10 Ağustos 2022

My Neighbor Next Door

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I stop at my neighbor’s house to return a book I had borrowed from her. I knock, but no one answers. So I pull out my key and opened the door. I have known Alice for years. My intentions are to just drop off the book and leave, but I hear a sound coming from inside and I feel obligated to check it out.

I sit the book on the table and proceed inside. The closer I get to the noise the more curious I get. I near the bathroom and see that it is open a little and inside is Alice. I turn and start to walk back the way I came in. Then the door opens and out walks Alice, naked and dripping wet. I am not prepared to see her that way and neither is she. We both jump.

Alice is quick to recover though. “Oh, Ryan, it’s just you.”

Unbelievably, she makes no attempt to cover her naked, toned body. She hasn’t turned away from me and she doesn’t attempt to cover her breasts or pussy. My eyes wonder across her body. Her pussy is shaved and her breasts were just barely big enough to fit in a bra. And talk about some pretty, pink nipples. My cock is instantly up and pushing at my jeans.

After a few moments of silence, I finally find the voice to speak.”Alice I’m sorry I came in like this. I didn’t know you’d be naked.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it Ryan. School let early so it’s not like you expected to see me here.”

Alice is a second grade teacher and she is right I didn’t expect to see her here, at least not naked. “Well I should have just waited to drop the book off,” I counter trying to take the blame from her.

Alice giggles and says, “I didn’t hear you knock. Besides I don’t make it a habit of answering the door stark naked.

I laugh and say, “That’s probably a good habit. It would be odd seeing someone answering the door in the nude.”

Again she giggles. Then she says, “I got something for you to see, right up your alley.”

She walks past me, not making any attempt to cover up. I follow her to the study and she searches for a book. She bends over to look at the bottom shelf. Her legs are spread enough to give me a good view of her pretty pussy. Again my cock threatens to rip free from my pants.

She doesn’t find the book on the lower shelf so she searches elsewhere. Finally, she looks up to see it on a higher shelf. Softly she says, “Well there it is. Ryan, can you give me a boost up?”

I glance up to where she is looking and I realize I can easily just get it myself. I don’t even try. Instead, I stand behind her, placing my hands on her slim waist and lifting her nude body up. Her ass crack wraps around my hard cock as it strains in my jeans.

She pulls the book from the shelf, but I don’t immediately set her down. I hold her ass against my cock for a few seconds longer. I then let her slide down against me, back to the floor. As her feet touch the floor, my hands move up to brush against the curves of her breasts. Unconsciously, my hands reach further around and lightly touch her nipples. She doesn’t pull away, but I do.

Alice turns around toward me with the book in her hands, but she doesn’t hand it to me. Instead, she takes it to the fethiye escort desk and lays it down. She pulls out the chair, looks at me and says, “Ryan, will you sit here for a minute? I want to show you something.”

I sit down as she moves up beside me, seemingly oblivious to her nakedness. Unconsciously, my arm reaches out and my hand settles on her back. She doesn’t move away, instead she steps between my legs and sits on my lap.

She opens the large book, showing me a few things in it and telling me about what she had read from it, but I am not really listening. With my hand on her back, my other hand finds her stomach. My hand slips from her back to her ass and my other cups her breast. She is still talking as I find the nipple with my fingers. I massage her breast and nipple and then reach up to do the same with the other.

At some point she stops talking. She isn’t saying a word and neither am I. Her back is now resting against my chest. Both of my hands are cupping her tender breasts. My hard cock is pressed firmly against her ass and back. Silence falls over us and finally I give in. I reach down to cup her naked pussy. It is warm and soft.

I massage her pussy gently. I can’t believe that I’m doing this with my neighbor. With one hand on her pussy and the other on her breast, my hands grow more insistent. They are squeezing and pulling. My fingers begin searching for her clit and entrance. I use both hands to spread her puffy pussy lips apart and I find her clit.

I start to tease her clit, hardening it and Alice squirms in my lap, giving me a soft moan. Her head leans back against my chest and I drive my finger into her pussy. She arched back and moaned again. I plunged it deeper before pulling it out suddenly moving my hands away. With them resting on her stomach I whispered into her ear, “Alice, I better stop.”

Hastily Alice says, “No! I don’t want to. I want you to touch me. I’ve wanted it since you moved in next door.”

I am taken aback by the confession. I search for the right words to say even though my hard cock, pressing against her lithe naked body and my mind is screaming for me to just take her. “But this could get us in trouble and besides that I’m married.”

“I don’t care,” she protests. “I want you to touch me. I want you to have me.” She twists in my lap until she is sitting sideways. She looks at me with innocent eyes and whispers softly, “Ryan, will you kiss me?”

I look into her pleading eyes. I see her partly open mouth and her puffy lips. How can I resist? She lifts her head and I lean toward her. My lips gently touch hers and push forward to meet with sweet passion. Our tongues dance. Alice reaches for the bottom of my shirt and breaks to lift it over my head.

Again she twists in my lap to face me. Her arms reach around my neck and mine go around her back. I pull her close. Her naked chest presses against mine and again our lips touch and our mouths lock deeply.

I reached to pull her arms from my neck and I push her back against the desk. She catches herself with her arms. I reach behind Alice and push the book escort fethiye aside. I put my hands under her armpits and lift her on the desk between my legs. She leans back on her arms and I lean forward. My mouth closes around an erect nipple. It stiffens in my mouth as my tongue teases it and my mouth sucks. My mouth soon finds the other nipple.

