21 Nisan 2024

My New Gym Buddy Pt. 03

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Tuesday was perhaps the longest work day of my entire life. As much as I tried to put my head down and work, I was inevitably distracted by how anxious I was to go back to the gym that evening. My boss had been breathing down my neck for weeks, and for good reason. I was way behind on the code for the website I was due to deliver to the customer in less than a month. Nonetheless, as much as I tried to focus on debugging, the images of the previous night kept flashing through my mind. Admittedly, I was doing little to resist it. I repeatedly fell into daydreams about the feeling I had when my newfound friend at the gym dropped his towel and revealed his manhood to me for the first time.

I couldn’t help but think about the warmth, the size, the feeling of his delicious cock on my lips. The taste of his precum as it leaked onto my tongue. Without fail, I’d find myself zoning out and drooling, my cock getting impossibly hard in my work pants. By noon, I was itching to get out to my car so I could rub myself and get some form of release. It only took a few seconds of stroking and thinking about that big beautiful appendage in my mouth before I came as hard as I’ve ever cum, into some napkins I had stored in the glove box. Breathing heavily with the images from the previous evening rushing through my mind, I looked into my backseat to make sure my gym bag was there. I didn’t want to take the time to go home to get my workout clothes. I had to get to the gym on time to make sure I don’t miss saying hello to my new friend.

Even though I had managed to calm down a little by jerking off in my car, the rest of the work day wasn’t much easier. 4 and a half more hours of fading in and out of a stupor as I thought about my first experience as a cocksucker. My mind was fixed on the rush it gave me to be on my knees in front of such an impressive piece of masculinity. The feeling of being so in control, but also so willing to do whatever I needed to do to please it. I was hooked.

By the time the clock hit 5pm, I was practically running out of the door. It was finally time to get to go get a good workout after a long day.


15 mins of driving went by in a heartbeat, and before I knew it I was walking through the front door of the gym, still in my work clothes with my duffle bag under my arm. As I made my way towards the locker rooms to change, I took a cursory glance around the gym, but didn’t see my friend from last night. A hint of disappointment pinged in the back of my mind. I pushed open the door to the locker room and walked a straight line to the back to change and put my stuff in a free locker.

I typically kept my vision forward so as to not give the impression I was checking other guys out in the locker room, but today was a little different. I found myself stealing glances at every guy I passed, hoping to see my favorite stranger. With each passing glance came disappointment, but also other interesting thoughts about each guy I walked by. I was paying more attention to their bodies. Evaluating them in ways I had never done for the male form before. I passed a muscular guy in a tight blue spandex shirt, and realized I was wondering what he looked like shirtless. I made brief eye contact with a guy who was dressed in only a towel. Normally I would feel awkward addressing a guy who was nearly naked in front of me, but this time was different. Instead of embarrassment, the first thing that came to mind was “Huh, I wonder what he’d look like without that towel… Was it big? Small? Circumcised?” In the back of my head there was a fleeting curiosity that had never been there before. It was interesting, even slightly exciting.

Erotic thoughts aside, I was also feeling a bit let down. Nobody I passed resembled the one person I was hoping to see. By the time I had made it to the door of the changing area, I wasn’t sure if we’d get the chance to have another run-in. As soon as I walked through the door though, I let out a shallow breathe of relief when I looked to the left and saw a familiar face. A familiar body. There he stood, wrapped in only orange spandex underwear. He held a white shirt and a pair of green shorts in his hand as he arranged things in his locker. I froze in place as my eyes made their way slowly down his body from his strong-featured face, well-built chest, firm abs, all the way to his midsection. From this angle, I had a clear side view of the beautiful package that had for the last day been the object of my affection. It caught my gaze in an almost mesmerizing way, hugged up against his left leg by the aforementioned orange underwear. I couldn’t help but stare. I had been thinking about it all day, and now here it was only a few feet from me. Only when I heard a “Hey bud!” did I snap out of the daze I was in.

Looking back up to his eyes, and realizing my jaw was hanging slightly open, I stumbled over my words.

“He- uh hi! Good to… um… good to see you again.”

“So you decided to come back! I thought maybe I had scared you away!” he said with a quick laugh.

