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Is This Normal, Doc?

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This is my first man-on-man story. It’s based on an experience I had which sadly didn’t reach the stages that I’ve described here but I often wish it had.

I had my six-monthly medical examination as required by my work coming up and was off to see Doctor Elsworth again. He was a slightly eccentric and very well-spoken old-school type of English gentleman and I always enjoyed his anecdotes and sayings. I remembered not to go for a piss before arriving and on being admitted to his surgery (a back room in his large and rambling converted farmhouse) I was able to go the toilet and provide him with the necessary sample.

As ever he relaxed me with fairly aimless but entertaining small talk about the news, his daughter’s latest boyfriend and, sadly, the news that his wife’s condition had taken a turn for the worse. She suffered from MS and was now finding it a struggle to even move about in her wheelchair but was staying with her sister for a few days to give him a break from the role of carer. The doc being the doc though seemed to be his usual cheerful self and even remembered my girlfriend’s name and the fact that her 10 year-old son and I had bonded over a shared love of motorcycle racing.

After I’d stripped to my underpants he weighed and measured me (still 73kgs and 5ft 8inches), I took the usual eye test and then was invited to lie on the couch. After listening with the stethoscope to my chest and abdomen he did that strange tapping on my chest with his fingers before bending each leg in turn and tapping my kneecap with his rubber drumstick-type-thing (for those with medical knowledge please forgive my ignorance – but I know he’s checking my reflexes) and then issued his usual line at this stage: “You seem to be all connected”

I gave my habitual chuckle and was about to hop off the couch when the Doc put his hand on my chest, holding me down.

“Tell me Mike, when did you last have your prostate checked?”

I had to think about this one…

“Er, I guess about four or five years ago doc” I wasn’t expecting one but I wouldn’t know if there is a prescribed regularity.

“Right, well you’re over forty now so I think we’d better just have a prod and a wiggle, don’t you?” he smiled reassuringly at me as he said it so I just nodded and grunted my consent. Again I started to rise so I could assume the position; stood on the floor bent over the couch, which was how my last prostate gland checked.

“No, no. Stay there. I think you’ll find this much more comfortable” the Doc said to me as he reached below the couch and started to unfold two metal arms with cushioned pads near the end. I raised my head to watch as these arms were raised until they pointed upwards and outwards from the foot end of the examination couch.

“Now shuffle down and put your feet in the stirrups…um, you’ll need to take your underpants off”

I grinned sheepishly and slid my pants down and off, then raised my feet and placed them in the supports having shuffled down the couch so my arse was nearly at the edge. To say I felt a bit uncomfortable was an understatement and I was sure that these stirrup contraptions were generally used for examining women, not men. But I reassured myself that this was Dr Elsworth and I trusted him.

Let me take a moment to tell you a bit about Dr Elsworth. Very successful and obviously wealthy, he was slightly shorter than I was and I’m only 5’8″ but he was one of those men who exude charisma and confidence and I always found myself slightly surprised if we were both stood upright to realise I was marginally taller than him.

He must have been in his late fifties or maybe early sixties, with neatly trimmed and combed white hair, very trim and fit. And that reassuring bedside manner that the best of doctors all seem to have.

Back to my tale, I was lying there trying not to show just how self-conscious and slightly uncomfortable I was with this situation, hands folded on my chest and legs akimbo for all the world like a woman about to give birth or, despite my best efforts not to think this thought, a woman about to be fucked.

I heard Dr Elsworth snap a surgical glove on his hand and a slurping sound which I realised was him scooping up a good dollop of some kind of lubrication gel.

“Ok Mike, this may be a little cold at first” the Doc said to me as he bent over between my legs and started to gently smear lube around my anus. His left hand was resting on my right outer thigh as he bent close, much closer than necessary in my opinion and continued to circle his gloved and lube-covered fingers around my ring which twitched involuntarily as a fingertip started to probe and push.

