15 Ağustos 2022

My Fall From Prim and Proper Ch. 01

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I’m a newbie here. I’m 31 with a six-month-old at home, and I love my life. A friend of mine introduced me to this board, and encouraged me to share my relationship with a young man shortly after I graduated college from a Southern Baptist school. It’s a relationship that was oddly erotic, and I did things during that eight month period that I never did before and I’ll never do again. I grew up in a strong Christian home with good morals, but this man (I’ll call him JL) pushed me to my boundaries and further beyond.

I met JL shortly after graduating, on a blind date with a suitemate of mine. He was cute — six foot, a strong 190lbs., with dark hair. Tall, dark and handsome. He also oozed sex. I’ve never been loose by any means, but he got me hot. That first night I had to stop a fast-paced kissing frenzy that was going nowhere good fast. I had to tell him to cool it, but after he sighed heavily for a couple of minutes, he knew I wasn’t kidding and he changed his tune. JL scared me a little, and I had never been with anyone like that.

To get this story moving, we went out on several dates, and before long, I invited him back to my apartment. We were both horny as hell, and his hand was in my panties before I could close the door. He was pawing at me in a frenzy, but I could tell that he knew what he was doing. JL’s eyes were very commanding, even more so at this point, and that fear jumped up into my throat again. He undid his belt buckle, and I moved my hand down to his penis, which was pretty big. I had only had sex with a few guys, but no one more than about six inches. LJ was a little more than seven, but thick. His right hand was amazing — his middle finger parted my lips, and slid back to my perenium, before slowly moving forward to tease my clit — back and forth, back and forth. His left hand slid around to my ass, and he began grabbing my cheek, forcefully.

“You have the hottest ass,” he said.

I began jacking him off, and before long, we were in my bed having sex. His size hurt a little bit, but I loved it. I felt myself stretching, which is such a naughty feeling for me. His eyes were trained on me, serious and in control. He sat back on his knees while I lay on my back, and he began using one hand to massage my clit, while using his other hand to hold my hips while he pumped me hard and fast. I very rarely came during intercourse, but his actions sent me over the edge. When I opened my eyes back up, he was still pumping away, but with a humorous grin.

He asked me to flip over, and I followed his orders, although I’m not a big fan of doggy-style. I was a size 6 back then, but I still felt my butt looked funny in that pendik escort position. His big dick made hurt even more, as I felt him bump my cervix, over and over again. He was pumping hard, telling me how great my ass was, and I was just trying to catch my breath. It hurt — bad — and I began to think I was going to have to tell him to stop, when he pulled out. I wasn’t sure what he doing, but I heard a pop, which I figured was his condom, and then I felt him cum all over my butt, dripping down my crack to my vagina. I quickly turned over and grabbed his shirt, wiping myself.

“What the hell?!” I asked. “I could get pregnant that way, you asshole!.”

He was stunned, only saying, “Sorry, I didn’t know you wanted me to come in the condom.” “Well, you should ask next time.”

I stormed off to the bathroom. He left a short while later, still apologizing, but I wasn’t having. I let him hug me goodbye, and he whispered “That ass just got me going to much, babe — sorry.” LJ then kissed on the cheek, gave me that devilish grin, and walked out the door. I was irritated at him, but that comment and those eyes got me revved u again.

I would later find out that he was the true definition of an “ass man.”


Our sex life continued to improve — he knew what he was doing, which was more than I had ever had with previous relationships. He would make me come in a variety of ways, oral sex, manual stimulation, or simply intercouse, and then it always ocurred that I ended up on my elbows and knees for him to finish. He would fuck me hard. Too hard at times, as it was tough to catch my breath. It felt like his dick was in my throat, to be honest. To make matters worse, he knew I couldn’t handle it. He would pound me, over and over again, while smacking my ass, and saying “this pussy is mine.” And while I would never respond, as I didn’t want to encourage his ego, I knew it was true.

His obsession with my ass was sexy in some regards, but I had no plans in letting him put his dick in my ass. None whatsoever. But I became concerned over his fascination during a sexual encounter only several weeks into our relationship. We had gone out on the town, ate a big meal, and drank way too much at the local bar. Before I knew it, I was on my back on the bed, with him standing beside the bed, and my legs were up on his shoulders.

He was holding my hips, pounding me, when his foot slipped and he fell forward. His hand moved to brace himself, and it happened so quick that his hand landed on my tummy, and with a full stomach, that embarrassing thing happened — I farted.
But an odd thing happened — while I was panicked tuzla escort and trying to come up with something to say, he exploded into me quickly, as if the event had set him off. The timing was too coincidental. Neither of us said anything about it later, but I was growing concerned with what odd things were going through JL’s head.


