30 Kasım 2022

My Brother’s Servant Made Me His Slave

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My Brother’s Servant Made Me His Slave

Actuly this is my expriance when I went to Baroda at my brother’s place there how Usman who was my brother’s servant 18 year’s but very bilt up body atlist 6’3 hight and a very masquriyal body gave me pain and humiliation Usman who was working in this house for many year’s was very faithful servant of my brother Ratan.in this house he has already worked for more then 8 years.

I somewhat found very vague when Rajesh liked him very much it was always usman usman and usman. Sometimes I thought my brother is more depandent on Usman then my bhabhi Rati. I felt usman was everything to him. This incident took place befor 3 month.1 of my cousin’s function in Bombay and ratan had come to Bombay, where I live with my mother and also with my driver (for more Diteal Pl. reed ‘pain with driver’) usman too was there.

My bhabhi Rati went to her perant’s place. Everyone thought usman was Ratan’s friend but when his cousin and their family came to know he was working for him and stayed in their house everyone was stunned.

He was dressed nicely and Ratan always gave him new clothes. I disided to go to Baroda fore some day’s but I got pissed when my brother had some urgent work and he has to return and he took the car and told usman to bring me back by train or bus because my driver is on holiday for some days as the function was late in the evening and we were going to return the next day.

The next day we started to go to Baroda we had a train Saurashtra Express to catch from Mumbai central and we were staying at our cousin’s place in Andheri( I live with my mom and at oooooo y should I told to you where I live) ok Cousin told that he will drop us.

But didn’t think of troubling them and told him we will manage it we took a local train to mumbai central. I thought of going in ladies compartment but in the commotion got into a local compartment. It was raining heavily and i was wearing a jeans and T-shirt. I tried to manage the best to move in between. I felt I will be safe but with the crowd getting pushed in more I was almost near the next door and usman too was next to me.

Tried to find a place across, but got stuck in between few lusty men my new life started from here when all the manly sweaty bodies surrounded me and one was of course usman who was standing on one side. Feeling bulged cock on my ass by a young man who was trying to rub his crotch on my ass than making yell at him I was getting excited and on top I was aroused instantly.

In fact it wasn’t my fault as it was almost 2-3 month that i didn’t had sex with anyone ( my driver was his nativ place ) I was afraid as it was pretty dangerous but also love that a lot. I told my self to be calm and just enjoy making nuisance wont help, as I don’t know whom it is. Enjoying some strange persons rubbing me as guys were pressing me arousing me but i stood firm as i could feel someone dared to unzip my pants.

This was too much for me and I was ashamed on myself and pressed in more closely on nearest persan’s shoulders and this only helped whoever it was to insert his hands coolly in me and I almost bit my self as this person took his fingers between my panties and was trying to enter it in my cunt. I was unable to say anything. I could feel the knuckles of the man mauling my breast, which made my breast crush and release for a long time.

Whoever the person was there trying to enter in my cunt couldn’t do what he wanted and he just kept on rubbing my panties. Few times I felt it was removed and again inserted and was going mad. The crowd started to diminish when Dadar came and I was freed and somehow managed to pull my pant zips I noticing to usman eyes were on me. In fact he already had an eye long time back. It was almost a year or more of that.

Well, when I reached my brother’s home I hurd Ratan ask to usman to left him at the airport he shuld to go to chenai for 3 day’s for some property dilling. I was littel upset and dissaide to go back mumabi by next morning till the time I am lazing around when Usman is back from airport I told usman to remove the crockery and replace some of them. I was wearing a gown and this excited usman seeing my panties.

It was plain cream color gown and he got a hard on seeing my black panties. After all the work was done i left for my bedroom. I had to go out to the bank I had some work of transferring some funds. I freshened up wore my sari and was combing my hair. I was looking at the mirror and just saw that usman was peeping inside from the window, which was attached to the terrace.

My brother had a small two-floor house and had a terrace, which was attached to the bedroom. Also have a window out there and one could go to the terrace from the other bedroom also With a jerk i opened the windows curtain and found usman peeping in and he was shocked as I caught him red-handed and more then him I was shocked at that moment.

