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My obsession with Ass’s

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Big Dicks


I think my obsession with ass’s started when I was about ten. I was in my room waiting for my brother Timmy to take his bath so I could take mine when I heard him screem “stop your hurting me. I ran into his room and there was Tim on his hands and knees with our Cocker Spaniel locked into his ass. They were ass to ass. “Gees” I said “what are you doing. “He said, I came in here and was playing with my cars waiting for the tub to fill up and curly jumped up on my back and stated shoving his thing up my ass. I tried to stop him but I couldn’t. “Oh Bobby he really hurt me.” I heard the water still running in the tub so I shut it off just before it reached the over flow. I went back to Tims room and the dog had pulled loose from him and was layinf on the floor licking his dick. Timmy was laying on his side in the fetal position with dog jizz coming out his ass. His little ass hole was wide open with the dogs jizz still dripping out of it. I don’t know why but I took my finger and poaked it up his hole and fingerer fucked him. He just laid there crying and moaning about how bad that son of a bitch had hurt him. I don’t even think he new I was fingering him. The dog always got horny whenever there was a bitch in heat and would start humping everyones leg, even the sofa leg. About two weeks later he got hit by a car when the bitch across the street became in heat. Timmy said “I’m glad he’s dead and it served him right.”

One morning about sixth months later I woke up about 5 am. My brother Tim who was eight was curled up with his ass pushed against my dick that. it had become hard because I needed to pee. We had been sleeping together since we were tiny. He had his shorts on and my dick had pushed the cotton material up into the crack of his ass. I started to get up when Tim scooted back into me shoving me further into that crack. It seemed to excite me and I started to breathe a little harder. I reached down and slid his underwear down and inserted my dick into his crack. I thought I heard him moan but it was so soft I couldn’t be sure, but he did seem to push back at me. I tried to enter his hole but it was to dry. I spit on my fingers and started to rub his hole and inserted my finger. He pushed hard and my finger went in above the knuckle. I began pushing my finger in and out of him. His ass hole seemed to loosen up so I took my dick and inserted the end into him. I then distinctly heard him moan and it excited me even more so I shoved my little four inch dick inside his tiny little ass. He felt tight and real warm on my dick. I pulled out to the end and shoved it back in. I started fucking him like I had seen our dog fuck the next door neighbor’s dog. I kept shoving my dick in and out until Tim said he was getting sore so I stopped. I said I really have to pee so I jumped out of bed and sprinted into the bathroom. As I was relieving myself I noticed my dick was real red from the rubbing. I thought if I ever did that again to Timmy I had better use some oil. When I got back to bed Tim said that he was glad that I had done that. He said “many mornings he would wake up with my dick in his crack. “I would pull my shorts leg over and let your dick go up my crack” he said. “One time I got up and went into the bathroom and rubbed some soap on my crack and came back to bed and took your dick and put it into my ass. You were sleeping so soundly that when I moved my ass so your dick went in and out of me you never new it. I said, Your kidding” but the thought was exciting.

The only problem was that the only time I got hard was when I had to pee, so I began to drink a lot of water before bed. I was able to fuck Tim at least three times’s a week. He loved it. Some times I would reach around and play with his little two inch dick but I never could get him hard. One morning about a year later I had drank quit a bit of water plus a Dr Pepper before bed. About four in the morning I really had to pee but I didn’t want to waste my hard on so I woke Timmy up and reached over and pulled the Vaseline I had snuck out of the bathroom and hid in table next to the bed. I put a big glob on his hole and finger fucked him for a short time. Then I began to fuck him wildly. All of a sudden I couldn’t hold it any more and started peeing into Tim’s ass. I said “oh Shit, but I didn’t want to pull out of him so I just kept peeing and fucking him. Pee was squirting out his ass onto my stomach and all over the bed. Tim said “What are you doing” and tried to get up but it just sent my dick deeper into his asshole. Finally when I stopped Tim said “for Christ sake look at the bed.” I couldn’t say anything except I’m sorry. Finally he looked at me and laughed and said except for the mess I liked it. I said the only explanation we can give mom is if you tell her you wet the bed. She won’t be mad she will only say it was because you drank that coke before bedtime, and that’s what we told her.

About six months after I turned Eleven I was laying in bed with Timmy rubbing his back and ass when I began to get hard. I was real surprised because I didn’t need to pee. I jumped out of bed and ran over to Tim’s side of the bed an whispered, “look and I don’t even have to pee. He sat up and took it between his fingers and kissed the end of it. “Bobby, I love your dick” and he slipped it into his mouth and began to suck. Oh did he feel good. I started pushing in and out of his mouth. How he did it I don’t know but he put all five inches into his mouth. (I had grown some that year) and sucked hard. He kept sucking and sucking when suddenly I got this real funny feeling in my stomach and my balls. Instinctively I grabbed his head and held it against me and I squirted a bunch of liquid out of the end of my dick. Tim started chocking and swallowing; some white stuff ran out the edge of his mouth. At first I thought I was peeing again but peeing never gave me the sensation I just had or was that thick and creamy. I looked down at Tim and said “Wow, I have never felt anything like that in my life.” Timmy looked up at me and smiled and said “boy you can say that again. Whatever it was it tasted good.

