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* * * *

I was reviewing some modifications for a letter Mr. Donald had drafted. The men had started becoming comfortable with rushing through a draft to capture the main points and elements of a letter, then relying on me to clean it up for their review. Rather than feeling put-out by it, I decided to take it as the compliment it actually was. In the short time working for them, I have proven myself to be much more than an available fuck. Though I wasn’t about to complain about have five black cocks wanting to fuck me. God, what a slut I was becoming.

I looked up as the office door opened and a nicely dressed black man walked in and right up to my desk. “You, my dear, have got to be Megan Collins that I hear so much about.”

I stood and took the outstretched hand offered to me. “Yes, sir. Ummm … you’ve been hearing what, sir?”

He laughed, “The club, dear.” He saw my confusion. “You’ve seen the Instagram and Twitter feeds?”

“I don’t follow those, sir.”

“Well … good for you. But … here … let me show you …” as he began searching his phone. He smiled at something on his phone and handed it to me. Oh … my … god. There was a bit of distance but the image was clear. It was definitely me, naked, pressed against the glass, and being fucked by a black giant. He continued, “You can’t believe the number of references Eclipse is getting from these pictures.”

I looked at him a bit stunned. I had known a lot of people at the club had witnessed that but I hadn’t counted on their phones spreading the images through cyber space. I pulled myself back to my job, “Who are you here to see, sir?”

He chuckled, “Sorry, seeing you in person … Reggie … Reggie Furman. My name is Dan Williams from the Blackened pictorial group. I have a meeting with Reggie.”

About a half an hour later, I heard Mr. Nolan’s voice from behind me, “Megan, can we see you in the conference room, please?”

“Of course, sir.” I was surprised to see Mr. Furman and Mr. Williams in the conference room with Mr. Nolan. I hadn’t noticed them moving from their offices to the larger room. I noticed on the screen at the front of the room the picture Mr. Williams showed me.

“We were just talking about an idea for a new pictorial set, perhaps one that could be used for promotion as well as for members of our websites.” I glanced at the pic behind me and remembered a comment Mr. Nolan had made before about changing out some of the pictures hanging around the office. “We’ve never done a photo set inside the club before, but our thinking is this might be the right time.” He nodded to me. It was subtle … a simple nodded … to anyone else it could have been about anything or nothing. To me, though, I was conditioned to always be prepared to anticipate his desires and my being undressed was one of those desires. Although I was routinely fucked by all of the men, being casually naked in the offices or conference room with doors open to the potential of someone else moving by and it was exciting in the way exhibitionism was intended to be … and Mr. Nolan understood that about me.

I glanced at the other two men sitting across from Mr. Nolan at the table but did not hesitate. I opened my semi-sheer blouse, slid it off, and carefully folded it over one of the empty chairs. Since I was not to wear a bra and most of my tops were semi-sheer or sheer, my nipples were generally shadows under the material, if not more evident. I undid the clasp and short zipper on the skirt. My skirts and dresses have been inching shorter and shorter in the office. I pushed the skirt down and was about to follow that with my skimpy panties when I noticed Mr. Nolan’s finger twirling in a circle, probably not visible to the others. I turned my back to the men and pushed the panties down my legs while keeping my knees straight and bending only at the waist. I parted my feet slightly as I removed the wispy garment and heard a soft gasp from behind me. I turned to place the damp garment on the chair and shyly smiled at Mr. Williams, the source of the gasp. His reaction was interesting to me. As someone from Blackened, he would be exposed to naked women regularly but this setting perhaps was uniquely erotic, perhaps for all of us.

Mr. Nolan pulled the chair next to him away from the table and I took it, not trying to be too comfortable while being the only one naked among these men in suits. It was one of the things Mr. Nolan and I had talked about. He liked that I continued to blush and be embarrassed by exhibitionism. A woman completely comfortable being naked among others might be visually appealing but only as a naked woman. A woman who showed some discomfort, embarrassment, shyness would be more erotically exciting to witness. So, he was not in any hurry for me to lose that sense of embarrassment at being naked around others.

They talked about the idea of a photo set around the image on the screen. Mr. Nolan turned to me and asked what I thought. I was surprised by the question. I had never even witnessed a shoot, much less thought about one. But the image did represent more to me than that moment frozen in time and I told them that. I offered that the shots starting intimately in the VIP room of two people becoming increasingly consumed by their passion could be hot in themselves, but to then have shots turn from outside the room, from the club floor, as it actually happened would add elements of intrigue. I suggested shots from inside, the couple lost in their passion, with shots from outside of the couple unaware of what others saw would be like a voyeuristic experience of spying on a couple through a hotel window but with the advantage of feeling their passion.