“Yahan kya kar rahe ho usman”i use to call him usman. In fact everyone calls him that.”Kuch nahi ashaji aise hi awaz aya bahar se to dekhne aya””Kabse kadhe ho” i yelled and asked him “Tumahari yeh himmat mujhe gandi nazar se dekh rahe ho aur kabse. Abhi Ratan ko phone karke batati huw tumhari harkat”Usman came running inside to my bedroom and i was just trying to dial the phone as i was much pissed off.

In fact I never thought of usman ever in my dreams too because I was always tired of my brother being very close to him and some time ignor my bhabhi Rati also. I hated him, thinking it was because of him Ratan was away from rati ashaji please maaf kar do, main kuch nahin kar raha tha. Please phone rakh do” usman tried to defend him.

“Haan, mujhe ye karna chahiye ki tum yehi pe baith jau aur tumhare samne hi mein kapde nikal deti hu, chupke se dekhneka kay jarurat hai. Waise bhi bhai ko ladle naukar ki himat ke bare mein pata to lagane do” i was always furious with him as he was Ratan’s pet “tumahre jaise harami logon ko ghar mein rakhne ka matlab to samaj mein ane do.”

Ashaji aap batka batangad bana rahe ho, maine aise kiya kiya jo kuch bhi bhaiya ko phone karke bat rahe ho” he told in a bit harsh voice. “ashaji main kuch nahi kiya bahar se awaz aya isliye main terrace pe gaya tha. Aapko galatfaimi ho rahi hai. Maine kuch nahi kiya I felt it was inough. In fact because of usman my bhabhi felt her privacy was always in under threat. First of all i didn’t like him just because my brother Ratan was always with him and he cared him more then my bhabhi.

He bahis siteleri never treated him like a servant and to that matter my bhabhi and i had to face humiliation in front of him 2-3 times. No matter he was in the same house for almost 7-8 years for now right from his c***dhood but for me he was still a servant. I was trying to dial my brother Ratan’s cell number Usman forcefully took the receiver from my hand and connected the line.

I was fuming in anger as he forcefully took the receiver from my hand. Without looking or seeing i just gave him a tight slap and yelled at him “Tumhari himmat kaise hui mujhe chune ka”i was boiling with anger. “Phone neeche rakho” usman kept the receiver and again picked the telephone and threw it across the wall I couldn’t believe what just happened Usman was starting at me in anger holding his hand on his face where I hit him.

“Tumhe to is ghar se jana hoga abhi isi waqt warna bahut bura hoga”I screamed “Apne aap ko samjte kay hi, nikal jao. I just walked out of the room and to my surprise usman came from behind, as i was about to climb the steps down and caught me from behind.i just yelled. Usman kay kar rahe ho. He closed my mouth and dragged me back to the bedroom and pushed me on the bed and was staring at me.

I came to know his intentions looked bad to and without saying anything to him just got up slowly and stood. He again pushed me on the bed. I just looked at him, “chate kay ho, tumhara dimag tikh hai”I sat on the bed and was about to get up to which he slapped me hard and i fell on the bed sideways and looking at me and keeping his fingers on his lips telling, “ek awaz nikalna nahi chaiye”I was into tears like anything and started crying lying on the bed.

This was the first time in my life somebody slapped me. No one till date as even lifted hands on me as I a pampered c***d right from the beginning Usman again made me lie properly on the bed and i was more shocked as he touched me. The moment he climbed on the bed I got up and his slap on my left cheek. His hands were on my knees, which were bent he was not saying anything and i too was afraid to say anything.

But as his hands went down near my feet and started caressing me I just pushed meself a bit back and slowly asked him, “kay kar rahe ho Usman”Pushing more behind I was pleading him, “Please chod do mujhe kay huwa tujhe” usman didn’t moved but said to me, “Kay karu randi galti to teri hai, jabse maine tujhe chuwa hai tere kadak mame dabya tere gand masla hai mujhe chain nahi hay”

This really pissed me and said, “Kay bakwas kar rahe ho” Saying that I turned and was about to move sideway in a hurry. As I turned he pinned me back and just yanked off my blouse, which tore like anything and I could feel the pain on my chest as he pinned me down Usman” I shrieked and as he climber on me back and his hands was on my mouth I was hardly able to breathe as he was on me. Usman removed his hand and i pleaded as I was crying,