From then on I would fuck Timmy two and sometimes three times a day. Usually First thing in the morning and then right after school before mom got home from work. Then at night Timmy usually sucked my cock until I came and then about an hour later he would suck me again until I got hard and I would fuck him again. He never seemed to get enough. Even when I was tired he wouldn’t take no for an answer and would insist that I fuck him. He said he really like being fucked in the ass, and loved sucking my cock.

Just after I turned fourteen I went to a party at my friend Ted’s house. There were five guys and five girls there. We were drinking beer that Ted had gotten from an older friend of his. We danced and sang some songs when one of the guys said lets play truth or dares spin the bottle. The guys were all for it but the girls were a little scared, especially Nadine a thirteen year old who was just starting to grow tits. Finally we convinced them to play. Whoever spun the bottle got to ask the one it pointed to for a truth or dare. The first one went to Marcie and Ted asked her “Truth or dare?” She said “Truth” Ted said “are you a Virgin.” Marcie blushed clear down to her toes. She was kind of tall on the skinny side but with a great set of tits. She finally said “no” Every one giggled and after that all the girls asked for a dare. That’s when the fun really got started. Marcie spun the bottle and it pointed to a guy named Spence. He took a dare and Marcie said “I dare you to kiss Marilyn in the kitchen and I get to watch” she said. They got up and all three went into the kitchen. They came back in about five minuets and I could see Marilyn was all flushed and he had a hard on. This went on for about an hour. Soon all the guys started having the girls drink a whole quart of beer without stopping more than once when the bottlepointed to one of them. If they didn’t they had to remove an article of their clothing. In a very short while the girls were pretty drunk and Marcie was bare breasted with those big tits shaking every time she gigled.

Then Ted spun the bottle and it pointed to Nadine. When she opted for a dare Ted said “you have to French kiss Bob for five minuets in the kitchen and I will time you. Nadine turned six shades of red but got up and went into the kitchen and I followed. She put her arms around my neck and reached up and kissed me, opening her mouth and shoving her tongue into my mouth. She moved her tongue all over the inside of my mouth. I couldn’t help myself I got a hard on. I began to French her back and press my cock into her. To my surprise she pushed back with her abdomen. When the five minuets were up she held on to me for another few seconds before releasing my neck. As we were going back to the group I whispered “can I take you home when the party is over. She said “yes”.
As we got back Nadine looked at her watch and said I have to go now. I promised I would be home by 11:30. Several of the girls said they had to go too. I could tell none of the guys were very happy about that. As every one left I noticed that Marcie had not gotten her coat and was still sitting on the couch. I smiled at Ted and he grinned back and I left with Nadine.

When we got to her house the front porch light was on so she took my hand and led be around to the back of the house and we set on a sofa swing. We began to kiss and she French kissed me again. I was kissing her back and I got another hard on. We laid down on the swing and she pressed her pussy into my hard on. I began to rub her with it in my pants. She unbuttoned her blouse and I could see she did not have a bra on. I began to fondle her tiny firm breasts. First one than the other. I moved my head down and began sucking on them, rolling my tongue over her tiny nipples. I couldn’t help myself I came in my jeans. She was breathing rather hard and then she reached down and unbuttoned her slacks. I could not believe my good fortune. She whispered she had wanted me since she was eleven. I pulled down her jeans and panties and undid my own and stripped down to my underwear which was soaked with my on cum. I had never gone soft so I placed the end of my dick into her opening. I asked if she was a virgin. She said “yes” but I busted my hymen with my Mothers dildo.

Her pussy was moist from her excitement and I slipped in about four inches ( I had grown to about six and a half inches). She said “wait that hurts” I eased back a bit and we stayed like that for about a minuet. Then she began to push at me. I started moving in and out of her and she began lubricating and her pussy lips relaxed and I shoved all six & a half inches into her pussy. She shuddered as she came. I kept moving in and out of her tight pussy. I new that if I went any faster I would cum, because I wanted this moment to last forever, it felt so good. She was my first women. We fucked like that for about five minutes and I could feel I was getting ready to cum again. I started to pull out when she said no, cum inside me. It’s ok I just finished my period and won’t get pregnant. So I started thrusting in and out of her and after about five strokes I shot my load up into her. My dick was throbbing as it shot my cum deep within her love hole. We laid there for about a half hour and I said I want to fuck you in the ass. She said “not now, next time when I can clean out my ass.” She said “I saw one of my Dad’s porno film and the girl douched her butt before she let the guy fuck her there.” I said :Ok.” We got dressed and I took her back to the front porch and gave her a nice French kiss. I’m pretty sure some one was looking out the window.

On Monday All I could think about was Nadine and when I saw her I could not take my eyes off her ass. She had a nice round butt, just a little big for her size. She was only about five feet tall. I told her I could hardly wait for Friday night. She said “you don’t have to wait. My folks are going to political rally that night and wouldn’t be home before midnight.: I could not believe how lucky I was. She said come over anytime after six. I thought six o’clock would never get here. I told my Mother I was going over to Ted’s to study. When I got to her house it was six forty. She said “I thought maybe you could not make it. I said “no it just took a little longer to ride my bike over here. She was naked except for her green robe. She teased me a little by flashing her tits at me. We went up to her room and she had a jar of Vaseline next to the bed. We laid down and began to French kissing each other. I played with her tits and sucked on them. She got real hot and my dick was as hard as a rock. She said “before I let you fuck me in Emek Escort the ass. I saw in my dad’s porno film a man eating a woman’s vagina and I want you to eat mine. I had never even looked at a pussy let alone kiss one. I thought what the hell.

