31 Mayıs 2023

Mervyn’s Last Play

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I’m not sure how I get myself in these situations or attract these kinds of people, but it seems to be a regular thing. I met this woman a few months ago. Actually I used to see her jogging around the neighborhood and what got my attention was that she had a big, wide ass and luscious hips. So I’d see her chugging along with her little dog when I was out for my run and I would sort of check her out from afar. I loved the way her ass jiggled and shifted as she ran and I couldn’t help but admire the fact that she didn’t give a shit that she had a big ass. She was going to exercise publicly anyway! A lot of middle-aged women like her with big bottoms wouldn’t dare be seen working out in public with an ass that didn’t fit the model image. But she was different, and I had a sneaking suspicion, perhaps a bit wild.

So like the masochistic, dumbass that I am, I concocted a plan to meet her. I’m not proud of this, but I found out where she lived and went and kidnapped her dog from her backyard. I put the mangy runt in my garage and waited a few days. Sure enough, she had soon posted lost dog notices on several lamp posts on our street. So the next day I contacted her and I took the foul-tempered little beast over there and knocked on her door. Her face lit up when she saw him.

“Sugarlips!” she exclaimed in an elated voice as she reached out and took him from me.

“I found him in my front yard and I kept him until I saw your sign.” I told her.

“Oh my god! I thought he was lost for good!” she said as she hugged the little rat.

“My name is Mervyn.” I said with a cheesy smile.

“Oh, nice to meet you!” she returned, “I’m Doris.”

Luckily, dogs can tell no tales. Forgive the pun. But the ruse worked perfectly. She recognized me as the fellow runner she often saw on the road and I reinforced that commonality by telling her that I just adored Shih Tzu breeds. I watched her eat up all my prevarications until she invited me in.

She wasn’t a bad looking woman up close. Certainly not someone most guys would pay attention to, but her body was well-made and her face was what I would term “sexy homely”. She wore her dark hair short, and she also wore large-framed eyeglasses that made her appear a bit nerdy. But as she lead me into the living room that day, all I could see was that big delicious ass of hers, trapped beneath those running pants trying its best to break out at the seams! She was tall. About 5′ 9″. And she looked to weigh perhaps 220 pounds. By contrast, I go about 5′ 10″ on a good day and weigh a steady 170. Her size, I must admit, made my stomach tingle. She invited me to sit down at the kitchen table.

“So can I get you something to drink?” she asked.

“Sure, water is fine.”

She filled a glass with ice and filtered water and brought it to me.

So what do you do, Mervyn?” she asked as she set the glass down in front of me.

“I’m a graphic designer.” I told her. This is an occupation that people react positively to.

“Oh, how neat.” She said.

“What do you do?” I quickly asked before she could follow up.

“I’m a CPA.” She said.

“Jeez, I wish I had an analytical mind.” I told her.

She laughed. “No, then you couldn’t be a graphic designer!”

She seemed to be enjoying the idea that I was creative and something told me not to try to get too personal too fast. I looked around and didn’t see any signs of manly cohabitation. Might she be an old spinster?

“So what does your husband do? I asked as a check.

“Oh, I’ve been divorced for five years now.” She replied with a smile.

“And what about you?” she continued.

This was when I knew I had her on the line.

“Me? No, I’m not married. Still looking for Mrs. Right.” I told her with a wistful sigh.

She was asking all the right questions now and this told me she was sizing me up as a potential partner. My heart fluttered with excitement. I was that much closer to that beautiful, big ass of hers. But she had to be the one to extend the invitation. After all, I was the unmarried hero who had saved her dog. I waited there in silence for the invitation. I just sat there and smiled at her. Finally it came.

“Would you like to come over for dinner tomorrow evening?” she asked at last.

I acted pleasantly surprised.

“Sure!” I said.

The next night I arrived early with flowers. She answered the door in a dress and makeup! Bingo!

For dinner she fed me Kielbasa with onions and potatoes. Now I knew how she packed on those pounds! It was all delicious and we were soon on the couch chatting about my travels in Europe.

“You must visit Holland!” I told her, “The Dutch are a fascinating people. They’re very upfront about things.”

She leaned into me when I said this.

“They sound fascinating!” she said.

