31 Mayıs 2023

Mod Queen

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I begged my dad to let me get a tattoo, and reluctantly, he agreed. Not a month before that he let me get my tongue pierced. When he asked why I wanted a piece of metal going through my tongue I had to lie of course. I didn’t want to tell him that I loved sucking cock more than anything, probably even more than having sex. The whole idea of controlling a man using nothing but my mouth turned me on beyond words.

I like the way it looks, was my innocent excuse. My dad studied me for a second but eventually he obliged. He didn’t stand a chance against me and my desires; after all, I was twenty.

After mom died I was able to get away with most things, even smoking. He was a smoker as well, so he didn’t mind. He would buy cigarettes for me; Marlboro Menthol 100s. Not the light ones either. Full flavor.

Not too long after that, I dyed my hair platinum blonde, and usually dressed like a slut. I loved the attention, even though I publicly denied it.

The tattoo. It was an innocent enough design, a palm sized green and purple firefly.

I went to the tattoo parlor on that rainy day, a little scared about going through with it. Not because of the pain, or because I was afraid of a stranger seeing my naked body, But because I knew what came afterwards. Lust. No, the need to have men admire it; lick it, while I grabbed their balls with my long nails. I was, according to society, a slut; but not according to my own philosophy of doing whatever I wanted in life as long as I hurt no one. And I didn’t, I did the opposite really.

Many of the men and women I had sex with were married, some were about to get divorced. I’ve always felt like I provided that little spark that might give them the strength to stay together with their wives, husbands, boyfriends or girlfriends. There was no sin in pleasure.

I decided to wear an off shoulder vinyl top, my favorite. It had little slashes all over it and suited my Goth tastes. I didn’t like pants too much, and I would have worn a skirt, but I decided on a pair of vinyl leggings, complimented by a pair of red five-inch platform shoes. No bra, that was my custom, my underwear being only a black thong. I quickly teased my hair and left my house, driving the Civic faster than I should have.

The tattoo parlor was spotless, even more so than I remember from the time I went in to set the appointment. It was named after my tattoo artist, John Pierce, a name that fit him well since he was the one that pierced my tongue and my bellybutton.

“How you’ve been Alice?” John lifted his blue eyes from the man he was tattooing. When I looked at the man’s face I saw a tear tattoo, tiny specs of blood around it, a con or something like that mamak escort I thought. I didn’t know what it meant, but it was probably something related to gangs.

“You still remember my name? I was here like two years ago.” I noticed that the broad, thick, middle aged artist had a new tattoo on his neck. It was a Koi fish, red and orange. It looked good on him.

He whispered to the shady man “Give me a sec.” John came over to my side, his face inches from mine “Open up; let me see how it healed.”

I thought it was a stupid question; it obviously healed well, considering I’ve been playing with it for the last two years. I opened my mouth anyways.

“It looks good. Have you ever kissed a boy with it?” If only he knew.

“Yeah, a few.”

The man with the tear tattoo pitched in. “Any girls?”

I smiled, feeling a little playful. “Those too.”

John came even closer to my face. “I would love to see if you are a good kisser. With lips like those, you probably are.”

I didn’t know what to do. To be or not to be? To kiss or not to kiss? I knew what would happen after our mouths met and I agreed.

Before I could say anything, John stuck his split tongue into my mouth. He licked my own, slowly feeling its surface. I should have grabbed him by the waist to bring him closer, but instead I grabbed his cock, which was hard like volcanic rock, and probably the biggest I’ve ever felt.

After some time of twisting our tongues together, he stopped for breath. “Alice, you are a fucking great kisser.” The man in the back snickered but I didn’t mind. I loved being watched. “Say, do you have time? My buddy here brought me a little sumethin’ sumethin’ from Cali. We can play a bit if you want, then we’ll get you inked.”

Interesting proposal. “What little something?”

“A fine white powder that girls like you might like?” I knew what john was referring too, that was a boundary I never crossed. But curiosity has always been my undoing, so I agreed.

“Alright! Oh, I’m Loko by the way” The man raised his hand from the back, signaling us to come closer.

“Give me a minute.” John went to the front of the shop, pulled the curtains and locked the door. He came back a second later with a broad smile on his fleshy lips. “Ok, let’s play.”

Loko lay down a bunch of white tiny rocks in an aluminum tray, and crushed them into fine powder with the help of his Pennsylvania driver’s license.

Jon handed me a rolled dollar bill “Ladies first.”

I put one end of the bill on my right nostril, covered my left one with my finger and snorted one line of the white crystalline substance. I repeated the process on the other side çıtır escort of my nose.

I don’t remember the precise moment when it happened. I was taken rush of heat that encompassed my entire body. A second later I felt so horny like I’ve never felt before in my life.

