21 Nisan 2024

my first lust, missed opportunity_(1)

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Big Tits

So a little background on this situation. I was 21 or 22 in the mid 90’s and just out of the military when I met a guy that became my weightlifting partner. At the time I was a extremely in the closet but had an array of sex toys that I used on my self, short dildos, long ones, skinny ones, big fat ones and several plugs, but at the time I had never been with a live person. The beginning of this is real and the second part is fantasy.

About 2 years earlier while I was in the military I had gone to a mom and pop video store to grab a porn film, well in a small store like that where the videos are in a small closet sized room in the back, I was nervous about being seen in there, so I just kind of reached in and grabbed one that had a baseball player on the front. At the moment I didn’t realize that I had grabbed a bisexual film called “Switch Hitters”. Well when I got back to my room and started watching it, I saw my first man on man porn and I was intrigued. So intrigued in fact that I watched it over and over most of the night(did I mention that I had a few drinks in me too). Later that evening being a bit tipsy I decided to see what it felt like to get penetrated so I had a hammer in my room, so I covered it with a condom and got some vaseline and lubed it up and my ass. It hurt really bad at first then as I got it in me the burning subsided and I fucked myself silly with a hammer until I came all over myself. Ever since that night I kept experimenting with different toys, always wishing one day to have the real thing.

Well back the story, my weigh lifting partner was nicknamed Bear due to his freakish size. Bear was about 6 foot tall and over 260 pounds of muscle, and very little fat. He had this beautiful dark mocha skin that was just sexy. He wasn’t the best looking guy but wasn’t ugly. I had seen him in the showers several times and limp he was about 5 inches long and very thick with huge balls. Being a bodybuilder he was shaven from head to toe, which was so sexy on him.

At this time I was also in my prime, standing 6’3 and floating between 210 and 220 pounds, fully hard I am about 7 inches long and average girth with big balls, all clean shaven.

Here is where I missed the signs he was giving to me. I stopped by his house on a Tuesday morning to pick him up to go to my gym. When I went into his house he was in his room laying on the bed with just some gym shorts on, I could see the outline of his Batıkent Escort huge cock through his shorts but not being sure of his intentions I looked away and stepped out of the room. He said I could sit on the bed and he would be ready to leave in a minute. Well this was my missed cue from him and I kick myself all time about it.

The fantasy part of this story…

How I would have liked it to go.. When he asked me to sit down, he would have gotten up and closed the door and then turned to me telling me that he saw me looking at his cock, making me blush. Then he tells me that he has been fantasizing about my sexy white ass for a while and didn’t know how to approach me until now. While he is talking to me from about 3 feet away he begins to stroke his cock through his shorts and I can’t do anything but stare as it grows.

I tell him that I have never been with a man before and he replies that its ok that I will enjoy it and to take my clothes off. By this time I fully erect and there is no hiding it. As I stand up he reaches out to help take off my shirt and as I do he begins to suck on my left nipple as his hands explore my body. I reached around him rubbing his muscled ass and ripped back while start to kiss and suck on his neck. He reaches down and drops his shorts and our cocks rub together as we make out. It was so hot kissing each other and suck each others nipples and rubbing our cocks together that I thought I was going to explode.

Bear gently pushes me down and I take the hint and sit on the edge of the bed and begin to kiss his rock hard abs and thighs while I squeeze his amazing ass and his huge cock fully erect now and about 8.5 -9 inches long rubs all over my chest and neck, teasing him. Finally I take a hold of is huge cock and lift it up and begin to lick the underside of it from his balls to the rim of its huge head. I was is heaven, I couldn’t think of a nicer cock to enjoy my first time with a man.