Kuch bhi kay bhol rahe ho usman please chale jao, main kisko kuch nahi boloongi. Tu sabh ko bolegi to mujhe kuch farak nahi padnewal hai, Waise bhi tu fikar kuy kar rahi hai meri pyari randi tujhe lagta hai maine bakwas kar raha hu. Tu train mein 10-15 logo se masalne ke maza uta rahi thi sweetyh kaha gayi ti teri sidhi sadi zindagi. Un badwo men, ek hath mera bhi tha. Aaj tujhe randi ki tarah chodunga aur gand marunga sweetyh jake meri dil ko tasli milegi.

Uske bad tujhe jisko bolne ka hai bol de”I had no words for the same, I never thought he could dare to touch me in that crowd and i completely forgot about the same as I was enjoying with multiple hands. “Usman, please aise kuch nahi tha maine wah pe kuch nahi kar sakhti aur apne aap ko us position pe pake mujhe kay karne ka kuch such nahi, please mujhe galat mat samjho” I could sense his hands pulling my sari and his hands on the back of my legs.

I tried to wriggle out and he proved to be to strong for me pinning me down on the bed.”Saali randi, jab tere pant ka zip khol ke who harmzada meri sheth ki bahen ki choot ragad raha tha sweetyhi tune kuch nahi bola balki puri maza le rahi thi.” “Aur randi tujhe malum nahi hai aur ek bat sun us time maine bhi teri khuli huwi pant mein hath dala tha teri choot ko teri panties ke uphar sahlaya tha bhi.

Itna sab karne ke bad tujhe lagta hai mere man mein ganda vichar nahi aya to mein to mard hi nahi teri brother ki tarah”Kay” i just heard something, which I couldn’t believe it. His hands were moving up and down and in between pressing my naked ass was tempting me to no limit. Usman too was clever and was tempting me by slowly rubbing my legs I couldn’t believe when usman tied my hands backwards with the phallu of me sari and that ended the fight I was putting on.

He turned me making me lie on my back facing him and my hands which were tied was really hurting me as i had put all my weight on my hands.”Usman, Tum paagal ho gaye ho kya” I tried pushing him with me legs “Choro mujhe, warna bahut pachtayega” “Please, usman, Pleease usman, chordo mujhe, chordo mujhe”i pleaded and at the same time I didn’t knew what was going on in my mind.

My mind was forcing to kick him beat him to death and at the same time my body was getting more and more tempted with his hard touches on my legs and body. In fact I always wanted to be treated the rough away and this was triggering me. I loved sex. i was crazy for a hard fuck. my mind revolted as my fantasy but i never wanted with a servant and on top of that who is going to be in my brother’s house.

I tried to resist for the same and he was wasn’t speaking anything just seeing me body me torn blouse gave him ample view of my cleavage and as he had gripped my legs pretty hard and at the same time in between slowing moving it up and down and was tempting me. He got up from the bed making me lay vertical on the bed.i tried to get up and usman turned and moving his index fingers sideways telling me, “uthegi to mar kahegi waisehi leti rahe”.

He came near me head and went on his knees on the ground and pulling me back making my head lay a float of the bed started torring my blouse.i went mad as he did it completely cutting of blouse and bra into pieces. He pulled his T-shirt and pushing me back he started kissing my neck in fact licking the same my ears and i could feel the stinking smell of his body sweat.

He hasn’t even taken a bath and I always hated the same and use to tell my driver to take a bath before touching me, literally tipobet made me arouse with his sweaty body as it was some kind of sexual booster. When he brought his face down on me breasts and started licking of me tits one after the another for a quite a long time I was unable to control the same and I loved it as someone for the first time was sucking me so good.

His sucking and licking of my tits was so arousing I was almost going to have powerful orgasm and my legs began to tremble. Usman sensed the same and stopped sucking me and started mauling my breast like a a****l as if they were nothing and telling me “Saali randi ab kay huwa maza se utha rahi hai apne aap ko tujhe acche se chod ke teri yeh jism ko apna ghulam bana dunga.