She was honing in on me now as I noticed the familiar glazed look come over her face. That’s when I leaned into her and took the lead. I kissed her lightly on the lips and then pulled back. Yes, she was going to respond to the coy approach. etimesgut escort I leaned in a second time for a longer kiss. She kissed me back and then raised the ante with her tongue. I pushed mine against hers in a tease and then went in for a full, open- mouth kiss with pressure and suction. She wasn’t a bad kisser and soon I had my hand moving down her waist to her flared hip. My god! It was a shelf!

From her hip I managed to move my hand to the side of her ass. Then she grabbed my arm and pulled back from me.

“We can’t forget dessert!” she said smiling as she got up.

She went and brought cheesecake for us which I ate in two forkfuls. But perhaps I had rushed things. After dessert she invited me to tour her garden in the backyard and we did kiss under the moon, but she kept my hands secured in hers and the message was delivered.

No feel-up on the first date!

The second and third dates however developed along similar lines and I was starting to suspect she was pulling my chain. Then one day we went jogging together and when we got back to her house she seemed to be in a randy mood. I wasn’t feeling very sexy however and wanted to go home and take a shower to get the stink off of me. Perhaps she sensed my discomfort and wanted to see me squirm because she came over as I sat at her kitchen table and plopped down in my lap! Christ! I was mortified! I felt all of her weight and heat pressing forcefully against my sex parts in a sudden and complete show of dominance. My face felt as if it were a flashing red light! She was squashing me! I gripped her sides reflexively, but couldn’t get a word out of my mouth! I was trapped! She started to wiggle her butt and I just felt my face start to pound with hot flushes. Was this the kind of teasing shit that she was in to? Whatever her motivations, I had to admit, I felt a degree of excitement in this helpless position.

Our relationship continued like this, with no real sex as most people know it. She seemed to like to treat me like a naughty child. She would sit sideways in my lap and watch my face turn beet red and she’d get terrifically amused. Then she’d rough up my hair and laugh as she got up and walked away. At first it pissed me off, but then I started to strangely enjoy this treatment. Then one time after drinking ice tea I tried to get up to use the bathroom but she pushed me onto the couch and trapped me. She kept me pinned under her big, wide ass until I got desperate.

“Hey, I need to go!” I told her.

But she just laughed and pushed her meaty backside down on me more firmly. I put my hands on those shelf hips of hers and closed my eyes in agony as all her poundage pressed down against my bladder.

“Ah shit!” I growled as I tried to push her forward.

But she stayed parked there, bouncing and laughing at the urgency of my plight.

After a month of this, a lot of sexual tension had built up and she began to tease me about being irritable. I took the teasing badly and one day after an argument she told me that I needed to listen to these relaxation tapes she had.

Relaxation?! Jesus! What I needed was a good fuck!

Okay I thought, if this will get me any closer to fucking her, I’ll go along with it. So each time I went over there she would have me lay down on the couch and put the headphones on and listen to these tapes. The woman’s voice on the tapes was soothing.

“You’re feeling relaxed now…you’re giving up control…your muscles are loosening…” the voice told me.

Usually within five minutes I found myself drifting off to sleep. Then Doris would wake me up and I wouldn’t remember a thing. This went on for another few weeks with Doris giving me incentives to continue by wearing a bikini one day and dance leotards the next. Her body in a bikini was amazing! The bottoms were suspended off the shelves of her hips like a clothes hanger and her big juicy ass spilled out from all quarters in the back! So this made these relaxation sessions all the better. She was feeling more comfortable showing her body to me now so I reasoned it wouldn’t be long until I would be able to mount her.

But a month after starting these relaxation sessions I had an accident while driving my car. It wasn’t a crash, it was a wetting of my pants. Of course I was startled. I had never just gone like this before, so I made sure I emptied my bladder before trips after that. But then it happened again standing in line at the food store! I felt a leaking sensation and then looked down and saw a growing dark stain appear.

After this incident I went to my doctor, but she couldn’t detect any organic cause for the sudden loss of bladder control. She simply suggested I wear pads in my underwear. How could this be happening to me at the age of 40! This was a very troubling development and I was determined to keep it a secret so I decided to start wearing adult diapers until I was able to get a better medical diagnosis.

