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Money and Sex

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Tessa felt the force of Kenneth’s forearm on the back of her shoulders and she allowed herself to be bent over the large mahogany desk. As he bent her forward, she obediently arched her back and pushed her firm tan ass into his crouch. Tessa felt the bulge of his manhood that was progressively hardening behind his business slacks. The luxurious fabric of the expensive Italian suit was ground between their bodies as he dry-humped her backside.

Kenneth’s hands had wandered up the inside of her smooth satin negligee and were fondling her soft pert breasts. Suddenly she felt him remove his hands from her chest and the top of her negligee was pulled over her head and thrown to the side. Topless, Tessa spread her thighs for him and sexily tossed her cappuccino hair to one side as she looked back at him. She watched as Kenneth unbuckled his pricey leather belt and unzipped himself. He pulled out his long thick cock, which proceeded to poke her tender ass as he roughly pulled her tiny satin panties halfway down her thighs. In one smooth motion, he slipped his engorged cockhead into the folds of her center and swiftly shoved himself deep into the girl’s gut.

Tessa cried out and pitched forward on the desk. His huge pole impaled her every time she submitted to him doggystyle. Even though Kenneth routinely took her from behind, Tessa’s tight pussy could never acclimate in time for his first 10-12 thrusts. This gave him ample time to break in her sweet little snatch as though it was her first time. In truth, Kenneth liked to pretend he was deflowering her innocence and then, when her cunt finally adjusted to his generous dimensions, he would ruggedly fuck her the way a whore deserved to be fucked.

Right now, however, Tessa was still in the deflowering stages of their sex session. Her legs were quivering as Kenneth rhythmically plunged in and out of her hot slippery hole. With one hand on the back of her neck and the other on the small of her back, Kenneth steadfastly pinned her slender frame to the top of the desk. Tessa’s head was positioned to one side and her breasts were pressed firmly against the smooth surface of the desk. She moaned loudly and sometimes involuntarily grimaced in response to Kenneth’s stern penetrations.

When he felt her pussy opening itself to him, he took one step back and pulled her slightly off the desk. This allowed more movement of her body, which is what he fully intended to control until he reached ejaculation. Kenneth felt Tessa tensing up in preparation for the fucking she knew she was about to receive. Kenneth used his knees to nudge open her thighs even wider than they already were, then he began to pummel her. Tessa’s sex screaming was a mixture of excitement, pleasure, and pain. Her eyes were pinched closed and her mouth hung open. Tessa felt as though Kenneth’s cock was so deep inside her that it would emerge from her throat. She instinctively tried to stand up and push his cock out of her, but Kenneth only responded by forcing more inches into her sopping hole.

Tessa was squirming and thrashing more than usual, so Kenneth pulled her body to the floor so that she was on her hands and knees. Kenneth yanked open her legs and harshly re-penetrated her center. Tessa clawed at the soft Persian rug as Kenneth assaulted her tiny soaked snatch. Within five minutes he had jackhammered her into submission and marmaris escort reached his peak. Tessa layed her head on the floor trying to catch her breath as Kenneth spewed cum onto her ass cheeks. He promptly retreated to the floor next to her and, when his heart stopped racing, he reached over and caressed the pretty girl’s face. Tessa smiled at him and, despite the rough sex she regularly endured, she was glad they had met.

It was less than a year ago that Kenneth Christopherson, a successful and very rich hedge fund manager, had spotted Tessa Richards, a young and very beautiful cosmetics consultant, at a trendy upscale nightclub. Kenneth immediately courted and now spoiled the gorgeous girl who returned his kindness with her charming company and sexual fulfillment. The arrangement was a classic example of a mutually beneficial relationship. The cliché was further typified by their age difference. Kenneth was 17 birthdays ahead of Tessa’s 22 years.

