15 Ağustos 2022

My Own Sleeping Beauty

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Aidra Fox

I arrive home from work late in the afternoon, hot and sticky with sweat. I have been unable to think of anything, but stripping off my clothes and climbing into the shower for the last hour now, but then…it all changes as I see you.

You are asleep, on the bed. I know you always sleep naked and today is no exception. You have a very thin, white sheet covering your body, one long, naked leg exposed. I can see the peaks of your nipples poking through the cotton sheet, the line of your most intimate areas, barely covered, but no matter how many times I have seen you naked before, I cannot resist looking yet again. I gently begin to peel away the sheet, exposing first one beautiful breast and then the other. I desperately want to sink upon them, to take each rosy red bud in my mouth, to feel them stiffen beneath my tongue and to close my teeth around them. But…I don’t. I don’t want to wake you just yet…Slowly, I slip the sheet lower still, exposing your soft, flat tummy and your cute little belly button. Lower still I move, shivering in anticipation of the view of your wonderful little pussy. I take my time here. First, revealing the soft, hair-free skin of your lower abdomen and then, unable to resist any longer, your stunning, soft vagina.

As I stare down at the beautiful woman beneath me I think, once again, how lucky I am.

You must be feeling the heat of the late afternoon too because your body lies open, your arms at your sides and your legs spread quite wide.

I cannot help myself from staring between your legs, your beautiful, soft pussy, so inviting, available there for me.

I feel my balls tighten and my cock twitch inside of my jeans.

Are you really asleep? I wonder. Or are you aware of me stood above you, my dick growing hard at the sight of your naked beauty?

I remove my shirt, desperate for relief from the oppressive heat. I feel the sweat trickle between my shoulder blades and down to the small of my back.

Slowly and gently, so as not to wake you, I crawl up onto the bed and between your legs. I love the sight of your pussy up close. You wax it smooth…just for me, you say, although you know I cannot resist playing with it, teasing it when it is hair free and I am sure that gives you more than a little pleasure for yourself.

Today is no different. I have to touch it. I have to taste it. I can see your sweat shining along the creases and want to run the tip of my tongue along them, to taste your salty skin.

I blow softly up and down the length of your slit, pausing to blow more directly against your hooded clit. Your body twitches and involuntarily, you open your legs a little wider.

I look up at your face and you look so peaceful, your chest rising and falling as you sleep. I want to give you dreams. I want to give you the best sort of dreams.

I gently press a fingertip against your soft pussy lips and you twitch again. You let out a little moan of frustration in your sleep and your brow furrows, but as I run my finger between the lips, up and down, as light as the touch of a feather, your face softens and you relax once again.

My penis is so hard now that it is almost painful. I long to take it out, to stroke it as I stroke you, but this is not my time, my attention is with you and only you and I must wait.

I stare at the baby soft skin of your labia as my finger slides up and down. You think your skin is uneven, but I adore it. I love to run my tongue along its edges, to take each tender fold between my teeth and nibble gently.

As my finger continues to travel upwards I cannot resist sliding it against your clitoris. I press into it, with a little more pressure now and again; you release a tiny moan, as your legs twitch still further apart.

Are you really asleep? I ask myself again. The tiniest hint of a smile plays against your lips. We’ve played this game before and you promise me you are unaware of my attentions, marmaris escort but you are a clever girl. Maybe you know, full well, that if you lay yourself out for me. I will be powerless to resist the charms of your body and will have to give your beautiful, little vagina the attention it deserves.

Unable to resist any longer, I lean in and begin to cover the skin around your pussy with butterfly kisses, my lips making the barest of contact. I breathe in deeply through my nostrils, drawing your scent deep within me. Your smell is perfect, it is the hot, clean smell of a woman and again I am aware of the throbbing within my jeans.

My tongue, very, very lightly runs along the dip between your thighs and where your pussy begins to swell. I can taste the saltiness of your sweat as my tongue draws along first one side and then the other.

I can see your body twitching, ever so slightly as I tease, but I am sure you are still asleep. Your lips have parted a little and your head has fallen further backwards, but you really do look as though you are asleep.

Next, my lips move to the soft folds of your labia and I again, kiss you lightly along either side. I allow my tongue, with more pressure now, to slide along the line between your outer lips and your labia. I am desperate to plunge my tongue deep inside of you, to taste you fully, but the tease is as much for me as it is for you and I want to take my time, to enjoy you entirely.

