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She was sitting in her car in the service station car-park when the text came through. She sipped her coffee and read the message. ‘Number 3. Room 104. 3. 1930. Bag at reception. Instructions within.’ She typed in the postcode of hotel number 3 into the SatNav; a twenty-mile journey. She’d be there by 1845. She finished her coffee while re-reading the text and set off. Her night had been arranged and the excitement was starting to take effect; she increased her speed.
In the bar the blonde man took out his mobile and read ‘1930-2000. 104. O.’ It was 1840. He ordered another drink. In the lounge the dark man read ‘2015-2045. 104. A.’ and he settled back and recommenced reading the paper. The grey-haired man checked his times 2100-2130. 104. V.

She arrived at the hotel in good time and walked into reception. ‘Room 104 please’ she said, the young man did not blink, ‘ah, yes’ he responded, ‘all in order, and I have this for you….’ He handed over a small case and gave her the key. She’d not been here before but finding the room was easy. It was a decent size and had a lovely view of the hills. It was 1850; ‘40-mins’ she thought to herself. She undressed and stepped into the shower. She never really trusted hotel toiletries and took her own; they were luxurious and had a heavenly scent.

At 1915 she stepped out of the shower and opened the case. Inside was a note, it read ‘D throughout. OAV. Blindfold. Self-restrained. 2-hours. Panties on bed.’ She found leg and arm restraints and a length of rope. She tied the rope around the bed-posts, threaded it through the leg restraints and tied the ends to the arm restraints. Leaving her panties at the side of the bed, she put the leg cuffs around her ankles and locked them before crawling onto the divan. She then locked one cuff around her right wrist before pulling the rope tight; this gave her just enough flex to get her left wrist in place. She pulled the blindfold over her head before assuming the position on all fours; otherwise she was completely naked. At 1927 the blonde man left the bar. At the same time the woman locked her left wrist in the cuff and pulled the blindfold over her eyes. She was completely restrained.

The blonde man arrived at casino siteleri Room 104 at 1930; the door was open as arranged. He entered and found the woman in position on the bed just as he had been briefed. He shut the door and immediately got out his cock. It was already stiffening and he gave it a few strokes before moving over to the woman. He rubbed the skin of her ass before moving his hand between her legs. She was wet, soaking wet. He crawled onto the bed and positioned himself at her head.
She felt his hands on her ass and pussy; he was rough and had little finesse. Then she felt him manoeuvre onto the bed…… ‘He’s in a hurry’ she thought and smelt the strong scent from his cock as he positioned himself by her head. He started wanking his cock on her face and she could feel his pre-cum being spread over her cheeks before she felt the head being nudged against her mouth. Instinctively, she opened and he pushed it in in one stroke, making her gag as it hit her throat. She didn’t have much time to settle before he started to aggressively face-fuck her. His cock tasted bitter and salty, as if he’d just arrived after a hard-days labour. Almost as soon as it had started, she felt him tense and groan and he unloaded into her throat. There wasn’t a lot of cum; ‘thank God’ she thought as she swallowed what she could. The clock read 1936………..

The blonde man pulled his cock from her mouth and struggled off the bed. He picked up her panties and wiped himself on them before replacing them on the bed and forcing his cock back into his trousers. He left the room and, as briefed, left the door ajar. The woman settled herself as best as she possibly could.

At 2010, the dark man stirred in his seat. He re-checked the text and moved to the lobby before climbing the stairs to the first floor. The room was easy enough to find and was unlocked; he entered. The woman was back on all fours. He shut the door and took his time to undress. He was well-built and his cock was similarly proportioned. He moved to the bed and with one hand on his cock he started rubbing at her pussy lips and clit, testing her wetness. He moved his head down to her ass and began to lick between her vulva and anus, tasting her canlı casino full suite of offerings. She started moaning – he was obviously accomplished at oral sex – and he reacted by increasing the pace and vigour of his licking and sucking. He could feel her building and allowed her to cum straight on his face, she was not a prolific squirter but there was sufficient to cover his face and stream between her legs. He gathered some of her juices and rubbed them on his cock before spreading more around her asshole, lubricating the way.

A gentle push with his finger told him that she was experienced with anal sex and he thus decided to go straight for it. Kneeling on the bed, he rubbed his hard cock between her clit and arse before, with no hesitation, pushing it into her starfish. It entered easily and he was up to the hilt in one stroke. Lust got the better of him then and he began fucking her ass at some pace. He reached around and rubbed her clit while pushing down on her neck with his free hand.
Her head was forced against the bed as he rough fucked her ass. She had no option but to cum again and tightened her grip around his pounding shaft. This made him increase his pace and vigour and she felt him start to tense and swell before flooding her rectum with his hot seed. He collapsed on top of her and she felt his entire weight bearing down on her. He stayed like that for a few minutes before pulling out. As his cum started dribbling out of her he wiped his cock on her panties and replaced them on the bed. He dressed and left the room as he had found it; it was 2140.

The grey-haired man had been relaxing in Room 110. He drained the last of his drink and, at 2059, quietly departed and walked the short way down the corridor. He pushed open the door and found the scene that he had expected. He closed the door and walked to the bed. The woman was back on all fours, still restrained. He took some fresh wipes from the bag and wiped her face before giving her a drink of water. He then cleaned between her legs and took his time to carefully ensure that she was stimulated by the process. He started massaging her back and shoulders with oil before moving his attention to her hanging tits, paying particular kaçak casino attention to her stiffening nipples. From the bag he took a small plug and lubricated it with the massage oil. Gently, he inserted it into her anus and it locked in place as she clamped around it. She squirmed slightly as he inserted first one then two fingers into her pussy. It was soaking and after finger fucking her for a while he presented his coated digits to her mouth. She sucked greedily, tasting her juices. He looked at the clock, 2110.

The timings were strict so he stripped and positioned himself behind her. He had an average sized cock but it had a pleasing bend and was as hard as steel. He played the head around her labia for a while before smoothly pushing it into her willing pussy. As the head hit her cervix she clamped and he paused, savouring the moment. She relaxed and started pushing back against him and he joined in with her rhythm. They fucked for at least ten-minutes, gradually building the pace and intensity, before the familiar signs started to rip through her loins and she let go to an intense orgasm. He continued, now his thrusts were getting frantic and their a****l instincts began to take control, knowing that the time was approaching he reached around and grabbed both of her tits, pulling himself in as deep as possible and, as another orgasm built in her, he started to pulse and release his cum. The feeling of it splashing inside her pushed her over the edge and she came again, passing out from the effort.

He reluctantly pulled out and checked that she was OK. She was smiling and her breathing suggested that she’d entered a good place in her mind; she was sleeping. He left a key by her cheek and left the room. She woke about an hour later, unlocked her restraints, pulled on the soiled panties and got under the covers. In the morning she showered, dressed and departed before 0730. She drove the car to the next Service Station before texting to her contact: ‘1. NO; 2. Needs another meet; 3. Definitely – hire today. Pay the usual fee to each.’ The contact read the text and smiled before sending two texts: to the blonde man he wrote ‘…Not hired. £1000 paid into your account as arranged….’; the dark man received ‘….2nd interview required. Await instructions….’. As he ran his fingers through his grey hair he couldn’t help but smile – he obviously still had it and his boss thought he should be hired. If only she knew…… or did she?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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