I felt the finger start to push inside me and realised with some shock that my cock was starting to swell. The Doc was sliding his finger in and out, each time pushing a bit further and swirling it around as if he was feeling for something, which I guess he was but all I could think about was how degrading and yet pleasant the sensation was. And my cock Avrupa Yakası Escort continued to grow, now a proper semi-hard on as I felt blood blushing at my cheeks and wondered if I should say anything. I didn’t get the chance as Dr Elsworth spoke first:

“Don’t worry about that Mike, it’s a perfectly natural and common reaction and has nothing to do with sexuality or inclination” he chuckled and then, pulling his finger out, stood upright and moved around to stand beside me on my right side, resting his left, ungloved hand flat on my abdomen before reaching around my right thigh with his right hand to sweep beneath my testicles and reinsert a finger in my rectum. He continued to slide his finger in and out and then added a second finger.

Bloody hell, this was strange, exciting, unnerving, erotic, scary all at the same time. I moved my hands to grip the edge of the inspection couch only because his left hand had moved up towards my chest and come into contact with my hands. Why this should have made me flinch when the Doc’s other hand was busy finger-fucking me I have no idea but I quickly realised that I’d moved from the frying pan into the fire as the Doc started to lean his hips in towards the couch and the back of my hand started to feel his crotch against it. And I became sure that there was a steel-hard cock against my hand.

The two fingers continued to stroke in and out of my anus, my cock was now a full-on erection, straining towards my stomach and the Doc’s left hand started to slide down my midriff towards it. I nearly gasped in panic; he was about to touch my cock! Now, with time to reflect, I have no idea why I was so embarrassed as he was clearly doing all of this deliberately but I was so terrified of getting this wrong and having the Doc think I was some kind of closet slut… Dear reader, you can probably detect the change in my direction here. I was enjoying this and wanted more. I’d had the same occasional abstract curiosity about homosexuality that nearly all guys have at one time or another but this was different; this was real. I was being seduced, very effectively and without the slightest possibility that I was going to protest.

I suppose he was abusing his position but I didn’t care and when the Doc’s left hand gently closed around my cock shaft I said not a word. I didn’t even dare look at him at first but when I did he just gave me his usual reassuring smile.

“I think we can take care of this, don’t you?” Even in my aroused and confused state I knew that he’d asked a rhetorical question. So I just gave a low moan. I didn’t mean to but on my doing it he started to insert a third finger into my arse which made me gasp as I felt my ring stretch but my God, I liked this feeling. Helplessness, the joy of surrender. Whatever. The Doc’s left hand started a slow, strong pumping on my cock shaft, straining with its rigidity. Fuck, this felt good.

He was now grinding his groin against the back of my right hand so I reversed the hand and, somewhat awkwardly, started to stroke his cock through his trousers. Bloody hell, it was long, hard and quite thick but, I was relieved to find, not massively so.

Looking back I find it amazing that I so calmly accepted what was happening. He hadn’t given me anything to drink or injected me so I was under no kind of chemical influence but I may as well have been for all the resistance I was putting up. Hell, I was stroking his disproportionately large erection through his trousers as he continued to pump my cock with one hand and plunge three fingers in and out of my anus with the other, his thumb firmly circling the sensitive bit between my ring and my balls.

Reaching across my chest with my left hand I managed to loosen and unbuckle his belt, unhook his trouser button and slide the zip down, panting now both in appreciation of what he was doing to me and with anticipation towards what I was about to do to him. Hooking my thumbs in the waistband of both trousers and underwear I slid them down and gasped as his cock sprang up; damn it WAS big. Long, straight with a head only slightly larger than the shaft which I found slightly comforting. The Doc edged towards my head as I bent my neck, turning towards him as he probed the tip of his cock towards my opening mouth.

“There’s a good lad” he murmured as the head slipped between my lips and I tried to taste him with my tongue. I have to admit (and I’ve read a few of these stories that claimed some amazing taste) that it didn’t really taste of anything but the texture was incredible. It was like an iron rod sheathed in soft velvet – such a strange contrast between hard and yielding as it slid into my mouth whilst I concentrated on keeping my jaws wide apart as I tried to avoid my teeth scraping on him.

He didn’t so much moan as growl, quite an aggressive sound and his finger-plunging became even more vigorous. My arse ring was starting to hurt with this but I was too busy desperately trying to please him with my mouth to think about it too much. The Doc Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan was thrusting gently forwards with his hips, his cock sliding deeper into my mouth as I sucked then started to roll my tongue around the head of his gorgeous penis. I flicked the tip of my tongue fast and hard from left to right and back across the underside of the head, something I’d really enjoyed on the odd occasion I’d been with a girl who understood how to give a good blowjob. My head instantly filled with memories of reading accounts such as this that claim even a male novice gives a better blowjob than the vast majority of women.