Ek sal phle tere ghar aya tha sweetyse teri chadi sunge sunge ke muth mar raha tha, sali randi” ( he tell me that he was stolan one of my panties) I was stunned to hear usman say all that words which only aroused me knowing he was pretty desperate for me.”Usman, please, aisa mat karo. Mera zindagi barbaad mat karo ” I didn’t knew why I was telling all that stuff and from the bottom of me heart i now really wanted it as I was now unable to control meself.

Usman again slapped me but lightly and climbing up on the bed he made me lie properly putting me head on the pillow and parting me legs and looking at me and telling “abe randi sali natak bandh kar” at the same time his hands were on my hips and finding its way in me cunt. Parting my panties his fingers were in me cunt and i was hot and wet with juices.

He removed his two fingers and parted a V “kay hai, kuy natak kar rahe ho randi. chup chap chudva our Ratan sabh ki eak bat sunata hu. Tera choot mast tight hai aur meri liye puri tarah gila hain” I was stunned and asked him, “Kay bhol rahe ho mera bhai ke bare me” Kay kutiyai tuje malum hai? tere Ratan bhai ko sirf gand marne mein maza ata hai aur usse bhi jyada maja marvane me” winking at me, sala gand marwane yeh to aurat ka kam hai bolo, bagwan aadmi ka janam gand marwane todhi diya hai”“Ratan sab kuch tumhe batata hai”I asked him.

I could sense him removing his pants as he lifted his knees and was removing his pants. He untied me hands and brought my hands between and made me hold his cock and gosh it was hot thick long the one i desires at list 9¨ I couldn’t know what to do or what not to do.

Whtever he said about Ratan has vanishid from my mind as my hand, which was holding his cock was making me crazy and wanted this hot iron rod in my wet cunt, which was oozing to get fucked. Kay huwa chinal sati savitri bananeka natak bandh kar kaha khoyi ho, Yeh tumhari tarah pyasi randi ko bahut accha lagta hai, aur tujhe to abhi meri chudkad randi banana hai, hai na, banegi na”

My hand kept on holding and gripping firm on his cock and his teasing was making me crazier. He brought himself in front of me and i went mad seeing his cock, which was hiding between my legs. It was firm big much bigger then hamid (my driver) had and he was moving towards my mouth. He again puid me down telling me “Ab apne moo khol aur chooso isse, mujhe malum hai tune abhi talak kisika chusa nahi” he said (but he was rong i often suking of my driver).

I didn’t respond to the same and kept on gazing at it. Usman held his cock and started hitting on my cheeks i pleaded to him, to which he hit his cock hard on my nose, which really hurted “jo bolta huw vo karneka, samzi kay. Dekh teri choot pukar raha hai mere lund ko, chaiye tere choot mein to jaldi choos”I wanted it badly but in me cunt and finding no option i taking his huge cock in my mouth.

The moment it was near my mouth i had to split my mouth wide open to take his cock my mouth was totally dry he pulled his cock back and bent down and gave his first lip-locking kiss to me while kissing he was making my mouth wet with his kisses leaving a lot of spit and i loved, “abh choos meri pyari kutiyai chal jaldi, nahito bahot mar khayegi mera lund dekhe tere muh ka pani kay sukh gaya kay.”

His cock started sliding in and out off my mouth smoothly that didn’t make me resist but wanted more of it. I was eagerly sucking my first cock after 2-3 month’s, and usman was groaning and was using all his slang words, which really only when heard by me was arousing me further.

Yes!” he groaned. “Choos, rundi Jorse choos Choos mere lavde ko hanh uhhh hanh. uhhh aise chal rundi jorse!” usman grabbed me neck and puid his cock further in down to me throat and kept his hips which made me choke and cough and as my spit started to come out made his cock and balls rub it on me telling me “Kaisaa lag raha hai mera lund”.

He again shoved in my mouth and i started to love it and now i was busy sucking him and only gurgled in response. I forgot the humiliation and instantly loved sucking a cock in fact right now i was not even afraid of having me servant have me. In my lust my hands started massaging his dark black balls. He withdrew his prick and asked me to lick his balls telling me, “Mera lund itna accha chusa hai tune, ab usse hi achi tara chudai mast karunga randi.