“No, o- of course not!” I said anxiously but enthusiastically. “I um… almanbahis you know. I figured I should make an effort to make health a bigger priority in my life.”

As I said this, I disappointedly watched as he put his shorts and shirt on. No more peep show for my wanting eyes, unfortunately.

“Oh, that’s awesome! I’m proud of you man. Keep up the good work. I wanna see you in here every day!” he said with a smile as he sat down and put on his shoes.

“Thanks!” I said. I felt genuinely excited to hear that he was proud of me. That he wanted to see me every day. I wanted to see him every day too!

“Well, have a good workout!” he said, standing up quickly.

“Wait! uh…” I said, caught off guard by how quick he was leaving the changing room. I was hoping he would stick around for a little more conversation. I was wondering how I could steer the conversation towards a possible plan to meet up in the showers, much like we did yesterday. Honestly I was feeling desperate to just see him naked again at that point. I had been thinking about it all day. I just didn’t know how to put it into words.

“You’re uh… going to work out now?” I said nervously, nothing else coherent coming to mind.

“Um. Yes” he responded, looking around and making a small gesture with his hands as if to say “We’re at a gym, aren’t we?”

I felt like an idiot. He started to turn and put in his headphones.

“Oh! Um… I never got your name.” I blurted out, trying to at least get some form of confirmation that he was still interested.

At this point I felt like I was getting mixed signals. Was he trying to act like nothing happened yesterday? I had been looking forward to seeing him all day, and hoped in the back of my mind that he would be excited to see me too. Now I wasn’t so sure I got the right impression after having his cock in my mouth only 24 hours ago. I was starting to feel rejected.

“My name’s Ryan.” he said with a smile as he put in his second headphone.

“I’m Chris.” I said in response, but it didn’t seem like he heard me. He had already turned and made his way out the door towards the gym floor. I stood there for a minute feeling confused. I felt like a high school girl with a crush, unable to get his attention. I walked over to a locker, stripped down to my underwear, and put my work clothes in. Pulling my gym clothes out of my duffle bag and putting them on, I thought about what I could have said or done differently. Should I have just gone up to him and said “I want to suck your cock in the shower again”? It is what I wanted after all, but I was so new to all of this, I didn’t know if I’d come off as being too easy, or vulgar, or whatever. I didn’t want him to lose interest, but here I was feeling just as rejected as I did when my girlfriend broke up with me. I shook my head and locked my locker, turned and made my way out to the weight room. At the very least I could get a decent workout this evening. That is what I came here for, after all, right?


It turns out getting a good workout is difficult when you’re so focused on trying to get someone’s attention. I found myself going to machines I didn’t know how to use, just to get a clear view of Ryan while he was going about his own routine. He caught me staring a couple of times, obviously either being confused about how a machine works or not trying to use it at all. Each time he shot me a small, knowing smile, but nothing more. He didn’t come up to me and offer to show me how to use a machine, or to talk about what I was working on. It’s almost as if he knew I wanted him to talk to me, but he wanted me to initiate it. I was just too shy. I was having trouble admitting I had a crush on another man, and he knew it. He wasn’t going to let me off easy.

Almost an hour went by like this. I would stop working out to stare at him from afar and he would glance over to acknowledge it, nothing more. At that point, I was about ready to finish my workout. I decided to hit the treadmill to run at least a mile or so to get some final cardio in before hitting the showers.

I began jogging as I adjusted the speed a little to suit my pace. Every minute or so, I would glance over to the other side of the room towards Ryan, seeing what he was working on. He was sitting facing directly towards me on a bench press machine, focused on his repetitions. I subconsciously counted the reps as I watched his strong arms push the handles out, and his chest bulge in his tight white shirt. On his last rep he huffed as he let the handles slam back into the arms of the machine before abruptly looking up, directly at me.

Our eyes stayed locked for a few seconds as I continued to run, and he continued to breathe heavily from his last set. He broke the gaze and looked over to the right side of the room toward the locker rooms. I looked in that direction quickly before returning my eyes to his, which were now looking directly back at me again. With nothing more than a quick nod of his head, once more towards the locker room, he got up and walked in that direction. I ran for a few more seconds thinking to myself whether or not almanbahis giriş that was a message meant for me. Did he want me to meet him back in the locker room? Was it actually going to happen? The mixed signals he had sent earlier held some reservations in the back of my mind as I continued to jog. Pushing down my doubts, I reached out to hit the stop button on the treadmill and stepped down to follow him.

