1 Aralık 2022

Jody takes me for the first time

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Jody takes me for the first time
All my friends had done it. I wanted to do it to. It was like being a teenager again with a girl that just wouldn’t.

I wanted to try anal.

But Jody just flatly said she wasn’t interested.

She was so hot. So very hot. And I would be a fool to lose her. But all my friends were talking about how great it was to bang a woman
in the ass. How she knew you were the man after that. And I began to pester her.

She lost patience. One night after sex when I slipped a finger between her cheeks looking for her tight little butthole.

She snapped. And said that if I was so interested in anal I should be the one to take it. She could buy a strap on and give me a good pegging.

I laughed that off straight away. Jody persisted. Now she was the one pestering me. I didn’t like it. Not one bit. I tried to shut the conversation down and then she said it. If I wasn’t interested in pleasing her, we shouldn’t be having sex at all.

I was panicked. This was how a relationship would end. I adored her. And Jody was so very, very hot.

That night in bed I sat up next to her. I said I was sorry. That of course I wanted to please her. She interrupted.

So that was a yes then? I was cornered. I mumbled OK. Her grin was wide as she straddled my stomach and kissed my mouth. Her tongue penetrating. It was like she was already getting ready for it. Getting into that mindframe.

That night she let me fuck her. And I came far too quickly. I could see she was disappointed, but the conversation quickly moved on to the weekend. She said Saturday she was the day she would do me.

The conversation was deeply uncomfortable for me. I could feel my face reddening as she talked about it. She seemed to know I would agree to anything. And before long Jody had said she was going to buy me something sexy to wear. Put some make up on me. And I had just nodded to it all. All week she kept on mentioning ‘Saturday’. Grabbing or slapping my ass just about every time we passed.

To say I was getting nervous doesn’t come close. I really couldn’t work out how we had got here. Packages had arrived for her and Jody has taken them away with a knowing grin and giggle. My mouth was dry and I was having palpitations. Friday night I decided I just had to talk to her and back out.

I had the whole conversation planned as I slid into bed. Jody looked absolutely devastating as I did. She kissed me deeply.

I told her just how sexy she looked in her silky black nightdress. She said she couldn’t wait to see me in my nightdress tomorrow.
It hit me right in the pit of my stomach. My rehearsed conversation was a blur as she whispered she wanted me to go down on her.

I slid down the bed for something I did in general love. But my mind wasn’t on cunnylingus right now. It took me some time to focus.

Eventually Jody got on top and rode my face to orgasm. As I gasped for air afterward she commented that I might do better sucking cock tomorrow. My hart missed türkçe bahis a beat as I realised there was going to be no way out of this. I was going to have to do it.

Jody woke early in the morning. Leant over me. Her breasts were captivating as I felt her hand gently wrap round my cock and I hardened instantly. I so wanted to fuck her right then. Oh no she said. We wouldn’t be needing this today.

It was clear she meant to be getting straight on with this. I had been anticipating the evening, but then I thought I should get it over with I didn’t want the thought of it hanging over me all day. Jody was reaching down the side of the bed. She produced a strange little device. A cock cage she announced. To stop me poking through my dress. I felt the colour drain from my cheeks, my erection faded Jody slid first the ring, then the cage over my cock. Finally a small padlock was attached. I stuttered a little as I tried to query this Jody assured me it was just to keep it out of sight. Take my mind off it. Just for today. She pushed me back on the bed, straddled my stomach her makeup bag beside her and smiled a very satisfied and knowing smile as she began to apply make up to my eyes.

She spoke quietly, firmly and didn’t wait for any answers. This was going to be her day, and she was going to enjoy it.
I was going to make sure she enjoyed it. And if, IF, I was good, then it would be our little secret. No one else needed
to know about it. Suddenly she was demanding an answer. Was I going to be a good girl? This was turning out even worse than I had feared. My voice was small and quiet as I nodded and said yes. She held my chin. Today, she announced. Today I was going to be called Candy. And then she applied lipstick.

Jody stood and tossed me a pair of sheer black stockings. I know I had to. I opened the packet and began to pull them on. I was doing it all wrong. Jody took over and I was soon lying on my back, one leg up with a stocking rolled down to my thigh, then the next.

I have to admit the feel of the stockings was really something. I throbbed in my cock cage as I stood. Feeling awkward. Jody held a bright red nightdress up in front of me. Silky and smooth. Apart from the colour it matched what she wore. She lifted it over my head and pulled it down. ” Ooooh Candy” she teased. I blushed, she turned me to look in the mirror. I was shocked. Really shocked.

It wasn’t that I would pass as a woman but I was at least half way there. “Not bad” was Jody’s assessment. “Now go and get me a coffee”.

I scampered off to make coffee. My head was swirling and my cock was throbbing. My stomach churned with nerves. When I returned Jody was there is that sexy black silk nightdress. Her hair now pulled back into a tight pony tail. There was a very obvious bulge.

I knew it was a strap on. I tried not to look. Jody grinned, sipped at her coffee. I sat nervouly on the bed. She took my coffee set it aside. She stood with her crotch right canlı casino in my face and lifted her dress. There it was. Black. Shiny. Rubber. Cock.

