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Kissing Cousins Ch. 21

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“You!” Megan giggled. She was lying on the bed naked beside James, but leaning up as she hunched over her body to wipe the cum off her stomach. In that position, her belly had a couple of rolls that James found very hot. “You didn’t cum in me!”

James watched her toss the ball of tissue to the floor and then lay down against him. Her arm slid around him and then she curled her leg up over him as well. Her breasts were soft as they squished against him. He kissed her hair and when she looked up he kissed her forehead. She smiled, tilting her head up higher and he managed to kiss her lips. His hand reached down and cupped her upper ass cheek. Squeezing it, he loved how soft and cushy it felt.

“Should I be doing that every time?” He half-joked. Megan laughed again.

“Of course!” They kissed again and it echoed loudly.

“You stopped taking the pill, remember? I didn’t think we should do that.” James said, squeezing her bum again. Megan said nothing, but he could tell she was disappointed. He had no idea of the real reason why she was silent.

Megan’s mind was whirling again. From his words it was pretty clear to her that he was most definitely opposed to getting her pregnant. She couldn’t imagine what he’d say if she told him that she already was.

She definitely couldn’t tell him. Well…eventually she would have to. But not now. Not today. Today was… to hang onto what they have for just a little longer. Nothing looming over them. Just each other, and their bond of love.

They lay silently for a moment, him basking in their long-overdue lovemaking. Her trying to beat down her fear and enjoy the moment. Eventually she came out of her shell as their conversation flowed easily. James was always good at getting her to talk. It was another reason she loved him as much as she did.

Nearly an hour went by as the two talked and laughed, just enjoying each other’s company. They were chatting away as if sitting in on the deck holding drinks, instead of completely naked and in a motel bed.

But then Megan’s phone rang.

“I should get that.” She said.

James shifted so that he was on his side next to her and he put his hand on her cheek, looking deep into her haunting eyes as the phone continued to ring. He kissed her, tugging on her upper lip. He kissed her again and didn’t move his mouth away. She opened hers and his tongue brushed across her teeth. The tip of her tongue touched his and then their tongues darted out and into each other’s mouth. He moved his hand on her ass cheek so that his fingertips were in her crack and then he squeezed her bum again, pulling her against him so she could feel his growing erection. Her tongue withdrew from his mouth and she pulled her face away, chuckling. The phone stopped ringing.

“Okay!” she laughed. “Let me see who that was. It could be Steve.”

“Okay.” He said, lightly kissing her mouth. She chuckled, turning her face.

“Just give me a second!” She laughed harder.

He kissed her cheek and then caught her upper lip again. He kissed her mouth once, twice, three times. She opened her mouth again and they kissed hungrily. His hand squeezed her cheek and pulled her back against him as her tongue snaked back into his mouth. She broke the kiss but she was breathing heavily. Her blue eyes were absolutely beautiful. She swallowed.

“Just give me a quick second.” She smiled.

He kissed her nose, and then her mouth again, giving her bum another squeeze. “Alright, I guess I can let you go. One second!” He pressed his mouth against hers until she opened it. Then his tongue darted in eagerly.

Their breathing was getting heavy and she loved it when he squeezed her ass hard. And she could feel his dick poking against her stomach. Losing herself for a moment, her tongue rubbed against his before slowly easing into his mouth. She slid her bare foot along his leg and then over it. Without even realizing it, she hooked her chubby foot over his leg and pulled on him.

James slid a knee between Megan’s legs and his arousal twitched when she slowly rolled submissively onto her back, her tongue still moving in his mouth. Her legs opened around him and as he sucked on her tongue he could feel the hot wetness of her slit pressing along the side of his shaft. Reaching between them he grabbed his erect penis and ran the head down the petals of her treasure. Her entrance was intensely hot and instinctively he pushed forward. Megan’s labia opened up and he squeezed his thick head inside.

“Mmmm…” Megan groaned into his mouth, her long tongue pausing. He pushed again, slowly sliding inch after inch of his penis into her until he was entirely sheathed. “Mmmm…” her sweet voice moaned again. Her tongue started dancing hungrily as she kissed him frantically. James began easing in and out of her, savoring the sensation of her hot, snug vagina. Their tongues rubbed against each other as he tasted her saliva. He could feel the cool bottoms of her bare feet as they caressed up and down the backs of his legs. She was still very tight around her entrance and he loved how eryaman genç escort it felt when it glided up and down his engorged member.

