27 Kasım 2022

My 32-Year-Old Friend Pays Me A Visit (I’m 57

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My 32-Year-Old Friend Pays Me A Visit (I’m 57
Went to dinner with a young friend of 32 from a few years back. He’s one of those young college boys that I took to my bed as a teacher and taught him pretty much from the ground up how to make love versus just sticking his penis inside of a woman and pumping until he came.

He had a lot to learn at the time but was willing and able. We spent about three months together about twice a week as I taught him the art of kissing and foreplay as well as the all important post coitus cuddle. That was a firm rule of mine that no matter what he had to spend at least a half and hour cuddling me after we were done. He was a bit restless at first and didn’t seem to like it but he knew if he wanted to continue he’d have to learn to cuddle to my satisfaction.

Anyway, by the time he left for his new job across the country he was well versed illegal bahis in the art of lovemaking. We did one final lovemaking session and he made my toes curl with some wonderful foreplay and sex.

Fast forward to a few days ago where we met for dinner where I haven’t seen him in a few years, and it’s been about ten years since we last were intimate.

It was just for dinner as he was in town visiting family and he wanted to catch up and see how I was doing after my husband’s passing. He was ever the gentleman and didn’t make any sort of pass at me. I saw in his eyes he wanted the night to end in my bed, but I also saw that there was no way he was going to ask me out of respect for my widowhood.

So, at the end of the dinner I took the initiative and invited him back to my home.

Almost as soon as we entered my home we began kissing and tearing each other’s illegal bahis siteleri clothing off as we made our way to my bedroom.

An hour or so later he was firmly mounted on top of me pounding me with the vigorous thrusting that I was sorely needing. It didn’t take me long to orgasm, and I was surprised at how long he lasted inside of me. In fact, I was able to orgasm a second time (that shows how stimulated I was) as he was making his release of semen inside of me. For those that have read my other stories you know that I have a huge love of a man ejaculating inside of me and that very act alone can often push me over the orgasmic cliff if I’m close enough.

I’m happy to report that my young friend didn’t lose any of his knowledge in how to make love including the cuddling at the end. He he held me close to him as we talked and I told him about canlı bahis siteleri my terrible year but how I’ve only recently come out of my shell.

And I then when I thought he was getting ready to leave I realized he was hard again. Without any words, he got me into the spooning position (he knows I love this position when I want things to be relaxed), entered me and started thrusting while rubbing my clitoris with his hand.

I normally don’t come more than twice, but I suppose since I was really needing sex and was quite stimulated that night, he ended up giving me a rare third orgasm. It helped when he told me he was getting close to coming again.

So, I got a good double filling, another cuddle when he was done, along with more intimate talk, and best of all I had a warm body lying next to me for a few hours with his hand on my tummy.

I was disappointed he couldn’t spend the night, as that would have really been the icing on the cake for me, but he had to leave.

Anyway, I suppose I truly am back in the saddle again. I’ve been laid three times in one month now by three different men. Not too bad for an old gal of 55.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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