1 Aralık 2022

Kilt Night at Cupidon

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Kilt Night at Cupidon
Kilt Night at Cupidon, Paris

It was Kilt Night at the Cupidon in Paris. I had no idea before I went. I hadn’t been to Cupidon for several years, but that night it just happened that my hotel was nearby and at 11pm I felt like going out for a little walk.

When I arrived the girl at the reception asked me if I would like to wear a kilt. The idea had never crossed my mind. So the game went like this. First I had to put on a kilt. To be more precise, she helped me to put on my kilt, which was lots of fun because I had to take my trousers off, and then also my boxers, because of course the kilt had to be worn Scottish-style. She helped me to adjust the kilt to my waist, and she was giggling because my dick was already standing to attention. She was attractive, she was smiley, she was also wearing a very very short little kilt, and she was helping me to put on a kilt with nothing underneath. It would have been impossible not to have a hard-on!

Once I had my kilt on, with my erection pulling it out into a tent-shape, she pointed to a set of little plates, each with a different colour of elastic hair-bands on them. “Take four elastics of a single colour” she instructed me. I took four orange elastics. “Now put those elastics around your dick. The women collect different colours, and we have a total of ten colours, so they have to try to get all ten. You’ll see that they’re going to be interested in your orange elastics”.

I was grinning as I walked downstairs into the main area of the club. The place was already reasonably full, not overflowing, just full, which is how I like it. And the first thing that I noticed was… they guys. Now that’s pretty unusual for me, but in this case it was natural because the guys were all wearing kilts. Just like me. There was a pretty fun atmosphere in the club.

I went to get a drink and then found myself somewhere to sit next to a blonde forty-something big-boned, big-boobed lady who was talking to her husband. She was friendly, the name was Angela, and after a few sentences I realised she was American so we switched to English. My French is good but my English is better, and the same with her. I confessed that I had never worn a kilt but I liked the feeling of it. She laughed and asked me what my colour was. “Orange”. “I don’t have that yet” she answered, and showed me half a dozen elastics on her wrist. “I can give you one” I told her, and I could feel my dick standing up as though he knew we were talking about him. Without blinking she put her hand under my kilt, grabbed my cock and gently removed an elastic. “Thank you” she said. “Just that?”, I asked, “No kiss, no nothing?” “Oh of course”, and in a second I could feel her tongue inside my mouth. “There you go, thanks”, she said. I laughed. That had been fun and her kiss felt great, but I understood that for her the moment was over. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri She had one more elastic on her wrist and I had one less on my cock, and that was it.

I went to the dance floor. The music was good, there were about three couples and two or three single women dancing. There was a relaxed fun atmosphere and for a few minutes I just enjoyed the pleasure of feeling the music, and above all feeling the strange sensation of dancing with a kilt on, my cock enjoying the freedom of swinging around covered only by a thin cloth.

A new music came on, salsa, and I took advantage of the opportunity to put my arm around the waist of a woman near me. She was about my age, a bit over fifty perhaps, with short black hair, elegant, and with warm smiling eyes. “Can I ask you for a dance?” I asked, even though we were already doing so. “Oh I don’t know how to dance this kind of music”. “That’s OK, I don’t either”. We smiled and she allowed me to take her hand as I pulled her waist against mine. Then my cock sprung into action again, and I couldn’t hide it as my groin pressed against hers. “Ooooh la la!”, she exclaimed, with that wonderful French expression of pleasant surprise. We both laughed as i tried to mumble some excuse about not being used to dancing with a kilt on. We enjoyed dancing together, our pleasure compensating our lack of technical knowledge.

While we were dancing I commented that unlike me she was not following the Scottish tradition, because I could feel her pantyline at the bottom of her back. “Oh no, you’re wrong” she said, “I don’t have any panties on. What you can feel is the girdle I’m wearing to keep my stockings up”. My cock throbbed against her body as I decided that feeling is believing, and so I reached down and put my hand up the front of her skirt, where I was delighted to find that she was right. I gently rubbed my finger up and down the lightly hairy slit of her cunt, as she looked into my eyes with an expression that said “See, I told you”. My cock kept moving against her and we continued to enjoy our dance. When the music changed I led her back to her place, where her husband was waiting for her. She introduced me to him and he shook my hand in a friendly fashion. That was when I asked her whether she had a collection of elastic bands. She opened her little handbag and showed me half a dozen bands strung together: “These are the ones I have conquered so far”. “You’re missing an orange one” I commented. “Yes, do you know where I can find one?”, she asked. “Maybe I have one for you”. At that point she was seated and I was standing next to her, so it was easy for her to lift my kilt and check out my erect cock with three orange elastics around it. Without further ado she took hold of my cock and began sucking it, while her husband and I grinned at each other. For several tipobet minutes she sucked my cock right there in front of everybody, with people moving around us, sitting down, standing up, chatting. After a while I decided to interrupt the session. She was good at what she was doing and I was getting too excited. I didn’t want to cum in her mouth so early. So she pulled an elastic off of my cock and exclaimed “One more trophy, merci!” I kissed her on the mouth and went for a little walk around the club.

