15 Ağustos 2022

Mr. Meccano Man Ch. 02

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The first chapter of this tale is in the Humour/Satire section. There is a third, final chapter, which may well go in another section but I haven’t decided yet – keep your eyes open for it next month!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This story I’m about to tell…..um, well…. it was impossible to see it all coming. Well, almost impossible. I mean something was going to happen, right, but we just didn’t ever expect it to go the way it did. It started off as a laugh but it got way out of hand.

Oh, you may sit there and say – ‘Well Selena, that’s the way things happen. You do things that are wild when you are young and if you are not careful, then they get out of hand and nothing but bad will come of it’.

‘Poo to that’ – is all I can say. You know what makes the young the way they are? It’s taking chances. You remember being young – probably don’t – but you remember some vivid experiences right? You don’t get experiences so vivid as that when you get older cos you’re too scared to jump off the boat and try something new. That’s why the young are different, you see. We aren’t scared to go off into the deep end.

This may go some way to explaining why on earth Marie and I ended up strolling down the road from our stately pile (not quite, but it is ginormous) the mile or so to Craig Cawsey’s garage workshop, presenting him with an outlandish request of who did or did not, in the recent past, place an oily handprint on our butts and then, for good measure, us both bending over, lifting up our sarongs (it was high summer and they were ‘in’ that year) and asking him, our family mechanic thank you, to leave a handprint on our cheeks so we could contrast and compare with the photographic evidence we had. Shit, I know, that doesn’t sound much of a way of explaining. The other thing you gotta bear in mind is Craig is, like, a bit of a hit with us girls. We’re just nearing leaving school, Marie is nineteen and I’m eighteen, and pretty much all our friends agree that Craig is the bit of town rough it’s okay to fancy. I mean it’s not as if he has anyone anyway. We know he takes a hit on loose girls that come into town with the summer crowds but that’s it. Oh, there’s Dee who works the Bar, but she and Craig are in a permanent state of on/off. That seems to suit them both. By the way, this town is a bit too small. We all know each others business. Mostly. There are secrets for sure. I guess Marie and I thought we could be a bit, er, wanton – for better want of a word…..hey, c’mon we are educated girls, not thick shits, don’t make mistakes here folks. We are smart and savvy. Probably big headed a bit too. I’m going off the tale here, aren’t I? Yeah, Marie and I thought we could be wanton with Craig and it would be a secret. Like who was he gonna tell anyway? He has no family and his bit of stuff in the Bar…….well, what is he gonna say to her?

– ‘Guess what Dee darling, I had these two teenagers come in my shop today and lifted their skirts up for me to place my hands on their butts.’ – No, we didn’t think so either.

Marie is the other thing you have to understand. She always leads the way. I could say leads me on but that would be sister bitchy wouldn’t it? Sibling rivalry writ large. No, I love her to bits. I have to be truthful, she leads and I follow. Willingly most of the time. Fuck I thought it would be funny. Well, I did after Marie had skinned a fat number and suggested the thing to me. Yeah, you heard me. Dope smoking young women (we’re not really girls anymore), who woudla thunk it? Yes, sirree, Marie could have suggested we climb that tall oak behind our stables and launched ourselves off it to see if we could land on the backs of our horses in the yard after smoking a fat doobie and I might well have tried it.

And the other thing was, sorry about the list but y’know you gotta understand why we descended into tomfoolery-cum-madness such as flaunting our sexuality so flagrantly, the other thing was…….well dammit, how did those grubby hand prints get on our butts? Oh, I didn’t make that up, you know. No, we both found those later on, back home after school. A grubby hand had been laid on each of our butts, right across our bum cleavage. So that meant we had no panties on when that happened. Well that much we knew anyway cos we had taken the car first thing, before school, into Craig cos of a flat. Then……..well, then, things are a bit hazy. What we both know, and recall, is finding ourselves out the back of the garage, a bit dazed, our skirts up high (folded and tucked at our waistband like we had done it, the way we used to do in school when we were fourteen for crying out loud) and no panties or tights. Jesus, we had a fight to get out of the back of that place. It was totally overgrown weeds and bramble patch hell with no gate. Eventually we found a fox or badger path through the thorn hedge and we got round the front, car ready and all. When we got in our underwear was just sitting on the footwells, again like we had taken them off and put them there. Yeah, it does look like right fishy doesn’t it. All fingers pointing at Craig. A dodgy molesting mechanic. Except kurtköy escort he’s not like that. Ma stands by him and Da. They don’t trust many round- abouts here and they say so. And they say that Craig is one man round here you can trust.

