4 Aralık 2022

Menopause Leads To Mom-Son Incest

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Alexis Ren

Menopause Leads To Mom-Son Incest

“Come on Kartik, hurry up! It’s getting late” my mom said as I was surfing through the Men’s section of the supermarket for shaving blades. Mom sounded exhausted and in some kind of pain. I looked over at her.

Mom’s face was red and she was sweating. I panicked and quickly went up to her and enquired as to what was wrong.

“Nothing it’s just some uneasiness I feel that’s all. You take these bags and pay the bill. I’ll be waiting for you in the car.” Mom left for the parking space with the car keys.

I was worried for mom. She had been the most active person you could ever imagine, not getting tired even for a minute; but now at 49, her energy had probably given it all up.

I paid for the items and headed to the lot. Mom had fallen asleep in the car. I quickly drove home. I called my sis. We both took mom in our arms and carried her home and made her sleep comfortably on the bed.

We called mom’s doctor, Dr.Jinal. She arrived within an hour. She went into mom’s room and locked the door. My dad had passed away 7 years back. It was just me, mom and sis in our family. My sister, Tanisha is 17; 9 years younger to me.

Jinal finally came out of the room. “The menopause symptoms are kicking in. Shreya(my mom) has been experiencing fatigue, itching, weight-gain, back aches etc. Her periods have been irregular for a few months now. Relax there’s nothing to worry about. This happens naturally. Just ask her to take rest and drink as much water as she can. Also, avoid going in heat and stay in cool places.” Jinal then asked Tanisha to follow her into a bedroom. They came out after 5 minutes.

I paid the doc her fees and she left. I and Tanisha went to see mom. It had been hardly 10 minutes since Jinal came out of the room but mom had drifted back to deep sleep. “Should we call Chirag uncle or someone from his family?” Tanisha asked me.

“I guess not. Mom hates them; it wouldn’t do good to disturb her mood at this point. Why did doc take you to the bedroom?” I enquired.

Tanisha showed me a cream. “Vaginal dryness is another symptom of menopause. The doc asked me to instruct mom on applying this cream on her vagina twice a day.”

I nodded and we left mom’s room. I had no sexual thoughts for my mom at all. She had been a very caring and loving mom. I loved her equally. Especially after my dad’s death, I and mom looked at each other and swore to be strong to look after my little sister who was just 10 back then.

Tanisha got a call from her friend regarding a few important lectures they must attend in college. She left hurriedly. It was 1 pm. I ordered some lunch for me and my mom. I went to wake her up when lunch arrived.

She felt dizzy and uncomfortable. I helped her sit straight on the bed. I bought lunch for her bedroom. She said she was feeling feverish. I called Dr.Jinal and told her the same. Jinal told me to not worry and just tell mom to apply the cream and take rest.

Mom was too weak to even sit still so I held her with one hand and fed her lunch with other. I nearly broke down as I had never seen my supermom, in such a condition. Mom kept looking at me smiling, probably surprised by the affection she got.

After lunch, she went to the washroom. She came out wearing a nighty. She again lay down. I gave her 2 glasses of cold water and asked her to drink. She did. Then I gave her the cream.
“Where do I have to apply this?” Mom asked.

I seemed to have lost my tongue. Speaking “vagina” in front of my mom was definitely awkward. She kept staring at me questionably. “Down there where you feel dry,” I muttered.
“What? Pls be ümraniye escort bayan clear and speak fast son.”

“On your vagina to keep it lubricated” I finally managed to speak out.
My mother giggled and thanked me. I left her bedroom.
Around 5 pm, I felt it was time to wake mom up. I went to her bedroom and knocked. No reply. I went inside. The scene inside made my legs shake, my mouth went dry and my dick tilted to a 90 degrees angle.

My mother had slept off while applying the cream. Her nighty was above her tummy just nearly covering her breasts. Her panty was below her knees and her pinkish brown vagina was on full display!!
Mom had a shaved pussy with just a little short hair jutting out from sides. It seems she shaved it just a few days back. I kept staring at it in all its glory! Unknowingly, my hand went inside my pants. I took my dick out and started shagging, looking at my birth-hole.
I attained my full 6.5¨ erection within a few seconds. Suddenly mom brought her hands to her vagina and started rubbing it. I was scared as hell thinking she woke up. But she hadn’t. In all possibilities, she was having a very wet, horny dream.

