27 Eylül 2023

My Perfect Other Half Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Min and Nya

During the month that followed, Bree treated Tyler no differently than any of her other underlings at school. However, she invited him to her home three more times. At each meeting, she repeated the same routine by having him strip and stand naked before her. During each session, she stroked his shaft and reiterated what it was she expected when he finally got to be with the girls. During the first two sessions, Bree remained dressed. She wouldn’t even let him touch her body. The awkwardness he felt while standing before her naked and feeling vulnerable while she remained fully dressed served to highlight their opposing roles of dominant and submissive. Bree knew he needed more work. He needed to fully surrender his will to hers. By having him stand naked while she wasn’t and allowing her to stimulate his cock to the point of near-ejaculation, she knew his mind would open itself to her teachings. It took four meetings but once complete, she had no doubts concerning how he would respond when given over to the girls.

“I want you to get used to this,” she kept repeating. “There is nothing wrong with you being naked while I’m not. And there is nothing inappropriate with me stroking your hard shaft while you stand here with your hands behind your back and let me do what I want with this gorgeous thing. You can arch into me but if you do, you have to stay there. That’s it. I love it when a man presents his cock toward me knowing it’s up to me to do what I want. Mmm, it makes you look so manly and so giving. Tyler, you have a handsome body. The girls will love it.”

Words like these were repeated several times in various forms, all while Bree caressed his manhood. She seemed to have a special talent when it came to getting him aroused but not giving him enough attention to spill his seed.

“You will open your heart to my girls. You will let them do whatever they want. You will make every effort to make their night a night to remember. You will not be Mr. McGhee to them when you are with them. You will be, Tyler. You will be the good-looking guy they want to play with. And you will allow them to play with you however they wish.”

“Yes, ma’am. I will. I’ll do whatever they want.”

Again and again, Brianna took the time to indoctrinate him in this alternate way of thinking. Making certain he associated his presence with a female in a position of power, she did her best to communicate and reiterate the subservient role he would play. Because Tyler was such the intellect, it took some persistence on her part, but Brianna knew if she could successfully defeat whatever mental blocks hindered complete compliance, she had the opportunity to alter his view of women whenever presented with a similar situation. Because Bree would make Tyler meet the girls at her home, it was important for him to associate her home with him displaying an attitude of submissive obedience. It was her hope he would undergo a fundamental change of heart, that would alter his attitude with all women regardless of his encounter with them. That, of course, was the goal, but one that remained more a theoretical behavioral modification outcome than fact.

During their final rendezvous, Bree consented to have him serve her sexually. It was with delight that when she greeted him naked, he dropped instinctively to his knees at the front door. His actions made her beam with pride. “Oh you are such a good boy, my Tyler,” she said. “Come in and strip. Show me your pretty cock.”

After stripping he fell to his knees a second time. “Why are you doing this?”

“I don’t know,” he replied shyly. “I feel like I should. You are so beautiful.”

“I know I am but you won’t be licking me on your knees this time. Tonight I’m going to use you while your face while you lay on your back. I want to give it a good fucking.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“First, I want to touch your cock. Come upstairs so we can talk while I stroke you. We have things to review.”

After a prolonged session of stroking and feeling assured he was mentally where he needed to be, she proceeded to fuck his face much in the same manner Dana had done years before. Not only did she bring herself to a powerful orgasm but she did so several times. When she was finally through, and when she was certain she had bruised his cheeks and nose, she slid off to one side. Feeling utterly satisfied, she pulled his face into her crotch

“Stay there and breathe in my scent.”Although she was sweating and exhausted from nearly an hour of fucking, she was more than pleased with his response. He had taken everything she had to give. Watching him with his nose buried deep in her matted nest, she allowed him several minutes there. “He will be smelling me for hours,” she thought.”

Pushing his face away with her hand, she kicked him out of bed and got herself comfortable. “I’m through with you. Go home. Lock my door on your way out.” These last words weren’t what he had expected but while driving home, he realized they were more than appropriate. He was a guy whose role was to ensure her pleasure. Bakırköy escort They were not, nor would they ever be a couple. It was a reality that took some while to accept but he had. Even during their last get-together, he knew he was there only because she bid him come.