As my lips return to your soft folds, I gently separate them with my tongue, turning my head to one side before taking, first your left labia between my lips and gently sucking on to it, drawing it a little deeper within my mouth. I tease it with my tongue, sucking quite hard now. I hear you moan a little louder and I pause, absolutely still, worried that I may wake you. When I am sure you are still sleeping I release you and turn my attention to the opposite side and repeat my sucking. Again you groan with pleasure and I notice your stomach muscles tightening and relaxing.

Finally, I decide my poor swollen cock can take it no more and I slowly climb from the bed and stand looking down at the beautiful woman below me. I notice your head has fallen to the side and you are now biting down onto the back of a finger. What are you dreaming about? I wonder, as I unbutton my jeans. Is it me or someone else?

I slip my jeans down my thighs and step out of them. I remove my socks and throw them at the hamper. My hands slip down to the waistband of my Calvin Klein’s and I observe my rock hard cock poking out before slipping them off too. I know it is naughty of me, because I have not finished tending to you, but I cannot resist pumping my dick back and forth a few times as I stare between your legs, feeling the engorged flesh swell even further.

Once again I creep back onto the bed as lightly as I can. When my mouth is a mere breath away from your vagina I lightly touch the tip of my tongue to the base of your slit before drawing it, in one long line, upwards. As it reaches the top I slide it beneath the hood of your clit and tease the swollen bud below, gently licking in an upward motion. You moan, quite loudly and your body spasms. Your mouth opens a little wider displaying the full softness of your mouth and the white teeth below.

Once again, I draw my tongue up the full length of your slit, with even more pressure now, but when I reach the top, I decide to tease your clitoris around and around.

I can taste the fresh, very slightly lemony taste of your juices and letting out a little moan myself; I decide that I simply must taste you fully. My tongue seeks out your hole and I slip it deep inside, taking the delicious creamy juice into my mouth. My lips suck on to you as my tongue plunges deeper and deeper inside, time and time again. Something about your smell and taste makes my cock stiffen as hard as it has ever been.

Next, I return my attention to marmaris escort bayan your clitoris. You have opened your legs wide for me and it is easy for my tongue to seek out your swollen little bean. I flick it up and down and left and right. I notice your stomach muscles are tensed hard, as you subconsciously, position yourself exactly where you want to be against my tongue.

As I lap away, like a cat with cream, I feel your hot juices against my chin and realise that I want to feel your heat against my fingers. I take, just one finger and slip it deep inside of you, pressing it hard into your vaginal wall. Your heat is intense and my finger glides in and out with no resistance. As I introduce a second finger I begin to lick your clitoris around and around, first one direction and then the other. Sometimes I suck hard against your clit bringing it into my mouth before holding it, gently between my teeth and then releasing it to my tongue’s teasing once more. My fingers are sliding in and out now harder and harder, faster and faster as I tease your clit mercilessly. I can see you breathing rapidly, twitching wildly and moaning from the back of your throat. Your pussy sucks my fingers hard as I press deep into your inner wall. I imagine my dick where my fingers are and can take the frustration no longer. You know I love to make you cum with my tongue and fingers, but for some reason, today I want to wake you with my cock deep inside of you.

I slide my fingers out of you and cannot resist smearing the full length of my erection with your delicious juice.

I have no idea how you have remained asleep throughout, but although your body is pulsing rhythmically, your eyes remain tight shut and you certainly appear to be fast asleep. I can only assume you are having very special dreams indeed.

I crawl above your body, supporting myself with my strong chest and arm muscles. I am right above you now and can take in the full beauty of your face. I long to kiss those soft lips of yours, but I must wait. In our fairytale the prince wakes the princess with his cock and not with a kiss.

Supporting myself with my left arm alone, I reach down and grab my sticky dick with my right hand. I gently guide it between your legs and feel its swollen head make delicate contact with your pussy lips. I draw it up and down coating the tip with your love juices, feeling your lips part for me. I hear you moan as your head thrashes from side to side. I seek out your opening and apply a little pressure as I locate it. I release my hand and bring it up again, now supporting my body with each arm either side of you.

