17 Ağustos 2022

My Mentor’s Wife Ch. 02

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I found myself in a very strange situation. I was invited over to my old professor’s house one evening. Once there his wife Lisa gave me head and then mounted me and we fucked. The whole time my professor, Roy watched us. Lisa told me she wanted to get together again and here I was one afternoon at her door. I rang the bell and Lisa let me inside. She threw her arms around me and we kissed.

“I missed you, Tom.”

I had been thinking of Lisa as well. For a woman in her early sixties she sure could fuck. She led me back to one of the bedrooms and we got undressed. Lisa got onto her back and I got on top of her. I lowered my face down to her mound. I spread her legs wide and I started lapping up and down her slit. Lisa started to moan and cry out. She had been fantasizing about me she said. I slipped a finger inside her hole and I brought Lisa to a hot boil.

“Please Tom, I need to feel you inside me!” She said.

I pulled back and I took hold of my dick. All that licking had made me hard. I slapped my cock across her mound and then I slid the underside of my dick across her folds. I thought Lisa was going to orgasm right there. I didn’t want to torture her too long. I positioned my mushroom trabzon escort at her opening and then I slid into Lisa. She threw her head back as I fed her my cock. This wasn’t going to be slow and passionate. I took Lisa hard and fast that day. My balls were hitting against her cheeks.

You could hear the ‘slap,slap, slap’ as I went deep into Lisa’s ravenous pussy. Lisa brought her legs up around my back and she held onto my waist with her hands. My cock must have found just the right spot in her pussy.

“Right there, keep pushing right there.”

I slid my dick against her pussy walls. I could feel Lisa going into convulsions as I took her there on the bed. I pulled up and I found each nipple with my mouth. I kissed them at first and then I started to bite each one. Lisa’s tits were big but they weren’t sloppy. Her mounds stood up from her chest. All that tit play seemed to push Lisa over the edge. I felt her squirt all over me.

I was surprised at first but then I pulled out some. Lisa would let go with her spray and then I would push all the way into her belly with my erect cock. It went on like that for a few minutes. I thought that Lisa looked spent. I just kept trabzon escort bayan taking her deep. We probably fucked for close to an hour that day. I know my dick was starting to feel a bit raw. I wanted to give her what she desired.

I went hard as I could and then I could no longer hold back. My cum came shooting out from the tip of my dick. Lisa felt me unload and she clamped down hard on my erection. Our bodies shook as we both had one enormous climax together. I finally felt empty but I kept stroking Lisa. I watched as she was shaking, trying to get herself under control. I did stop after a few minutes as I rested my cock inside Lisa. She held onto me tightly.

“I haven’t had sex like that in years,” she told me.

I pulled out and then we rested on the bed. I found out that Roy and Lisa had been discussing me a few weeks ago. Lisa had mentioned how attractive she found me. Roy asked her if she meant sexually. She had replied that yes, she was sexually attracted to me. It was actually Roy’s idea to lure me into their den the other night. It seems Roy can’t quite perform like he once did as a younger man. Once Lisa and I had fucked, she knew she had to have me again.

I escort trabzon surprised myself that day. I told Lisa I couldn’t share her with Roy. I wanted her all to myself. Lisa said that wouldn’t be a problem. Lisa and Roy hadn’t had sex in quite a long time. She said she would much rather have me as her sex partner. I know how crazy this all sounds. I knew in the back of my mind that sex with a woman in her sixties wouldn’t last forever. I figured I would take her for as long as the good times last.

I can tell you all that we have had sex numerous times since then. It seems to be easy as Roy is often at school and doesn’t get home until late. I am able to slip over and have my fill of Lisa. We have tried numerous positions. I love to see Lisa on all fours and her big tits swaying as I pump my dick into her pussy. I have also fucked Lisa in the shower. I have her face the shower wall with the water spraying our bodies. I fit my cock inside her pussy from behind and then screw her hard.

I love when Lisa raises up onto her toes as I drive my hardness deep into her pussy from behind. I think that Lisa is becoming sex crazed as well. When I arrive she is all over me and she often takes me in her mouth first to arouse me. Do I feel sorry for my old professor? No. It was his idea in the first place and he has to know I wouldn’t want him observing every time I fuck his wife. For now, I am going to ride the wave and have Lisa for as long as she wants me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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