She did not answer, but she looked at her sister, Sheila, who started talking to me instead saying “No mom, she did not sleep in your bed, it was Josh, my husband who was sleeping in your bed when you came in”
I screamed as loud as I could “what? What did you just say?”

She answered almost whispering “but mom, we did not know you were coming, we knew that you still need two more days to come back”
I screamed “so what? I could come into my own house any time I want”
She said “yes of course mom, it is your house after all”
I said “why the hell would your husband sleep in my room, alone?”
She was looking down, fully ashamed saying “well, actually mom, we have been sleeping in your house for the last two days, together in your bedroom, I hope you do not mind?”
I said “no, I do not mind of course, but why was he sleeping alone here last night?”
She said “we were mad at each other, we almost had a fight, and I got upset, left the room and went to my sister’s room to sleep with her, leaving him alone in your bedroom”
Hearing that, I almost fainted, my legs could not hold me anymore, I almost fell down, sitting on my bedside, I was silent, then I looked at the girls saying “leave me alone please for a moment, I need to be alone”
They walked out without arguing, closing the door behind them when I had a fit, remembering I was actually fucked hard and deep by my own son in law last night, how could he? then I remembered my reactions of spreading my legs, lifting my ass up to make it comfortable for him to lick me, then to fuck me, he must have thought I wanted him to do it, although I did not mean to, I did not have a clue it was him in my bed, oh god! What is that?
I picked my cell phone calling Josh, he answered me, I said “where are you now Josh?”
He said “in my house mom”
I said “you stay foot and wait for me right there, I will be there as soon as I can”
He asked “anything wrong mom?”
I said “just wait for me; we need to talk seriously ok?”
I got dressed so fast, I just wore güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the first thing I touched from my closet, my hand fell on a dress, I did not look at it, got up, walked to the door then to my car, driving direct to my daughter’s house, which was very close to ours, as soon as I got in, Josh had prepared the coffee already, he handed me a cup, I sat down, looking him straight in the eyes with a look that was full of anger and sorrow same time.
He asked “what mom? What is wrong?”
I said “and you are asking me? Look Josh, I have taught my daughters that in my family, only the straight, forward truth is said, and that is the only thing I want to hear, what happened last night?”
Josh sat down right across from me saying “and I am one member of your family mom, I promise to act exactly as the rest”
I screamed “then stop calling me mom for Christ sake, you fucked me last night and came inside my fucking pussy”
He looked me in the eyes saying “true, I will not deny it and will never ever regret it either, but you are still my mom, aren’t you?”
I was damn confused at that moment, angry, mad, and confused all same time; I did not say a word, just looking him in the eyes, waiting for an answer.
He looked down, shyly, while saying “if I am sorry about anything in the world, it is because you were drunk, not knowing what you were doing, I did not realize it till it was all over, it was only then, that I realized you did not know what was happening, simply because you did not say a word to me, you did not argue, you just went to sleep”
To be honest, hearing him say that, made me very comfortable, I felt lots of guilt was thrown away off of my shoulders, it was the first moment I smile since I entered his house, I looked him in the eyes with the smile still on my face saying “so you know I did not plan it or have anything to do with it, I did not know about it either till I woke up today”
He nodded saying “yes, and I am one hundred percent sure of that now, I don’t even have a zero doubt of it”
I was fully released, but the sin was still there, and it was done, its effect was much less on me by then, I said “then what happened? And how did it happen?”
Josh looked at me saying “mom, it was all by a coincidence, but I will repeat myself again, I do not regret it at all, I am not sorry it happened, and I do hope and wish it would again”
I screamed so loud “what?”
He said “sorry mom, but it Is the truth, may be what happened last night, was an accident in the beginning, but later on, I was aware of what I was doing, and I was enjoying each and every moment of it, and I can explain, but please do not be mad at me, and be patient, I had so many dreams about it earlier”
I said “let us postpone your dreams for now, I want to know what happened last night, and canlı casino siteleri how did it happen that way, of course I cooperated with you to make it happen that way, but I have my explanations too, hoping you would believe me”
He said “ok, I was in deep sleep when I felt a lovely, soft and sexy nude body touching mines, I was sleeping fully naked as well as you were, first I thought it was your daughter, my wife Sheila, I figured she must have wanted to make it up and close the argument we had, which was silly and so small, so I thought she took off her clothes and came in bed with me”