Aaj teri chut ko chodke bhosda bana dunga Usman bent and as i was licking his cock he was removing the knot of me petticoat inside and hurriedly, shifted his place and usman pulled away my petticoat along with my sari.i was just there in my panties and I just yelled usmanuuuu pleeeeasee kay kar rahe ho”

He just caught hold of my panties and instead of removing it simply tore it off and telling me Aj se yeh chadi mere samne kabhi nahi dalegi isko sung sung ke pagal huwa tha mein”Bending down i could sense he was inhaling taking my cunt smell and started to lick it few times. Suddenly in a haste climbed and parting my legs jerked his cock in my cunt and i wailed loudly at the assault “ahhhh ooo iiiiiii maaaa mar dalegaaa usmau rukhhhh ahhhhh”.

“Teri maa ki chut Sali aisa lagta hai kay ek nabalik ladki ko chod raha haw, chul rundi lele mera lund kay garam chut hai tera, uhh-ahhh-uhhh! Accha lagta hai na rundi Bol saali kuti hhh Bol!” Ahhh Noooooo plssss usmanuu I pleaded as i felt me body was splitting into two with his huge cock. usman stopped moving to and fro and stood without moving and looking at me “kay huwa maza nahi a raha hai”

The sudden stop in the pleasure made me give a relief and usman started teasing me again, “Bolo meri chudkad asha rok du? ya teri choot chudwana chati hai mere lund se bol na randi bol I was beyond shame by now, and lifted me buttocks tipobet giriş yelling at him, Yes, bastard, yes fuck me, chod mujhe you son of a bitch c’mon fuck me!”. This seemed to please him “yeh huwa na randi wali bat chudwana chahti he”.

He pulled back and taking me legs on his shoulders eased his cock out till the tip of me cunt and again with huge jerk shoved in his cock in my cunt, “Haaaaaa, Yes I was moaning and screaming as his massive cock moved in and out of me cunt. Le le rundi le le mera lund ko rand leeee! tum dono kooo ek sathhh chodne mein aurrr mazaaa ayegaaa, leeee!” i had never felt the lust and pain and humiliation from the time i knew about sex.

Something stuck me and asked him moaning “hum dono kaun” “bad me btaunga” usman was in no mood for any discussion and stroked in his cock in and out of me cunt and I loved the feel of his cock in me cunt. It was almost after 3 month a cock has entered in my cunt that too it notbelong to my, but my brother’s servant whom I hated.

Usman built up his speed and i to was matching his strokes by lifting and lowering my hips to take his cock in deeper. I could feel waves of pleasure building up deep inside the molten core of my pussy. I closed my eyes and let the feeling flow over me. He was still moving as I came second time within seconds my body spasmed and shuddered and me cunt lips twitched as I cliMustafaed.

He didn’t stop nor even slow down as I was shuddering in the throes of my massive orgasm. He kept ramming in me. Usman began to slam into me really hard. His thrusts were moving me body move up the bed, while his hands clutching my thighs kept me in place impaled on his cock. He was fucking me rapidly now. His heavy ball sack was slapping into me ass as he rammed his cock in.

He was brutally drilling my cunt like a trip hammer now his fingers dug painfully into me thighs. His head was bent down as he pistoned his cock in and out of me wet slopping cunt. He was grunting and groaning as he pummeled me cunt. I knew he was about to flood my cunt with his cum and he fell on me moving his hands behind my back and hugging me very tightly as he was going to crush me giving his bear hug.

I was out of breath as he held me tightly and fucking me in the same rhythm, I locked my legs round his back. He groaned and sunk his cock deep inside. Ohhmmm kutiya le apne naukar ka meetah ras ahhhhh” usman told and his cock throbbed inside my cunt sending hot volcanic spurts in my cunt. His cum splattering onto me cunt walls and that washeavenly, which gave me yet another powerful orgasm just feeling the same.

He kept pumping few more time and releasing me of his clutches collapsed on top of me body.

