30 Kasım 2022

Mama LoLo -SexyCougar , Her Daughter, and Me

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Mama LoLo -SexyCougar , Her Daughter, and Me
I met Mama LoLo for the first time on a summer evening about a year ago , when I brought her daughter Catherine home from our date. Upon entering the multi-level townhouse we came into the main foyer , where Catherine and I were immediately all over each other again. Totally intoxicated with each other we failed to notice the voyeur standing on the landing above us. Catherine was wearing a tight fitted red dress, which hugged her big round ass and her nice tits were pushed up and forward. I was running my one hand up and down her toned thigh, while massaging her big ass with my other hand as I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear. Simultaneously Catherine was being a very naughty girl, as she was rubbing and stroking my thick Big Black Cock thru the front of my sheer linen pants. Cathrine whispered in my ear ” I have been waiting to touch and feel on your Big Black Cock all night. It felt so good rubbing in the crack of my ass on the dance floor at the club earlier tonight.”
Then all of the sudden the bright overhead foyer lights went on startling us and freezing our lustful actions. We spin towards the staircase I notice an older woman scowling as she stomps down the staircase into the foyer ending up right in front of us. Catherine yells out ” Mama LoLo what the hell are you doing interrupting our goodnight kiss?” .. Catherine then turns to me saying “sorry about the interruption baby this is Mama LoLo we share the townhouse.”
“I am her mother young man” , remarked Mama LoLo. I proceeded to look Mama LoLo up n down from head to toe and trust me she didn’t look like anybody’s mother. She was approximately 55 years old, but a young looking cougar who could pull any man young or old whenever she wanted to do so. Mama LoLo was wearing 3 inch heels with an almost transparent white see-thru house gown . This light coco brown skin woman had a more round and shapely big ass than her daughter ,and her thighs were glistening from the baby oil she put on them after her bath right before we came into the home. Mama LoLo’s long nipples poked thru the sheer gown. I couldn’t help myself I tried to cover up the excitement my 11 inch Big Black Cock was experiencing at the sight of this fine ass cougar. The bulge in my sheer linen pants didn’t go unnoticed by Mama LoLo or Catherine. ” I don’t believe you’re hard at the sight of my mom” screams Catherine. “Mmmmmm, no you handsome young black stud you let me look at your strong restless BBC get more excited at my presence” canlı bahis siteleri , said Mama LoLo with a sly smile as she undressed me with her attentive eyes. I quickly tried to excuse myself from the apparent approaching mother-daughter conflict and screaming match over my presence and the hormone induced slut fighting my BBC was causing between these very attractive women. ” Please do CUM back and get know me better since it’s obvious my daughter likes your package. She likes me to inspect all potential packages , especially the big strong packages.” “Sure thing Mama LoLo. I wanna make sure I meet all your requirements.”

Catherine shoved me out the door and pressed me up against my car as gave me a little bit more wet tongue action , as she again started massaging and rubbing my BBC thru my sheer linen pants . “Go home now baby
before you give my mother a heart attack, before your monstrous Big Black Cock brings out the nymphomaniac in her and her true slutty qualities will be in full display” , stated Catherine. “Cum by tomorrow afternoon before you leave for the airport and I’ll tune-up that cum-filled Big Black Cock of yours like the naughty slut I am. ” At that precise moment Mama LoLo quietly parted the door open so I could see her blow me a kiss and lick her lips, while rubbing her fingers between her legs as she parted her night gown showing me a glimpse of her smooth bald pussy. I had to get the fuck out of there, before I forgot all about Catherine and proceeded to just fuck Mama LoLo right there in their townhouse doorway. After I arrived home and packed for my trip I lay in the bed totally naked stroking down the full length of the shaft of my 11 inch BBC , as I fantasized about fucking Catherine and Mama LoLo at the same time in a 3some. I’m such a naughty boy for sure. In my dirty thoughts I had them both butt ass naked with me , as we all we held up in Mama LoLo’s California king size bed. Damn I had CUM so hard !! I fantasized about Mama LoLo sucking and licking all over my Big Black Cock, as Catherine was playing with and licking on my nipples as I palmed Catherine’s naked big round ass with one hand and kept my other hand busy holding Mama LoLo’s head down on my BBC. Only if my dream would become a reality,as I would be fucking both mother and daughter. After cumming with my naughty thoughts, I drifted off to sleep.