They were quiet. Then, Mr. Williams said, “Wow … that’s good. If we could pull that off, it would be amazing.”

Mr. Furman asked, “Do you suppose Tommy would do it?” Mr. Nolan shot it down. Tommy had never been interested in doing any pictorials or video. The others argued he might for him and me, but Mr. Nolan just shook his head, which impressed me. He respected Tommy for who he was and wasn’t going to pressure him to do something he didn’t want to do. They agreed they could find someone similarly sized for the shoot.

Then, they turned to me. “What about you, Megan?”

I shyly looked at Mr. Nolan, “If it is what you desire of me, sir.” I had just accepted the idea of not only being fucked by someone not even identified, but that the images would be splashed across the internet and possibly in print. I shivered. The meeting ended and Mr. Nolan took my hand and led me out of the conference room to his office where he closed the door behind us. As he pressed me over his desktop, I spread my feet wide as I heard a zipper lowered. A moment later, I felt his cock move over my wet pussy lips and I gasped as his big cock split my lips and entered my hole. He stroked several times to achieve full penetration and I remembered my clothes were still in the conference room. I smiled as I moaned at my current fucking. With my stripping in the conference room, the images on the screen and discussion, and my leaving to Mr. Nolan’s office, there could be no mystery in Mr. Williams’ mind about what happened in our office.

The schedule for the photo shoot conflicted with Mr. Nolan’s schedule. He asked me if I was comfortable with that and I hesitated. I would do what he wanted, but I didn’t know anyone else. He offered to substitute someone I did feel safe with. I asked for Tommy and he nodded.

He smiled at me, “I think Tommy was quite taken by you.” I blushed and shyly smiled. “I think it was two-way.” I blushed deeper. It was true. That fuck with Tommy was almost beyond reality and it wasn’t just his cock size but how he used it and handled me. I wondered if I should still assure Mr. Nolan of my feelings about it, but it became unnecessary as he pulled me into his strong embrace and spoke into my ear. “I am the one putting you into these situations, Megan. You don’t need to worry about how I feel about what happens.” I smiled up at him with relief and kissed him. That was the difference. That was why I was his and he knew it. His strength of will and control. How I might respond to others was separate from what my response to him was. I might enjoy others, and I certainly did Tommy, but I was Mr. Nolan’s. And, it was as simple as that.

The day of the shoot Tommy drove me to the local Eclipse club. The shoot had to occur during the day when the club was closed but the plan was to substitute pictures of the club at night as an introduction to the set. It looked different in the daylight and no crowd waiting to gain entrance. As Tommy led me inside, that looked equally different. The interior without the mass of throbbing partiers seemed cavernous but when they turned off the bright, heavy lights used for cleaning and preparation and turned on the party lights, it took on a familiar feel but without the people and noise.

I was dressed in a similar outfit as that night with an obscenely short red, pleated skirt, white sheer blouse, white stockings and red heels. The photography crew was waiting inside for me and Tommy guided me through tables to them. His massive presence was very comforting. Everyone seemed to know what was happening and who was who except me. Everyone in the group was black including support and lighting people. It was clear that BlackLand not only promoted the idea of blackness in their ventures but also in business practices. I wondered how many whites like me there was in the organization. I was so used to my little world of the five executives plus a few others that I now felt overwhelmed by the contrast of the world I found myself in and my place in it.

The lead for the shoot approached me, introduced himself and the support staff of photographers, makeup, etc. A man was indicated who stood at the side seeming uninterested in the entire process. He would be my partner in the shoot. He was big, but big like Mr. Nolan is big. I backed up a half step and bumped into Tommy, which was my intention. The guy was definitely not Tommy, but the image they were trying to duplicate wasn’t about Tommy but a contrast with me. The leader went through the shot sequence like we were filming a movie or something. He described the specific shots he especially needed to capture both inside the room upstairs and from the floor of the club like that night.

Then, I was whisked away. I looked over my shoulder as I was led to canlı bahis siteleri a woman waiting with makeup. Tommy gave me a reassuring smile and thumbs up. This was his club and these were Blackened people so there shouldn’t be a concern but the efficiency and unemotional approach to the preparation of being fucked in front of all these people was intimidating. The shoot began following the man and me going up the stairs to the second floor. His hand on the small of my back, my micro skirt hiked up a bit to show my ass cheeks when standing but exposing my ass as I ascended the stairs in front of the cameras behind me.

