27 Kasım 2022

Karen Sister

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Karen Sister
I thought I was along at the vacation rental house. I only had my boxers and a robe on and was standing facing the kitchen counter fixing myself a cold drink. She caught me off-guard as she reaches around me and softly spoke good morning causing me to spill the soda I just poured. As I clean the spilled soda, she takes advantage of the situation lowering her clasp on me and started fondling my cock.
Vicky, my now ex wife sister, has always tease and tried to seduce me. It didn’t matter if Karen seen it or not. I asked Vicky why she was not playing golf with Karen and her hubby Jerry. I never could get into the game. She replied that she wasn’t up to it, she twisted her ankle the day prior and it was swollen some, she didn’t want to irritate it more. She was still fondling my cock which was now hard. I gently remove her hands and told her to behave. She walks away and I pour myself a second glass of soda.
She didn’t go far, just to the kitchen table, a mere 5 steps away from me. As I turned, I see her bent at the waist pretending to look at the newspaper. Vicky is about 5-6 years older that Karen but still turns heads. She had on an off-white sheer baby doll night gown and a matching G-string. As I gaze, bet siteleri admiring that ass she was shuffling her weight from one side to the other and back, needless to say, for my benefit. It was all part of her tease. Vicky was unaware that Karen had giving me her blessing, she just wanted to know about it if I did.
I finished my drink and set the glass in the sink. Vicky states there a note for you on the table. I had already read the note.
Address to me, you’re not along, Vicky didn’t want to play Golf today… enjoy(winks) XOXO,
Karen way of telling me to for it. I had exposed my cock and gave it a few strokes to get it hard. I made a few steps and place myself directly behind Vicky using one hand to reach for the note, and the other I place on her back to hold her in place as I pretended to read the note. My cock was now pressed between her ass cheeks and she was quick to push back. I re-adjusted and slid my cock between her legs against her panty clad pussy. I could feel the heat and was enjoying myself teasing Vicky for a change. Without warning, I grabbed her panties, yanking them down.
There was nothing to stop me now and I slid my hard cock in to my balls. She was soaked and took it with ease. She pinbahis giriş had no time to object if she wanted to. As I enter her, she let out a moan of surprise and pleasure combined. She was tight, like her sister. I continue to pump, and Vicky was matching the rhythm. I reach into my pocket grab my phone and made a short 10 second video, hit send, and snuck it back into my robe pocket.
By this time Vicky was pumping herself towards a first orgasm of the morning. Moaning, grunting, bucking hard it exploded. It lasted for a good minute and she collapse across the table, face down. I had slowed my paced down to keep myself from cumming. I let her recover some before I stood her up and laid her down on her back. She was definitely ready for more. With her legs pulled back, she was completely expose. Her Pussy was dripping wet. I ran my fingers across her clit a few times then finger fucked her. She moans I need your dick in me. I pulled out and probe her ass. She stops me and says later babe…. I need your dick in my pussy.
Again, I enter her in a single stroke and she immediately moans. She uses her feet and legs to try and regulate the motion. The old kitchen table was squeaking in distress online bahis indicating it couldn’t take much more of our abuse. My phone still in my robe pocket was vibrating signaling I had a message, then a second one. I didn’t bother looking until we decided to move to the couch in the next room and save the table. Vicky was busy searching her purse for something as I read the messages quickly.
OMG, I am so wet now. Fuck her good, Baby Save some for me!!!!

Halfway finish, we be back about noonish…
Vicky handed me a condom and a small tube of lube. I knew what to do and what she wanted. I stroke my cock a few times and roll the condom on as Vicky position herself on the couch ass up, face down. A little lube and I place the head against her anus. Vicky said slow baby, it been a while. Once I got my cock all the way in, I fuck her ass as she moans fuck my ass baby fuck it deep. Vicky had an intense orgasm.
I wanted that pussy again. I remove the condom and Vicky rolls over and spreads her legs. I again enter her balls deep and set a good pace. Vicky was working her hips trying to get her third orgasm. I felt my balls tightening and grunted I was going to cum. With both hand she grabs my ass cheeks, urging me to fuck her, telling me to cum inside, fill her up. I couldn’t hold it any longer and shove my cock in as the first blast erupted deep inside, follow by several more. A good size load considering I had fucked her sister just a few hours earlier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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