Even so, their respective levels of attractiveness were rather close. Tessa was an obvious beauty: long dark hair, sparkling green eyes, a beautiful smile, and a tight wet pussy. She maintained sun-kissed skin all year long and daily pilates kept her figure tender and firm. At 39, Kenneth was classically handsome with a boyish grin and light-brown hair. He was very tall and his body was in excellent shape from long-distance running. He had a dominant personality, a ravenous sex drive, and he was hung like a horse. In actuality, they complemented each other well and their courtship has blossomed into living together in Kenneth’s posh Manhattan loft.

Kenneth had discovered early on that Tessa was no easy lay. Unlike most women who would immediately spread their legs once they realized Kenneth’s financial portfolio, Tessa refused to sleep with him even after several months of extravagant dating. Kenneth admittedly got addicted to the chase and would crave the little sexual reinforcements Tessa would unexpectedly throw his way. In the beginning, she gave him nothing more than a sweet kiss on the lips. Then occasionally the tip of her breast or the curve of her ass would brush against him. She would pull away from his eager hands but later give his Johnson a little tug before retreating into her apartment. When she finally agreed to go up to his loft with him, Kenneth knew the game was over and she was letting him win.

That night, Kenneth fully embraced his victory. Before consuming her tender body, he savored the sight of her naked figure in his bed. He took his time licking and sucking and nibbling her soft round tits and kissing down her taut tummy. He spread her slender legs to reveal a perfect young center, which he promptly devoured. He was gentle with her that night, lest he scare her away. Tessa had laid flat on her back as he pushed her thighs upwards and open. This made her completely exposed and vulnerable. Kenneth relished in the control he finally had over the situation. His cock was the hardest it had ever been and he could see the apprehension in Tessa’s face as she stared at the huge slab of meat that was about the enter her. Kenneth slipped the head up and down her slit before positioning it at the opening of her snatch. He slowly pushed his huge pole into her tiny cunt. Tessa quietly whimpered as she felt herself being split open, but she bravely accepted his cock into her body. marmaris escort bayan Kenneth pushed every last inch into her hot little hole. It felt amazing to be fucking such a beautiful girl who just happened to have the tightest and wettest pussy he had ever experienced. Kenneth only accomplished a few pumps before unloading onto her stomach.

Since that first night, the fuckings had gotten progressively rougher and kinkier. Tessa usually didn’t mind and even welcomed some of Kenneth’s “hot ideas” as long as he continued to lavish her with the lifestyle she wanted. She gave him head frequently, she let him contort her body in any position he desired, and she didn’t object to him calling her demeaning names during sex. After all, sometimes she did feel like his little slut and it actually turned her on when he manhandled her. Kenneth also had a thing for penetrating her with foreign objects. Tessa’s cunt had seen its share of sex toys, phallic-shaped produce, a few inches of a pool stick, and so on. For his birthday, Kenneth wanted to film her using the neck of an empty beer bottle to pleasure herself. So after he had finished his German malt beverage, Tessa danced the mouth of the bottle up and down her slit as she relaxed on his plush leather couch. When she was sufficiently wet, she dipped it into her pussy until wetness dribbled down her crack. Then she mounted it and let the camera record her riding the glass bottle.

After the couple had rested for a while on the floor of the study, Kenneth decided they should eat out for dinner. He took Tessa to an upscale steak house, where they dined on New York’s finest rib eye with all the trimmings. When they returned home, Kenneth was ready for some more of Tessa’s sweet ass. This time, it was literally her ass that he was craving.

Kenneth watched Tessa undress and change into her sexy pink nightie. He was reminded of how amazing her body was. Kenneth didn’t think he’d ever get tired of watching a silk dinner dress slip down the curves her breasts and hips. Her nightie was a short babydoll style shirt. It barely covered her ass and occasionally the bottom of her cheeks would peek out. Her long soft hair had a sexy windblown look.

Kenneth had already slipped under the covers of his bed completely naked. Even before Tessa got into her side of the bed, his dick had hardened and was ready to penetrate her beautiful butt. As soon as Tessa sat down on the bed, Kenneth moved towards her. He began kissing her neck and upper back.