There was a great atmosphere and I lost little time in losing my other two elastic bands. That game with the bands and the kilts was really creating a wonderful atmosphere. Most of the women I met were interested in increasing their collection of elastic bands, so they would lift my kilt, or put their wandering hands under it to check if my cock had anything for them. Then they would give me a few sucks and licks as a way of saying thank you. What a night!

With no more elastics around my cock I decided to go for a drink at the bar. I leaned against the counter and joined a small group that was chatting about this and that. I was mostly interested in a woman that I managed to get a place next to. She was in her early forties, green eyes, and a helluva body, perfect boobies, slim, elegant, tall. I quickly worked out that she was English. From Birmingham she said, but her husband was French and they had lived in France for many years. She often came to Cupidon. I imagined that she was probably an executive, perhaps a CEO, she looked upper class, and seemed to be competent and decisive. We talked and laghed, and talked and laughed. It’s always very sexy to have a laugh together. She was wearing a short and transparent nightie, which showed off her tiny string panties and beautiful breasts almost spilling out of a half-cup bra. “I’ve lost all my elastics, I’m going to have to go upstairs to fetch some more”, I said. “Oh don’t worry, I’ll suck you anyway”, she replied, her coarse language contrasting with her stylish demeanour. And having said that she got down, lifted my kilt, and fulfilled her promise right there, leaning against the bar. She sucked my cock like a dream, she really knew what she was doing, running her tongue up and down my shaft, sucking my balls, swallowing my cock as far as she could reach. A few minutes later she came back up, smiling and wiping her mouth, saying that it was time for a sip of her drink. “Of course”, I responded, “but you also deserve some tender loving care”. It was my turn to go down, and pulling aside her string panties I penetrated her shaven pussy with my tongue. I could feel her hand on the back of my head, encouraging me to pleasure her, and I let my tongue explore all the contours of her clitty, as I enjoyed the slightly sweet taste of her pussy juice.

“Come” she said, as she took my tipobet güvenilir mi hand and the hand of another guy who was on her other side, and she led us to a very large bed that was in an open alcove. The other guy was about 40, tall and athletic, with a very large cock that had already been hanging out of his trousers as we stood at the bar. He had shaved his body, you could tell he was proud of his cock, and he had good reason to be. He lay down on his back and she knelt down on the ed, taking his cock in her mouth as she lifted her bum so that I could slide my head under her and reach the depths of her pussy with my tongue. I love eating pussy, playing with my tongue around a woman’s secret spots. We stayed in that position for quite a while, and I began to discover how to excite her, sometimes penetrating her with a finger, sometimes pressing gently against her asshole with my fingertip, always licking, sucking her clitty, running around her hard and sensitive rosebutton with my tongue. At some point the other guy got involved with the woman of a couple who had joined us on the bed and so my English girl was left all for me. To be precise, she dedicated herself entirely to being pleasured by me. She moaned as I explored each milimetre of her open cunt. I was still lying with my head under her as she sat on my face, and my kilt was shamelessly lifted up exposing my cock which rested on my stomach, occasionally lifting its head as if to see what was going on. I couldn’t see them, but I could hear the people around us, passing by, stopping sometimes to watch and to comment.

And then came the biggest surprise of the night. Jane, that was her name, kept moaning, just as she had been doing for several minutes. Then all of a sudden, with no change in intensity of the sounds that she was releasing, I felt a squirt, hot and sweet, and I could hear her shouting “Oh my god, oh my god,” over and over again. She had squirted a massive load all over my mouth, my face, running down my neck, soaking my collar. I kept licking her until she stopped shaking and fell over, onto her side, with her legs spread wide open and her cuntlips red and swollen. As she recovered her breath I gave her a couple of gentle slaps on her soaking pussy, enjoying the sound of the little slaps against her wet cunt. “I wasn’t expecting that one” I smiled at her. “Nor was I” she exclaimed, smiling widely.

It was about time for me to be going, I had to work the next day, so after cuddling her for a while I began to pull away, explaining that I couldn’t stay on. “No, wait”, she said. She took my cock in her experienced hands and within a couple of seconds it was hard again, moving into her warm mouth. “I want you to come in my mouth just like I did to you”. She didn’t have to wait long. I was really excited and she sucked like an angel, so in a couple of minutes I was cumming all the way down her throat. She sucked my cock as though she wanted to be sure that she had managed to get the last drops of cum into her mouth, while my legs trembled.

What a night! That was about three weeks ago. I can’t wait to get back to kilt night at Cupidon.

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