Marie and I talked it over a few times and we still couldn’t figure it the hell out. If we had some strange blackout down there then what did Craig do? Slip us Roofies? We didn’t drink anything, hell we were in a rush for school. We had no ill effects or anything. So. We didn’t know a fuck what went down. Marie’s answer to it all, eventually, was to roll a big spliff and the pair of us get flirty on Craig and see how he responded. It might go some way to explaining what happened to us. So I’m afraid we went the whole hog. Put on tight tops, no bras. Our tits were popping the cotton on those, folks, I can tell you. Ditto the thongs we squeezed on under the practically transparent sarongs, and y’know if you gonna wear thongs then ya gotta get shaved. I had only done her this morning and my wee puss was as clean and smooth as peach flesh. God, we had only walked about 500 yards when I could feel what little swatch of material the thong consisted of just fold in on itself and then sit between my pussy lips as I walked. Would have been better off without the thongs on, but we had to have some modesty. Jesus, we’re not totally loose y’know? Anyhow, it was a good job we live out of town and a good job it was mid week because we were swanky as get out I can tell you. I’m the quiet one, but god I do love feeling good and, yes, feeling sexy. Multiply that by two point five, at least, as far as Marie goes.

So we were buzzing by the time we got there, but we were nervous at the end up. There were no cars on the forecourt so Craig was on a slow day.

‘Shit, I dunno Marie’ I said quietly.

‘Don’t start, girl, we are down here now and Look, it couldn’t be more perfect. He has no trade today. Probably goofin off in there at some gearbox catalogue.’

‘Gearbox catalogue Marie? Are you sure there even is sucha thing?

We both laughed at that one cos she was making things up as usual.

‘Here. This. And then we go in’ Marie commanded and she handed me the wee hip flask she sometimes carries with her when we go out. A quick snifter of old J.D. always stands you up. As the afterburn worked on my insides I handed the flask back to her.

‘What if it goes wrong?’ I asked

‘Wrong? Fuck, Selena we’ve been over and over it. What will go wrong? He is not gonna phone the cops, he is not gonna phone the house cos he doesn’t want to lose the account. He may buck us out. Could be embarrassing. What else? Well he could tie us up and do us but we already decided he is not Mr. Dickhead guy. And besides, sister, what the hell did happen here the day we came in with a flat? We at least have to ask him that!’

‘Agreed………and flash him our butts’ I said half jokingly

‘Ooohh, yes. Flash him the old naked buttock’

We both giggled at that. Shit we were stoned a bit too much, I realized but what the hell. We walked on up.

I have to say that Craig’s reaction was what we expected. Surprise and shock when we showed him the photos on our phones. He looked embarrassed too. Aha! We both thought telepathic, so it was you. So we did our worst. We bent over and pulled our sarongs up and invited Craig to place his hands on our butts so we see if the handprints matched the photos. We were bad really. We didn’t just stand and bend down. We also placed our feet apart. He must have got a real eyeful of our pussies in their pouches. God it felt wanton (I like that word, can you tell).

There was a long pause, like an eternity. I expect he was getting a good look.

‘S’matter Craig, you fallen asleep?’ Marie cajoled. There was a cough and then a long sigh from him.

‘Marie……Selena……..I…..uh………I…….what the hell are you two on?’ I heard Marie straighten up so I did the same. We turned to look at him. He looked well flustered. He actually looked a little hurt. Marie got a bit bolshy.

‘Craig. We both trust you okay? Maybe we’re being a bit cheeky……..but. What the fuck happened here that Selena and I were out back with no underwear on and our skirts up to our belly buttons hunh? And when we get home a dirty, oily hand on our bottoms. Look at it our way Craig. Where would you make enquiries first?’

Now he looked in pain, in some of degree torment actually. He looked around the shop as if help was going to come from somewhere, then he lifted his hand and rubbed his chin. It instantly left a grubby chin.

‘Ooo…..kay’ he sighed, ‘follow me.’. We did. He went to the back of the shop, round the corner and stood by the back door. He punched the bar and kicked it open. The muddy path and forest of weeds were all there as I remembered them. He looked at us.

‘C’mere’ he said at the doorway. We went and stood beside him. ‘Believe it or not girls, the morning you brought the car in to get fixed somethin came over the both you. I don’t know what the hell did come over ya’s. I never in my whole life expected to malatya escort see it, but you two girls seem to go into some sort of hazy mind thing, maybe pushing each other on………but you just sorta started flashing all your bits at me – s’true – took yer knickers off n all. So I brought you out here, opened the door and pushed you both out so’s you could get some air and wise up.’