“I want to have you again tonight,” he whispered between kisses.

Tessa moaned softly in pleasure. “How do you want to have me?”

Kenneth pulled Tessa’s back toward him so he was positioned behind her. He continued to kiss and lick her petite shoulders. He grabbed her breasts from behind and massaged them with circular motions. “I want to lay you down and rub oil all over you.”

“That sounds wonderful,” Tessa murmured with her eyes closed. She titled her head back onto his shoulder so that he could kiss and nibble the front of her neck. “And then what will you do to me?”

Kenneth reached down and pulled open her thighs. He felt that her pussy was already wet. “Then I want to spread you open and push my cock deep into your body.” Kenneth’s large finger found its way into her aching wet hole.

Tessa moaned louder. She began to thrust against escort marmaris his finger. Despite the almost unbearable fucking she had received just a few hours ago, her horny little cunt was ready for more.

Kenneth pressed another finger into her and felt her juices overflowing. “You want more cock, don’t you?” He muttered into her hair with anticipation. “You are quite a little slut, you know that? I fucked your little brains out just before dinner and now you’re desperate for more dick.” Kenneth was going crazy with desire, as he pumped her pussy with his fingers.

Tessa squirmed and moaned with pleasure. “I am a little slut,” she whispered into his ear. She placed his other hand on her exposed breast. “I’m your slut. I need you to fuck me good every day and multiple times per day.”

Kenneth squeezed her tit and finger-fucked her even harder. “I’m going to lay you on your back since that’s how a slut should be. Then I’m going to ram my rod into your sloppy hole until you can’t take it anymore. When I’ve had my fill of your stretched out pussy, I’m going to fuck your ass until I release my load.”

Before Tessa could say anything, Kenneth had pushed her onto her back and was on top of her. He pulled down the top of her nightie so that both of her tits were exposed. Then he hiked up the bottom of her nightie so that he could see her cunt and her tummy.

“You’re not even wearing any panties,” he noticed. “You were hoping to get fucked again, weren’t you? God, you are such a little whore.” Kenneth wrenched open her perfect young thighs. Her center glistened with moisture. Tessa flashed him a devilish smile. Kenneth’s cock bobbed in front of him. He spread her legs as far as they would go and roughly stabbed her pussy with his dick. Tessa moaned loudly as she was stretched open. The entire length of Kenneth’s cock plunged into her over and over. Kenneth watched her make hot sex faces as he fucked her. Tessa’s breasts bounced in tune with his thrusting, which made her look even hotter.

Despite how good her pussy felt, Kenneth really wanted to feel the exquisite tightness of her asshole. He had not fucked her very much in the ass because he knew she did not like it. But it was times like these that he wanted to do something to her that she would not like, because he knew it made her feel violated. And when she felt that way, it showed on her face and Kenneth loved to watch her turn into a true slut.

Tessa was still flat on her back so all Kenneth had to do was slightly lift her hips. Her pussy juices had run down her crack so their was more than enough lubrication for a hot butt-fucking session. Tessa protested softly but Kenneth just smiled at her and slowly pierced her ass with his cock.

Tessa’s moans became deep and guttural as Kenneth forced her butt to accept every inch of meat. The look on her face was a mixture of shyness and embarrassment. Kenneth only took his eyes off her face to watch his thick slab firmly penetrate her most guarded hole. His massive cock had spread her anus unnaturally wide and it gripped his pole tightly.

“Look at you with a dick up your butt,” he murmured as he thrust into her ass. “Only little sluts let their asses get fucked. How does that feel to have me deep in your gut? I bet you feel like a whore, don’t you?”

Tessa nodded between her heavy breathing and loud moaning. “I am a whore who takes cock up my ass. I like to feel my butt filled with dick.”

Hearing Tessa say that made Kenneth overwhelmed with desire. He began thrusting harder and he was soon dumping loads of cum into Tessa’s butt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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