I slid down between her legs and sniffed her pussy. She smelled faintly like a mixture of pee And strawberry. I inserted my middle finger into her pussy and I heard her moan. I then pulled it out and tasted her moister. It had a slight flavor of strawberry, so I took my tongue and rubbed up and down just inside her pussy lips. Each time my tongue reached the top part of those lips I felt a little hard spot and every time I ran my tongue over that part she would moan and give a little jerk. I really liked it so I buried my face into her almost hairless slit and began to lick and suck that hard spot that felt like a tiny bump. The more I licked that bump the more Nadine moaned and jerked her body. She suddenly stiffened and I felt a warm liquid ooze from her pussy and across my tongue. Her juices tasted nice. I must have ate that little pussy for over an hour. I was enjoying so much I almost forgot about her ass. Finally she said no more, no more I can’t stand it I’m so hot. I want you to fuck me. I don’t care where. I rolled her over and inserted my tongue into the crack of her ass. She reached back and pulled the cheeks of her ass apart so I could enter her anus. She was real tight but she had douched with some kind of oil. I first put my finger thru that tight hole and then inserted two fingers. I fucked her with my fingers for a couple of minutes before interring her anus with my tongue. I fucked her hole with my tongue and then I lifted her ass up so her knees were on the bed and I pushed the end of my dick into her ass about two inches when she said wait, “god that hurts.” I just left it there and after a couple of minutes I felt her relax and I shoved all of me into her. She screamed “wait Bobbie, that hurt me. I waited, not moving for almost five minutes. Finally she began to wiggle her ass and push against me. I began to run my cock in and out of that beautiful ass. I was in euphoria. The only other girl I new who had a better ass was a black girl in my class at school.Every time I started to cum I stopped because I didn’t want it to end. I could see my dick slid in and out between those great big mounds of her ass.

I think I must have been in a trance, because suddenly she said “Bobby, I’m getting sore. Won’t you fuck my pussy now.” I said “sure” and pulled out of her ass and buried my cock into her very wet pussy. I fucked her doggy fashion for about ten minutes and when I felt my balls tighten up I pulled her close to me and let go my love offering. As my fluids hit her womb I felt her cum again. After that night we would fuck every day, she had started taking some of her sisters pils so she wouldn’t get pregnant. Some times at school and some times on the way home in the park behind some bushes where I had made a bed of leaves so we could fuck. I even took her home when I new Timmy would not be there. It was during those times that I enjoyed it most because we could be relaxed in our love making. She even sucked my cock and made me cum a few times but she would scrape my dick with her teeth. About a year later her dad was transferred back East and they moved. We write to each other at least once a week. I had cut back fucking Tim during that time and he was not happy.

A month after I turned sixteen I went to visit and help Aunt Jean for two months. She was Mom’s older sister. Her husband had died the year before and a year after my Dad had died of cancer. She needed some help around the house, so Mom asked me if I’d go help her. I rebuilt her fence and made some repairs to the house. She had bigger tits than mom but didn’t have as big an ass as Mom’s plump one. She worked so I never saw her during the day. When she would come home she would be dead tired and would flip off her shoes and flop down on the couch and ask me to fix her a straight scotch. After about an hour she would get up and go up stairs and take a shower. I usually fixed dinner and have it waiting for her when she came down. She always wore a white robe and it would expose her big cantaloupe size tits, Moms were more like big Oranges. She accidentally opened up her legs a couple of times and I could see her black bush. I don’t know why, but I didn’t seem to get too turned on. After dinner we would go into the living room and turn on the television and I would fix her another scotch. She would have two or three and then go up to bed.

I had been there a couple of weeks when my Aunt Jean came home real late from work. When she did get home she kind of staggered through the door. I helped her to the couch and asked her if she wanted to eat something. “No honey just fix me a drink. Your Auntie stopped off at a bar with some friends and got a little snockerd. I fixed her the drink and went back to the kitchen and put away the dishes and the meal I was going to make. When I came out she was laying on her stomach on the couch with one leg on the floor. The empty glass was on the floor and her ass was on the edge of the sofa. She was snoring quite loudly. Her dress was hiked up above her ass and I could see she had this thing I later found out was a thong in her ass. I couldn’t help myself I got a hard on. I went over and sat on the floor next to her ass. I put my nose right close to her ass and took a deep breath. She had a strong pungent odor. It really made me harder. I took my dick out and began to stroke it. I then lightly rubbed her ass and ran my finger along the crack and down across her pussy. She snorted and I stopped, but she went right back to snoring. I took my tongue and licked her ass along the string. She didn’t move so I reached up and took the top of her thong and pulled it down to her ankles. I then inserted a finger into her pussy that was now oozing a kind of thick cream like stuff. It smelled strong but nice. I got my finger all nice and wet and then I began to rub that wetness all over her ass hole, inserting my finger into her tight hole. She turned fully on her stomach, one leg on the couch and one spread wide on the floor. It was like I was in a fantasy world. I got up and went into the kitchen and took some dishwashing liquid soap and spread it on my dick. I came back and inserted my dick into her ass hole. I began to slowly fuck her. I was so turned on that I came after only about three dozen strokes. My dick squirted cum up her ass and she woke up; and said what the hell is going on. I fell on the floor and just sat there with my hard on still sticking up oozing cum. She looked at me as she reached back and felt her ass. My cum was still oozing out of her. “You didn’t?” She screamed. I hung my head and said “I’m sorry, but you have such a beautiful ass I just couldn’t help myself. She was still a little drunk but she said “let me get this straight, you liked my ass so much that you fucked it; not my vagina just my ass?” I nodded. For Christ sake, I could understand fucking my pussy but why my ass. I finally looked up into her eyes and said “because your ass really turns me on.”