During my walk to the locker room, my head was swimming. I was nervous, but I was excited. I was eager to get into that warm shower. I wondered whether he’d already be there waiting for me, cock hard and ready to be pleased. Would he be in a towel, beckoning me to follow him, or was I going to have to do a little searching t find which shower he chose? Each door I walked through, the anticipation built. When I got through the door to the changing room though, my heart sank slightly. Ryan was standing there with his gym bag over his shoulder. He didn’t have a towel on, and it appeared he had no intention of taking a shower.

“Hey, uh…” I started before he cut me off.

“Have a good one!” he said, walking towards the door.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“I’m headed home. I ‘m beat!” he smiled, seemingly oblivious to why I followed him back here.

“But I thought you… uh…” I managed to get out before the correct words stopped coming to my brain. We both stood there for a few seconds in silence.

“You…?” he said expectantly.

“Well, I was thinking about um… yesterday. And I… uh… well” I mumbled as he stared at me, clearly getting impatient.

“Is there something you wanted to talk about?” he said with an inquisitive look on his face. I couldn’t tell if he was being sincere, or if he just wanted to make me squirm. I realized he was not going to give me what I clearly wanted at this point, without me admitting I wanted him. I just needed to suck it up and tell him. No pun intended. It was now or never.

“I was thinking you were going to take a shower.” I said frankly, with a hopeful look on my face.

“Oh, you were?” he replied with a smile growing on his face.

“Well, yeah. And I was thinking, maybe that I could… you know… join you?”

There. I said it. The ball was in his court now.

“Ohhh, so you wanted a repeat of yesterday?” he laughed knowingly.

“Why didn’t you just say so?” Ryan knew he had me now. He was just enjoying hearing it out loud.

“I was actually planning on heading back to shower at my place. It’s only about 5 minutes from here.”

“Oh, ok then. Cool…” I wasn’t sure whether or not it was an invitation at this point. Luckily he didn’t make me ask.

“…Do you wanna come over? You can follow me if you have a car, or I can give you a ride, or…”

I stood there nervously for a minute, thinking about the proposition. He was still basically a stranger at this point. Was I really going to follow a stranger to his house where he could have his way with me? I felt like such a slut.

But he had taken such good care of me only yesterday. He made me feel sexy in ways I had never felt before. The prospect of feeling those sensations again, and maybe more, made the decision much easier.

“Yeah, I would be up for that.” I said, trying to sound casual as I walked over to my locker to grab my things. On the inside I was a nervous mess, but on the outside I did all I could to remain calm and collected despite the affirmation I felt knowing this beautiful man wanted me to explore his body again. With my gym bag under my arm, I followed him out to the parking lot where he walked over to a black Mercedes-Benz sedan and tossed his bag in the back seat.

“Follow me” was all he said as he stepped into his car, shut the door and turned on the engine. So that’s what I did. With a right turn out of the parking lot, a left at the next light, and a right turn off the main road we quickly arrived at a gated community with some impressive sized houses in it. He rolled down his window, punched in a code, and waved with his hand to let me know to follow him through the gate. Another minute or two on the winding roads through the neigheborhood and we pulled into the driveway of a beautiful, modern one-story house.

While parking my own car I watched him step out of his, walk up to his front door and enter, leaving it open behind him. I stepped out of mine, got my gym bag out of the trunk, and followed behind him.

“So, welcome to my home.” he said in your typical unenthusiastic homeowner’s voice.

“It’s not much, but it’s comfy.”

He had nothing to be unenthusiastic about though. His home was beautiful inside, with modern decor and open spacing. He continued to talk as I looked around at the decorations and marveled at how clean he kept it.

“The guest bathroom is just down that hall and around the corner. There should be some shower gel and shampoo in there for you.”

I looked at him in confusion when I heard him say that, as I was under the impression he was looking for more of a group shower scenario.

“Oh.” I said with a hint of confusion in my voice.

“I almanbahis yeni giriş thought we were going to-“

“Let me get you a towel.” he cut me off, and disappeared into what I assume was the master bedroom.