With her other hand, mom started pressing her breasts from over her nighty. I was stumped to watch my mother fingering in her sleep. Now loud moans started escaping from her mouth.
“Oooohhhh aaaahhh yesssss mmmmhmmm mmmmhmhhhmmm mmmmmm” mom moaned as her sexual tension reached its peak.
I went nearer to the bed and sat right in front of mom’s vagina. I had stopped masturbating as I took out my phone and started recording my mother’s fingering act. I took a minute long video, then stuffed away the phone to enjoy the live show.

Suddenly hot liquid splashed on my face. My mom’s cum. Fucking wow, I thought. 2 realms of cum filled my face with my mom’s love juice. I tasted it and loved it. But mom had more in her dreams. Even after getting one huge orgasm, she kept fingering her pussy.
Her moaning increased and seems she wanted another orgasm. It was all too much for me to handle. I walked to head of the bed, my erect dick dangling in front. I stood near my mom’s face. As soon as she opened her mouth to moan, I pushed my dick in her mouth.
But not all things go as planned. Sensing my dick in her mouth, my mom woke up startled. She looked around and went red with embarrassment. Her left hand was inside her vagina, filled with her own cum; while her right hand held a firm grip on her son’s dick.

She immediately stood up and tried to rush to the washroom. I quickly grabbed her and hugged her tight. She pushed me away. I took her right hand and placed it on my throbbing dick. Suddenly she started laughing. Again the next moment she was resisting.
I was confused and scared as to what was my mom going through. Finally, I held her face, made her look into my eyes. “Mom calm down. We both know what we did and what we are about to do. Just calm down. I love you” she didn’t respond.

I placed my lips on hers. She gave me her tongue. The mom-son union was now done!! I started sucking her lips hard. She suddenly turned very wild and started biting my lips. I was bleeding. She sucked my blood and lips with her tongue. I had never seen this avatar of my mother!

She jumped over me, locking her legs on my waist. I held her by her ass cheeks. My dick had regained erection and was just below my mother’s ass. Shreya took her tongue out and licked my whole face.
I started licking and sucking her earlobes. That drove her crazy and in a flash, she threw away her nighty. My mom’s naked boobs were pressed against my chest. She was just wearing a light pink panty ataşehir escort now. The level of sexual tension made my legs weak so I fell on the bed with mom. We embraced each other licking others’ necks.

It suddenly dawned on me to look at the clock. It was close to 6 pm. Shit, Tanisha might be home soon. I told mom but she had nearly gone deaf and kept pressing her breasts and my dick. I quickly called Tanisha. She said she will be back home by 8.

Wow!!! I thought I still had 2 more hours. I told this to mom. She smiled, “So now that we have the house to ourselves, let’s get thins thing to work” holding my dick.

I again embraced her. We started smooching again. I started going down from her lips to her chin to her neck and finally came to a halt on mom’s boobs. Mom had fairly huge ones. Measuring up to about 36C. Her hips numbered to 32 and her ass-38. Curvy and delicious was my mother.

I licked her breasts. I kept licking and sucking until she began moaning loudly. She had slightly bigger areolae, dark brown in color with yummy nipples.

“Aaaahhhh ssssshhmmm mmmm haaaaa aaaewwwweeaaa sonn yes dear son mmmmhh”

Mom became so excited and restless that she tore her panty to remove it out.My mother was naked now. I quickly got out of my clothes. When I began removing my underwear, mom stopped me. She put her teeth on the band of my underwear and dragged it down.
I hugged her; I just wanted the feeling of her nude boobs on my chest. My erect dick touched mom on her navel. I took her right hand and guided it down to my tool. She gripped it firmly. Mom looked down at it and smiled. She started moving it back and forth.

Mom kneeled down and tried to take the whole length of my penis in her mouth. She choked a little in the beginning but soon my pro mother started giving me the best blowjob of my life! She licked my entire shaft while giving special attention to the red head. She also squeezed my balls with her fingers. “Aaaahhhhh ooohh yess mom yeaaaa ooohhhh” I moaned as my mom sucked my dick out.
I held her hair and began giving pushes in her mouth. She increased her speed while I was on the verge of cumming. With loud moans of “aaaahhh ooohh mooommmmmmmmm” and pulling my mom’s hair, I cummed inside my mother’s mouth. She gulped down my cum and licked her own lips sexily looking at me.

It took me a minute or so to catch my breath. I just had the best orgasm of my life. My mom lay down on the bed and spread her legs. She parted her vagina lips with her fingers and looked at me invitingly. I understood immediately.

