4 Aralık 2022

Mistis’ Adventures Part 72

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 72
The evening had been more romantic, and erotic over all, for Robbi and Billy. They were much more attuned to each others likes and desires. They had paused, briefly. to watch the other lovers, before going into their chosen bedroom, to satisfy their desires. They had taken a long, lingering shower, with much playfulness, and foreplay. They had scrubbed each other in the most intimate ways they could imagine. Confident of each others effect on the other, they had made each other orgasm numerous times. Billy had cum twice, and Robbi had given up on trying to count, but in one long session, she had cum 11 times. In another she had got her jollies 14 times in quick succession. When they finally decided to use the bed for a bit, they had gone to sleep for an hour or so, woke up refreshed, and started over, again.

They tried something that Billy had just discovered. Robbi had packets of Vaseline in her purse. She had tried it while at school, and, since her lover hadn’t been that big, she had enjoyed it. He was nice size for her pussy, and had, at first, felt huge in her ass. As he had fucked her the second and third times, she had grown accustomed to him, and had, on their next date, allowed him to nail her ass 2 more times, on the promise that he would clean himself thoroughly, and cum inside her pussy. He had, that night, outdone her wishes by cumming in her ass twice, cleaning himself thoroughly, under her ever watchful eyes, and cumming in her pussy twice, also.

She had gone back to the dorm, as he lived in a different dorm than she, and had given herself an enema. All his cum was rinsed out of her ass, and she douched to clean her twat, and gone to bed. It didn’t last long, though. She heard a knock on her door, and the guy from next door, a real dream, had asked to come in. She invited him in, completely naked. They had spent the remainder of the night in her bed, and he had fucked her 4 more times. She didn’t even have to douche after him. He loved to eat cream pies as much as any of her family did. She was completely cum-free when she kissed him as he left the next morning.

Billy accepted two of the packets, and applied them to her derriere, making certain to put some inside her anus, and coat the surrounding tissue with more. She applied 3 packets to his penis. He WAS a bit larger than her friend at college. She would miss him. He ate her pussy better than most. Even as good as some, but not all, of her girlfriends. There was one girl…

She lay on her back and spread her cheeks for him, as he placed his dick against her asshole and started to push. He was trying to do her like he had canlı bahis şirketleri done Cathy, earlier. He remembered her admonitions to “Go Slow.” as she coached him. He felt himself barely entering her, and looked down to see what progress he had made. The head, and about an inch was inside her. He pumped into her, gaining small bits as he went. Robbi was looking up at him expectantly. “Come on Billy. It feels good, and I won’t break. Give it to me faster.”

He pushed a little harder and sank in about another 3 inches. “Go ahead, Sweetheart. Give it ALLLLL to me. I want to feel the whole thing in me. I love it.” He pulled it back about half an inch, took a deep breath, and pushed until he felt his balls touch her ass. “YYYEEESSSSSS!!!” she hissed at him. “NOW! Fuck me like you fuck my pussy. Throw that meat to me.”

He lifted her ass off of the pillow he had placed under her, holding the wet towel in his hands, and began to pound her as he usually did. She groaned, tilting her head back, making the same noises he had heard so many times as they had fucked together. They had often traveled between their schools, spending the nights together, while in college. Cathy was in a completely different college, that was much further away, so the only times he had with her, was when they had breaks. They had gone once to South Padre Island on Spring Break. He and Robbi had traveled together, and met up with Cathy there. Their first night they had had a menage a troi together. He had been in the middle between the two girls. They had had such a night as to sleep until nearly sundown that evening, showered and gone down to the beach and he had watched them compete in a wet T-shirt contest. Another girl had won, but it was still fun. They all, later that night, had gone skinny dipping in the Gulf of Mexico. They didn’t stay in the water long, as they kept seeing weird things in the water that looked suspiciously like fins.

He was pounding her as hard as he usually did, and she was coming the same way. She wrapped her legs around him and squeezed, begging him, “Cum for me. Give it to me, NOW!!!” He pushed in as far as he could and gave her a full load. This time she groaned. “UUUUUUNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!” She waved her ass back and forth, enjoying the feel of her playmate shifting inside of her. She finally released her hold, and he lowered her to the pillow. The only thing on the towel was a small bit of cum. She giggled at his surprise. “I borrowed Cathy’s bottle and gave myself an enema before we came up together. I wanted to be nice and clean for you. I NEVER want you to have a shitty fuck from me.” HE had canlı kaçak iddaa to laugh at her choice of terms.