I wanted to get fucked by John, hell, even by Loko.

They noticed I was breathing heavily. Not from the drug but from Lust; I wanted to delay this moment. I wanted to savor it.

I lit a cigarette and enjoyed its flavor while John snorted a line. He came close to me, and started playing with my pussy. Gently stroking my clit ring. I was so wet from his touch that I was impossible not to moan, a thing I didn’t normally do.

“Where did you get this piercing?” John wasn’t the one that got it there, but another man in another place; somewhere in New Jersey. I felt like I betrayed him, but to make it up somehow.

I looked at John’s blue jeans and saw his dick throbbing, even pulsating with desire.

Loko came over and started stroking my breasts. I let him. I was going to let them both play with me all they wanted. To use me, and make me their whore. I wanted to be their little sex doll. I got down on my knees and started sucking on John’s big pierced cock. Loko came behind me and started rubbing his huge uncut cock on my hair. I grabbed it, and started alternating my tongue between both men. Passionately sucking one, then the other.

Loko was more aggressive. He grabbed my ass, pulled my pants down, and thrusted his manhood inside of it, not even caring about my underwear. I loved it. I loved everything these two men did to me.

My tongue burned from all the sucking I was doing. I touched my face, and there was cum running all over my cheeks. I didn’t mind. I run my index finger on it, momentarily looking at the white juice on my red nails. I licked them clean.

John came over and cummed on my lips. “You like using your mouth. Don’t you?” I did. I run my tongue over his manhood, eating all his cum. My ass wasn’t tight anymore. The pain turned to pleasure, and I started moving it on Loko’s dick. He felt it, and loved it. He cummed inside of me, and I still wanted more, but I didn’t say anything.

Loko got up and so did John. I went to the restroom and washed my face, momentarily admiring my tongue in the mirror. I was too horny, too high. I went back to the operation room, if you could call it that, and I saw both men sitting, admiring my body.

“Alice, I’m going to finish his tattoo, it should take no more than five minutes.” John grabbed a tattoo gun and walked over to Loko’s face. “Feel free to snort some more powder if you want.”

I did. yenimahalle escort I so did.

I felt so hot that I couldn’t stop from using my mouth. I was smoking cigarettes back to back to back.

After John finished, we both said goodbye to Loko. John with a handshake, and me with a long French kiss. “I want to see you again someday; I love that tight ass of yours.”

I smiled. “I know.” I’ve been told before how good my ass felt.

Loko left and John took me to the tattoo room. He didn’t say a word; he grabbed the tattoo design, I removed my top, and plastered the stencil on my back, below the neck.

“What do you think?”

“It looks good, I love it. It’s in the right place.”

I lay on my back and he started doing his thing. He caressed my skin softly. “Does it hurt?”

“Yes, the way a tattoo should.” I lit another cigarette and for three hours John drove a needle into my body, permanently etching the gorgeous firefly onto my skin.

Before he was done, he made me an offer. “Listen, I don’t have any other appointments today. If you want I can do another tattoo, on the house.”

“What are you thinking?”

“Lower back. Something hot. But you have to let me pick the design; I want something hot on top of that ass.”

I was so euphoric I agreed. I know it was risky to let somebody else to tattoo something on you without looking at the design first. What if I didn’t like it?

I pushed my doubts away and told him. “Something hot.”

We snorted a couple more lines before starting. He made sure I didn’t see the design.

He started tattooing my lower back, and I wondered what he could possibly be tattooing. After another four hours I found out. I was shocked at first, but I loved it nonetheless.

I looked in the mirror, pointing my ass towards it. It was a huge tribal, it’s twisty ends going to the sides of my waist, it ended in a point that disappeared into my ass, and it had a red heart in the center of the design.

“What do you think?”

“I think I want you to cum on it first.” I did want him all over me.

“Not now, it needs to heal first, but I will baby. I will.” He grabbed my neck and started kissing it, passing his bifurcated tongue over my ears. I was his.

Before I left I washed my face and my butt once again. I straightened my hair a little bit. I didn’t want to get home looking the slut I was. John offered me to do some more tattoos for free and I agreed, with the same condition that he would chose the designs. Before leaving, he asked if I wanted to be his “Mod Queen.” I asked what he meant by that, and he said that he wanted to mod my body to turn me into a sex toy.

“Like what would you do?”

“Piercings, tattoos, the works. We can even get you breast implants eventually, if you want. Your tits are fine, but we can make them maybe a little bigger, maybe pierce your nipples” He felt my breasts. “I want you to be my little slut.”

We kissed once more. “Deal.”

I smiled and drove home. I was going to be his sex toy.

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