Alice moans and arches her back, thrusting her breasts tightly against my mouth. “Oh, Ryan, that feels good.”

I move up to capture her lips in another passionate kiss. Again out tongues dance around each other until we can hardly catch out breaths. I move away from her tender lips. I move lower down her soft body, kissing and licking my way down. I find her bellybutton and I tickle and tease her with my tongue.

My mouth moves lower and I kiss her puffy pussy lips. They stiffen in excitement. My lips seek the crevasses between her thighs and the lips of her pussy. I kiss and lick as my fingers spread her pussy lips apart. Her clit lies exposed and inviting. I lick at her clit and her hips begin to buck. I attack her clit with more zest. My lips begin making slow circle around the now fully hardened clit. I tug and tease it. Alice moans softly and them moans again louder. Her hips are quivering.

“Oh god Ryan,” she moans heavily. “You’re driving me crazy.”

I spread her pussy lips as Alice raises her legs and spread them wider. I teasingly touch the pink of her entrance with my tongue. It tastes sweet and wonderful. I don’t know what she showered with, but it is amazing. I explore deeper with my tongue, circling around her opening. I cup my tongue to make it stiff and I plunge deeper into her pussy. Alice’s hips buck again to meet each thrust of my tongue. She is moaning and cooing.

I take my tongue out of her pussy and sit up in the chair. I reach for her lips and we kiss again before she says, “You’re driving me wild. My pussy feels like it’s on fire.”

I smile at her and wink. I am nearly twice her age and her she is giving herself to me. I can’t believe it is real. I reach again for her breasts and bury my head into them. My mouth finds her nipples. My mouth clamps onto each breast and hungrily devours them. Then I push Alice back on her back. I dive in, kissing and licking and sucking on her spread pussy and clit. Damn her pussy tastes so good.

Alice pushes my head away and looks at me. “Let me have that cock of yours.”

Her athletic body moves quickly. She springs from the desk and lads on her knees between my legs. Her hands settle on my chest as she leans to kiss me there. Her hands grow boulder and she pulls off my shoes and unbuckles my belt. Within moments she is pulling my jeans free from my body. They slide off my hips, over my legs and off my feet. She sits back marveling my hard cock as it points straight at her.

Alice pushes my cock against my stomach and starts kissing my shaft. She pulls my uncircumcised cock down and my cockhead pops out of the foreskin. She gasps in surprise, “Wow I’ve never had an uncircumcised cock before.”

She slides her tongue out and prods my cockhead. Her tongue fethiye escort bayan circles around it just before her mouth engulf the entire head of my cock. I feel her hand playing with my balls as her mouth licks and sucks on my cock. I grab a handful of her blonde hair and forcibly pull her head onto my cock. I could feel my balls tighten and before I know it my cock erupts, blasting Alice’s wet tongue and lips. She doesn’t even recoil and a second blast hits her chin and neck. The next couple of shots spray her breasts. Surprisingly, Alice directs the rest to her stomach and pussy.

Finally, I lay back into the chair. Alice is smiling and I can see cum dripping from her mouth and chin. Her neck and breasts are a sticky mess as globs of cum run down her breasts and drip from her nipples. Her stomach glistens with my sticky cum.

I reach to pull her against me. I can feel my slippery cum as her body presses against mine. We kiss again passionately and I can taste the saltiness of my cum on her lips. I lift her up and sit her back on the desk, pushing her to her back once more. I lean in and kiss her puffy pussy lips and the soft skin between her thighs and pussy. I then spread her pussy lip apart and ravage her clit with kisses, licks and sucks.

I plunge back into her tight pussy, twirling my tongue around her insides before thrusting in and out. Alice’s hips squirm and buck as she moans uncontrollably. Finally, her hips make a few violent bucks before lying still.

After a few silent moments she lifts her head and says, “I’ve got to pee.”

I nod at her and say, “So do I.”

I follow her back to the bathroom. Alice sits on the toilet and spreads her legs open. “Go ahead,” she offers.

I step in and aim for the small area between her legs and pee, moving up to her mound. I shower her with warm pee and she leans back, closing her eyes and smiles. When we are both finished, she drops her head back down and smiles. “I don’t suppose Sandy lets you do that?”

I shake my head. Sandy has never been the adventurous type, but Alice here seemingly liked to do more. A lot more.

She stands up and grins at me. “Are you going to ravage me or not old man?”

I grin back at her and lift her up, taking her quickly to the bedroom across the hall and I throw her flat on her back onto the bed. I kiss her mouth, her breast and her pussy. My cock is back fully hard and I want nothing more than this woman.

I settle myself between her legs and push into her waiting pussy and slowly start thrusting in and out. Then suddenly she thrusts her hips upward as mine thrust forward. My cock slips all the way into her as I feel my balls slap against her tight ass. She continues to thrust upward hard matching my thrusts forward until I am sent over the edge.

Stream after stream of cum spurt out of my cock, entering Alice’s welcoming pussy and filling her insides. At the same time Alice is consumed by an orgasm of her own. With my softening cock still deep in her pussy, I pull her up against me. We are panting hard for several long moments.

When I get my breath back I say, “Sandy will kill me if she ever found this out.”

Alice pulls away and looks at me. “Who’s planning to tell?” I grin at her and she continues, “As long as you come over every day to fuck me, I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

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