Megan suddenly broke the kiss, her pretty eyes looking up at him.

“Wait.” She panted. He was still sliding his penis in and out of her slowly, using the full length. “I need to…” she gasped, “check in case it’s Steve, or about my daughter…”

James slid all the way inside her and it was pure heaven. Megan closed her eyes.

“Ohhh…okay. Ohhhmygawd… Okay. Seriously, I gotta check.” She breathed.

“Okay.” James smiled. He kissed her nose.

“I can’t focus with you in me!” She exclaimed. James pulled back just a little and the entrance to her womanhood felt so nice when it sucked at him that he couldn’t help but slide back in. The heat inside her tunnel was intense.

“James!” Megan chuckled. He ground against her, poking himself as deep as it would go as he looked at her pretty face. Her entrance was squeezing the base of his manhood. Then, reluctantly, he eased his penis out of her and then the cool air of the motel room surrounded it. She scrambled her legs around him and he lay down beside her. She rolled towards the edge of the bed and he ran his gaze down her naked back to her bare bum. She had a big, round bum and very wide hips, with a tattoo just above it. His heart pounded hard when he looked at it.

He kissed the hot, tattooed skin of her upper back and then he slid down the bed and kissed her lower back. She leaned over some more, digging into her purse as he kissed the top of her ass cheek. He kissed the cheek again and again, working his way lower and closer to the crack. She straightened as she got her phone, but remained on her side facing away from him as he rained kisses down on her ass.

“Okay. It’s just Steve. He talked about meeting for lunch. I have to call him before he goes to the house and sees that I’m not there.” She warned. James didn’t slow. He put both hands on her cheeks and squeezed them as he kissed. Squeezing again, he raised the upper cheek and exposed her puckered, pink asshole.

“Hey.” He heard Megan say into the phone. Leaning forward he kissed her asshole. Her hand reached behind her and pushed on his forehead but not before he kissed her anus again. He let her push his head back as he heard her speak again.

“I’m just out for lunch with, uh…Lisa.” Megan said. James spun his body around so that his head was still by her ass but he was stretched across the bed as the stem of a T-shape with her. Her legs were together and as he turned his head to look at her bum from underneath, he put his hands on the backs of her thighs. He kissed her bum, breathing in her scent. Then he pushed one leg forward and pulled the other back, quickly shoving his head between them enough so that he could get his mouth around the thick lips of her pussy. He sucked them and at the same time Megan’s hand hit the side of his head and tried to push it back.

“Ahh…I…no. Just have lunch at work.” Megan replied into the phone, covering her initial squeal. Bolts of pleasure fired up her body and she realized that she was no longer pushing as hard against James’s head. She felt his talented mouth tug on her sensitive labia.

“I, uh…” Megan swallowed. She moved her top leg forward some more and raised it. James’s head moved further between her thighs and he was able to suck higher on her slit, catching her clit. The tingling ramped up inside her. “I just felt like seeing her. She called, so I figured…I had nothing to do, so…”

James’s nose was now pressing against Megan’s smooth pussy he licked at her trapped petals. Her flavor was nice and strong because she was quite wet. Releasing her, he then slid his tongue between her labia, plunging it as deep as he could stretch it. Her delicious nectar surrounded him as he slowly twirled his tongue around.

“Okay, well….” She said into the phone. “I’ll let you get back to work then.” James kept his tongue deep inside her essence and loved it when she lifted her leg and rested it on the side of his head while he ate her. He slowly dragged his tongue out of her, pulling her juices into his mouth. He drank her, savoring the moment. Tongue darting out, he licked across her asshole and continued dragging it up her slit until it nudged her clit.

“Ahhh…I…will see you tonight. I love you.” Megan said. James wrapped his lips around her clit, gently sucking it as he lashed his tongue up and down quickly. “Bye.” Megan said. And then he heard her hiss while at the same time he heard a thump on the floor that probably meant she dropped her phone.

“You’re terrible.” Megan exclaimed with a chuckle. He just continued to relentlessly lap at her tiny button. “Ohhhh…” she sighed, pushing her ass further back and downward. She clearly felt his chin against her asshole as his mouth mowed on her pussy. It actually added to the thrill.