There he went with the mixed signals again. I was sure that now that I had admitted I wanted to pleasure him, he would be a little more direct and we could enjoy ourselves. I stood in the living room scratching my head for a while, wondering whether or not I had communicated clearly enough what I was interested in. Did he not want me to shower with him? What more did I have to say to him to get him to want me? Was there someth-

“Here you go.” I heard over my shoulder. When I turned around, I froze in surprise. I was caught completely off guard.

Ryan was standing there completely naked. As my eyes adjusted to the image before me, they scanned his nude body. His bulging chest and arms were still glistening with sweat from the gym, and his abs looked even more ripped in the soft white living room light.

And then I saw his cock. There it was hanging between his legs, soft and swaying as he reached out to hand me my towel. I absent-mindedly reached out and grabbed the towel with a feeble “Thanks” as I stood there slack-jawed, my eyes locked onto his hanging member. It hung almost halfway to his knees. The foreskin covered most of it, only a tiny sliver of his cock head was exposed. For a good few seconds, it was completely silent as I stood there in a trance. I wanted so badly to just reach out and grab it.

“I also got this for you.” he said, breaking the silence. I looked up as he extended out a set of what appeared to be lingerie. I was confused to say the least.

“Are those for… me?” I asked, unsure of whether or not he was mistaken about my size, or build, or gender for that matter.

“Of course they are!” he replied with a smile.

“Oh… I don’t um…”

“Ok, look.” He interrupted.

“I’m going to stop playing games with you. We’re both adults, and we both know what we want. You went back to the gym today because you loved what happened in the shower there yesterday. You loved discovering a new side of yourself, and you loved having my cock in your mouth.” he said matter-of-factly, gesturing at the cock that still hung between his legs. My eyes followed the gesture, finding their way again down to his soft but impressively large member once again. I was completely fixated on it. I wanted to reach out and touch it again, just to feel its warmth in my hands again.

“What I would love is to have a cute little sissy like you get all dressed up nice for me.” he continued.

“A nice what?” I asked, still focusing the majority of my attention on the cock in front of me.

“A sissy.” he reiterated. “That’s what you want to be right? You want to be a good little sissy who pleases daddy in all the right ways?”

As he said that, he began slowly moving his hips from side to side, making his cock swing back and forth ever so slightly in a beautifully hypnotic rhythm. My eyes followed its every movement.

“I’m afraid I only let good little sissies play with it. A good sissy is the only thing that can get me nice and hard…”

When he put it that way, it seemed to be an easy decision. I wanted to see his big cock get nice and hard. How could I deny him that? How could I deny myself that? The thought alone was enough to make my own cock twitch. Before long, the thought of his cock getting rock hard before my eyes had caused a full-blown tent to form in my pants as I stood there in a daze, hypnotized by his big swinging manhood. Without a word, I reached out my hand and grabbed the skimpy clothes he was offering me.

“Good sissy. Now I want you to get to the guest bathroom and get yourself cleaned up in the shower. Once you’re nice and sparkly, I want you to get dressed in your new outfit and meet me in my bedroom. I’ll be waiting.” He made a motion with his hand as if to shoo me away, and like a good sissy I complied by walking down the hall to find the bathroom.

“Oh and one more thing… Dont even think about touching that sissy cock of yours in the shower. That’s mine now.”

“Oh uh… ok.” I replied feebly.

“You’ll address me as daddy now, understand my adorable little sissy?” he said in a sweet, yet insistent tone.

“Oh um… Yes… daddy.” I replied feebly before making my way down the hall. He smiled and shooed me away once again.


I walked into the bathroom, closed the door, and stood there still for a second looking at myself in the mirror. My attention then turned to the outfit I was holding. It was comprised of a green bra and panties, and a matching green and white skirt. The bra looked like you didn’t need boobs at all to fit into it comfortably. The panties were clearly intended to be skimpy. They were a few sizes too small, and were definitely intended to show off my ass cheeks. They were completely back-less besides a g-string. The skirt was quite skimpy as well. I held it up to my waist, and it became clear that it would hardly reach past the bottom of my ass. Nonetheless I put them down on the sink and turned on the shower. I had come this far, and daddy was clearly proud of what I did for him the first time we met. If this outfit was going to make him want me more, I was all for that.

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