Nobody really knew what had happened inside the VIP room that night except for the images that the entire world seemed to have seen based on the number of shares they had on various social media platforms. I ran through what had happened and the leader wanted to try it. The man who would be ‘doing’ me was agreeable but I could see the concern in his eyes. He glanced at Tommy who was leaning against the empty bar of the suite. This would be interesting. Tommy had held me for virtually the entire fuck. I knew Mr. Nolan could do it for a time, but not that long. This guy wasn’t even Mr. Nolan, how was he going to manage?

The photographer positioned everyone and it began. The time before I was partially naked when I was given to Tommy who had stripped me in front of the window. This time, the lead had the guy undress me, then undress himself. I was very conscious of the cameras moving around us as I sank to my knees as I normally would. I lifted his hanging cock and began licking it. It seemed odd to me that knowing what was going to happen, he was still soft, but wondered if maybe it was a function of fucking on camera so much it was like a job rather than something he did from arousal until he was specifically aroused by someone. I decided I wouldn’t take it personally. I hadn’t encountered any other men who weren’t aroused to at least semi-hard in anticipation of fucking me.

I licked and kissed his cock with two cameras circling me. It was distracting but the cock hardening gave me a new focus. I moved my mouth to the top and took the head into my mouth, moving my mouth up and down over it, taking more and more, deeper and deeper into my mouth and then my throat. He gasped out, “Oh, fuck … I … wasn’t expecting … that.” I smiled around his cock.

It was weird to have cameras circling us, the click of the camera with each shot, and the lead making comments for either the photographers or us. At first, I was unprepared for him directing us. I guess I thought they would simply take pictures of us fucking, but I was wrong. He had me stop with the cock in my throat for pictures. Then, too slowly to back off so they could get pictures of the wet cock shaft from my mouth. Then, it was apparently time for the real action.

The lead gave the guy directions and he followed them. I had given them a detailed description of what had led to the pictures everyone saw on social media. The lead seemed to be following that step by step to satisfy the bosses. With the guy now hard, the lead directed him to take me to the floor to ceiling glass wall. He fondled my breast, then one hand leaving and moving to my crotch. The image of what was happening flashed in my mind back to that moment with Tommy. He leaned down to kiss my neck and shoulder and from there could reach my pussy, just as Tommy had done. I played my part as the cameras clicked around us. I parted my legs and I felt a finger wiggle between my pussy lips.

For some reason this wasn’t as stimulating as I remembered it. I remembered being over-the-top stimulated at this point with Tommy. Maybe it was the distractions and the voice directing our action. Maybe it was the guy. It felt to me like he was going through the motions, like this was another job for him without the passion I had always felt from the men before. This was going to work, though. I was determined that it would.

I looked through the glass wall at the club floor below and I imagined it filled with partiers and dancers. I saw the crowd in my mind looking up, pointing, and poking each other to look up. I was exposed before them as I was being fondled, my naked body inches from the glass.

I turned and dropped to my knees to take his cock into my mouth, again. This was out of sequence from what really happened, but it was meant to capture the essence of what people saw on social media. I wrapped my hand around his cock and took the head into my mouth. I remembered my hand not going all the way around Tommy’s cock, not the same here. I deepthroated him and pulled more gasping from him before he pulled me up quickly and the lead was dictating and trying to keep up with the suddenness of the guy pulling me up. Tommy had simply lifted me off the floor until my arms and legs could take hold. This guy didn’t manage that. He tried but his strength didn’t quite allow it. I looked to the side at the lead and said I could jump up. He nodded. I jumped and the guy caught me but stumbled backward a step. I wrapped my legs around him and locked my ankles … something else I couldn’t have done with Tommy. I had to concentrate, to focus on this moment, not the one before.

When I felt the hard cock on my butt, I reached down and moved it to my hole. I settled down over it and the guy pulled his head away from me and looked at me with some surprise. His cock was big, but not Tommy and not Mr. Nolan, either. Once settled onto him, I focused completely on fucking him like I would Mr. Nolan or one of the other men were doing this. I pulled up and let myself fall down on the cock inside me. My pussy muscles clamped around the cock just the way Mr. Nolan likes it. I was fucking him and milking him. Then …

“NO … stop … don’t … OOOOOOOO, shit … nooooo ….”

I felt his eruption inside him. I felt his cock jerk and swell but I continued to fuck him, holding him tightly to lift myself and drop down. It wasn’t until later that I would realize he had wanted me to really stop fucking him. He wasn’t supposed to come so soon.