While our sex life flourished, our relationship did not. We were just two different kinds of people. I was a fun-loving girl, but I only went out with friends on weekends and took pride in my job. JL, on the other hand, was notorious for showing up to his job hungover, and his partying was too much for me. But the sex continued to get better for me, even though it was sometimes a week or two between times when we would actually talk. It was not uncommon for us to run into each other on a Saturday night, and end up going back to his place for a nightcap of wild sex.

One night, he decided to tag along with a group of my friends over to a hip new dance club downtown, and we crowded into my friend Melissa’s SUV. Six girls and JL proved to be too many people, so I ended up sitting on his lap behind the driver’s seat. I had a short skirt on, and while all of us girls were chatting away about the hot guys that were rumored to be at this new club, I slowly felt JL slide his hand under my skirt, and into my bikini panties. I was game for a little finger action, but surprisingly, he slid his forefinger into my butthole, and not my vagina. As you can imagine, I tensed up and Janie, who was facing me from the passenger’s seat, asked “Everything okay?” What was I supposed to say, “hell no, he’s got his finger in my ass.” I just smiled and said “fine.” I brought my left hand down to pull his hand away, but he wasn’t having it. It didn’t feel good – I don’t like by OB/GYN shoving his finger up there, and I sure didn’t like this. But I grinned and beared it until we reached the club.

When we got out of the SUV, I pulled JL over to the side and berated him for doing something that I wanted no part of. He told me he wanted me to let him fu$3k my ass, but I stressed that I didn’t want to. To my dismay, he said fine and that our f$ckfest was over, and quickly hopped into a cab and left.

I was floored. Sure, I didn’t want to have anal sex, but our lovemaking was intoxicating. I could never get enough of it. I had been text-messaging him about how I loved every part of his body, and how I couldn’t resist him, and he just cuts our ties over one little thing? I went into the club and drank a few too many cosmos, and Melissa heard the brunt of my story. She knew about how good our sex life was, and being a kink kartal escort herself, she had a few ideas to share with me. If I wanted to keep this sex run going, then I was going to at least give him hope of anal sex. Why not play some games with him, that he couldn’t possibly win? Melissa’s idea was brilliant.

She dropped me off at JL’s, and I apologized for being bitchy about his desires. But I told him anal sex was going to come at a price, or a bet, to be more accurate. That was enough to get him revved up, and before I knew it, I was on my back on his kitchen table, with my knees up to my shoulders, and his long, thick dick bottoming out in me at a rapid pace. I must have awoken his neighbors during one of my orgasm, but I didn’t care. I finally begged him to stop, as my body couldn’t take it no more. He pulled out with his wicked grin, and said “You got yours, now I need mine.”

It was put up or shut up time on my part — time to see if Melissa’s plan would work, or if my ass was going to be in trouble. I told him that I wanted to blow him before we went any further — I had him lay down, and I climbed on in the 69 position. As I took him deep into my mouth, I heard him talk about how beautiful my posterior looked, and how he couldn’t wait to tear it up. I pulled off and asked if he were up for a bet, and he quickly agreed.

I said, “If you can not come in the next five minutes, then you can have my ass tonight. But if you do come, then I am to receive 10 orgasms before the next time you ask to put this thing in my ass. Fair?”

I knew he was smiling — I have to pull out all of the stops to make him explode, and he knew it. His stamina is amazing, and five minutes would be nothing, unless my plan worked as expected. He started timing me, and I quickly went back to work on his dick. I made as many sounds as I could, with a combination of tongue and mouth working very hard. He had both hands on my ass, speading my cheeks, telling how he was get all seven inches into my butt, and how I was going to have to bite the pillow to handle it. Then he got vulgar, asking if I had used the bathroom recently and how he may not even use lube to defile me.

When JL announced that there was only one minute remaining before my defilement began, I slowly reached around with my right hand, and inserted my forefinger into my butthole, groaning on his dick as I slowly moved the finger in and out. The plan worked. JL’s breathing went from controlled to rapid, and before I knew it, my mouth was being filled with his spunk. I quickly withdrew my finger, rolled off JL and walked sexily to the bathroom to spit out his seed. As I looked back into kitchen, JL was still laying there, hands on his head, wondering what had just happened.

The bets would only get tougher from there on out, though. How far was I willing to go to keep my sex life lively and fulfilling?

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