I began to lick and suck the shaft up and down causing Bear to moan and grab my shoulders. His balls were huge like hard boiled eggs. I licked and sucked them into my mouth swirling them around my mouth make him moan even harder. I then took his cock into my mouth and got about half of it my throat before I couldn’t go any further. I sucked him for everything I had in me. Swirling my tongue around his big helmet and trying to take Beşevler Escort as much as I could into my throat. He put his hands on the back of my head and began to thrust slowly into my mouth pushing a little deeper each time, making my eyes water and making me drool all over him. After a few minutes of this he he pulled out of my mouth and told me to turn around and get on all fours.

as I did he slapped my right ass cheek making me squeal in shock. Then he grabbed both of my cheeks and spread me wide open exposing my rosebud. He then leaned over and gently bit my ass cheek where he just slapped making me moan in pleasure. He then started kissing me all over and eventually reaching my tight opening. I kissed me dead on and I gasped and then he began to lick and tongue fuck me for probably 10-15 minutes bringing me to the edge numerous times. Every time he had me close to cumming he would back off.

All of a sudden he stands up and tells me to get dressed that it was time to go to the gym. I am in complete disbelief that he just stops and leaves each of us with blue balls. So I get up and get dressed, and we leave for the gym. In the car I asked him why he stopped and he just laughed and said we could finish later.

Now my gym, was more of a luxury gym with pools, weights a track, and in the locker rooms it had a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and a large open shower area. When we got there seeing that we were already warmed up we went straight to our work out. The whole time during our workout both of us had semi erect cocks that were not hidden very well. After about and hour and a half I suggested we finish up in the steam room and jacuzzi.

So we went back to the locker rooms and rinsed off in the showers trying not stare at each others cocks. Both of us were still semi hard as we walked to the jacuzzi with nothing but a towel around us. When we got to the jacuzzi there were two older men in it. As we hung our towels up I could see the two older mens eyeballs get really big looking at Bear’s half erect cock hanging there. We sat pretty close to each other and made small talk with the two older men. We were almost laying down in the giant jacuzzi enjoying the jets and making small talk, when I felt Bear’s hand running his hand up my leg to my balls and now fully erect cock, he started to massage my balls and reach for my rosebud. I spread my legs just Büyükesat Escort a little to allow him some access but not to show the old men what was happening. Bear rubbed my ass and balls for the next 10 minutes or so until the old men left, and then he looked at me and chuckled. He said lets go sit in the steam room for a bit.

The steam room in this gym was huge, three levels of seating area also. We walked over to the corner furthest away from the door and most steam. We didn’t even make it to the bench when Bear grabbed me from behind and ground his cock into my ass crack. He told me to kneel on first row. I did as I was told and put my elbows on the second row spreading my knees wide allowing unblocked access to my tight ass.

Bear came up behind me and asked me if I had ever done this before and I told him I had some toys but never with a man. His eyes got wide with lust when I told him this. He then started to rub his cock on my hole. Between the sweat building up and him spitting on my hole he began to rub his head on my hole and started to push in. I gasped at the pressure and he continue to push in and pull out until his huge head popped through and slid about half way into me. I gasped loudly and he just held his cock there until I relaxed. Once I relaxed he pushed all the way into me without any issues. He put his right leg up on the bench next to me and began to fuck me with long deep strokes. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled them back arching my back and I did everything I could not to make a lot of noise. He fucked me like this for almost 15 minutes and then he pulled out of me and sat down on the top bench in front of me. I started to suck his cock again tasting my own ass juices and all of our sweat. He then told me to sit on him.

I moved him down to the second bench and squatted on his huge cock facing him. He aligned his cock with my hole and I just sank back onto it. He started rubbing my pecs and pinching my nipples as I put my arms around his neck. I felt like such a fem at this moment, grinding on a 9 inch cock with my cock rubbing on his belly. He leaned in to kiss me and our tongues danced in a passionate kiss as he grabbed my ass pulling me down on him and ricking my hips back on forth on him sending me over the edge and pumping 6 large shots of cum all over both of us. He kept fucking me for another 10 minutes like this before I felt his cock swell and unload inside of me. After a few minutes his cock began to get soft and slid out of me. I got off of him and knelt back in front of him and cleaned his cock like a little dirty slut. We then got out of the sauna and showered again, and I drove him home.

This is the fantasy that I wasn’t smart enough catch on to.

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