27 Kasım 2022

Motorcycle Gang Traps

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Motorcycle Gang Traps

Brooke Burns turned off the water and stepped out after her morning shower. It was her 15th birthday and she could smell bacon frying. She brushed her teeth and blow dried her long reddish-brown hair. Then, she lathered her radiantly smooth body with cherry blossom scented lotion. She spent considerable time on her brand new 32D tits with large pink areolas. They were an early birthday present from Breaker.

She twisted her round ass down the small hallway to her bedroom in the nearly 1,900 square-foot two-story Dutch Colonial house in a one-time solidly upper middle class neighborhood. Brooke dressed in a white tee with an ‘MTV’ logo emblazoned across the front tucked into an A-line denim skirt that bordered on being too short for school. She put on a pair of black ankle boots to complete her look. She grabbed her phone and went downstairs.

She texted Breaker back saying thank you for the thoughtful message. He replied asking if her could give her a ride. She gleefully accepted.

“Happy birthday, darling,” the housewife smiled.
“Thanks, mom,” the pop culture obsessed girl said.
“I made pancakes!”
“They smell great!”
“Eat up. I’ll take you to school.”
“I’m just gonna scarf them down. Breaker is going to take me this morning.”
“Okay,” the pill popping woman said. “How’s he doing?”
“Pretty good.”

Brooke stuffed her face and gulped down a glass of milk. Her phone dinged. It was Breaker letting her know he was outside.

“Bye, mom,” she said.
“Have a good day,” the bleach bottle blonde waved.

Brooke ran towards the 245-horsepower 1990 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z.

Breaker had the windows down and watched as his paramour’s chest bounced. He had paid good money for the Argentine surgeon to make the big and bouncy. ‘Humina humina,’ the doctor had said confirming he understood. Breaker was thrilled with the results. “Happy birthday, sexy,” he smiled.

“Thanks, daddy,” cooed Brooke. “How are you?”
“Much better now!”
“I’m getting off early so I can pick you up today too.”
“Oh wow! I’m excited.”
“Me too! Take my cock out!”

Brooke fumbled with Breaker’s toffee colored belt. She unbuckled it and then his true blue Bonobos dress pants. She pulled his 8-inch rod through slit in his boxers. She kissed the pinkish head went down on him.

“Oh, baby gurl! That shit feels amazing,” Breaker announced. “Suck daddy’s big White cock, you little trap!” He pushed her head down with one hand forcing her to deepthroat his thick tool. “Ahhhhhh! Fuck,” he yelled turning down the street to Brooke’s school. “Here it comes,” he squinted as he readied for his cum to flood her mouth.

Brooke swallowed it all like the obedient good gurl she was. She touched up her makeup and applied more lipgloss.

“See you after school, gurl,” grinned Breaker.
“Have a good day, daddy!”

Breaker stayed parked and stared at the vixen walking up the steps. He adjusted his junk and zipped his pants. He took off for work.

Breaker, whose legal name was Scott Carroll, worked at the general sales manager for a pre-owned auto dealership. The five-eleven, inshape, 40 year-old with green eyes parked the sports car and went inside the office. He spotted one of the technicians, Jett, flirting with the receptionist. He sat down and began to peruse emails.

Breaker wore his dirty blonde hair slightly longer than most businessmen would. He did this because he enjoyed taking motorcycle rides with his gang, The Punishers. As a matter of fact, this business was one of several fronts run by the nefarious organization. Breaker had a wife and two k**s at home in the suburbs. But he loved traps and right now Brooke was his world.

He saw the receptionist walk past his office. The Saint Lucian native had been brought to America via underground network. The Punishers had gotten her forged documents so she could live and work here. Her name was Mya. Her birth certificate illegal bahis indicated she was 18. Breaker believed her to really be closer to 14 or 15. Mya’s skin was rich and dark tinged with magenta. She, too, had been a patient of the plastic surgeon in Argentina. Mya also danced at Illusions, a tranny stripclub owned by the gang.