She just sat there for the longest time, finally reaching down and pulling me to her and giving me a big hug. She stood me up and looked at my now seven inch dick and said, “my you have grown some since I last saw you in the buff. So you like fucking me in the ass do you? I nodded several times “yes” and gave her a big smile. Well it’s been over a year and a half since I last had a dick in me; and even if you are my sister’s son and I know incest is wrong you have already violated me so I’ll make you a proposition. What a surprise when she said “I’ll let you fuck me in the ass any time you want to, but first before you do you have to fuck my pussy so I can get some relief.” My heart pounded and I could hardly breathe as I said that would be ok by me. She reached over and looked at my dick and it had some poop on it. She said we will have to do something about that in the future so go into the bathroom and wash your dick with soap and water and then come up to my bedroom.

When I arrived at her open bedroom door I could here the shower running. I went over and sat on the bed. She soon came out toweling herself off. For the first time I could see her full body. She was trimmer than Mom but what really made her different was her tit’s. As I said they were so much bigger than Mom’s with big dark pink nipples. She said, “I’ll be there in a moment. I want to douche my butt, so take off your clothes.” When she returned and saw me sitting there she smiled and came over and kneeled in front of me. Spreading my knees apart she took my dick into her mouth and began to suck and massage the end of it. I started leaking cum and she stopped. Oh no, not yet. She squeezed hard on my balls and I almost fainted. Then she started sucking again. She kept doing that sucking and squeezing for quite some time. It didn’t take long to not getting that feeling of coming because I didn’t want her to squeeze my ball any more. In the mean time I was caressing and rubbing the nipples of her tits. They got real hard and seem to pop out a ways. She stood up and motioned me to lie on the bed which I did. She then straddled me and eased her pussy down over my shaft. I could hardly believe how hot her pussy was. Those full pussy lips swallowed every inch of me, and than she began to rotate her hips back and forth grinding her pussy into my pubic hair. She said that this kept every part of my dick inside and some times she could feel me in her uterus;, and the bottom part of my dick stimulated her clittie. She took my finger and rubbed it on that upper part of her pussy. I could feel a slender hard spot about the size of the lead in a pencil. As I rubbed it I felt her ass quiver and I felt a liquid ease out between her lips & my dick. I thought, “I think she came.” She said “some women have a “G” spot inside the top of their vagina a few inches back and when properly stimulated makes a woman cum a lot. So if I’m fortunate enough to get that kind of simulation from your cock it will feel like a stream of water coming out of me. Believe me I will not be peeing on you. It is a different kind of liquid. Also, when I feel you are getting close to coming I will stop or slow way down so that your stimulation will reside. Once you learn to do that yourself you will be a good lover.

She continued rotating her hips for at least a half hour, and every couple of minuets I could feel her cum. She leaned forward and began to ride my cock up and down pressing the length of it across the top of her swollen lips where her clit was. After only about a minuet or two I felt her begin to tremble and I could see her eye’s rolling back into her head so that thru her slits all you could see were the white’s of her eye’s; And then she screamed “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my god.” Ohhhhh shit I’m, I’m going to I’m cu, cu, cumiiiiiiiiiing and shot a stream of her liquid out of her pussy like fire a hose, and it went all over my stomach and down the crack of my ass as she collapsed on my chest.

We lay like that for I don’t know how long. Finally she sat up and I was still inside her and just as hard. She smiled and said “now its your turn. Would you like me on my side or stomach?” I said “I think I would like you kneeling on the bed” She got up and knelt on the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide apart. I stood behind her and took two fingers and inserted then into her pussy. She was so wet. I took them and rubbed her pussy juice onto her anal hole. To my surprise I found it all nice and oily and my fingers, both of them, entering thru her sphincter and into her anal cavity quite easily. After finger fucking her ass a short while I took my dick and inserted it into her ass. My cock slid in all the way and was tight but not like Nadine’s, I slowly began to fuck her. When I felt that urge I would stop and then start again. Her ass felt so good on my dick as it slipped in and out of that smooth inner wall. I kept that up for almost a half hour. My legs started to get shaky so I increased the tempo, faster and faster I went until I was slamming her ass and my balls were hitting her vagina lips. At last I felt that urge well up inside my balls and I grabbed her hips, pulling her tight against me and I came deep into her ass. I must have stored up a lot of cum because I shot a whole lot. It seemed like I could not stop squirting my spunk into her lovely ass. She screamed , “Ohhhh yes, yes, yes, your hot cum feels so good inside me. Finally I pushed down on her and we collapsed onto the bed and just laid there. It was after eight the next morning when we Eryaman Escort woke up and My Aunt was late for work so she called in sick.