My feet were still in the raised stirrups, legs apart but now the Doc let go of my cock for which I was grateful as I’d started to feel myself sliding towards the edge of orgasm and I didn’t want my anticipation to be realised so quickly.

I reached up with my right hand and grasped his shaft, starting a slow pumping motion as he had been doing to me before, my mouth getting into the rhythm as he pushed his cock deeper towards my throat. Despite having a well-developed gag reflex I found that I could gradually take more of him in, the head brushing against my throat opening as he slid in and out. Then he pulled right out and grasped my head with his left hand, keeping me still.

“Stick out your tongue” he was still nearly growling at me. I obeyed and pushed my tongue out, wondering if he was going to come onto it but he squeezed his cock and I felt a slippery, warm glob of precum being smeared onto my tongue

“Taste it” he continued and this time there was a distinct taste. Like my own precum, often tasted, it was quite sweet and I reached for more as he pulled my head towards his groin and his cock re-entered my mouth. I was loving this. Really loving it and wanting more.

Suddenly he pulled back and turned away, quite gracefully stepping out of his fallen trousers to bend down to a chest of drawers, opening one and returning with another small tub of some kind of lotion or ointment and a packet of condoms.

“I’ll run some blood tests on you so next time we won’t need these. You can trust me that I’ll ensure I’m as clean as you are” and because this was Doctor Elsworth I believed him. So this was it – he was going to fuck me. Good.

“This will give you some extra lubrication and it has a mild anaesthetic effect. There will be some pain at first but I’ll coach you through it”

“Thank you” was all I could think of saying. He started to rub the lotion into my arse again whilst tearing the condom pack open with his teeth. I watched as he rolled the condom onto his straining cock and walked around between my legs. Resting his left hand on my right thigh where he gently stroked me, he used his right to guide his cock against my opening which immediately clenched. I didn’t want it to, it just happened.

“At the risk of stating the obvious Mike, this will be much easier if you relax”

I could feel his cock head starting to apply pressure against my ring and with all the body-heated lube down there I guess it wasn’t a surprise when it slipped inside. I felt a sharp pain which quickly subsided to an ache as he held still for a few seconds.

“Now push as if you’re trying to get me out of you then relax”

I’d heard this one before and you know what? It really worked! I pushed, he held his cock head just inside me and as I relaxed he slid a further couple of inches inside. I’ll leave his precise measurements to your imagination but I had already developed a desire to, on some future occasion, kneel before him as he sat at his big, deep office chair and suck on him until he came in my mouth and I knew that I’d be able to fit both fists on his shaft and still have a mouthful left at the head. He had a beautiful cock and it was being forced deeper inside me. I wasn’t sure but would have guessed he was about halfway in when he reversed direction and started to pull out.

I groaned; what a delicious sensation. His head was back to its starting point, just inside me as he started to push in again and this time I think I may have squealed a bit as he went still deeper and I guess his swollen head rubbed across my prostate.

“Are you enjoying this Mike? Do you like me fucking you?” That was the first time I can remember him ever swearing.

“Yes Doc…… please” I’m not sure what I meant with the ‘please’ but I think I was just begging him not to stop. He clearly had no intention of stopping as he slid out again, this time allowing his entire cock to pop out of my anus, pausing, then pushing in again, more vigorously this time as I closed my eyes, laid my head back and started to move my hips in time with him.

“I’m all the way in. You’re doing very well” he encouraged me as he started to properly fuck me. I reached with my right hand to my own cock which had softened to a semi-hard state and I found that surprising as I couldn’t remember being this turned on since a girl first took my cock in her mouth when I was Escort Avrupa Yakası a teenager.

I stroked myself until I felt his hand grasp mine and move it away

“Not yet, Mike. You’re mine. For now, you’re mine” He said it in his usual gentle manner but there was steel in his voice and I wasn’t going to argue.