James was still on his side across the width of the bed. Megan was still on her side as well, and her thighs were squeezing each side of his head as he held ankara escort bayan the top part of her pussy in his mouth. His tongue clearly felt her tiny clitoris as it licked across it relentlessly. She was writhing slowly back and forth, but the writhing was getting faster as the seconds rolled by and he wasn’t letting up.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she moaned breathlessly. Her leg squeezed down harder and it hurt, so he pushed the back of her thigh, bending her knee and forcing her thigh up against the rolls of her stomach. He didn’t stop licking. Her vagina was soaking wet and her nectar was getting into the scruff of beard on his chin and around his mouth. But she tasted wonderful and he was enjoying himself immensely. Megan’s thighs were nice and soft.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” She writhed upwards violently and her clit slipped out of his mouth. James licked across her asshole and then immediately pushed his tongue inside her treasure. Delicious flavor surrounded him and he hungrily sucked the dripping juices. His hand squeezed her soft ass cheek, raising it so he could really get his face in there and plunge his tongue deep. He moved it around as if he was passionately kissing her mouth instead of her pussy.

“Ohhhh…” Megan moaned, eyebrows raised. She clearly felt his tongue moving around inside her and the buzzing between her thighs wasn’t letting up. She writhed her ass back against his face in an effort to get her clit back in his mouth and was successful. He sucked her clitoris and started lashing his tongue across it, sending bolts of pleasure up her body. “Ungh!” she squealed. Reaching behind her, she held the back of his head as she writhed quickly. Her orgasm rocketed towards her and she winced, rushing to embrace it. His nimble tongue danced rapidly over her button, pushing her to the edge.

“UNGH!” she grunted, cumming. The inner walls of her pussy started convulsing as the orgasm hit her hard. Her fingers squeezed the back of his head and she pushed her ass hard against his face. Her leg slipped back down so that her thigh was over his head again and squeezing downward as wave after wave of intense pleasure washed through her. And then…the pleasure was too much.

“Ohhhh…” Megan shuddered. Her thighs were squeezing James’s head painfully hard, but then suddenly they loosened and her hand was grabbing at his forehead to push him away. He managed to give her tasty pussy a few more licks before she writhed forward enough to break free. “Ohhhhh…” Megan sighed, half-collapsed with her hips on the side and her torso resting on the bed.

Moving free, James wiped her nectar from around his mouth. Then he bent and kissed her cute ass, and then he kissed it a second time. Then he gently pulled at her lower leg. Breathlessly. She rolled the rest of the way onto her stomach.

“Oh gawd…” Megan chuckled, still panting. James put a hand on each ass cheek and lustfully squeezed them. The cushy cheeks dented inwards and then he separated them, teasing him with a glimpse of her forbidden hole. He kissed each of her cheeks again and then released them, grabbing her hips. He pulled upward, hinting.

“Ohhhh…” Megan groaned as she started to get up onto her hands and knees. “You wear me out!” she chuckled as she got into position before him. She had a fat ass and wide hips, and they really spread outward nicely when she was on her hands and knees. He knelt behind her, hard cock in hand. He swung it underneath her and brushed it back and forth over the wet, swollen lips of her pussy. The heat emanating from her entrance was intense and so it was easy to find. He positioned his helmet against the point where the heat was at its highest, and felt her entrance latch onto him. He circled his cock just around the tiny opening, gradually working just the head inside. He heard her sigh. Then he put his hands on her soft hips, squeezing them lovingly as he stared down at her naked bum and where his hard cock stuck straight out from underneath it.

Pushing forward, he felt her hotness slide a couple inches down his penis. He heard her sigh again. Squeezing her hips, he thrust again. Inch after inch slowly entered her. He felt her snug entrance glide down his manhood until it was wrapped around his base. The entire length of his cock was getting squeezed by welcoming heat. Megan’s vagina.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed. Then he felt her push back against him, as if to make sure he was all the way inside her. It made her cheeks squish against his groin, which was an erotic sight. He savored the moment. Not only was his cousin’s pussy squeezing his entire penis, but he had the pleasure of stroking and caressing her naked body. His hands circled over the top of her ass and lower back, and then around to the sides of her stomach. He ran them underneath her, affectionately cupping the subtle, hanging rolls of her belly and then further up until he reached her round breasts. He squeezed the soft mounds that were more than a handful. He could feel her erect nipples poking into his palms. Squeezing her tits, he ground sincan escort forward, really pushing against her ass and poking his erection against the back of her treasure.