Slowly at first, I press my hips forwards and feel your lips opening wide to accommodate my shaft. As I press in you open wider and wider, before finally, you yield fully and I slide my cock deep inside of you. As always, I cannot help but cry out as I enter you for the first time. The heat of your pussy is just too wonderful. You cry out too and arch your back to take in my entire length.

I look down at the ecstatic expression on your face and see your eyes flicker open. You smile a smile of pure lust at me and once again…you melt my heart.

“Mmm, welcome home baby,” you purr and again I realize how truly blessed I am to be with you.

You gently place your palms either side of my face and pull my lips to yours. You kiss me, softly at first and then fully and deeply.

As we kiss I become aware of my hard cock, twitching deep inside of your velvety soft pussy.

I lift my hips, drawing my length outwards. I don’t stop until its head slides entirely out, leaving just its tip kissing between your lips.

Again I thrust deep inside of you and again we cry out in unison as your hips rise up to draw me in fully. I slide my full length in and out of you, slowly and deliberately. Your body moves as one with my own, almost as though we were made for each other. We begin to increase our pace, escort marmaris our bodies finding each other’s rhythm and responding with perfection.

The sweet sensation of being deep inside of you feels like heaven. Your pussy sucks me greedily as I slide in time and time again.

You adjust your legs so that my cock is exerting more pressure against your vaginal wall and I raise myself up, my strong arms locked, supporting myself above you.

I could almost cum taking in the rapturous expression on your beautiful face, seeing your pert little breasts dotted with beads of sweat beneath me.

Your breath is quickening now and your moans are coming faster and louder as I pump in and out of you. I am sure you are about to cum beneath me, when, all of a sudden, your hips stop moving and your incredibly strong thigh muscles hold me still. You look up into my eyes and grin before wrapping your long legs around mine and flipping me onto my back, with one slick movement, my cock finally slipping out of you.

You kneel above me, spreading your thighs either side of mine and look down at me, that lustful grin still on your lips, leaving me no doubt who is now in charge.

Your right hand slides down and grips tightly against my long shaft. You draw the foreskin up and down a little, licking your lips seductively before guiding it to your opening and holding it there.

Finally, you shut your eyes, biting onto your lower lip and slide down on me, sucking my cock deep inside of you.

You lean forwards, supporting yourself with your hands pressed against my hard chest. As you raise yourself up and drop down onto me I thrust my hips upwards at the last moment. Your long nails rake into my chest as you fuck me harder and harder, faster and faster. You are leaving scratches against my pectoral muscles, but I will wear them proudly as a reminder of my beautiful woman. It hurts, but that does not matter. The only sensation that matters is the sensation of your hot little cunt devouring my cock.

As I look up at you through half opened eyes I can see you are breathing shorter and shorter breaths, I can hear you moaning louder and louder and I know your climax is coming.

So far, it has taken all of my concentration not to lose myself entirely to your delicious body, but knowing you are about to cum I relax and allow myself to be taken with you.

We fuck each other harder and harder until finally we can take no more. You lean back a little holding my penis hard against your inner wall. I see your breath catch in your throat and there is silence momentarily. I feel the twitches shooting from the base of my spine to the tip of my penis intensify, building up to something monumental.

Finally, you let go and cry out loudly as the shocks fire through your body. I feel my anus tighten hard before releasing and sending a huge tremor through my shaft as I begin to cum deep inside of you. Time and time again my cock convulses as I cry out, shooting my semen within you. You are crying out too, your pussy gripping and releasing my shaft as wave after wave of pleasure washes through your body.

After what feels like forever, but can never be truly long enough, our orgasms begin to subside. I look up at you and could almost cry to see how stunning you look; glowing from the orgasm we shared. I love it when we cum together. It is as though, for that moment we are the only two people in the world and that is just fine with both of us.

Eventually, you flop down, exhausted, against my chest, our delicious, slippery wet bodies held tight against one another, our heartbeats hammering against each other’s.

You moan a little moan of sheer contentment, kissing me lightly against the chest as you curl into me.

I am still inside of you, but slowly, I begin to soften and finally and a little sadly, I slide out of you.

I role onto my side and stretch one arm beneath your neck and the other over the delightful curve of your waist and pull you close into me.

“I love you,” you whisper sleepily and I truly know that you do and once again, I think how I am the luckiest man alive, as I too drift into sleep.

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