I was off his cock, standing on the floor by the window as the guy began making wild gestures toward me while talking to the lead director. The photographers seemed to be sharing some kind of shared joke. I turned in confusion and strolled over to Tommy who still leaning against the small bar.

I backed up against him comfortably and his arms wrapped around my nakedness. One hand moved a breast. I asked, “What happened? What are they talking about?”

I could feel Tommy chuckling by the movement of his body. His thumb and index finger trapped a nipple and he rolled it between them. “Near as I can make out, the guy came too soon. They wanted a facial shot, not cumming inside you.” He turned me around and easily lifted me onto the surface of the bar. He lowered his face and kissed a nipple, then my lips. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Worry about what?”

“He said you did something to make him cum.” He looked up from my breast, “What did you do?”

“Nothing.” I felt so comfortable with this man. So safe, just as Mr. Nolan assured me I would be. “I just fucked him. That’s what they wanted, right? When the man isn’t as big as … well … you or Mr. Nolan, I clench my pussy around the cock. It makes it feel better. Mr. Nolan likes it sometimes, too. It’s what I do, Tommy.”

Just then, the director approached us. He said we would have to wait until the guy could recover to finish the shoot. Tommy checked his watch and shook his head, “We may not have time for that. We need to have this room cleaned up before the club opens.” I jumped off the bar and confronted the lead, asking what was needed to complete the shoot. He considered me, then thought about it. “Basically, just the cum shot.”

I looked up at Tommy but remembered what Mr. Nolan said about him. I looked around the room. There was a half dozen black guys and the leader, himself. I told him, “Pick a guy. I’ll suck him off for the cum shot. All you really need at this point is a black cock about the same size, right?”

There was a small huddle of men and Tommy chuckled as every one of them volunteered. He said, “I’ll bet you every one of them is hard right now, too.” I smiled.

In minutes, I had the lucky guy blowing his cream over my face and dribbling off my chin onto my chest and breasts. They said it was a great shot. But my fuck partner didn’t look very happy about it.

Everyone left but Tommy held me back. He made a phone call and shortly a woman showed up at the door with a robe. He handed it to me and gathered up my clothes. “I’ll take you down to the employee locker room. It has a shower.” I had already wiped my face and upper body, but a shower would feel good before dressing.

When I came out of the locker room, Tommy was waiting there. He said, “The club is about to open up. Want me to take you home?” I indicated with my face and head that I didn’t. “Okay. Let me make sure the guys are setup and we can find a restaurant.” I smiled and he chuckled.

The only clothes I had were the club outfit I wore for the photo shoot: obscenely short red, pleated skirt, white sheer blouse, sheer white thong, white stockings, and red heels. This was the way I walked two downtown blocks in the early evening light. I knew my nipples were visible and, though I adjusted the skirt as low as possible on my hips, my skirt flew up with some regularity as a tunnel-effect of the tall buildings increased what wind there was. Tommy whispered to me as we walked to hold his hand and let the other one hang loosely at my side. In other words, let the skirt do what it would. I got a lot of stares, approving by most men, appraising by some women, and disgusted by more women. It was very exciting. I was sure I was thought to be a slut, especially alongside a black man so much taller than myself. I squeezed his hand and he chuckled.

During dinner I looked across the table shyly at Tommy. He felt my look and paused in eating to look over at me. “Tommy, can I ask you something?”

“Anything, Ms. Collins.”

“Okay, two things. First, can you stop calling me ‘Ms. Collins’? I’m nobody. Call me ‘Megan’.”

He put his fork and knife down and smiled at me. “Sure, Ms. Collins. Here’s the thing with that … one, you are with Mr. Nolan and to me he is either ‘boss’ or ‘Mr. Nolan’. So, you become ‘Ms. Collins’. Two, you are way more than ‘nobody’. You’re not one of those floozies that hang on a hot-shot’s arm for attention or power. You might serve a purpose for Mr. Nolan personally and in makrobet business, but that isn’t what you use around the rest of us. And, three, Mr. Nolan asked me to look after you, which I am more than happy to do. I like you … a lot. So, whatever you want me to do, just ask, but you are ‘Ms. Collins’.”

I smiled at him and sighed in resignation. “Okay, then, the real question. Today wasn’t very … satisfying.” I shyly looked up, then back down at my plate. “I … ah …”

He chuckled and lowered his voice to just above a whisper. “You didn’t orgasm and you’re frustrated.” I nodded and blushed. I was asking for a fuck and he knew it without my saying it. “I could tell you didn’t.”