He stopped. We didn’t say anything. There were some elements in there sounded like they could be true. Also, we were still stoned. So we started snorting with laughter. We had to hold onto the door frame. Craig wasn’t sure whether to laugh or not. Eventually, I said to him.

‘Okay, okay……..maybe we did, maybe we didn’t. That’s very honourable of you Craig’

‘Ain’t it just’ and then he laughed too. After a few seconds, Marie straightened up and said.

‘So we were just naked like from the waist down…….like this’ and she pulled her sarong right off, ‘and you put a hand on each of our butts and pushed us out?’

‘That’s right’ Craig said and I saw him taking a good look in this time. I can’t blame him. Marie sure looked sexy as hell standing there in that tight top and thong. She stood there and let Craig fill his eyes. Then she leant against the door frame and hitched one finger inside the strap of her thong.

‘Naked, you say, from the waist down?’ she challenged him. It was pretty brazen. Craig had a look on him that sort of said, I’ve been offered once and refused, now I’m being asked twice. I think he made up his mind about it there and then. Just to be sure, and because I couldn’t have Marie steal all the thunder, I stepped around him and out into the back.

‘Like this?’ I asked and I too took my sarong off, but I also slipped my fingers into my thong and pushed it down my legs and off my feet. Craig’s eyes were out on stalks. I didn’t stop. ‘Or was it like this?’ I reached under my top and pulled it off over my head. My breasts are pretty and they are full so they fair bounced out. His face was a picture. I still don’t why I did it. Marie looked a bit pissed that she hadn’t thought of it. I knew she was gonna do something better so I went further first. I turned, threw my clothes, such as they were up in the air to land somewhere in that godforsaken jungle and just walked off down the path. For a few seconds there was silence. I could feel their eyes on my backside. Then there was an explosion of laughter from them both and I heard Marie exclaim.

‘Selena!’ in mock shock tones. I kept on walking. I didn’t know where I was going. I could hear the pair of them coming along after a bit. Then running footsteps which I recognised as my sisters. In about ten seconds she came bustling past me. She hadn’t got a stitch on either. I knew she wouldn’t have. She would have to do the same as me, if not better. I raced along with her. The ferns scraped at us and then the brambles that hung over what was once a path. It went down and eventually we reached the bottom hedge. A big tree sat there like a sentry (we found out later it was a wychelm), older than bloody old, covered with thick, intertwined ivy that was itself years and years old. There was a huge tree limb the height of a bath lying amongst the long grass. We sat on the trunk and laughed at our madness.

‘Is he coming do you think?’ I asked

‘Oh sure……..I would if I was him!’ Marie exclaimed, ‘quick, let’s do this!’ She laughed and turned around and draped herself belly down over the trunk crossways so her head and arms were hidden in the grass on the far side but her legs were on clear view on the near side. I promptly did the same. The bark was knobbly on my belly but if felt comfortable. The grass was really thick around my head, I turned but couldn’t even see Marie’s head though she was only two feet or so away. When I looked down all I could see was masses of ground ivy. We waited. It felt pretty dirty doing this but it also felt free and easy, if that makes sense. The air and the sun was about our nakedness. I felt my tummy giving me mad butterflies. I heard Craig’s footfalls coming down the path. Dear god, I thought, if this doesn’t give a man a raging hard on I don’t’ know what would. When he gets down here all he’s gonna see are two fresh naked pairs of legs arching up to two fine backsides just pointing up in the air at him. I knew Marie would try and better that, so I pushed myself back a bit on the log so my bum was really sticking up in the air. Then I opened my legs as wide apart as I could. I know. That’s bad. I felt the breeze in and around my snatch. I was juicy down there already.

His footsteps stopped behind us. There was nothing doing so Marie (of course) spoke.

‘What you gonna do now you caught us Craig? We have been baaad’

‘Reckon so’ his voice was soft and sort of thick with something. I’m not surprised, I would have been the same if I was him. There was some movement behind us. His clothes? No, wasn’t that, something else. Nothing for a bit. Then I felt it. Imperceptible at first, at my ankle. A sort of tickle but not a tickle. Something soft, like a feather on my skin. Yes, a feather. I think kayseri escort that is what it must be. It went slowly up my calf, my thigh, across my buttocks and down the other leg. Next to me, Marie giggled a bit then shut up. I think she was getting the same. Well, this was a new one. Guy tickles girls with feathers.