I took turns eating her pussy and then fucking her until she would cum once or twice before I fuck her ass. We only stopped for lunch. That night we went to bed exhausted. She laid by my side and put her arm and leg over me and said “You are one hell of a lover for being so young. I thought my husband was a great lover but I think with a little more practice you may surpass him. I will teach you all the things my husband taught me before you go home. I fell asleep and didn’t stir until I felt her sitting on top of me. My dick was hard and she was rotating her stomach like before. She leaned down and said “one before I go to work, otherwise I will be thinking of you all day and not get anything done.”

We fucked like that every night, and she always wanted me to fuck her before she left for work. I also noticed she was letting me fuck her ass more often now. Sometimes I would fuck her ass twice before I would eat and fuck her pussy. She always made me wash my dick after an ass fucking and before I could put it into her pussy. She said it was because the bacteria from her ass could give her an infection. She was feeding me yogurt, milk, and vitamins. She said “you need to keep your strength up” and we both laughed.

Finally we only had the week-end left before I had to go back home, so Friday night when she came home she said fix me a drink while I go upstairs I came from deep in my belly. I really felt good, like I already had desert. I took my shoe off and inserted my foot between her legs and forced my toe into her vagina. I did it because I new she was not wearing any panties. She leaned back as if enjoying her drink and pushed her pussy into my foot. I smiled as I felt it go in about four inches. I began to massage the inside of her cunt with my toes. After about five minutes I saw that veiled look on her face and I new she was cuming. A young girl in the next booth was waching us and I could see she was fingering herself under the table. I put my wet sock back into my shoe and as we left I looked at the young girl and winked. She turned scarlet red.

When we got home and undressed Aunt Jean crawled up on the edge of the bed and said I think I would like you to fuck me awhile in my ass and than before you cum fuck my pussy. See how many times and how long you can fuck me before coming. She must have anticipated this before we went to dinner because her ass was well oiled and ready. I mounted her and began to fuck that beautiful ass that I just adored. I fucked her ass for about ten minuets and than slid my cock into her pussy. I had hardly started when she came. I started watching the clock and every ten minuets I switched back to he ass and than her pussy and than her ass again. Even when my legs started to tremble I kept it up. We forgot about the infection possiblity.Aunt Jean was now coming about every thirty seconds. She was moaning and wiggling her ass shoving herself into me and finally I felt I could hold off no longer. I thought, where do I want to cum? I pulled out of her and turned her around and put my cock into her mouth. She pulled me tightly to her and I could feel the head of my cock inter her throat and I came. The angle of her head allowed my cum to shoot straight down her throat and into her stomach. Just before I went to sleep I reached over and gave her a deep french kiss and she kissed me back the same way. I said, “I love you.” She said “I know, and I love you too, but what I’m really afraid of is that I might be falling IN love with you.” I fell asleep pondering what she meant by that.

Saturday she fixed us a big breakfast and we went to the beach for a swim. We got home about 4 that afternoon and we both jumped in the shower. She washed me all over and ran her finger up into my ass. It felt so good. I then washed her. I soaped her ass and pussy and washed her feet tickling the inside of her foot. She giggled. I rinsed her off and then knelt down behind her and began to lick the crack of her ass. She bent over and grabbed the shower handles for leverage. She spread her legs as far as the shower would let her. I licked the outside of her anus and then stuck my tongue into her ass. I plunged my tongue in and out of her and I heard her grunt as she came. I turned around and sat on the shower floor inserting my tongue into her vagina. I began to suck on her clit alternately shoving my tongue in and out of her. I took my fingers and inserted two of them into her ass. I was finger fucking her ass french kissing her pussy and sucking on her clit, all at the same time. She grabbed my head and pressed my face to her lips. She squatted and let go that big rush of liquid into my mouth, over my face, onto my chest and down my belly. She just collapsed and sat right down on my lap and my cock slid into her pussy. When her strength came back she turned and faced me and fucked me right there on the floor of the shower. I fucked her in the ass twice that night before we went to sleep. I could not seem to get enough of her ass.

We slept in until almost 10:30 and went to brunch. We hardly talked because I think we were both regretting that our time was about up. When we got back to the house I went up stairs and packed my bag. She came up and I was sitting on the bed. She never said a word she just walked over and knelt in front of me. She pushed me down and undid my buckle and pulled my pants and shorts down, She placed her mouth over my dick and began to hungrily suck. She worked that mouth up and down my shaft. I almost cried it felt so good and I knew it would be some time before I ever got this chance again. When I came she took it all. She sucked until there wasn’t a drop left in me. She stood up and pulled me up to her and gave me a deep, deep kiss. Her tongue roamed all over the inside of my mouth like she was trying to get her whole self inside. I could taste the saltiness of my cum and kissed her back. We drove to my house in silence. Just before we got out of the car she whispered thank you for a wonderful time. We will have to try it again sometime. I grinned and said “Oh definitely. “