I arrived to the office early the next morning, so I could do a last minute client brief and grab my case study to impress my client with. I was totally makrobet focused on my task at hand , so I could depart early and get some good fuck time in with Catherine. All of a sudden out of nowhere I received a text message on my cell phone, so I checked it out thinking Catherine was reminding me of our afternoon sexual rendezvous.
It was to my great surprise a picture of Mama LoLo wearing only a leopard thong which did little to conceal her big round ass and hairy pussy as she bent forward looking back over her shoulder giving me the Cum Fuck Me Now expression . I knew I was in trouble now, so I tried to compose myself and gather up my things to leave the office. Before I left the lobby for my car, I stopped briefly in my tracks to text Mama LoLo back. I’m on the way now. I typed hurriedly ” I can’t wait to fuck you hard like the man-stealing whore you really are Mama LoLo ! Mama LoLo text me back quickly saying
“We are almost family now baby , so Catherine is gonna share your magnificent strong Big Black Cock with me.”
As I drove over to Mama LoLo’s townhouse all I could replay in my mind was her last text saying she and my soon-to-be wife (her daughter) were going to be sharing my me and my BBC . That gave me such a hard on as my thick Big Black Cock was busting at the seams to get free of my sheer suit trousers. I was a man in a mission at that point. I had to indulge Mama LoLo’s sexual advances and get what I equally wanted from her all along. A few minutes later I arrived to the townhouse. Now I had butterflies in my stomach like I was in high school going on a first date, as I exited my car and swiftly strolled up the sidewalk and down the long walk way.
Suddenly I noticed the handle of the front door starting to turn and the door slowly opened and there stood Mama LoLo . It was too late to back out now, as she quickly pulled me inside the foyer of the townhouse . Mama LoLo was standing there in front of me cooing and purring at me to come closer to her . At that moment, I realized that I was about to mess up my relationship with my soon-to-be-wife and her mother was to be that temptation . Mama LoLo’s intoxicating scent was filling my nostrils and overpowering my senses . I knew I was done for , and that I no longer wanted to resist Mama LoLo but enjoy her company and her sexy gorgeous body . Mama LoLo brushed up against me with her long nipples coming thru her sheer silk top , and then gave me a lingering kiss on the lips like we were long lost lovers reuniting. She broke makrobet giriş our kiss and said ” Damn baby, you look so good all cleaned up in your suit. My daughter brought home a winner for sure in you .” .. smiling at me coyly as she ran her manicured hand down my suit jacket unbuttoning it along the way and pressing her busy hands on my well-formed chest , which was outlined in my fitted custom-made shirt. Before I could reply to her, Mama LoLo’s hands were now rubbing up and down the length of my crotch exposing my now very hungry and aroused 11 inches of monstrous Big Black Cock. I was quickly losing it. This beautiful cougar was placing me under her spell, and her firm sexy body could not be denied any longer. Without further encouragement from Mama LoLo I slowly unzipped my suit trousers and let my throbbing Big Black Cock spring forth in front of her eyes. My eager BBC quickly caught her gaze and attention. “Mmmmm hmmm ” Mama LoLo belted out ! She then said “Mmmmmm, there is that Big Beautiful Black Cock that consumes my thoughts and makes my deprived hott mature ebony cunt ache and drip with juices every time I think about it . Now I finally get the pleasure of seeing it up close and personal.” Mama LoLo started to tightly grip my throbbing monster BBC . Then she confessed to me ” Baby, I can’t avert my gaze. I just can’t. The truely deprived slut whore hiding just under the surface inside me won’t allow me to look away, because my always hungry wanton ebony holes needs what you have. Needs to be taken and used like the horny cougar slut I really am. Fucked and used with the simple purpose of satisfying your Big Black Cock that also craves my hungry cunt. To use my wanton Whore holes as you please and fuck me until I am delirious, with my holes dripping with your fertile baby-making hot cumloads oozing out of me.” I command my wanton cougar- Mama LoLo ” Show me how much you want my thick Big Black Cock fucking your slut mouth, fucking your hungry deprived ebony cunt , and filling up your juicy ebony Whore ass full of my Big Black Cock and hott fertile cumloads .” I add-on saying “Train my strong BBC to be ready to fuck you and your daughter whenever and wherever you desire! ” Now full of lusts Mama LoLo loudly exclaimed “Know this .. I am 100% a wanton Whore.. I’m gonna keep your BBC satisfied as often and as much I can without my daughter knowing … for sure I am prettier, sexier, have a prettier cunt and asshole and mouth than she , and I know she could never be a dirtier, more wanton, BBC-craving slut than I am. Don’t you agree baby ?”
All I could manage at this point was a head nod up n down in agreement with her, as she bent down looking up at me licking all the pre-cum from the head of my throbbing BBC .

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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