‘Thwish’ went a thin sound and a millisecond later I felt the pain, not large, on one of my calves.

‘ Hey!’- was my first thought.

‘Hey!’ called Marie. Then the feather started again on its journey so Marie shut up. This time the feather brushed my pussy on its journey. Then the thwish came again, this time higher up on my thighs. Then the feather again but not up the leg this time, only doing circles on my buttocks then down my crack to do circles on my pussy. I was tingling like mad down there. Thwish this time twice across my butt. God I felt wet coming out of me. It must be a thin switch Craig is using along with the feather. He kept working with both, sometimes going up my legs, sometimes just my buttocks. I loved it. I placed my hands firmly on the ground amongst the ivy and pushed my backside up and off the log. This gave free space between my crotch and the log. Instantly the feather worked in there. I splayed my legs out. There was a thwish and I felt it right on my inner thigh, a thwish on the other thigh and then a final thwish right on my pussy.

‘Unnnhhh…….god’ I couldn’t help it, it just sort of groaned out of me. I felt my self gush a bit and then there was something else and I realized Craig had his tongue on my numb pussy lips. He flicked it side to side. It drove me mad. Then he found my clit and nibbled for only a second before he receded. There was one more thwish on my bum and then nothing. God, I was almost coming. Already. A few seconds later and I heard Marie’s moans, muffled through the thick grass. Then she let loose a wild long groan. She always had to be loudest. Craig returned to me. He more or less repeated his routine but this time at the end he used his tongue and his fingers. That was it. I was running freely anyway but whether it was the air, the lewdness of it all, the skill of Craig’s ministrations I felt myself going. I tried to squeeze my legs together – I always do when I come – but found my feet snagged in the ground. That and my hands as well, probably in the ivy. That made me come quicker for some reason – the fact my legs were unable to close, that I was restrained and so more open and vulnerable. It felt like my pussy was exposed to everything and everyone. I panted and groaned like I couldn’t ever believe. Again Craig left. This time I stayed panting and both relaxing and tightening. If that’s possible, I dunno.

Strangely that wasn’t all that was tightening. It felt like there were binds on my wrists. I pushed my head off the log to see but all I could see was ivy. Whatever. My head returned to rest on the log and I definitely felt something snaking around my head. I opened my mouth to say complain and something, some plant went into my mouth. I panicked and tried to get up but found that hey, my hands were held. It was the ivy! And it was around my head and in my mouth. It had moved! Instantly scared. Just then Craig returned to my rear…….aww gaaawwd, here I go again.

He licked and stroked me again and I was up again. It felt so good and so dirty. I didn’t mind the binds or even the gag, though I was, in the back of my head, worried that they were nothing to do with him, so if the weren’t then what the fuck was going on? Speaking of fuck, he was using two or three fingers at once on me alternating between penetrating me and stroking my clit and lips. Then I felt his thumb between my ass. God. I haven’t had that before. I didn’t put him off. I let him do it , it was dirty and it was hot as hell. His thumb pressed steady and slow whilst his fingers worked on my clit. I wasn’t sure what to do so I relaxed. It helped. His thumb popped in my ass. I cried out loud and then had to pant to keep the dizziness out of my head – damn that spliff! Again he withdrew. I was quivering and loving it, even if there was some mysterious ivy gag stuck in my mouth.

After a minute or two, there was a real series of grunts from Marie as she probably came too. Probably got a mouthful of ivy too I thought which gave me some comfort.

She went on a long series of moans. My stomach flipped knowing I was next. Marie was still moaning when I felt his fingers on my snatch once again. He rubbed my juice up and over my anus and then penetrated me again with his thumb. This time easily. I was beginning to learn how I could open my ass to let him in. I moaned low and dirty. It felt so good. Besides me, Marie was still groaning as loudly as ever. I reckoned Craig was now crouched between us giving us both the fingering of our young lives. I was gonna come again. Still couldn’t move my hands and legs. Felt so open. I went with it. I lifted and bucked my hips against Craig’s hand and the log underneath, my belly scraping the bark felt so good. Aww, shit here it comes. I lifted my hips back and up, my legs went as straight as post. I splayed myself, that is the only description. I opened my rear up. I felt Craig’s fingers press my clit and his thumb full in my ass rubbing and pressing towards my vulva. I actually cried tears with the force of the waves coming through me.

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