The ogre of a man, Jett, lurked behind her. He was six-four to her five-foot-six. He had a shaved head and rusty colored goatee. His chest was broad and back strong. There were many tattoos visible on his arms up to the point where he his short-sleeve uniform shirt covered them.

Breaker knew Jett was about to fuck the shit out of the sissy trap. He just smiled to himself. He knew Mya would be on her back most of the night as she was a favorite among the Black and the Latino thugs that hung out at Illusions on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Mya sashayed into one of the two unisex bathrooms. Jett followed her inside. He locked the door. She pulled down the off-the-shoulder, fitted dress. Her bare 34C headlights poking out.

“Goddamn, you’re a sexy,” bitch the amaruer bodybuilder opined.
“Thank you, Jett,” Mya replied in Caribbean accented English.
“I love your pretty bubble ass too!”
“You better fuck it then!”
“I will, sissy! Suck this White cock first!”

Jett lowered his grey pants.

My observed, “I love your thick thighs in those green boxer briefs!”
“I wear ‘em for you!”
“Not for your girlfriend?”
“She ain’t nowhere near as sexy as you. So, no!”

Mya pulled them down. Jett’s fat 8-inch dick was at full attentions. She massaged his nut suck and began to suck.

“Goddamn, Mya! You suck dick so fuckin’ good, gurl!”
She looked up, “Do I, daddy?”
“Oh yeah,” roared the 250-pound man.

She sucked some more.

“Stand up so I can fuck you. I gotta get to work soon,” Jett ordered.
Mya rubbed her soft hands under his shirt over his beefy 51-inch chest. “You’re all man!”
“And you’re all fag! Turn around!”

Jett spat on his fingers and worked them in Mya’s brown pussy hole.

“Gimme that White cock,” she begged.
“Yeah, bitch,” he grunted pushing inside.
“Shut up and take it, sissy!”
“It’s so big, Jett! Oh my god!”
“This ass is tight! Ooh yeah, Mya!”
“It feels so good, daddy!”
“Take this big White cock, you pretty Black bitch!”
“Fuck my pussy!”
“I’m gonna get your tranny ass pregnant!”
“Oh, daddy!”
“Make you have pretty biracial babies, gurl!”
“Fuck me!”

People could hear the two fucking and talking dirty.

Jett’s dick shot a huge load inside Mya’s ass.

“Whew, gurl! That shit was bomb,” he sighed.

Mya straightened herself up and went back to her desk. Jett was the cock-of-the-walk as he strolled to the garage.

A customer entered the building. Mya recognized him as patron from Illusions. The brown-skinned, sturdy man with the slight beer belly had fucked her on a couple of occasions. He winked at her. On his arm was someone she’d never seen before.

“How may I help you,” Mya smiled.
The shopper licked his lips. “Lookin’ for a car for my li’l friend here.”
“Certainly. Let me get you a salesman. Who’s your friend, Buster?”
“Oh, my bad. This is Autumn.”
“Nice to meet you, Autumn. I’m Mya.”
“Nice to meet you, too,” impish girl replied.

Mya detected an accent in the medium-yellow chick, but knew better than to ask Autumn’s country of origin.

Breaker came into the lobby. “Buster, how are you?”
“I’m good. You?”
“Same here, man! Wanna come in my office?”

The salesman appeared.

Breaker said, “Rocco, take this young lady out there to pick out a vehicle.”
“Sure, boss,” the average height, well-built man of Italian, German, Irish, and Greek heritage agreed.
“Somethin’ cute and sporty,” instructed Buster.
“Yes, sir!”

Rocco walked out the door and into the lot beside Autumn.

Breaker sat behind his desk. “Here’s the paperwork,” he handed over a manila folder. “Verify it.”
“Look good to me,” 44 year-old Buster said.

The illegal bahis siteleri documentation included a birth certificate, a high school transcript & diploma, social security card and driver license – all fakes. It now pronounced Autumn was an 18 year-old natural born citizen when in reality she was 12 and from Haiti.

“Yeah! I’m finna get her dis car and take her to her apartment,” Buster grinned.
“Can she drive yet?”
“Gotta teach her.”
“Well, I can have Rocco follow you in the new car. He can Uber back.”