I went to sleep early that night. Timmy seemed disappointed when I told him I was real tired. I had worked in the yard all day for Aunt Jean, I lied. That next night a funny thing happened. I was playing with Timmy’s dick as he was sucking my cock and he got a hard on. I said, “wow, how long has this been going on?” Oh, about two months now. I got hard the night you left for Aunt Jean” So you weren’t here so I beat my meat and I came just like you. So I leaned over and put him into my mouth and began to suck. He was almost five inches now. It sure didn’t take him long until he came in my mouth. He asked “can I fuck you in the ass later?” I said why not I’ve been doing it to you for a long time. He smiled and turned over and went to sleep. I laid there thinking of Aunt Jean. I thought,” I guess I’m not really gay. I like both sex’s, I just prefer fucking asses.” I let Timmy fuck me because it is only fare after all the times I fucked him. Timmy would rather get fucked than fuck, and would rather suck a cock than have his sucked. I smiled as I dozed off to sleep realizing that Timmy was totally gay

About seven that morning I felt Timmy trying to put his dick into my ass. I said wait a minuet and got up and went to the bathroom. I peed and then took some oil and rubbed it on my ass. As I was walking back to our bedroom I saw mom’s door was opened slightly. I peeked in and mom had just gotten out of the shower and was bent over drying her legs and feet. Her very white round plump ass was just beautiful. I started to get hard so I backed out and went back to the room. I got back into bed and scooted up against Timmy with my ass and let him enter me. He fucked me like a rabbit and came almost immediately. I turned him over and took some of his cum from my ass and rubbed it into his hole. I then inserted my cock and slowly began to fuck him, stopping whenever I got close to coming. I fucked him like that for about a half hour. He got a hard on so I jacked him off as I fucked his ass. I increased my tempo faster and faster and my hand also increased it’s speed. I felt his dick tighten up and new he was going to cum so I rammed my cock deep into his anal cavity and came. Timmy came at the same time. He let out a lowed moan and I said quiet mom will here you. Just about then mom knocked on the door and asked, “Is every thing alright in there? I said “ya mom, Tim just stubbed his toe getting out of bed.” “Ok, I’m leaving for work now see you tonight. I should be home by six.” “Ok” I said.

From then on I tried to time it every morning so I could see my mother when she got out of the shower. She was pretty consistent. She would get out of the shower almost always between 6:55 and 7:05am. So whenever she left her door open I would peek in and watch her towel off. If She didn’t leave it open and I could still hear the shower on I would open it myself. I got a hard on every time. After words I would go in and fuck Timmy. Sometimes I would ravish his ass because I would get so turned on watching Mom rub herself with the towel. He would whimper when I did that but he never complained. I would dream about fucking Mom’s plump ass while I massaged her tits. I could actually visualize it. I became obsessed with her ass. This went on for over a month.

Then one Saturday morning Tim had left early and went to a friends house. They were going to the beach. I got up about nine and took a shower, After word I walked down to the kitchen in my shorts and got a glass of milk. On the way back I heard Mom taking her shower. I set the glass of milk down and went to the door and opened it. I waited and then Mom stepped out of the shower and began to towel herself off. Just as I was about to leave she reached over and got a bottle of oil and began to rub it onto her skin. She rubbed it on her arms and chest massaging her breasts and I saw her tweak her nipples. She rubbed the oil between her legs and for a moment inserted her fingers into her vagina. I could see in the mirror that she was fingering her clit. God I was hard. I started stroking my dick. She let out a little moan and I new she had cum. She then continued to oil herself. She massaged it into her anus and then began to do her legs. She bent way over to do her ankles.

I cracked, I could not stand it my dick was so hard, so I snuck up behind her and grabbed her around her waist and before she could straighten jammed my dick into her pussy. She screamed, what, who is that. I didn’t say a word I put my hand on her head and kept her bent over, at six foot one and 180 lbs I was just too strong for her. I was surprised at the tightness of her pussy after two kids. I fucked that pussy for about two minutes and then pulled it out and jammed it up into her plump ass. She grunted and said “Ohhh my god.” Oh how warm and good it felt. I started fucking her like a dog in heat. In and out, faster and faster I went until I came deep inside her anal cavity. She had stopped struggling and just let me fuck her. Finally after milking my cum up inside her I pulled out of her panting. I just stood there for a long moment. I looked down at that beautiful round ass, and my dick was still hard and my urge to fuck her ass again over whelmed me. So before she could turn around I plunged my hard cock back into her ass and began to fuck her again. I pushed her over the sink and rammed my cock deep into her. I was in a frenzy fucking her wildly; again and again I rammed it home. She didn’t move she just let me do it. After awhile, I’m not quite sure how long of pounding her ass I forced her legs open a little more and took my dick and shoved it into her pussy not caring if I might give her an infection. I grabbed her tits and began to knead them rolling her nipples between my fingers. After awhile She whispered “please stop I don’t want to cum, not from you” That just drove me wilder, I dropped one hand and began to rub her clitoris. I was surprised at the size of it. About the size of Tim’s little finger. I rubbed that clit and squeezed her tits and fucked her hard. I felt her legs shake and she said “oh god no, pleassssse no, stop, I can’t let you make me cum like this, not my son, and then she came. Boy did she cum, one of those specials that come from a women’s “G” spot. It ran down my cock and onto my legs and the floor. I pulled her tight against me and shot my second load deep into her pussy. We collapsed over the sink. After it seemed a long time I pulled out of her. Mom finally stood up and for several minuets just stood there with Esat Escort her back to me.

