1 Aralık 2022

My new job on Wednesdays nights

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My new job on Wednesdays nights
Some weeks ago I had gone with my husband to a strip bar and I had entered an amateur contest for housewives who dared to get strip naked on stage in front of strangers.
After winning the contest, I had been fucked wildly by three black men in front of my loving Victor…
Recently on a Saturday night, I asked my hubby to go again there.
I decided to wear a very tight black dress; it was cut in a deep V in the front. This let my firm boobs to show lot of cleavage. When we entered the place, I noticed lots om men looking at me. I acted like I dropped my lipstick and bent over really slow to pick it up.

I was not wearing a thong; so I heard some approval whistling when those horny men around could take a glimpse of my shaven labia from behind.
When a sexy waitress brought our drinks, a slender sensual blond stripper was on stage, with great music and light flashing.
I was getting aroused as I watched at that sexy girl getting naked; so I looked at Victor smiling at me and then I pulled my dress down exposing my firm boobs to the three guys sitting in front of us.
They smiled at me and I saw lust in their hungry eyes…
Victor asked me to sit in his lap. As I sat down he slid his had under my ass, so he could easily grab and play with my buttocks.
Then I made my tight dress to ride up my hips, giving the three guys kaçak iddaa a great view of my ass being massaged by my loving hubby.
Victor’s fingers eventually found my wet pussy and he shoved two of them to caress my hardened clit. He made me came soon and I looked at the three guys as an intense orgasm made me moan.
Then Victor asked me to stand up and dance for him.
As I stood up to dance my husband’s hand never stopped from massaging my wet cunt.
I was dancing in front of Victor giving him my back while he finger fucked me the whole time. I looked at the three guys and I noticed they were looking at me getting finger fucked.

After Victor made me cum for a second time; he asked me if I would dare to dance on stage. I laughed and replied of course I would dare to strip naked in front of all those strangers…
So I kissed him and went to the girls’ room were the strippers changed; they all were supportive by offering me clothes to borrow.

I chose a see though white dress, that left my dark nipples visible.
I went on stage with another sexy girl called Stormy.
We danced the first song making some sensual movements, with our dresses on. During the second and third songs we stripped off totally naked.
I felt my cunt dripping wet and I could not wait to get home to have something hard inside me. I looked at my hubby and saw him smiling at me. kaçak bahis

I accepted some tips from several horny men and I picked up the borrowed white dress for going back to the ladies‘ room.
When I got there the club‘s owner was waiting for me there and he said my performance on stage had been amazing for him.
He wanted to offer me some room on stage to perform.
I thanked him, saying I needed to discuss about it with my hubby.
But I would come during the next days to have a talk with him…
Once at home, Victor told me that he would be happy knowing that I would enjoy my exhibitionist side by showing my naked body to strangers. Then I told him I would perform just one day a week…
Two days later I went back to the club and found Samuel, the owner, to discuss about the whole matter. He said that he wanted to see me in action. Then he invited me to approach the clients and show him how I would deal with them…
I picked the most handsome black guy there and straddled his lap.
The guy looked surprised, but he knew he could not touch me…
I was wearing a short jean skirt. It rode up my thighs, showing him my red thong, which barely covered my shaven labia. I felt a hard on under my pussy lips and then I looked into his eyes, as I moved just a bit, back and forth onto his lap.
When I felt the dick was ready to fuck me; I got up and took the hand güvenilir bahis of that cute black guy. I led him to where the girls did private dances. The place was a small cabin with chairs and mirrors…
After I exposed my boobs to that nice guy, I sat again on his lap and grabbed his both hands, placing them on my hardened nipples.
Then I got up and lowered my thong facing him, to show off my neatly shaven pussy. I sat down again and this time I felt his growing erection even harder. He tried to feel my boobs; but this time I grabbed his hands and made him put them at his back.
I reached out and put my hard nipples close to his mouth. He smiled and I ordered him to lick my nipples. I had an orgasm as his tongue moved up and down my sensitive nipples…
The black guy noticed it and then his hands went to feel my naked buttocks under my skirt. I told him to show me his black cock.
He unzipped his trousers and I gasped when I saw that monster black cock. I was at least ten inches and it was now really hard…
I moved forward, trying to impale myself onto that wonderful hard thing. But the black guy stopped me and he held my waist, making me get up from his lap. Then he made me bend over a chair and he stood at my back. Soon I felt one of his hands grabbing my wet pussy lips from behind. He started massaging my cunt…
Just in that moment, the door opened and Samuel showed up.
He smiled and I looked at him with lust in my eyes.
As the black guy was pushing his hard dick at my wet entrance; I told Samuel that I would be happy to perform there a show; but it would be only on Wednesdays…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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