The first time I went to see Doris wearing the diaper I was nervous, because I knew if etlik escort she sat in my lap, there was a good chance I’d have an accident. Of course as soon as I got there she sat on me and started mussing my hair. I hated this, but she was in her dance leotard and her firm enveloping behind couldn’t be resisted. When she started bouncing on me, I closed my eyes and buried my face into her shoulder. My cock was growing and binding in my diaper. I tried to stay in control but then I felt the leaking start. I was pissing myself as she sat on me! I tried to move her off, but to no avail. My piss kept pumping. This filled me with a strange mixture of humiliation and relief. I stopped trying to get up after this and just sat there clutching to her.

I managed to keep my diapers a secret from her until one day when she jumped on my back and made me give her a piggyback ride around the living room. She was a load to carry, but I wanted to show her all my manly virility. I trotted around with her on my back for a minute without much trouble, but soon my arms were growing weak. She kept goading me, however, wrapping her big thighs around my waist and kicking the sides of my legs.

“Let’s go, horsy!” she yelled as she slung her arms over my sagging shoulders.

My legs as well as my arms rapidly lost strength and I struggled desperately to keep a hold of her. Then I felt a sudden pressure against my anus. Something was pushing out of me! I let go of her legs, but she continued to cling to my back. As I collapsed to the floor the diaper was already filling. I was terrified. I got up from under her and tried to run to the toilet but she grabbed my leg.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going, young man!” she said condescendingly.

“I need to use the bathroom.” I told her as I tried to pull myself free.

“Oh no! Did my horsy have an accident?” she continued.

Then she got up and put her arms around me as I tried to pull away.

“No, come here and sit on momma’s lap!” she said as she pulled me back to the couch.

I was burning red over all my body. I struggled but she was able to force me down onto her. She wrapped her arms around mine and kept me immobile as she spoke into my ear.

“Did my horsy do a poopie in his pants?” she taunted.

“I’m not kidding! I have to go!” I pleaded as I tried to wiggle free.

“It smells like you already did!” she said as she pushed her knee up between my legs.

My god! She was getting off on this! How could it be?!

She reached down for the first time just then and squeezed my crotch. It made a slight crinkling sound. I started to tremble. All of my blood and adrenaline rushed up into my neck and face as she continued to reach down further between my legs. She pushed her hand up into my ass several times. The crinkling sound repeated.

“Ah, he wears diapers!” she announced with seeming pride.

I was emotionally divided at this moment between anger and excitement. I wanted to slap her, but I also wanted to be controlled by her. Was this the relationship she had wanted all along?

She sat up with me and then guided me down to the floor. Then she knelt next to me and undid my pants.

“Let momma have a look at that poopie diaper.” She said as she pushed my jeans down to my ankles.

I could only lay there and watch her at this point with a sick excited feeling going up my back. I held my arms up over my face as she opened the diaper by ripping the sides. I concentrated on her sexy homely face with those nerdy eyeglasses and I imagined she was my first grade teacher.

After she opened the diaper and exposed the small pile of dung in it, she left and came back with a wet towel and a plastic bag. She sat down next to me Indian style and cleaned between my legs with the towel as she looked me in the eye. I could only return her gaze sheepishly.

“Does that feel better?” she said soothingly, “I’ll have to buy some diapers for you the next time I go shopping.”

My god! Was this to be my role in her life! Incontinent son!

As it turned out, it was. After this she insisted on changing me whenever I went over there and I must confess that I enjoyed it. If not sex, it was some kind of intimate attention. She would squat over me as she wiped my ass clean, and her big, bulbous behind would be right there over my face, and I would want to reach out and feel it, but then I would realize I didn’t have the power to do that. I was completely neutralized sexually.

But Doris was the woman I needed then since I had developed this problem with incontinence. She was actually the one thing in my life that gave me comfort at this time. She always made me feel like it was no big deal and that it was even normal. So normal that when her daughter, Joana, came to stay with her for a month I found out she knew all about me.

But before I found this out, it was awkward, and I tried not to have any accidents when she was around. I knew Doris didn’t mind, but I wanted to retain some sort of manly identity eve gelen escort in front of her daughter. She was a free spirit with thick, tangled black hair and a pretty face. She worked with some sort of traveling show most of the year. In the winter she rested and made her handcrafts for the next season. That’s what she was doing then. One day I had a chance to talk to her as she stitched moccasins.