Usman smiled looking at me and, bending his head, kissed me gently. “Asha teri choot chodne ke liye mera yeh bhukha lunda roz tadap raha tha aur aaj tujhe chodke mera lund or dil shant huw. Bol kaisa lag mera lund teri choot mein, Tere ko aur chodhna he abhi puri taqat se, soch le agar mar nahi khana he to co-oprat karna nahi to mar khaneke bad bhi chudana aur gand to marana hi he”.

Before I could answer anything, he puid himself down bringing his lips on me and kissing me with fierce hunger, thrusting his tongue in my mouth, his hand went in my cunt and two fingers slid in making me moan as usman felt the wetness too pleasure full removing his lips he grunted, “bol randi aur chaiye ki nahi” and started finger fucking me hard. Yes,” I gasped ahhh fuck me again!”

That’s the spirit! you bitch ” he chuckled. I looked at him as he said, “I like that bitch fuck. I like them hot and hungry! Waise teri choot mast hai” usman again using his typical slang language, with a naughty smile “mazaa aa gaya” at that time someone rang the door bell.and both were a bit worried thinking if Ratan might have come back or something and I hurriedly covered my naked body with a blanket.

May dekhta hu” Usman told me and hurriedly wore his pants and shirts nothing underneath and I could hear him hushing him telling no to come back. I peeped from the window to see whom it was at. It was some door-to-door salesman and usman huid him away. I could hear him climb up and i quickly taking my towel and was about to go to the bathroom.

“Abhi kaha ja rahi ho. Aur yeh kis liye? Telling that he was trying to pull the towel. I held it tightly and telling him, “kay kar rahe ho Usman “randi bas bahot huwa etne sal se tujhe kapde mein dekh ke takh gaya abh jab tera gand marau bhai vapis nahi aa jata hai sweety tak mere samne nangi rahegi”but I will be going by tommoro and bhaiya will come after 3 day’s” to tuje kon bola ki to kal mumbai ja rahi he, maderchod nikal towel aur suno tere bhai ke aane se pahele Tu kahi nahi janewali samji, bol de teri mako phone karke taki wo apne liye tin din tak koy mote lode ka jugad kar le aur tere liye ek surprizes bhi hay samji”telling that he try to yanked of the towel but i immediately wrapped again. Dekho maine tumhse bat nahi karungi, ek to tumne mere sath zabrdasti kiya aur abh mujhe badnam bhi karna chate ho.”Usman said mockingly “meri lund ki ghulam hai tu bol randi kaisa laga!

“Please mujhe akela chor do tumh jau abhi” I told him Usman laughed again. Chod du yeh choodh du, aur tujhe chodne ke liye nahi chodha tha. Ek to randi jaise uchel uchel ka chudwai,aadha liter to pani chhoda aur abhi nakre kuy kar rahi ho randi! Tu mujhe randi bol mat, kitna ganda lagta hai”Are kutiya, randi ka matlab naukar ka time pass malum nahi kay” Usman tu ja abhi”

Ek cigarette khatam hone tak jo karna hai kar, bad mein kutch bol mat, aur kuch khaneka paka tujhe chodh ke bhook lag rahihai” (at my home I didne making”khana” ’cause kamwali are there and now this bludy servant who roughly fuck me lick a randi wanted me to making food for him) Tu cigarette leta hai” Tera bhaya ne sikaya, me jab uski gand marta hu bad me ek sigaret wom pita he aur ek muje deta he lagbhag roj

Sigrat pine ki aadat pad gaye he (he mokingli tell me that almost every day he fuck my brother’s ass.) “phele bahar jake aata hu,ek kam bhi yad aaya he isliye tujhe aur time milega, lekin aate waqt teri sharir pe ek bhi kapda dikha tu bahot mar maruga kutch istarah”and he come near me and “smack” “smack” giv me two slape on my both chick. “Khana taiyar rakhna” and he left.

So kaisi lagi ye my real life story you like this if yes so get going to open your mail address and send me fatafat mail. if i got a huge responce from you then I will tell you what is that”surprises” Usman talking above and who was that other persen usman think “tum dono kooo ek sathhh chodne mein aurrr mazaaa ayegaaa” in my next story “usman me and surprises” till that think above wather the persen is my bhbhi or my brother aur someone unnon persen.

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