That night, he came hard under the sheets while laying in the blackness of his dorm room. Although Tyler couldn’t ignore the fact he had been used and that Bree had no romantic interest in him, he kept telling himself she had to feel something. How could she not? She bared her body to let him visually feast on her nakedness. She had let him bring her to the most intimate of places – a climax of unparalleled magnitude; and she had done this not once, not twice but so many times! For her not to feel something for him made no sense.

But she had no interest. Her message had been consistent. From their first time, she had been upfront with him. “It’s not about me and you, it’s about you obeying what I tell you.” That’s what she had told him and that’s how she acted every day at school since that first time. This was a business relationship.

Still, it was difficult for him to separate his desire to associate his actions with a romantic connection. Bree must have told him a hundred times, that the use of his body by her or Min or Nya was more than them doing what they wanted, simply because they could. And it worked. He longed to be that guy for her. Every day he came to work hoping she’d tell him to come over and every day he left feeling a loss because she hadn’t. He ached to smell her scent, ached to see her nakedness, ached to be in her presence, and ached to feel her hand stroking his cock – knowing that what she was doing was manipulating his mind. He didn’t care. All he wanted was to be with her come under her spell.

Bree had taken over a part of his subconscious. Min and Nya had taken over another part. He had no sexual relationship with them. At least not yet. But he knew Bree had told them things about him. They flirted overtly knowing how he’d respond. Outwardly they knew he’d tell them to get back to work, but they also knew his penis thought something different. Ever since that day in class when the girls made the accusation that the erection bulging under his pants was an indication of how pretty Ms. Hunt was in his eyes things escalated. They never got overly frisky, but he knew something was going on. They were too playful and too flirty. He downplayed their attention but thought about them all the time.

Their flirtatious advances, combined with what he knew he would eventually be called to do when Bree brought them together, caused him to see them in a different light. They weren’t just kids. They weren’t just high school seniors. They were young women. They were only a little more than three years his contemporary.

His eye became drawn to the figure of the tall slender oriental girl with the perky tits. Min was a delicate beauty and she soon became an active part of his mind whenever he had free time to dream and fantasize. He wondered what she might be like to fuck, whether she came hard and loud and what she loved doing most in bed. He envisioned being on top of her slender frame while pounding his eight-inch rod deep into her sopping fissure until explosively cumming.

And then there was Nya. He pictured his white cock disappearing inside her dark pussy. It was a fantasy he wished Bree would have allowed him to experience but knew the only black girl he’d ever fuck would be Nya – and only if she wanted. Nya wasn’t a consolation prize. Not by any stretch of the imagination. She was indeed a beauty who was built similar to Bree albeit a little less endowed.

Brianna was blessed with envious DD tits. Nya’s were more akin to a hefty C cup. He couldn’t wait to see both girls standing side by side knowing they both wanted to fuck him. He wondered if they would be taking turns or if Bree would be joining them to make it a threesome. Maybe he might even get the chance to be alone with them and save the sharing romp for a later time. His mind was awhirl with erotic scenarios.

It was these thoughts and so many other similar ones that changed his mental perception toward these girls. They were no longer the ‘fun girls in biology’ who he enjoyed helping. They had become sexual triggers. Keeping his aroused cock hidden while with them became almost impossible. In truth, he hadn’t succeeded in hiding his carnal desires. The comments and innuendos continued. He blushed at least once every day. Unbeknownst to Tyler, Min and Nya talked nearly every day about seeing his thick cock getting stiff while snaking partway down his inner thigh.

“Be at my place at 4 and be on time,” the text read. It was from Bree. Tyler smiled. The text was similar to the previous one she sent a few weeks ago. This time she wanted him to come over in the afternoon. All the other times she ordered him to her place when it was well after dinner.

“I’ll be there.” He texted back and checked his watch. It was a little after two. He had tutoring escort bayan in the chemistry class he was in now, and another chem class next door before school ended. “Why did she have to send this message so early?” Her text made the time until the final bell rang pass that much more slowly. He could almost smell Bree’s pussy and taste the musky nectar of her aroused pussy juices.

It was a few minutes before the hour when he pulled to a stop and parked behind her car. Knocking on the door he waited. As with every time before, his heart pounded palpably and his hands got clammy. He felt like a male escort. Here he was, prostituting himself at his employer’s residence but if he were honest, this was where he wanted to be more than anywhere. He loved doing what she wanted and hoped Brianna would permit him to see her voluptuous body while bowing before it and satisfying her dripping cunt.