They went in and took another shower, together, and decided that they could use a midnight snack. The others were down in the kitchen, waiting for them. Cathy had set bowls and spoons on the table, and boxes of cereal. They didn’t need to eat anything too heavy, so they could sleep better. They all took one of the five boxes of cereal and poured their bowls full, added their favorite topping and dug in. Cathy left the pitcher of milk on the table in case someone wanted more. They joked and made observations about the last few days. They took turns describing to Mike and Misti about the new place. Cathy was highly impressed with the second pond from the far end. It was surrounded by HUGE weeping willow trees. They were just beginning to bud, and were a perfect place to relax when they went swimming. There were about 10 or 15 yards of space where they could put sand down to make a nice beach, and it was covered in clover, instead of grass. It wouldn’t need mowing like grass would. Billy and Robbi had noticed it, also.

None of them had felt much like sleeping, yet, so they asked Mike and Misti to tell them some more about their time in Europe

Mike settled into his chair a bit more and started telling them about trips to other countries. They had gone to Switzerland, and gone on an air tour, and flown around the summit of the Matterhorn. It was covered in snow and they had taken many, MANY pictures of it. They had gone to a resort in Austria, where it was claimed that one of the James Bond Movies had been made. They had, on another trip, gone to Rome, and visited the Vatican, and saw the supposed burial crypt of the Apostle Peter. They had walked around the outside of the Circus Maximus, as the Romans called it. They hadn’t been able to go inside, as there was restoration being done on it. They had seen the square, where it was said, Julius Caesar had been assassinated. When they returned they went through the city of Genoa, where Columbus was born. They had bought a car, and used it for most of their travels. They had visited the French Riviera for two days. Dong had taken them to see her friend, and he had arranged for them to buy a Porsche 913 for a VERY low price. It would have, new, cost them $40,000, but it had been used for 5 years, and he got it for $5,000. Misti had gotten her license, and loved to go out on the autobahn and open it up. There were no speed limits, so she could go as fast as she wanted. Misti had gone with Dong a few days later, and thanked their friend herself. His son canlı kaçak bahis had joined them, and, as Mike and Dong’s husband were both working, they had made a long night of it. Misti giggled at the memory. “He DID have a VERY nice bed. It was big enough for all FOUR of us. And they WERE very CONSIDERATE of us. They invited us to come back OFTEN. We went back MANY times. Mike went once and met his daughter. SHE was nice, too.” Her inflections on choice words told them all everything they wanted to know. Robbi, curious as she was, asked Misti how “nice” he had been. She held her hands almost a foot apart. “About this nice.” she said. They all laughed at her description.

Robbi looked over at Rick. “Did you have a chance to look at that CD, yet?” He looked at her, and said, “I almost forgot about it. He went into the kitchen. “Billy. Would you put this in the player, and turn on the TV, please?” Billy opened the player, and inserted the CD, shutting the drawer, and turned on the TV, and handed the remote to Mike. “It’s your ballgame, Bro.”

They went through the menu, and suddenly there was a very attractive brunette on the screen, completely naked. It was Nurse Martin. They scanned through at least two dozen pictures of her in different erotic poses. It was as if she was in the room with them. “WOW!!! They all exclaimed. “Who is she?” Rick explained, “She was the nurse that cared for me in theater, and accompanied me home when they sent me to D.C. She gave me a ride from the hospital to the airport when I came home for good. I only saw her in scrubs until that last day. I didn’t even know what rank she was. We stopped and ate breakfast at an IHOP, and I asked her. She was a Lieutenant. She took me to her apartment, and gave me a VERY good roll in the hay, and took me to the airport. MY jacket was in the bedroom and she must have put that in my pocket before she helped me on with it. Her name is Mary Martin, like the actress, and she is from Lubbock. The only contact I had with her, before we went to her apartment, was when she was leaving the night before, she kissed me on the forehead. I had no idea she looked THAT good under her scrubs, or I would have made a pass at her long before. She was a good egg. A little more bossy than the others, but, still, a good egg. She even cleaned my ass and shook my willy for me when I couldn’t do it for myself. She gave me sponge baths twice a day, until I could get up to go to the showers. Then she watched me while I cleaned up, and dressed my leg, and dried my back, when I finished. She made me wonder at the airport, though. She gave me a hot kiss, and told me that she thought she MIGHT be in love.” Robbi snickered at his puzzlement. “Sounds to ME like you must have split her seven ways ’till Sunday, to make her fall like THAT for ya.”

Rick just shook his head. She HAD said she had his address. He would have to see what came in the mail.

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