I looked up quickly. “Really?” He nodded. He’d seen me fucked satisfactorily before in the VIP room and knew how I reacted. I smiled. I pulled out my phone from the little purse I carried. “I need to ask Mr. Nolan …” Tommy smiled at my embarrassment … and obvious need. The call connected on the second ring. After the ‘how are you’ exchange, he asked what happened at the shoot. Apparently, someone had already talked to him. I stammered while attempting to reply when Tommy put out his hand and wiggled his fingers to take the phone.

“Sir, this is Tommy.” A long pause. “I see … no … no, no … sir, I think the shoot went fine. The problem, if you can even call it a problem, is Ms. Collins fucked him too well.” Pause. “That’s it, sir.” Pause. Tommy laughed. I thought this was sounding better. “She used her pussy muscles on him. She says it’s what she does.” Tommy chuckled. “I don’t want to speak badly about the guy, but he’s a prima donna. How can he blame the woman? Sir, I talked to the director. He thinks it worked out with Ms. Collins volunteering to give one of the other guys a blowjob to get the facial.” Another pause and Tommy looked over at me with a smile. “I’d say frustrated.” Short pause. “No … no, she didn’t.”

He gave me a big smile as he handed the phone back. “Sir?”

“I’ll have Reggie deal with that guy, don’t think any more about it. Now, what did you need originally.”

“Thank you, sir. I was wondering … well … as you know, the shoot was kind of weird and …”

He interrupted, “Tommy said you were probably frustrated and I am guessing you are wondering if it would be acceptable to ask Tommy to help you with that.” I giggled and confirmed it. “Megan, I miss you. I miss my slut not being with me, but mostly I miss the very decent woman who is my slut.” I blushed and thanked him. “Was Tommy smiling when he gave the phone back to you?” I told him he was. “That’s likely because I told him what I am about to tell you. When I am gone, Tommy is the one man I trust completely with you. The only condition is that both of you must be agreeable.” I smiled over at Tommy. “I’ll see you in a couple of days, Megan.”

“I hope you’re horny when you get home, sir.” He laughed and assured me he has been.

When we approached the club after dinner, it was already opened and a long line had formed outside. Holding Tommy’s arm, we walked past the line of hopefuls. I was almost comfortable being in public in such a short micro-skirt and sheer top when I began hearing murmurs from the waiting people as we passed by them. I noticed several people point our way and lean together to whisper. I assumed it was my outfit.

I followed Tommy to the club as he checked in with his group and checked the security of various club locations. Everywhere we went I felt eyes on me. After a tour of the club, he led me back to the front entrance. We stood by the door as people were periodically let into the club. A woman at the front of the line squealed, “It’s her! Eclipse Girl! It’s her!”

I was completely taken aback and several people tried moving forward but were stopped by the security guys. Suddenly Mark Johnson, GM of this club, was standing next to us. He was appraising the scene. He stepped in front of us so only we could hear him. “You know who they are calling for, right?” I shook my head. “Eclipse Girl. You.” I looked at him blankly. “You’re not on social media?” I shook my head. “Okay, well, since those pics of you were posted online, you have been trending. #EclipseGirl and #Eclipse are spreading like a California wildfire. You, Megan, are #EclipseGirl. You can’t believe the free publicity we’re getting. I was talking to Terry about this today.” He looked over the crowd stretched down the sidewalk and turned back. “Listen, Megan, I know you are the secretary and not one of the performers, but …” He thought for a moment, “Would you mind walking down the sidewalk? I’m betting a lot of people would want selfies with you and that would be easy publicity.”

I looked up at Tommy. I still wasn’t connecting what all this had to do with me. How could all these people be connecting that single event to seeing me now? Tommy shrugged, then nodded with an air of ‘why not?’.

I walked the line with Tommy right behind me. As soon as some people saw me in the light, it started, again. ‘EclipseGirl’. A group of three young women put a phone out toward me and asked for a selfie. I moved next to the rope and they surrounded me instantly. Several selfies were snapped. Then, it seemed like they all wanted to do it. After a dozen, I asked a young woman why.

She gushed, “Are you k**ding?! You’re like THE club scene icon, now. What you did was what most of us dream of but don’t have the courage to do.”

I turned to Tommy, “That photo shoot today may make a bigger splash than they anticipated.” He nodded.

Eventually, after about an hour mixing with the crowd, we went back into the club. Mark Johnson, the GM, found us. “Unbelievable. #EclipsGirl just exploded.” He walked away staring at his phone.