I smiled, and he continued saying “When I woke up on the gorgeous feeling, I started feeling your ass, still thinking it was here’s, cooperation was full from your end, thinking it was her and knowing she wanted me to do so, in fact, and I swear I am not lying or falsifying anything, the feel of your skin when I touched your ass first, was more like silk, it was much softer and sexier than your daughter’s ass, although you are much older than her”
I found myself saying “you are a lying asshole, she is so young, and I am twice her age”
He said “I swore to you to tell the truth mom, and that is the sole truth I swear again”
I said “so you realized it was her mother not her?”
He nodded saying “yes, I did not know how, but I knew it was you when I opened my eyes after the feel of your body with my hand”
I said “why didn’t you stop, and wake me up when you figured it is your wife’s mother, your own mother in law, not your wife who was nude in bed with you?”
he answered “many reason’s, first of all, it may be the first time I dare tell you that, I have been so much fond of you personally, and more fond of your body sexually, I had many dreams of having sex with you, it was one of my life goals to get under your dress or pants, I have no reason to lie here”
I did not comment or say a word, he continued “it was my life chance having you in bed, fully naked with me, I did not know by then what was on your mind, but it suited my feelings, my dreams, why would I spoil it?”
He continued saying “I started feeling your body all over, I went to your tits and nipples, I was so happy to find the hard nipples you had, which were enough signs to tell me something, that you were awake, enjoying what I was doing, till then that was my thinking, then when my hand went to your inner thighs and down to your …..Pussy, I was so amused, happy to be rewarded with a fully wet pussy, fully swelled pussy lips, as if I was truly welcomed in there, the rest you know”
I was silent for a moment, but I knew I was turning all read, then I said almost whispering “and I was cooperating with you, lifting my body up to you, getting closer in your hug and arms, allowing you access to my naked body, but I have an explanation to all of canlı poker oyna that, when my turn comes, I hope you would believe me”
He said “I believe you mom, whatever you say, I know you very well, but please give me the benefit of doubt, as at that moment, all I was thinking when I received your cooperation, and the actions you took, and have just mentioned, all where clear signs, telling me, you wanted me to go on, that is why I did”
I was looking down without a word, fully ashamed of myself.
Josh continued saying “mom, I have already told you that I knew the truth and knew you did not have anything to do with it on purpose, there is no need to be ashamed or get hard on yourself, in front of your own son in law”
I looked at him, with some tears in my eyes, nodding and whispering “ok, go ahead please”
He said “I will not say what happened, because we both know it already, not because I do not want to say it, repeat it, and feel it again and again, but only to avoid hurting you any further till things are clear”
He looked at me saying “mom, I know you are my mother in law, your daughter is my wife and lover, I do love her so much, and nothing will stop me from loving her deeper, but you are the only woman in the whole world who have attracted my eye sight, my feelings and all of my attentions in every which way including sexual attractiveness, you may not know how gorgeous you are mom, you are the prettiest and the sexiest woman I have ever seen on mother earth since I was born”
I looked him deep in the eyes with a smile saying “and you are not ashamed saying it, saying I am your mom, my daughter is your lover and wife and you are thinking of me that way, Sexually too?”
He said “no mom, I am not ashamed of it, I would never be ashamed of it, what happened last night was a god gift to me that I will appreciate for the rest of my life, please allow me to be rude and direct, I will never ever forget the taste of your pussy lips and pussy odors in my mouth, never ever will forget the feel of my dick sliding in and out of your pussy, it was pure heaven on earth for me, I am hoping, wishing and praying it would happen to me again and again, no matter what you think or decide about it”
I was totally shocked, to clearly notice a full ‘hard on’ of his dick under his lose shorts, making a tent that was rising so fast, till I almost saw the full length of his hard dick under his shorts, I was totally surprised screaming at him “and you are not ashamed being turned on, having a ‘hard on’ while talking to your own mother in law?”
He wasn’t ashamed of his hardening dick in front of my eyes, he did not even bother to hide it or do anything about it, he just shook his head right and left with the widest smile saying “no I am not ashamed, I will tell you why I have this hard on, but let me ask you first please, you were so mad, trembling of anger, when you decided to come and see me, It must have been right after taking a shower?”
I screamed “yes, how in hell, did you know?”

To be continued in (part 3) of the same story

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]

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