Suddenly she turned and slapped me with all her might. She knocked me clear out of the bathroom onto her bedroom floor. She screamed at me “how dare you do that to me, I’m your mother.” I began to cry. I sobbed “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. You have such a wonderful ass. When I saw you massaging your self with that oil and then fingering your pussy until you came; I just lost control. I just had to fuck your ass. Didn’t you like it?” “That’s not the point, I’m your mother for christ sake. You should never want to have intercourse with your mother. That’s incest and is against the law.” I could go to jail if I aloud something like that to go on. You realize you just raped me. You could also go to jail for a long time if I wanted to press charges.”

“I’m sorry mom. I just went a little crazy.” As I sat there looking at her naked body
with her breasts heaving up and down; (At 37 she was still a good looking women. Her slightly over weight body at 5’5 and 130 pounds took nothing away from her) and with that big black bush staring me in the face, I could not control myself and began to get hard again. I looked up at her and said “ see what you do to me.” She looked at my hard on and for the first time I saw her tremble with desire. She said “Oh god I’m sorry too.” I stood up and put my arms around her and kissed her warmly. She allowed me to insert my tongue and I explored the inside of her mouth. My cock slid between her legs and I could feel her wet cunt on my dick. She began to kiss me back as I forced her down on the bed and inserted my cock back into her. She said no, no, we can’t do this I’m your mother don’t you see. I just kept moving in and out of her and I felt her gasp as she had another orgasm. She was crying saying my god what is happening to me. I just kept fucking her slowly until I felt her cum again. I slid down her belly and placed my mouth over the lips of her pussy and inserted my tongue. I could smell the strong pungent odor of her and I could taste my own cum and it excited me. She reared up her hips and came again as my tongue interred her vagina. I began to lick her and run my tongue over and under her clit. She moaned “oh my god I can’t stop coming. I know it’s terribly wrong but I love it so.” I inserted two of my fingers into her vagina and I sucked on her clit which seemed to get even larger than it already was. After about five minuets I new she was ready to let lose I open my mouth as she screamed “oh shit, ohhhhh my god, Ohhhhhh god and grabbed my head and shoved me into her pussy and came. Her liquid oozed into my mouth and down my throat. She just collapsed. She incoherently kept mumbling how wrong but how wonderful I made her feel. I slid back up her belly and kissed her right breast taking almost all of it into my mouth. I ran my tongue over her nipple and squeezed the other one rolling the nipple between my finger tips and I heard her moan again. I kissed her again fully on the mouth and inserted my tongue into her eager mouth and at the same time slid my cock back into her extremely wet love nest.

I looked at the clock and it was almost nine. We had been making love for over two hours and I had not cum since I had ravaged her twice. I again began to fuck her ever so slowly, moving in and out of her. She just laid there moaning and mumbling. I started watching the clock and saw that she would cum about every two minuets. I felt so strong that I had such control over her. I would fuck her in her pussy for about fifteen minuets and then lift her legs up high and insert my cock into her beautiful ass and fuck that ass for about a half hour before going back to her pussy.

Each time I felt like I might cum I would stop and just lie on her until I subsided. Then begin again. Mom was in a trance, like she was somewhere in a dream world. I lost tract of time. I just kept a steady rhythm, sliding in and out of her wonderful ass & pussy. Her pussy stayed wet as she continued to cum every few minuets. When I looked again at the clock it was it was two o’clock. It was hard to believe we had been fucking for nearly seven hours. My cock felt like it may never get soft again.

I rolled over onto my back with my cock still in her pussy. She sat up and put her hands on my chest and began to rotate her stomach back and forth just like her sister Jean. She was still in that trance like state with her eye’s rolled back into her head and mumbling incoherently. God but she felt good as she ground herself onto my cock.

I heard a slight noise and looked over and standing in the doorway was Tim. He never said a word, he just slid his bathing suit off and I could see he had a hard on. I didn’t know how long he had been watching. I reached up and pulled Mom’s head down and gave her a big french kiss. Pulling her down like that lifted her ass up and knowing what Tim wanted to do let him slid his dick into Mom’s ass. I could feel him sliding in and out between that thin partisan between her ass hole and her cunt. He was fucking her like a rabbit. It took Mom a few seconds to understand what was happening to her. She came out of her trance like state and said “who is that.” She struggled to get up but I held her tight. I felt Timmy shove his dick as far in as he could and I new he was coming. Mom said, “oh my god, who is fucking me in my rear?” I whispered Timmy. She cried out, “No, not Timmy too. She began to cry again. “I can’t believe I’m being fucked by both of my sons at the same time. What is wrong with me, why can’t I stop?” I said nothing is wrong with you as Tim who had not lost his hard on began to fuck her again. I said, “Slow down Tim, take your time. He did and we began to fuck her in unison.

She did not seem to have the will or desire to stop She kept saying over and over that this was not right we can’t be doing this. Yet she was pushing back into Timmy’s dick and rotating her pelvis down onto my cock. She started coming again more often now. She began to rock back and forth in a state of sexual frenzy. I didn’t have to move, she was doing it all. Finally Timmy came again and pulled out of her. His cum ran out of her ass and onto my belly.