Inside the club was little different than outside. People were asking for selfies with each step. Sadly, I began feeling sorry for celebrities. Tommy pointed at a couple guys and waved them over. He bent down and nearly had to yell into my ear to be heard. He said I could dance with these guys while he had a word with Mark Johnson. I grabbed his hand and reached up to his ear, “What about my …”

“Fuck, right?” He smiled. “I just had I idea about that. I’ll be right back.”

That was puzzling, but the two guys whisked me off the dance floor. With the sheer top and micro-skirt, we were given room so others could ogle. My sheer thong was showing more than it wasn’t. The guys danced well, better than I could, and there was a lot of grinding of body parts together. My nipples were rock hard from pressing into hard black bodies and my thong was probably see-through they were so wet.

I felt a strong hand on my arm and found Tommy. He was pulling me toward the doors leading to the VIP rooms upstairs. Finally, I thought, I get a good fuck. What a slut I’ve become when fucking a stranger in front of cameras doesn’t do it for me, anymore. I had delicious thoughts of the things I could do for Mr. Nolan when he returned to thank him for allowing me to be with Tommy, again.

On the stairs going up to the next floor, he stopped me on the landing. “You wanted a fuck to eliminate that frustration you’ve been carrying around, right?” I nodded enthusiastically. And his monster cock would definitely do it for me. “The crowd sure likes #EclipseGirl, don’t they?” I looked at him questioningly but still nodded. “How about we combine the two? I have an idea for a fuck that will take you and #EclipseGirl into orbit.” I stepped past him and started pulling him. I didn’t know what he had planned, but I knew I could always trust Tommy and his monster to rock my soul.

Tommy opened the VIP room, the same one we had used before, and I rushed in. While Tommy poured a couple drinks, bourbon on rocks, I moved to the wall of glass and looked down on the throbbing mass of partiers below. The throbbing wasn’t really throbbing, though. I looked for a volume nob and found it at the edge of the glass wall and turned it up. The music was electric-dance and the DJ had the place jumping. Tommy came up behind me, his hand slipping around in front of me to hand off my drink. I took it from him and sipped it and smiled at the same time as his now empty hand pulled me into him. I squirmed a bit against him and felt his massive cock pressing into my lower back even though it was still mostly soft. His hand slipped up my body to my breast. He did it with such comfortable calm that it seemed perfectly natural and acceptable for him to so casually begin fondling my body. In fact, it was perfectly acceptable. Mr. Nolan made that very clear to us and I was very pleased that I could accept Tommy as the other person of confidence in my crazy life.

I continued to sip my drink as his hand slowly became a bit more intentional. His big fingers fumbled a bit with the small buttons of my blouse, but he managed, pulling the blouse from my micro-skirt, and fully opening it. His hand now fondled naked breasts and nipples. I leaned my body and head back against him, sipping my drink but otherwise opened to his wandering hand. And he wasn’t shy about it wandering. After fondling my breasts, he bent over further while sliding his hand down my body to pull the short skirt up and massage my wet pussy through the very wet thong. When he pulled the thin material to the side and slipped a finger along my exposed pussy lips, my legs opened wide and my moans filled the room, though barely heard even by us with the throbbing sound coming in from the DJ below.

I slid a hand behind me and stroked the hardening cock under his khakis. After slipping one of his thick fingers into my pussy, I gripped his cock through his pants and groaned my need. He took my empty drink glass, then moved me a step closer to the glass wall, which put me only inches away from it. He told me to open my eyes and when I did, I saw the mass of people below, a few of them motioning up at us. I smiled through my lust with the memory of last time.

I leaned my head back, “You’re going to do it to me, again.” It wasn’t a question. It was a verbal recognition of the obvious. He slid my blouse off me, kissed my bare shoulder, and cupped both my breasts. He bent over further with his hands moving over my body. His fingers fumbled with the clasp and zipper of my skirt and pushed it to the floor. I moan and gasped at the feeling of once again being so blatantly displayed. I turned to the side and pushed my thong down my legs and kicking them and the skirt to the side. I turned and reached up on my toes to kiss him hard, gasping at the feel of his hardening cock pressing against my stomach makrobet giriş and igniting the memory of what that cock felt like inside me.