I pounced on the bed and took my tongue down to her toes. I licked her toes, slowly going upwards. I licked her inner thighs, even gave a love bite there. Mom laughed and hit me playfully. Finally, my tongue reached its destination my mother’s cunt! My birthplace was currently hot as fuck and wet as hell.

Without waiting, I guided my tongue inside mom’s pussy. As if a current passed through her body, she leaped up in the air and settled again. I started licking vigorously, searching for her G-spot to increase stimulation. She had a tight pussy, probably not touched by any man since 7 years. I simultaneously entered 2 fingers in her vagina. Mom went mad with pleasure. She held my head and pushed it more and more inside her vagina.

I let my hands travel up towards her 36C breasts and squeezing them, I guided my mom to a shattering orgasm. “Aaaahhh oooommmm mmmmm mm m uuu uuu uuuuu Kartik my son hmhmm mmmummmm” my mom moaned as she emptied a thick load of cum into her son’s mouth. I drank her cum, my second treat of the day as mom shivered in pleasure.

I bostancı escort lay down next to her and hugged her tight. She smiled at me and started shagging my dick. I pressed her breasts and kissed her lips. Very soon I was hard as a rock again. I got up from the bed. Mom spread her legs wide. I placed her legs over my shoulder. My dick was now about to enter my birth-hole. Mother stared deep into my eyes giving me consent to enter inside the otherwise forbidden love-hole.
I held my mother’s hips tight and gave my 1st push. “Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh gawd Kartikkkk” my mother winced in pain and pleasure. Hardly half of my dick had settled inside her. I experienced tickling as well as slight pain due to my mother’s short pubic hair and tight vagina.

My mom was reacting as if she had just lost her virginity! I waited for a minute or so and again gave another push. Mom clenched the bed sheet tightly. Her eyes had been shut ever since the 1st push. My whole dick was now in my mom’s cunt. I slowly started giving pushes.

Finally, after a minute of fucking, mom opened her eyes. She had tears in her eyes even as the bed shook due to my violent pushes. Mom began moving her hips. Right from the start, our rhythm matched perfectly.

“Aaaahh ohh aahh yess mmm hmm yaa ohhh” moans constantly escaped my mother’s mouth.

“Oohh mmoommmm ssshhh aaaaa” I too joined in the moaning.
After a while, I came and sat on bed. I pulled mom up and now she was sitting upright on my dick. She began jumping up and down over my shaft. I gave strong pushes into my mother’s cunt. I kissed my mom on her lips. I put my lips on her breasts and sucked them as they bounced up and down in this sweet act of i****t.
My mother dug her nails into my back. I understood that she was close to her 3rd orgasm of the day. I increased my fucking speed. I covered her entire left breast with my mouth while her right breast nipples were subject to twisting and pulling by my hand. My dick rammed into her pussy walls.

“My son my son my son oooooohhhhh my my Kartik Kartik Kartik” with my name, my mother shivered as the 3rd orgasm hit her hard.
Her eyeballs rolled up. Sweat covered her entire body. Shivers ran through her body. She nearly fell on the bed but I held her tight. Mom looked at me. I was still fucking her cum filled pussy. She embraced me.

I was also close to cumming now. Sensing this, mom licked my neck and ears. In a tight embrace, she rubbed her boobs on my chest.
“Plz cum inside me darling” mom whispered in my ears.
Her sexy voice did the trick and me cummed inside my mother’s vagina. I was also sweating like anything. My mom had still not broken the hug. I too hugged her tight even as my now flaccid dick slumped out of her vagina.

I held her face and we stared into each other’s eyes. Our relationship had changed forever. But it is something both me and mother accepted and enjoyed too. I got up from the bed to clean myself. Mom was tired and drowsy due to the sex and her menopause kicking in.
I lifted mom up in my arms and took her to the washroom. Under cold water running down from the shower, I held mom in my arms as we both washed away the sweat and cum. Mom had not even realized that our hot act and the sweat had made her skin slightly red with a few rashes. She just held onto me, her eyes shut with a slight smile on her juicy lips.

I turned off the shower and took her to bed. Mom had already drifted off to sleep in my arms. I wiped her body dry with a towel. I took a new pair of black bra and blue panty. I put her bra on her breasts and unclasped it. I put her panty on her hips. I then put on her nighty. I slid her panty a little and applied the cream prescribed by Jinal.
I again slid it back up, covered her properly with a blanket and switched on the AC. I too put on my clothes and waited for my sis to come home.

Hello, friends hope you liked the story

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