I was lost in a mind-clouding swarm of emotions and feelings. I felt myself being invaded and my heart pounded away, the flood of excitement overcoming me as I started to grunt and moan as the Doc got into a hard rhythm, in and out, in up to the groin and out again. I felt two fingers at my mouth and started to suck on them, my eyes still closed. Opening them I saw the Doc staring at me, his face flushed and his mouth a thin line, nostrils flaring as his fringe flopped about on his forehead and his cock continued to slam in and out of me.

Then suddenly I was empty. I groaned in disappointment as he ducked under my raised right leg, reached out and grasped the top of my head, turning my face towards him as he pulled off the condom and guided his cock back into my mouth.

“Yes… yes….. yessss” He was panting in time to his thrusts as I welcomed his cock into my mouth again, tongue massaging the underside of his cockhead.

My God, all those stories are right; you really can tell when they’re about to come. I could definitely feel a tremor run through his cock then a twitch quickly followed before my mouth was suddenly filling with warm, nearly hot, thick fluid. I swallowed most of it, managing not to gag but some dribbled out of my mouth and onto his cock shaft. I opened my lips as wide as possible as the Doc pushed his cock into my mouth, trying to recapture the escaped semen. If I’m being totally honest, this taste wasn’t as nice as his precum, a more tangy, almost metallic flavour reminiscent of the times I’d tasted my own cum in a girlfriend’s post-blowjob kiss. But I didn’t care because the Doc had just given me the horniest experience of my life. Jesus, that had been amazing. I hoped it wouldn’t become awkward now he’d finished.

I continued to suck and lick his cock until he pulled away, turned around and bent down to retrieve his trousers. Pulling his underpants and trousers on he turned to me and I was very relieved to see him smiling as I lifted my feet from the stirrups and swung around to sit on the edge of the bed, legs hanging and cock still hard.

“Thank you Mike. That was really something. Your first time?”

“Yes Doc. That was amazing. Thank you”

“Not at all. I rather thought you were enjoying it. Would you like some time to think about it before we arrange your next medical? I’d quite understand if you’d rather go and see another doctor”

“No Doc!” I was desperate to get across to him that I was very keen to repeat the experience he’d just introduced me to “I’d really like to come to you again”

“Good” he chuckled, giving me the distinct impression that he’d known I’d say that “but I think we can arrange something earlier than six months, which is when your next medical check is due”

“Yes please” I realised I was reacting like a young boy who’d just been promised an early Christmas

“Excellent! Well I think you might need a second opinion on the medical I’ve just performed. So are you going home straight from here?”

“No, I was going to see a mate who lives nearby. But I can postpone that if you’d like me to come back?” please, I thought, please let me taste this again. Could he really mean today?

“If you’d like to come back around seven this evening I would be very pleased. Is that ok? Don’t worry about eating, I’ll prepare something for us”

Oh shit; was I about to have a romantic dinner for two with the Doc? I hadn’t even thought about an emotional relationship. I thought this was just about sex but now I got a bit worried that Dr Elsworth, a man whose wife was dying and virtually immobile had become lonely and was pursuing a romantic relationship.

“Look at you” he was chuckling at me “I’ll cook us something because we need to eat. Don’t worry old chap, this is purely physical release. And it’s deliciously naughty, don’t you think?”

I grinned with relief and nodded my agreement. I slipped off the bed and reached for my pants, my cock now thankfully starting to soften.

“Don’t touch yourself before you come back” the sternness in his voice had returned “except to have a good wash. But I don’t want you to reach orgasm. Clear?” I nodded again “good. There is much more that we can do. How long have you been monogamous Mike? And please be honest”

“Nearly four years now Doc”

“In that case and with your consent, I think we can manage without the condom later. I’ll show you how to cleanse yourself inside so I won’t mind putting my penis in you and you won’t mind when it then moves into your mouth” bloody doctors are so matter-of-fact about everything. Even this! “Then we’ll need to give you a break or you’ll be so sore you may not want to come back again”

Damn. I swore at myself as my expression revealed instantly how much I wanted this again and knew I’d just shown the Doc that I was his to use as he pleased. The surrender had been one of the biggest turn-ons of the whole experience. Oh my God, I was a bottom! A sub. Or whatever they’re called.

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