I pulled his polo shirt out from his pants and pushed it up his body, but I couldn’t reach high enough to fully get it off him. He grabbed the garment and pulled it over his head while I began working on the belt and zipper. I sank down to my knees quickly to remove his shoes and socks, then pulled his pants and underwear down his legs. He put a hand on my head as he stepped out of them, then sighed himself when my hands held his cock and my lips and tongue began kissing up the shaft from his balls to the head. I slipped my lips over the head and took it into my mouth, sucking and twirling my tongue over it. It was his turn to gasp as I took more of his cock into my mouth and began a slow fuck over it, my mouth stretched wide by his size.

Tommy lifted me up but didn’t stop with me standing. He continued to lift me off the floor until I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his body. From last time, I knew I couldn’t hook my ankles behind him, he was so big. I was shaking at the thought of a repeat fuck like last time while exposed to the glass wall. I kissed him hard, prepared for anything this massive man might want to do with me. I felt his cock pressing against my butt, then against my pussy. I felt him moving the head until it stopped at my hole and I gasped as I let myself sink ever so slightly over the head, feeling it spread me and fill me. I pressed my face into his shoulder as I allowed my grip to slacken more and sink down over the brutish cock filling my pussy like only it could. It took me a while to settle down, pull up, and let myself settle further down over it. Tommy was patient, though.

I almost had all of it inside me. At least, I thought I did by the immense fullness I felt by the massive cock stretching me with each inch it moved deeper. I muttered into his shoulder, “Oh … damn … fuck … ohhhhhh … yessssssss …” The cock hit me deep inside. I remembered last time and wiggled on top of it, shifting and pressing down until more of the pole found a way to enter me. When it was all the way in, I shuddered. I lifted my head, mashed my lips into his big lips and we dueled with tongues our passion and desperate need. I finally pulled my face back, “Oh God, Tommy! You are amazing.”

He only chuckled as I pulled up, feeling the pole inside me sliding through my tight pussy sleeve before I dropped back down on it. I shuddered, again. “OH … FUCK … MEEEEEEEEE!” I gasped and panted the words. “OH … Tommy! … oh … my … God …” I orgasmed, again! My, God. We hadn’t really started fucking, yet.

Then, I was shocked. “No.” No? He had said that single word with authority and firmness. I was sitting on his pole. I had just orgasmed on it. What did he mean, no? I looked at him in disbelief. He smiled and chuckled. “I mean, not like this. I have something else in mind for this display of EclipsGirl.”

I still didn’t understand what he meant but he wasn’t waiting for my understanding. He lifted him off his cock. My mouth gaped open as I felt his cock slowly pulling from my gripping pussy until it was woefully empty. He set me on the ground and immediately turned me to face the window and the people below who were mostly watching us, again. I saw the phones being held in the air capturing pictures of us through the glass. He leaned over as his hand slid over my exposed front.

“You trust me, don’t you?” I nodded numbly as I continued to shiver at the sight of people looking up at me … at us. “I am going to fuck you, but you’ll have to trust me to hold you safe.”

I leaned my head back to look up to him, “I do, Tommy, you know I do.”

Then, how he managed what he did next I might never truly understand. With my back to his front, he lifted me up until our heads were roughly level to each other and quickly wrapped an arm around my ribs below my breasts. My arms swung out but there was nothing to hold onto and the same for my legs. But he held me firmly. I was like a limp doll in his arms. One arm slid down my body, pressing against my hip as the hand went between my thighs. I spread my legs wider and … I felt his hard cock pressing against my pussy. His fingers nudged his cock along my pussy lips until the head sank into my hole. I gasped as I again felt the stretching and fullness of his cock just entering me. I moaned.

“Oh, God, Tommy! Oh … my … God. You … fill … me …” I couldn’t do anything to control it either to slow the penetration or speed it up. He again held me with both arms as he slowly settled me down over his pole. I was inches from the glass wall. I looked down and gasped. The music still throbbed but most of the people were dancing looking up. Those that weren’t were looking above the DJ. I looked over and moaned loudly. The large screen over the DJ normally used to display graphics and images in support of the music now displayed a live feed of me impaled on Tommy’s cock. Another orgasm crashed over me. My orgasmic shaking was highlighted by the flopping of my arms and legs as they hung uselessly beneath me.

Phones were pointed at me and at the screen. Tommy lifted me up to the point when it felt like his cock would slip out of my clasping pussy. I glanced to the side and saw the camera had zoomed in on our coupling, the giant black cock poised just inside my white bald pussy.

Tommy whisper into my ear, “Can you hear them, Ms. Collins? EclipseGirl … EclipseGirl.” My God. I hadn’t focused on the sound, but he was right. It had only been noise to my lust-clouded brain. But they were … they were chanting and dancing. “#EclipseGirl is going to rocket to new heights tonight. Are you ready to join her?”