“So how did you get started with this?” I asked her.

“One of my Indian friends showed me the secret.” She said smiling.

“And what’s the secret?”

“Sorry, can’t tell you!” she replied with another sly smile.

“So you’ve been doing this for a while.”

“Yes, since I was seventeen.” She said, “That was the year I ran away and became a witch!”

“Oh my!” I replied, going along with her story.

“That’s what my mother thought anyway.”

Her hands were nimble and her dark eyes were concentrated as she worked the leather.

“So mom tells me you’re an artist?” she inquired.

“Yes, I do mostly promotional stuff.” I told her.

“Have you ever painted nudes?” she asked.

“Ah, a few in college.” I told her.

“That’s one of my passions.” She said, smiling again around her bright red lipstick.

“Yes, it takes a special talent to paint.” I replied.

I realized then with horror that I was leaking into my diaper again. It must have registered on my face.

“Are you okay?” she asked with a concerned tone.

I tried to smile, but I still must have looked worried.

“Oh sure, just zoning out here.” I said as I rose from the table.

She continued to look at me as if she were reading my mind.

“Do you need help?” she asked.

“Oh no, I’ll be right back.” I said.

I had walked out of the kitchen and down the hall before I realized she was following me. She stopped me before I could close the bathroom door.

“It’s okay. I can help.” She said as she stepped into the bathroom.

I became completely flustered at this point. I stood there like an idiot, unable to speak.

“Just lie down here.” She said pointing down to the bath mat.

Shaking, I followed her directions, but not before I felt a bowel movement fall into my diaper.

“It’s okay.” She said, “Can you get your pants off?”

“I don’t know.” I said as I burst into tears.

“It’s okay. Shhhh.” She said.

She got my pants off and then we were both met by the smell rising from me. Then a knock came on the door.

“Is everything okay in there?” came the voice of Doris.

“Yes mom, I’m just helping Mervyn with his diaper.”

“Oh okay.” Came the flat voice of Doris again.

Joana positioned her thin body in a kneeling position next to me and carefully opened the diaper. She looked down into it with the face of an inspector.

“It’s okay,” she said, “We’ll get this fixed.”

Then she pulled my legs back with one hand and lifted my butt off the floor. She reached back and grabbed a wash cloth from the counter and wet it in the sink. Then she brought the cloth down gently into my ass crack wiped away the waste that remained there. While she did this I continued to cry out of shame.

“It’s okay, Mervyn. Shhhhh.” She assured.

She threw the dirty wash cloth in the toilet and then got up and grabbed another one and soaped it up. As she stood over me in her shorts I thought she might be the most sexy and loving mother alive. She came back down and scrubbed me good with soap and then wrung that cloth out and wiped me again. She was so young and beautiful. How could she be Doris’ daughter? I thought.

By the time she was finished cleaning me, my cock had turned into an aching piece of iron. But there I was sniveling! I guess the naughty son treatment Doris had been subjecting me to, had changed me. I was actually afraid of my own manhood now!

Joana got lotion next and rubbed it across my ass and then over my anus. She smiled and looked into my sobbing face with steady concern as she went. When she got to my balls she slowed down and rubbed them with more care, all the while looking at my erection with a mixture of compassion and fascination. Her massaging hand inched its way up the root of my cock and then slid up to the tip. She kept making passes over the length of it with a studied expression, watching for my reaction. My member was involuntarily springboard hard and that was because it had been frustrated by Doris for two full months at this point! But it also seemed like my mind had forgotten what sex was like.

She rubbed my cock like a curious scientist for a while and then wrapped her finger and thumb around it and started stroking. My tears subsided and I just became a watcher of this woman who was sensing me so deeply. I understood what her offer of help had meant now. Perhaps she was a witch? Her delicate fingers were moving over my gland with the same artistry she used to shape the moccasins. She was an expert manipulator of skin! Yes! That was her gift! My anus tightened as I concentrated on her bright red lips and dark intense eyes. Her fingers were tumbling up over my gland more purposely now, sending shockwaves down to my prostate. She continued steadily stroking, though with more studied concern and only occasional smiles. It was as if she had to see what the purpose of this thing in her hand was, what its potential could be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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