Autumn was smitten with a burnt orange 2012 Honda Civic Si coupe. Buster negotiated a price and completed the paperwork. Rocco drove the Japanese car and Autumn rode with him.

“You like it here,” Rocco asked.
“It is very nice,” Autumn smiled.
“Here’s my card. Call me if you need anything. Problems with the car or just wanna hang out.”
“Oui, monsieur!”

Buster and Autumn walked up to the second floor of the former motel that was now an efficiency apartment complex. They entered Autumn’s unit.

Rocco waited for his ride to arrive. Meanwhile he texted a couple of traps that danced at Illusions – Nevaeh and Zoe.

Nevaeh was 16 and in her high school biology class.

Zoe didn’t respond.

He asked Nevaeh if she could skip school for the afternoon. She agreed quickly.

Zoe, the 13 year-old from Colombia, was along on the “business trip” with Brooke’s stepfather, Dutch. It was really a 3-day retreat for the sheriff’s-deputy-by-day-thug-by-night and short, olive-complexioned trap with 32C boobs.

“Oh, Dutch! Fuck my tranny ass,” Zoe begged on balcony of the luxurious hotel.
“Yeah, faggit! Take daddy’s big White cock,” commanded the tough, hairy, hung 50 year-old.
“I love your big cock, papi!”
“I know you do, Zoe! Squeeze that boipussy, trap!”
“Oh my goodness! I love it!”
“Damn, faggit!”

Rocco made it back to the car dealership. He explained to Breaker that he had to run an errand. He started his black 1992 Mercedes-Benz 190E AMG 3.2. He sped away. He texted Nevaeh that he was down the street. Soon, he saw the vertically-challenged Afro-Cuban trap running his way.

Nevaeh’s tits shook underneath her thin cotton a****l-print top. She was a vision of loveliness with her natural curly-coily hair.

“Hey, gurl,” Rocco smirked.
“Hi, handsome!”
“You ready for this White dick?”

Rocco took off with tires screeching.

“I need another drink,” Buster advised Autumn. She returned with a glass full of brown liquor. “You a perfect li’l punk!”

“Merci,” Autumn smiled.
“Always wanted to be my a pussyboi bitch!”
“Here I am, daddy!”
“See how hard you got dis big dick?!?”
“It is massive!”
“Suck it a li’l mo!”

Autumn pleased her man.

Buster ate Autumn’s taut, soft booty.

“Lay flat on da bed,” Buster ordered.
“Yes, sir,” the Haitian pussy bottom replied.
“Goddamn! Yo’ pussy hole tight!”
“Yes, daddy! Give it to me!”
“Take dis big Nigga dick, sissy boi!”
“Oh my god! I love it, Buster!”
“I love it too, Autumn! You my bitch!”
“Yes, sir! Gimme that dick!”
“Oh, faggit,” Buster hammered away.
“Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!”

Autumn’s booty farted. Pffffffft. Pfffffft.

“Dammit! Yo’ boipussy talkin’!”
“Unnnnh! Fuck…me,” screamed Autumn.

Buster flooded Autumn with his seed.

Rocco handed over $30 bucks to the cashier of the by-pay-the-hour seedy motel. He came out and drove the car to door. He and Nevaeh walked inside. There was a rickety looking bed with a thin, drab comforter. It had an aroma of mildew. “Remember when I fucked you here with my boys before?”

“Si, papi! The three of you grande motherfuckers had me unable to walk for days,” confessed the trap.
“Yeah,” laughed Rocco. “That shit was hot!”
“You gotta go back to work?”
“Yeah,” admitted the burly, 210-pound man with 18½-inch biceps.
“Well, pull that dick out, White Daddy!”

Nevaeh sucked with gusto.

“Mmmmm! Yeah, trap bitch,” encouraged Rocco.
“You ready to fuck me?”
“Yeah! canlı bahis siteleri Bend that Black ass over!”

Rocco climbed on the elfin-framed Nevaeh.

“Owwwww,” she winced.
“You like this White cock, trap?”
“Yes, daddy! It feels good!”
“I’m gonna **** this sissy ass pussy!”
“Oh, daddy!”
“You like being a faggit for big White cock, don’t you, fag?”
“Yes, sir!”