“Well, lookie who showed up at my door,” she said gleefully. “Don’t you look like a handsome specimen? Come in. Come in,” she offered while smiling deviously.

“Hi Bree,” he said as calmly as his racing heart and mind would allow.

Bree held up a glass of wine. “Want a glass? Looks like you could use some,” she said giggling.

“I’d love one. I’m always a little nervous when I come here.”

“As you should be. I like you that way.” Her smile conveyed so much more than her words.

Bree left for the kitchen while Tyler waited impatiently in the living room. He jumped with surprise when Min entered while holding two glasses. She handed him one. She was grinning from ear to ear. He felt truly unnerved. He hadn’t felt emotions like this in a long long time but they had returned with a vengeance the moment Min Le had walked into the room.

“Hi Tyler,” she said. “Bree told me you would be stopping by. Bree just made the comment a minute ago telling me I looked pretty hot today. What do you think?”

“H-Hi Min.” Unable to hide or even suppress his nervousness he blushed. “Yes, you look really nice.”

“Just nice? Not hot?”

“No, I mean, yes, you look hot.” His response wasn’t at all convincing.

“Are you OK? You look nervous. You better sit down. Come, sit down next to me,” she said patting the sofa. “You don’t look well. What’s going on?”

“I’m fine. I’m fine,” he repeated. “Really I am. Maybe I just need a little of this to settle me.”

“Then drink up. This is my second glass and it’s gotten me a little tipsy.” Min giggled. “Mom doesn’t let us drink, so this stuff is kind of new for me.”

“What are you doing here anyway?”

“Tyler,” she said condescendingly. She ran a hand along his thigh. “Um, geez, let me think. I just happened to be in the neighborhood. Why do you think I’m here?”

After seeing him shrug his shoulder she pressed. “Are you lying to me? You don’t want to lie to me. Not here. Not now.”

“I know why you are here,” he conceded.

“And why is that?”

“You’re here to see me.”

“See, that wasn’t so hard to admit, now was it?”

“No, not really.”

“But it’s more than that, isn’t’ it, Tyler. I’m not just here to see you but to enjoy you. Bree told me I’m here to use you. Now that sounds fun, doesn’t it? Use you?”

“I guess so.”

Min turned her body and faced him. Taking the liberty, she ran her hand up and over his crotch. “Looks like you are thinking about me already Mr. McGhee.”

He instinctively jumped and brought his hand to hers. She looked at him more sternly. “Don’t you dare touch my hand! Sit back and open your legs for me. I’m going to touch you however I want! Use you, Tyler. See?” She stroked his crotch again. “I’m going to do whatever I want with you. I’m going to USE you.”

“Oh god,” he said softly.

“What was that?”

“It was nothing. I just can’t believe I’m here with you and you are doing this.”

“But you knew this day was coming, didn’t you?” She inquired. Min wanted him to loosen up and talk.

“I did. Bree told me we were going to eventually do this.”

“So help me understand,” she began and gave his cock a good long and firm squeeze. “How was the wait? I mean, were you looking forward eventually doing this or did you hope this day would never come?”

He looked into her ever-growing confident eyes and relished the feel of her delicate hand playing with his manhood. “I thought about it a lot.”

Min grinned. “I know you did. Nya and I watched you get hard every day.” She squeezed his rod to draw attention to what she meant. “But that was a good thing. We liked knowing you were getting all horny and all thinking about us. A stiff boy like this is a good thing to see. I wouldn’t want it to be all soft and little.”

“It won’t ever be little when I’m with you,” he mustered.

Min grinned. “I would hope not. Look, we need to get some things straight. You seem all nervous and all. I’m not sure why,” she considered and squeezed his cock with both hands. He was bulging hard and beginning to throb. Min pressed her advantage. “Give me your glass Tyler, and stand escort rus up.”


“The glass – I’ll take it. Thank you. Now stand up. Right there. Right in front of me. Go on,” she said almost dismissively. She slumped back into the sofa cushion.