My balls were aching and I new that if I didn’t cum soon I was going to get the blue balls. I sat up and with out leaving her pussy I picked her up and rotated us so that my feet were against her head board. I took her legs and placed them over her head so that she was folded in half. I placed my feet high on the headboard and began to drive my cock straight down into her swollen wet hole. Like a pile driver I kept slamming my cock deep into her. She was screaming “Fuck me Bobby, Ohhh Bobby that feels so good. I cant’ stop coming, fuck me, fuck me ohhhhh god fuck me. When I new I was going to cum I grabbed her ass and pulled her tight against me. I could feel the head of my cock enter her uterus about a half an inch and I exploded straight down into it. I felt like every bit of liquid in me came pouring out of the end of my cock. She screamed Ohhhh yes. Exhausted I rolled over and just held her there draining into her and we fell asleep.

I woke up and it was nine o’clock in the morning. Mom was gone and Timmy was curled up behind me with his limp dick in the crack of my ass. I slipped out of bed and walked down stairs and found mom sitting on the couch in her robe with her head between her hands. I could tell she had been crying. I stood in front of her and she started shaking her head and began to cry again. She said, “When you attack me the first time I was angry and humiliated, but when you did it again and you made me have several orgasms I was mad at myself. But when you started to have sex with me again and I did nothing to stop you I could not stand myself because I wanted it so bad. You made me feel more alive than I think I have ever been. Not even your Father ever made me feel like you have. I had so many orgasms I thought I would go out of my mind. What is so terribly wrong is that it was you my son that made me feel this way. When Timmy my baby started fucking me I wanted to kill myself; not because of what he was doing, that I understand but because I liked the two of you inside me. It excited me. Incest is a terrible thing, and I could go to jail. You must think I’m a slut.” “No mom Tim and I love you, what is wrong with wanting to make love to someone you love” I said. I bent down and kissed her fully on the lips. In spite of all she had said she returned my kiss fully and passionately. My dick started to rise again and I placed the head between her lips. She hesitated and then opened her mouth and took me in. She backed off a moment and asked “where did you ever learn to make love like that at so young and age. I looked down and smiled and said from Aunt Jean. Her eyes got as big as saucers, as I slid my cock back into her mouth and began to fuck her there.

For the next month my Mother would come home from work, take a shower and then we would fuck until dinner. We would watch some Television and go to bed about ten. The three of us would go to bed in Mom’s room and fuck until midnight or when we fell asleep. Timmy would always fuck Mom in the ass and sometimes me while I was fucking Mom. occasionally from time to time she would fix dinner in her birthday suit. One such night she was doing the dishes when Tim crawled between her legs and began to eat her pussy. She spread her legs and bent her knees to allow his tongue to easily enter her. I got excited and took some liquid soap and rubbed my cock and her ass with it an shoved my hard on into her ass. She bent herself over the sink so that she could fully receive my cock and Timmy’s tongue into her love holes. She started coming all over Timmy’s face and he giggled as he drank all she had to offer. After about twenty minuets I drove deep into her ass and came.

One afternoon Mom came home early from work and went straight to her room without saying a word to us. I knocked on her door and asked her what was wrong. She said “go away” I went back down stairs and when she didn’t come down for dinner I went back up and knocked again. I could hear her crying. I said if you don’t open the door and tell me what is wrong I’m going to break the door down. After a long moment she unlocked the door. I went in and she was sitting on her bed sobbing. I said for crying out loud what is wrong. She looked at me and said “I’m pregnant.” I just stood there staring at her. It had never occurred to me that I could get her pregnant. I sat down and put my arms around her and she whimpered what am I going to do? I said we will work it out somehow. She said “I could go to jail if anyone found out about us.” I said, “no one is going to say anything especially that it was me that got you pregnant. I new it couldn’t be Tim’s because he only fucked Mom in the ass. Just give me time to think.” I said. I asked, “how far along are you.” She said, “The doctor guest about four to six weeks. “It had to be the first night. I new after that first night I would never be able to resist you, so I used a diaphragm. I don’t think either of us slept much that night. Timmy wanted to know what was wrong. I told him Mom was having stomach cramps and sent him to bed.

The next morning neither of us wanted to make love. Timmy was upset because he wanted me to fuck him. I said, “I wasn’t in the mood but maybe tonight.” Mom called in sick and I sent Tim over to his friend’s house to play. He had promised never to tell any one what we were doing because I told him Mom could go to jail for what we had been doing; and that he would be sent to a foster home if he told anyone.

We went back to bed as soon as Tim left. I held her in my arms and kissed her tenderly.
She said, “I’ll have to get an abortion.” I said “no way, I could not kill my own child and I don’t think you could either. It is a love child because it was conceived in love. You will just have to have it. We can raise him ourselves. Just do not show who the father is on the birth certificate.” She let out a sigh of relief and said “do you think so?” I said “yes it will be all right.” She smiled and began to caress my face. Then she said “what about the baby, because we are Mother & Son will it be deformed, I couldn’t answer her because I didn’t know. Finally I said the baby will be fine and kissed her deeply. She began to respond. I made love to her gently for a long time. We were still in bed when Timmy came home. He quickly took off his cloths and jumped in bed and said “remember your promise this morning” I smiled and reached behind me and took some of Mom’s pussy juice and rubbed it into his ass hole and began to fuck him. Mom said what is this? Her eyes were wide open. I said “Mom I have been fucking Timmy since I was ten years old. I’ll explain later. I fucked Tim gently as Mom watched wide eyed and shaking her head, and said, “My god what have we become. Timmy started saying harder Bobby harder.
(Continued) all rights reserved to the Author.

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