Rocco hefted his meaty 8¼-inch tool in and out of the whining, flailing transsexual. “Damn, gurl!”
“Fuck me, Rocco!”
“Oh shit, bitch! I’m gonna cum!”

Rocco unloaded and collapsed. Nevaeh lay there trapped under his enormous body. “You dancin’ tonight?”
“Yes, sir!”
“I’m buyin’ this punk pussy tonight then!”

Nevaeh dreamt of the time she would spend with the sexy, muscle-bound man later.

Breaker looked at the clock. He need to get home so he could change clothes and pick up Brooke on time. He made it home to the southwest style three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath house. He rushed into the master bedroom and took a quick shower. He put on a pair of riding-specific jeans, a long sleeve tee, and vest. He hopped on 2016 Indian Chieftain and rode towards Brooke’s school.

He texted her when he made it.

She got on the back, affixed her helmet and hung on for dear life.

Breaker took her to the Cheesecake Factory. They ordered stuffed mushrooms and fried zucchini for appetizers. Breaker chose a club sandwich and fries. Brooke picked the grilled steak medallions which came with asparagus, Shiitake mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and mashed potatoes. For dessert, they had the chocolate truffle tower cake.

Afterwards, Breaker and Brooke got back on the bike and went to her house. Her mom was there. Breaker said hello as he followed Brooke up the stairs. She went to douche. He waited on her full sized bed in the teeny bopper themed room.

Brooke reappeared in her birthday suit.

The handsome Breaker grabbed her and began licking her all over. He sucked her nipples and he cocklet as well. He munched her ass crack. He was determined to please her. She was supple and felt like spring rain. “I love you, Brooke!”

“I love you too, Breaker,” she reciprocated.

Brooke and Breaker got in 69. He ate her pussy some more. She sucked his dick, licked his taint, and flicked his hairy butt.

Breaker put Brooke on her back and slid inside gently.

“Oh my god,” she screamed.
“Open that pussy up for me!”
“Oh, Breaker!”
“I love your trap ass, Brooke!”
“I love you too! Fuck me!”
“Take my big White cock, baby!”
“Oh shit, daddy! Your dick is so good!”
“I love fuckin’ your young boipussy! Give it to me, gurl!”

Breaker pounded Brooke for an hour and a half thanks for the Viagra.

Brooke’s mom heard all the goings on, but was halfway numb from all wine she had consumed today.

Illusions opened up. There were two Latinos waiting in the parking lot.

Hector talked to the bouncer and explained he wanted Mya. His homeboy wanted a white gurl.

Hector paid.

Mya came out wearing white-and-pink bunny pasties, gold hot shorts, and red spike heels. The white gurl, a 14 year-old from the Czech Republic, came out in a purple spandex plunging V-neck monokini that just barely covered her 32B boobies.

“That work,” asked the bouncer.
“Yeah,” homeboy said.

Hector had fucked Mya before. She led the five-foot-eight, masculine smelling man with prison tatts and decent body to the back.

The white trap showed her john to her room. “I’m Bela!”
“Armando,” the toned, tatted, ese shared. “Suck my dick, Bela!”

Bela went to town on the Mexican thug. It tasted bitter, but it was long and thick.

“It’s been a minute since I fucked a faggit! Bend over,” Armando ordered.

Bela complied.

“Oh, shit, bitch! This pussy tight,” Armando remarked.
“Fuck me, sir,” Bela screamed.
“Yeah, faggit!”

Armando pounded away.

Meanwhile, Mya had gotten Hector’s 9-inch dick right. He was now slamming his cock in her.

“You got some good boipussy, gurl!”
“You like that, papi?”
“Hell yeah, puta! Take it!”
“I love it, baby!”
“I love your faggit ass boipussy! Just like prison sex!”
“Oh my god! Yes!”
“Bitch! Fuck my Mexican dick!”
“Yes, papi! Oh yes!”

Hector flipped Mya over and banged her back out. He climaxed and fell on top of her.

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