17 Ağustos 2022

My Silk Boxers

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I went to bed, alone again. It was one of those stretches we go through where sex isn’t on her mind, so it isn’t happening. It was one of those stretches where I am more intimate with my right hand and excited about exercising its wrist muscles than anything with her.

You have to understand, we’ve been married 27 years, both faithfully, and aside from a couple medically challenged bumps in the road, we’ve had an active and satisfying love life together. We each know how to push the other’s buttons just so, whether we want to interest the other or to tease them, whether we want them to luxuriate in a sensual moment of candlelight and massage, or feel sweaty heated raw animal passion.

We communicate well, we share similar tastes and dreams, and we share everything. This one night we shared more than I expected.

She came to bed later than me one night, after a good dinner, plenty of wine, and a rousing game of foosball with my son, who was home visiting from college. I awoke to the feeling of her warm body lying on top of me as she smothered me with kisses. Nothing works better as an aphrodisiac on her than a good bottle of red wine. Unfortunately, it tends to make me happy and sleepy, so if she delays acting on the Romantic effects of the wine, it simply means she’ll be waking me up later. That can be a bit of an annoyance, but only until the sleep clears from my brain enough to realize what is happening.

After fethiye escort a good deal of kissing, she climbed beneath the covers to find I had donned a pair of silky boxers and a t-shirt. Something clicked in the feel of the boxers in her mind.

“Oooh” she cooed, “I like these on you.”

I had thought she was kissing passionately before, but she stepped it up as she ran her hands all over me through the boxers. She delayed reaching her target. I was so excited and aching to feel her hands find my erection, and the longer she put it off, the closer I pulled her to me until I was able to wrap my legs around her, and began to rub my hardness against her thigh.

“You are too impatient!” she said. “I was enjoying these. I really like them, they feel so good.”

She was rubbing back, having wrapped her thighs around my hip, still rubbing her hands all over. She continued to mumur how she liked them and how hot she was feeling making love while I wore them.

“They must feel so good to wear.”

I pulled her panties down her legs while whispering “Do you want to find out? Do you want to feel them?”

“Yes” she whispered intensely.

I slid them down my legs, and up hers. She was taking little gasping breaths as I did, and as soon as they were over her hips it felt as if she had been electrified. Already wearing one of my sleeveless undershirts on top, she was now dressed escort fethiye for bed in my clothes.

She looked so hot as she writhed on the sheet, feeling the thrill of the silky faric running on her most delicate spots. I ran my hands all over them too, and was equally excited, evident by my now naked hard on. She then pulled me close to her, and I had to get my hands underneath the shorts. She pinned my hand beneath the smooth skin on her ass, to which I responded with a gentle squeeze.

I bent down to kiss her nipples through the ribbed cotton of the clinging undershirt, and as I rubbed them with my lips, she squirmed even more. When she began a full speed assault on her clit with her own hand down the waistband, I began to smell that intoxicating essence of what I knew was an absolutely dripping pussy. I let my nose follow the scent of sex, and pulled the leg aside again, allowing access to dip my tongue in and taste the juices on her clit.

She began to talk to me then, telling me how good it felt. She laid her hands on my head and gently guided me around to give attention to her clit, her dripping pussy, her thighs, and her tight butt cheeks. I teased her anus with a finger, always moving gently, barely brushing her, and carefully keeping her body covered as much as possible with both the shirt and boxers. When she reached her climax, her wetness was everywhere, soaking my prized sleepwear.

I fethiye escort bayan never knew her to last so long in an orgasm, I thought she would never stop. But she continued to writhe in her passion as wave after wave of sexual energy washed through her charged body. When her orgasms finally subsided, she pulled me up to her and kissed me deeply.

She tasted her own wetness from my mouth and eagerly drank it in, then put her hands on my waist and pulled me so I entered her through the leg of the shorts, right into the pussy I had just stimulated again and again. It felt incredible when I found the opening. Her juices oozed from her, but there was still plenty inside her to offer me the most amazing velvety warm sensation. It was as if I had made love to this woman for the first time, not just the latest round in 27 years of dedicated passion.

We kissed and our bodies locked on each other, mine naked and hers dressed with my garments. As I felt my climax approach, she shivered with another round of her own. In that moment I remembered how she felt our first time, and suddenly knew our next 27 years were to hold all the promise and love of the first. We just lay there sipping the moment until I softened and slowly withdrew.

“You’re not going to wear these tonight, they’re so wet.” She said as she slid them off.

“It’s ok,” I said. “I don’t plan to wear anthing.”

“Good” she said. She removed the shirt, turned over, and backed herself into me. As I felt her butt against my groin, I knew the night was not over. “When you’re ready, it’ll be your turn to wake me.”

“It won’t be long” I said. “Don’t close your eyes.”

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