It looked enormous. I wanted to protest. “I think it’s too big” Jody said it would be fine, black cocks just loo bigger.

“Now remember to be a good girl Candy”

I nodded. And she told me to give it a little kiss. I kissed the tip. Again she said. Again, again, again. Down the shaft. Kiss my balls. Sloppy kisses. Give it some tongue. Lick it. The orders fell thick and fast. And I did as I was told. I kissed and licked all over it. Eyes screwed tight shut.

“look at me” I looked up at her. Nervous and vulnerable. I wanted to protest again. She held my chin.

“Open wide” I opened my mouth. She teased caressing my lips with the tip of that big hard cock. Repeatedly making me reopen my eyes and look up at her. Telling me how important it was that I be a good girl. Do as she said. Get it nice and wet. Then the head was in my mouth.


So I sucked on the head. I felt so stupid. So pathetic. Humiliated. She begain to rock her hips back and forth. slowly edging a little further in I backed away. Suddenly from nowhere a sharp stinging SLAP to my face. “NO”.

There was to be none of that. As I raised my hand to my stinging cheek a flash, then another then another. Jody was with her phone.

Taking photos of me. Dressed like a slut with makeup on.

“Do you want everyone to see what Candy does at the weekend?” Of course I didn’t I reached for the phone, but she was far too quick.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” I nodded. And without having to be told I opened up my mouth and began to suck her cock.

“Thaaaaats right Candy, good girl” Again each movement was taking her further forward towards my throat. But I didn’t dare back away this time. She was in total control. Eventually the inevitable happened. I gagged. Head down I coughed and spluttered.

“Don’t worry” she reassured. I would soon get used to it. Back in it went. I sucked some more, then gagged again. Time after time after time she had me suck her cock. Suck her balls. Tongue it, lick it. She made me gag again and again so that drool dribbled down my chin and dripped from it. Tears streamed down my face.

“Faster” she shouted as I held her shaft with my hand and sucked at her moving my head back and forth. My jaw and neck ached.

She slapped my hand away. Took a hold of my head and thrust forward. My eyes bulged. There was no stopping her. She pushed her cock right into my throat.

Mercifully she backed straight back out. I hardly gagged.

“Again”. Again I took her momentarily into my throat.

And again and again and again. Over and over again. I was slurping sucking deepthroating. My face was wet with tears and drool. And then her hands clasped together at the back of my head and she sank her cock into my throat and held it there thrusting, fucking into my face as my throat gagged and my stomach churned in rejection kaçak casino of the invasion.

I had never, ever treated her like that.

She laughed as she withdrew and I coughed and sobbed and tried to swallow away the taste of sick. I was still gasping as Jody pulled me up to my feet. She stood really close. reaching behind me and grabbing my ass. Squeezing at it whispering softly in my ear.

Telling me how well I’d done, what a good little cocksucker I was. How I was much, much better with cock than I was with pussy.

How I was a much better cocksucker than she was. She turned me to look in the mirror. My face was a mess. Lipstick smeared, eye makeup streaming down with the tears, she grabbed and squeezed hard at my ass. Asked if I still thought it was too big.

“yes, yes, it is. please use something smaller” She told me not to worry. That she would make me nice and wet. She pushed me forward so I was bent, hands against the mirrored wardrobe. She said to look at her in the mirror. I whimpered as she lifted my dress over my ass.

She made me part my legs I saw her squeeze the tube of lube into her hand. I felt it cold between my cheeks, her fingers probing, and entering me.

“Please, please” I begged, I begged her to be gentle with me.

“Don’t worry Candy. I know you’re a virgin, I’ll start gentle.”

One hand held my shoulder firmly. “Look at me” she barked. I unscrewed my eyes, I felt the big fat head pressing at me, the pressure built.

“Relax or it really will hurt”

A sudden surge and the head entered me. I let out a small cry. She kept on pushing forward. It hurt. It felt hot, burning,

“Owwwwwww Owww, stop please stop” I complained.

She ignored it. Soon I felt her hips against my asscheeks. And she started slowly moving. Making me whimper. Making me bite my lips and moan deep moans.

She slapped at my ass. She grabbed my hips and started to fuck me.

Then he withdrew shoved me face down flat on the bed. She forced my knees apart. She put in her cock (much easier for me to take this time.

And she drilled me strong, hard and fast.

I was sweating profusely when she finally slowed, I could feel the friction in my anus as the lube hard gone.

She kissed at my neck and started listing the positions she wanted me in. Telling me what a long long day it was going to be for me.

She made me say that I liked it. I told her I loved her. And especially her cock. I had to play along.

I begged her. I said because it was my first time it was sore. Please not now. She slapped at my ass. And made me an offer that I really couldn’t refuse. A quick little handjob for me now and then next Saturday, she could finish me off. Make a proper little slut of me.

I had to agree. I said that next week, I really would be her bitch.

Jody demanded a last little quick ride, that I push back on her for a last few minutes. on my feet bent over the end of the bed my head buried in my arms as I sobbed

My cock throbbing hard in the cage as pushed myself back on her cock to meet her thrust. She fucked my brains out. and then we collapsed together on the bed.

She patted my sore ass. kissed me. Called me a good girl. And reminded me I was to be Candy again next week.

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