10 Aralık 2023

Mary’s story Part 37

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Mary’s story Part 37
The doorbell rang, and Jaqueline went to answer it. “Hello Vicar, what seems to be the trouble?” “She’s through here, Doctor. I think that she might have an infection.” Mary nearly died of embarrassment when the Doctor appeared in the doorway. She was a large lady with grey hair and dressed in a tweed suit. Doctor Ruth Smith. Oh, why did this have to happen when her own GP was doing the on call?

“Now what seems to be the trouble?” “Umm. I have a pain down there. I’ve been taking antibiotics but it really hurts.” “Right, let’s have a look.” Mary did not move. “Come on, get your knickers off. Don’t be shy; I have seen everything that you have got many times at the surgery.”

“I’m not wearing any knickers, but I don’t think that you have seen this before!” Mary removed her dress, and stood there naked. “Good God, you really have been a naughty girl. I suppose this is all in aid of the Butterfly Club? Oh, don’t worry, I know all about it.”

Mary suddenly remembered the telephone conversation at Linda’s shop and the voice. “Was that you wanting the 11 o’clock appointment? I answered the phone at Linda’s.” “Well yes, I am hoping that you will be my last call tonight. My husband wants to go to the club, so I have to get tattooed.” Mary knew that Doctor Ruth was a lesbian, and was married to her Nurse, Jane. Really, it was Jane that Mary was dreading if she had to go to the surgery for anything. She always made Mary strip everything off and inspected her pussy, even when she went with an ingrowing toenail. “Do you both have to be tattooed? I mean because you are both women.” “Well, we are not going to risk any problems when we attend, so Jane is getting hers right now. I should have been there with her, if it was not for my colleague going off sick.”

Jaqueline poured some tea for Ruth. “Well, Mary, I think that you are going to be OK. You need complete rest for a couple of days or so, to let your body recover from the surgery. I assume that you have been to see Mr Faisal for it? His work is first class. You have just been doing too much. Keep up with the antibiotics and you will be fine. Under the current law, I should report the fact that you have been circumcised, illegal bahis but I don’t happen to think that that should concern the government. After all, you are a consenting adult, I believe?” “Well, yes, I have given my consent.” “Well, I’m off to give my consent as well. It’s a good job that Jane has not seen you looking like this, otherwise there is no telling what tattoo I will finish up with.” “Is she choosing your tattoo for you?” “Yes, she is the dominant one; she owns my body. It is hers to do with what she wishes. She had my pussy pierced shut on our wedding day, so I can’t have penetrative sex anymore, but the feelings that I get from my nipple piercings more than make up for that.” “What, you are pierced? Can I see, please? After all, you have seen mine. Come on, Doctor, it is only fair.”

“Oh, well then, I suppose it might make you feel less embarrassed about coming to the surgery in future.” Ruth quickly removed her skirt and dropped her knickers. Each of her outer labia was pierced six times with thick steel rings, and a flat piece of steel held her labia tightly together. “Is that permanent?” “The rings are, they are welded shut, but the plate can be removed if you have the key to the lock.”

“What about your nipples?” Ruth removed her top and her bra. Her nipples were pierced from side to side and top to bottom. She wore two steel barbells in each nipple, with the balls forming a cross. Behind the balls was a thick steel washer, which pulled the nipples forward. “What is that?” Mary asked.

“Jane is stretching my nipples; she thinks that they are not long enough.” “Does it hurt?” “It does when she puts a thicker washer on; then I start to get used to it, and she puts another one on. The constant pain makes me randy all the time, but I can’t even play with myself because my pussy is closed.” “What do you do for sex, then? I’m sorry; I should not have asked you that. It is no business of mine. I know that you are a lesbian, but I don’t know what you do.”

“Pretty much the same as you would do to yourself, Mary. I’m sure that Jane will not be able to keep her hands off you when she sees the new you with such a beautiful clitoris, so you may illegal bahis siteleri get some first-hand experience when you come to the surgery. Oh, don’t worry, I know all about her little flings, and at least, there are no unwanted pregnancies.” Mary shivered, thinking that she quite liked the idea of having sex with another woman. This might be a way of gaining experience so that she knew what to do to Mitsumi if she got the chance. She realised that her pussy was dripping, and quickly changed the subject.