“Oh … Tommy … I … just … keep … cumming … and cumming.” I shook, again, with another orgasmic peak. “I … I … I’m … already … mmmmm … in … OGHHH FUCCCCKKKK … I’m already … in … orbit …”

I thought he was dropping me when suddenly it seemed I was in free-fall. But when my pussy bottomed out on his cock, his arms wrapped around me securely. The impact jammed into my cervix and slid deeper. Then, he pulled me tighter into his body and lifted me just enough to allow him movement for his hips as he started thrusting violently up at me. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard a loud, collective gasp at the sight of the final stage of our fucking.

I had no recollection of how many orgasms I had experienced, but I was aware of Tommy’s pending climax. I felt his cock swell unbelievably larger and pulse and jerk inside me. He rammed one final time into my pussy and, again … I thought I might be blasted right off his cock. I went fully limp in his arms. My head sagged back against him while remaining securely in his arms. How had he held me for so long? How had he fucked me so magnificently with no assist at all from me?

Tommy’s voice pulled be back. “Hear those cheers?” I looked out and somehow my body had enough blood blowing to blush at the spectacle we had made. “Acknowledge your fans, EclipseGirl.” Dumbly, I waved and blew kisses as I remained impaled on Tommy’s cock and he kissed the back of my head and shoulders.

We sat naked in the VIP room for quite a while. Tommy made sure I drank plenty of water, then he made us both another drink. I sat cuddled next to his large body. Finally, I put my drink down and curled around until I could reach his soft cock with my mouth. I spent minutes licking and sucking his cock clean. Then, I retook my drink and settle into him, again.

His arm around me, the hand lazily fondling a breast, he asked, “Can I confess something?” I nodded. He seemed tentative so I kept the side of my face pressed into his chest. “It’s going to sound crude.” I challenged if it could be cruder than what we just did in front of hundreds of people with phones sending it into the internet? He chuckled. “True. So … anyway … I think you’re the best fuck I’ve ever experienced. And, it was twice.”

I pulled my head up and looked at him, “Really? Nothing to do with Mr. Nolan?” He shook his head. I settled back into him, “Thank you, Tommy. How I have changed, huh? I’m so proud of being a good fuck …”

He laughed, then, “I suppose I should get you back home, huh?”

Without looking up, I responded, “You know what Mr. Nolan said.”

He took a deep breath, “Or, you could spend the night with me.”

I smiled and kissed his skin. “A better option, sir. I like that one.” He held me tightly and I saw his cock move. “Tommy … can I ask a personal question?” I felt him nod. “You seem much more devoted to Mr. Nolan than just a job. Why?”

He took a deep breath and stroked me. It was idle movement as he thought about my question and I was sure he was weighing if he wanted to answer it. After a deep exhale, “I don’t even remember the details of our first meeting. I had been released from jail … d**gs … and we met on the street. Later, I remember my knuckles were bruised and bloody. There must have been a fight of some kind. The next day, Mr. Nolan was on the same street. He was looking for me. With the haze of the night before lifted, I recognized him and remembered some of what happened. I was fighting with some guys who I owed money to. He had stepped in and threatened to call the cops. He wasn’t a small guy and I had been holding my own by myself. Both of us probably seemed too much and they split. He told me I could have a job at his club. I was to show up, cleaned up, and sober the next night at 8:00 PM. He met me there and gave me the job on one condition, that I stay clean.” I finally looked up at him. He gave an embarrassed smile. “At the time, I didn’t know who he really was. He probably saved my life.”

I reached up and kissed him. Then suggested we get cleaned up and dressed. He probably had something to do for his job. He laughed, again.

When we stepped out of the door from the VIP level, Mark Johnson was waiting. He showed us his phone. It meant nothing to me. Tommy said, “#EclipseGirl is in orbit.” I smiled, then saw partiers crushing toward us for more selfies. I pressed back into Tommy with a warm glow spreading over me. Yes, there was Tommy and he can do that to me by himself, but there was also impact of what was happening and had happened to me with all this. I accepted what Mr. Nolan wanted. I accepted that Mr. Nolan would ask things of me that my previous life would have had no comprehension of. I now dress like a slut, I am an office slut to five black executives, I get fucked in front of hundreds of people and have images of it spread across the internet, I have been used by men and women at Mr. Nolan’s discretion, and I am not only willing but eager to do it all. Yes, I smile because I accept what I now am. I am a slut.

* * CHAPTER EIGHT: ROLES EXPANDED will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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