27 Kasım 2022

My first time

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My first time
My first time.

I was skipping off school for the day, my neighbour at the time was a 21 year old lady, who I shall call Fay. Fay was married to an older guy and she had 2 k**s.

Now Fay and my mum were good friends , always calling in on each other for coffee and chats and I had got to know her fairly well in the 2 years we had been neighbours.

My mum worked during the day and im not proud to say that I spent more time at home than in school, I often saw Fay in the garden and we would chat over the fence, she always said that she wouldn’t tell mum that I was off school.

I will describe Fay as best as possible, she was about 5 foot 5 , short spikey blonde hair, as was the fashion in 1979. She was average build but her most outstanding feature was her tits. To an inexperienced, horny young lad, they were huge. She would always wear low cut vest tops which left little to the imagination.

In the weeks leading up to what im about to tell you, our conversations had become more like flirting. I had noticed that she would always touch me while we chatted, either my hand or my arm, or she would stand really close.

This particular day , early June, was lovely and warm, I was sitting on a chair in my garden in a pair of football shorts, reading a book and enjoying the sunshine. I heard next doors door open and looked up to see Fay bringing out a pile of washing.

I wished her a good morning güvenilir bahis and carried on reading my book, while trying to sneak a look at Fays tits, as usual. She had on her usual vest top but I cud see the straps of a behind the neck fastening bikini top.

When she had pegged her washing out she came over to fence, a wooden 4 foot high one, which , as it happened was just the right height for her tits to lean on.

We chatted about general things for around fifteen minutes, all the time I was mesmerised by her tits , which looked fantastic inside her top.

She said she was going to make a cold drink of juice and did I want to come over and one.

Did I?

I was up and over the fence in an instant. As we entered her house she exclaimed that it was really hot today and took her vest top off !!!!!!!!!. She turned to me and said she hoped I didn’t mind. I just shook my head.

Now , being an inexperienced horny youth, it didn’t take long for a certain part of my anatomy to become uncontrollable, as often happens at that age. I quickly sat down, as being in shorts, it would of been blatantly obvious that all was not as it should be down below.

I hoped Fay hadn’t noticed. I was wrong.

As she passed me my juice she said that the cold drink my calm me down. I was mortified and could feel my blush rising. I agreed with her that it was very warm today, trying to disguise my blush.

As I took the drink tipobet from her, her hand dropped between my legs and touched my growing erection through my shorts.

Yes very hot today she said.

She moved her hand and stood in front of me , her hands went to the waistband of her shorts and she slowly pulled them down, revealing small white lacy pants. I could see the hair of her pussy through the thin material.

Any thoughts of disguising my erection had now gone out of the window because I was making tents in the front of my shorts. Fays hand reached down for mine and she guided my hand onto the front her pants. She left my hand there and reached up and pulled the strap of her bikini top over her head and down over her chest, letting the cups fall away from her tits.

Her exposed areola were big and dark and her nipples hardened before my eyes. My hand had gone into auto pilot, I found myself running a finger up and down the front of panties, tracing the outline of her labia, I could feel her becoming wet as I touched her.

Fays hand again dropped between my legs, her hand , on the outside of my shorts, her fingers ran up and down the length of my rock hard cock. with her other hand she guided my hand from the front of her panties, up over her belly and placed it on her left tit. I cupped it gently in my hand, feeling the weight of that full breast , feeling the hard nipple against my palm. tipobet giriş I gently began to knead the firm flesh.

I put my drink down , yes I really was still holding it, and moved my other hand back to the front of her panties, this time I hooked 1 finger inside the top and began to stroke her pubic hair, Know, with both my hands occupied, Fay , released her grip on my cock and took the waistband of my shorts in her hands and slowly began to pull them down, I lifted my bum up from the chair and then they were off. I was completely naked in front of my neighbour, with the biggest hard on I had ever had.

Fay slowly began to bend, she knelt in between my legs, she took my cock in one hand and my balls in the other and began to stroke. After a couple of minutes her head dropped and I felt her tongue on my balls, then on the base of my cock, then running up my length before she opened her mouth and took me deep into her.

Fay expertly used her tongue and lips to get every last centimetre out of my erection.

I could feel my balls tightening and the inevitable ending fast approaching.

I tried to pull away but she stopped me.

” It’s ok” she said ” do it”

I came with a sudden jerk.

Fay continued to suck and lick and swallow as I ejaculated 8 or 9 full spurts into her mouth, her hand working the base of my cock all the time.

As my orgasm passed she lifted her head and smiled at me.

” Ive been wanting to do that to you for ages ” she said

For the next 18 months Fay continued her sex education lessons on me, until the day came when she and her hubby moved house.

I never saw Fay again after that, but I will never forget her.

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