Releasing her breasts, James ran his hands back up underneath her body, lovingly stroking her hanging belly and back around to her hips as he straightened up behind her. Then he slowly — agonizingly slow — eased his rigid penis out of her, bit by bit. He watched it emerge from between her pink lips, pulling the petals outward as they were wrapped around his shaft. Just when his head was about to emerge, he stopped. Then he slowly eased back inside her, inch after inch getting engulfed by incredible heat.

“Ohhhhh…” she sighed, sweetly. Her head was ducked down, her hair hanging over her face as she remained passively on her hands and knees before him. She felt his hardness ease inside her and she realized that the inner walls of her womanhood were hypersensitive. Her heart fluttered. She was glad she stayed.

James pressed his groin against her and the heat that surrounded his entire penis was amazing, and he still couldn’t believe that this was Megan he was actually inside. Grabbing her hips he pulled her against him and ground his rigid arousal right against the back of her core. Her cheeks squished against his groin. She was so wet that he could actually feel his pubic hair gathering that nectar. He stared at where her bum cheeks were crushed against him as he continued grinding. He started pulling out of her again, watching beneath her bum where her pink petals were stretching outward around his shaft. He pulled most of the way out of her and then slowly eased back in.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed again as he pushed the last inch inside her. James started fucking her, moving at a slow pace and lightly tapping his groin against her ass. His eyes locked on her bum, watching the cheeks subtly ripple each time he tapped against them. He could hear her breathing heavily as her tight, hot cunt glided slowly up and down the length of his organ. He never wanted that sensation to end.

‘Tap…tap…tap…tap…’ James gently fucked her doggie style, staring at her brown ass and the pink lips of her pussy that pulled outward along with his dick. He looked behind him at the bottoms of her bare feet, and ran his gaze back up to her ass. Leaning to the side, he could see her sexy belly hanging down and swaying. Her big tits were rocking back and forth as well. He realized that he was gradually moving faster, unable to help himself.

“Ohhhh…” Megan moaned. Her head rested on her arms and she stuck her naked ass up in the air at him as he held her slender hips.

‘Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!’ the smacking noises started getting louder as his thrusts gained more power and urgency. He looked from her bum up her naked back to her auburn hair which splayed out over her arms and on the bed. He looked back at her bum. The plump cheeks rippled relentlessly each time he smacked against them.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Megan’s sweet voice began whining softly as his unbending penis darted in and out of her again and again. Her heart was pounding furiously and she couldn’t believe how sensitive her vagina was, especially deep inside. The passion and the love that this man had for her excited her so much that it seemed to unlock those vivid sensations. She writhed her ass back against him, trying to meet his thrusts. His balls were now swinging upward enough to start slapping against her slit. Each time they did that, tingles of pleasure fired up her body.

‘Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!’ James squeezed the soft sides of her hips and thrust against her ass again and again, watching the cheeks ripple. He was losing control. His love for this woman and his tremendous lust was taking control. Squeezing her hips even more, he rammed his cock into her again and again, pounding his groin against her ass. The smacking noises filled the room.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she moaned, and her voice didn’t help ease his lust any. Her vagina remained unbelievably tight and each thrust still required a bit of force. He started thrusting as fast as he could and his smacking against her bum started sounding like a machinegun. ‘SlapSlapSlapSlapSlap!’

“Ahhhhhh!” Megan squealed, wincing. James wasn’t letting up, and his cock was unbending as it pistoned in and out of her at full speed. Her tits were swinging wildly underneath her, as was her stomach. ‘SlapSlapSlapSlap!’ He pounded, and her cheeks shook. “Ahhhhhh!” Megan’s squeal was high in pitch as the two fucked frantically.

‘SLAP!’ he smacked against her hard and it bounced her forward enough so that when he pulled back his dick slipped right out. Still in the rhythm he thrust forward but missed and she fell forward on the bed.

“Oh!” Megan gasped, sprawled on her stomach. “Ohhhh…” James grabbed her hips and tried to roll her over. She took the hint and scrambled quickly onto her back, spreading her chubby legs around him as he shuffled closer. Her tits and belly wobbled with the motion. She eagerly reached down with her hand, taking his penis and immediately placed his head at the entrance to her vagina. He wasted no time in pushing forward, and her pussy was so wet that it easily opened for him and engulfed his mushroom head. With a solid thrust, he sunk his entire manhood into her body.

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