“Jaqueline has just chosen a tattoo for her friend Sandra.” “Oh, yes, and what did you choose, Jaqueline?” “Show her Jaqueline. They both got the same, but they are not finished yet.” Rather reluctantly, Jaqueline lifted the hem of her dress, revealing that she was not wearing any knickers either. Ruth looked at the tattoo outline. “Wow, that really makes a statement, but why are you wearing a catheter?” “It’s a long story. It is a promise that I made to a parishioner.”

“It’s because she was stealing the woman’s boyfriends and has agreed to be sealed up.” Mary enjoyed the effect that her statement was having on Jaqueline. “She has had her nipples pierced, as well. Show her, Jaqueline.” Jaqueline took her dress right off, and showed Ruth her new nipple rings; parading up and down in front of her so her breasts bounced and the rings swung in the holes. “Oh, very nice; and just been done by the looks of it. Come and see me if you have any problems, Vicar. I’ll be more than happy to look after you.” Mary wondered just how Ruth would, “look after” Jaqueline. The way that Ruth was looking at her body, there could well be a fight at the surgery over who had the first feel of the Vicar, Ruth or Jane.

Mary realised that this seemed perfectly normal to her now, three naked women sat together drinking tea, all with pierced nipples and two with their pussies tattooed and the other one about to get hers tattooed. What had happened to the frumpy little housewife that she used to be what seemed to be a very long time ago?

Her reverie was interrupted by a banging at the front door, and a piteous cry of, “Help me Mary, please help me.” The voice was so desperate that canlı bahis siteleri Mary went to the door just as she was and opened it. Hazel fell in, banging into Mary’s breasts. A burst of pain swept through Mary from her piercings. Mary ignored this at the sight of Hazel. Her makeup was streaked down her face. She had obviously been crying, but what really stunned Mary was the fact that she was totally naked. Fancy, Mary’s stuck up neighbour running naked in the street! “Come in Hazel, come and tell us what is wrong.” Hazel followed her through into the living room. “Look, Mary, look what she did to me!” Hazel stopped, seeing the other two naked women. “I think you know the Doctor and the Vicar, Hazel. Would you like some tea?”

Now that Hazel was in the light, Mary could see the full extent of Mitsumi’s handiwork. The huge butterfly was complete now, covering Hazel’s ribcage and stomach, and it looked magnificent. The colouration was intense, and it looked so real. Mitsumi had obviously had time to spare, because Hazels nipples were now chrysanthemum flowers. Mary drooled, she hoped that Mitsumi would do that to her. “Oh, God, I did not realise that you had company.” “Well, look at it this way, Hazel; at least you can still go to the Church and to the Doctor’s Surgery.” Both women had stood up, revealing their own body modifications, and were intently studying Hazel’s body.

“That really is beautiful.” said Ruth, “I hope that I get something like that later tonight. I wonder what Jane will have put on me?” The Vicar was lost in thought. “I think that your husband should be very pleased with that.” “My husband, he will have a fit. I can’t let him see me. He thinks that I am having just a small butterfly.” “Well he did tell Mitsumi to, “sort you out”, so he has given his permission for it. He should be pleased. Where is Mitsumi by the way?”

“I think that she is still at my house. She had me tied down on the kitchen table while she was working on me; then she untied me to tidy up before my husband got home and I escaped through the back door.” “There, there,” said Ruth, come and have a cuddle.” She pulled Hazel down to sit beside her on the sofa, and put her arms around her. Almost instinctively, Ruth fed one of her nipples into Hazel’s mouth, and Hazel began to suck it. She gurgled. “Oh, I am drinking your milk.” Mary could see that Ruth’s other nipple had begun to leak milk. Jaqueline reached over and sucked it, drinking deeply.

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