Min crossed her legs and temporarily drew his attention to her long muscular thighs. Min was an active girl who ran cross country and track. The miles she had run reflected in the development and tone of her thighs and calves. “Are you gawking at my little pink shorts, Tyler? They are a size one, in case you are wondering.” Min giggled and took sips from both glasses.

“I was looking at your legs. You have nice looking legs.”

“Thank you. I bet you have nice ones too but why don’t we start with your shirt. Take it off and toss it on the sofa here next to me. I want to see your chest.”

She sat back and watched while her teacher slowly undressed. When his shirt opened, she saw for the first time how muscled he was. Min squealed with delight. “You work out!” she exclaimed.

After losing the shirt, he stood awkwardly waiting for what was to come. He watched Min hungrily survey his physique. At first, she grinned. After a while longer, her smile broadened. Min made him stay there for at least another minute. While drawing out the tension of him feeling put on display she took two more sips of wine and stood.

“No, don’t move. Stay there.”

Setting her glasses on the end table she wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him tight against her. His cock pressed into her body. “I bet you dreamt of me at night. Ms. Hunt told me about the things you did to her. She told me what you said about you and me. I know you like this. Don’t you?”

“Maybe,” he admitted.

“How many times? How many times have you thought about me? You know, in a sex sort of way?”

“A few?”

“Did you jerk off with me in your mind too?”

“Maybe?” he answered. He could feel his face flush red with embarrassment.

Min let go of him and took a step back. With a look of disgust, she spat on his face. You fucking pervert!” she yelled. “Who gave you the OK to lust after me like that? Who? Who gave you that right?! Tell me!!”

Tyler wiped the spit from his cheek.

“I didn’t tell you to clean your face,” she scolded. “Keep your hands at your side. If I want to spit on you, I will” She spat in his eye. Tyler winced. “Let that stay there. You deserved that!”

Her anger and directness unnerved him. He didn’t see this coming. He had never seen Min ever get angry. He stared at the floor while feeling ashamed and humiliated.

“Bree told me you probably jerked off thinking about me and Nya. That’s why I asked. I bet you jerked off thinking about Bree too. Probably Cesia too?”

“No. Not Cesia.”

“Whatever,” she said disinterestedly. “Just get undressed. Put everything on the sofa.”

While feeling like a two-dollar whore he did what he was told. Min sat and grabbed the two glasses. With indifference, she watched him slowly disrobe. Because she sat watching as if bored, she could feel his humiliation. He stripped not more than three feet in front of her. To her pleasure, he stood with his legs spread, cock erect and hands at his side where she told him to keep them. He looked absolutely delicious. His cock was long and thick and hard. Indeed he was immaculately hung. Her desire to play with him grew but Min downplayed her growing lust.

So here we are,” she said. “Look at you, my teacher standing with a hardon in front of one of his students. Ironic, don’t you think?”

She chugged the last of Tyler’s wine and placed hers back on the table. Standing, she possessively ran her small hands over his muscled chest and abs and directed her attention as if he was nothing more than a piece of meat. His cock jerked repeatedly and poked into her tummy. “You have a nice cock and a good looking body, I’ll say that much about you.” She slapped his chest with the flat of her hand. “I just wish I didn’t know about you jerking this thing off and thinking about me.”

“I’m sorry about that,” he muttered.

“Yeah, me too. Tell you what,” she said after a long pause, “How about you jerk off for me. I’ll watch and you can show me how you did it all those times.”

“Min?” He pleaded. “Please!”

Humiliation oozed from every pore of his body and to her amusement, she comprehended how rattled he had become. “No Tyler, I want to see you jerk off. I’m not giving you a choice. You are as hard as a fucking rock anyway. It shouldn’t take that long. Do it!”

She sat back and slowly finished off the remaining wine while watching in amazement what his jerking did to his body.

Closing his eyes he tried to remove his mind from the here and now.

“No,” she interrupted. “Open your eyes. If you want to lust after me. I mean, it’s not like this is the first time. This is your chance. Go ahead. Look at me. Imagine me any way you want,” she taunted.

Even though he felt utterly mortified, he couldn’t resist her invitation. He stared at her legs. Min spread them wide so he could get an unobstructed view at what remained hidden beneath her shorts. His eyes moved up to her small mounds where hardened nipples poked eagerly back at him. It didn’t take long before he started grunting and thrusting like a stallion in rut.

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